Another Liberal Democratic Political Assassination Attempt

For months, Liberal Democrats have been trying to derail Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination because Liberal Democrats care nothing about the upholding the law, they want to pervert the law. The last Liberal Democratic Presidential pick to the Supreme Court was an openly racist and sexist judge, Sonia Sotomayor, but that is OK because she is a Liberal Democrat. Before any of you say a word, look up her statements,

“I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn't lived that life.”

That is as racist and sexist as it comes and this is only one, she has many more.

"That one’s sex, race and ethnicity ought to affect the decisions one renders from the bench."

The Law is the only thing that should effect your decision, Lady Justice is blind to race gender and religion, remember.

"I further accept that our experiences as women and people of color will affect our decisions,"

Once again, that would be given you the right to discriminate based on a person’s gender and race, it is against the US Constitution.

"Personal experiences affect the facts that judges choose to see”

A judge is to look at all facts, not just the ones they like. Need I say more!

Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor both violated the “Process Clause” of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, U.S.C. § 455, “Disqualification of any justice, who must recuse themselves from a case, as defined in The Judicial Disqualification. If the judge was involved in the case prior to reaching the higher court from a lower court, the justice must RECUSE themselves from the proceedings. Both Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor were activist in the LGBT community, writing the documents to push for a Supreme Court action. That would make them “involved in the case prior to reaching the higher court” but neither recused themselves. This is because they are both Liberals and activist judges; the law does not matter to Liberals when it is inconvenient.

However, this is supposed to be about the current time and alleged sexual misconduct by Brett Kavanaugh, who was 16 at the time, toward Christine Blasey Ford. I would like to know why no “METOO” movement people have paid any attention to Keith Ellison, maybe because he is a Liberal Democrat. Why have they not demanded the list of senator’s names and their settlements out of the previously unknown slush fund? I have one more question, are you not innocent until proven guilty? I need to ask questions, sense I am from the south, we will let ladies go first. What do we know about Christine Blasey Ford? We have the story of Brett Kavanaugh’s mom, either as a judge presiding over the foreclosure or the Bank President, of Ms. Ford’s family house, one fact check says true, the other says false and public record was not digital back then. Then suddenly, on 17 September, Ms. Ford’s high school yearbooks, which she had posted online bragging about underage drinking and her promiscuity, in high school disappeared. Coincidence, I do not think so. This is true. Why did they remove it? Senator Feinstein aledgaly had this letter in July so why did she wait to bring it out. Liberal Democrats have used “Sexual Assault” allegations on many occasions, always bringing them out at the last second so the accused does not have any time to defend themselves. Liberal Democrats have used “Sexual Assault” allegations on many occasions, because when it comes to the truth, Liberal Democrats always lose.

Judge Kavanaugh has had to answer more questions for his confirmation hearing then than all previous Supreme Court nominees put together from this countries beginning, and the Liberal ‘s could not find one thing to stick. So now, let us pull out the old “Sexual Assault” charge right before the confirmation from a Far Left Liberal Democratic Professor. Christine Blasey Ford. No one believes her, not even the Democrats, but if it keeps a Constitutional Bases Justice off the Supreme Court, they are all for it. One thing they will not talk about is that everyone from the high school except Ford is on Kavanaugh’s side. The Liberals need to generate another Liberal Lynching to stop a man who would follow the US Constitution from getting onto the Supreme Court. This is another Liberal Democratic smear campaign, they have zero integrity or class and will put the most racist and sexist people you can find on the bench as I showed you. This is why Liberals should never be allowed to run for office. Stunts like this completely take away the legitimacy from real victims, but Liberal Democrats do not care about the real victims, if they did, they would be giving attention to Keith Ellison, but instead they refuse to denounce Kieth Ellison even though his ex-girlfriend has physical evidence, something Christine Blasey Ford does not. Why do they not for the senator’s names and their settlements for sexual harassment, from the hidden slush fund, no matter, Democrat or Republican, the names and offenses need released. Nevertheless, this has nothing to do with protecting women, this is only an attempt at a political lynching, I hope this political assassination attempt fails.

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Catholic Church and Politics, It Does Not Work

Before we get started, I must tell you a little about me. I am a Christian but I DO NOT believe in denominations, they are man-made and divides the church. Man created denominations to change God’s doctrine for personal gain because a person/group did not like the God’s doctrine, or because some are strait out frauds using God’s word to make money. If you have a preacher making millions, they are not doing it for God; they are doing it for themselves. This said; it happens in many churches. I have many Catholic friends who are God loving people, I also know many who are there to check a box or because of family tradition. They do not follow any of the doctrine once they leave the building; but you can find this in any church denomination or other religion. If any denomination turns a blind eye, or covers up wrongdoing of their leaders or congregation, they are spitting in God’s face. We all sin, but the preachers, rabbis, priests, and leaders of the church duties require them held to a higher standard according to the Bible, when churches do not their duties, the Devil uses them.

In the Catholic Church, there are many mandates as in any denomination. These mandates are the soul of their beliefs and repercussions when you violate them; or there should be. In the Catholic Church, there are two types of “Excommunication”, Sententiae Ferendae and Latae Sententiae, or automatic excommunication. Sententiae Ferendae is rare and has a church trial; Latae Sententiae is the most common and is for violating church laws. For example:

·       Sedition- conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority and laws of the Catholic Church.

·       Apostates-a person who renounces the Canons of the Catholic Church and beliefs.

·       Heretics- a person believing in or practicing religious heresy. A person holding an opinion at odds with the Canons of the Catholic Church.

·       Schismatic- relating to, or of the nature of schism; guilty of schism. Schism is a division within the Catholic Church body over some doctrinal difference. Apposing church doctrine or teachings publically.

·       A person who procures an abortion (can. 1398)

·       Accomplices who were needed to commit an action that has an automatic excommunication penalty (can. 1329)

We will talk about two areas that the Catholic Church acted, or is acting wrongly. This is not an attack on the Catholic Church, it is pointing out facts, the Catholic Churches reaction to the facts, and where the Catholic Church did not react to the facts. Remember, this could, and may be the same in your Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, or any other denomination.

A bishop in Pennsylvania has released the names of 71 priests and church personnel, dating back to the 1940s, credibly accused of sexual abuse. This is a good thing for the Catholic Church, my only question is why did they wait almost 80 years to do what is right? I mentioned above the rules for “Excommunication”, and if you look in Chapter Three of Canon Law, you will find these people, including the Bishops who covered it up, require excommunication. NBC report identifying 301 Priest, Bishops, and Church Workers as sexual predators. If you look at it, you have 419,313 Priest and Bishops which make the 00.0717% of offenders. If there is 10 times more offenders, that would make it still less than 1%, but even one predator, when they are known, is one too many. This is the primary reason the Catholic Church has lost their congregation and financial support. This is just like our politicians who covered for Clinton, Menendez Conyers, Meehan, Franken, Franks, Farenthold, R. Scott, and Kihuen, but you expect this from people who only care about themselves and controlling the house and senate; most of them are lawyers. You DO NOT expect this from a church, the leaders in the Catholic Church, all the way up to the Pope, who knew of these offenses and did nothing but move their employees to another church, they need to help accountable too. According to their own Canon Law, they need excommunicated.

There is another side to this that has damaged the Catholic Church, and other church denominations just as bad. When you have a politician, from the president to a congressperson, to a little town mayor who openly defies church doctrine, their punishment being nothing, the congregation knows you are a hypocrite. One priest when asked to say Nancy Pelosi was a saint refused, but latter took $100K from Nancy Pelosi and said it, he needs to be removed. Pope Benedict, because of Pelosi’s lying, issuing a public statement for her bishop to begin excommunication proceedings and block distributors of Holy Communion under Canon Law, to avoid sin themselves. The Bishop failed the Catholic Church for money. Both, Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi, who are just two Catholic politicians, are as anti-Catholic Canon Law as you can get, received communion at Mass for Pope Francis, and the true Catholics of Faith were not happy.

This is not a lone case of Catholic politicians going against Catholic Canon Law. Every Catholic politician (not my words but in the Catholic Canon Law) who supports the LGBT and Abortion Communities by Canon Law are to be excommunicated. How many have you seen excommunicated? Zero! I am not saying to excommunicate them, it is not my place, I am not Catholic. I have seen zero politicians excommunicated, but the Catholic Church will excommunicate a common person in a heartbeat. Can you say the word “Hypocrite?” This has made the Catholic Churches’ congregations lose faith in their leadership, leaving them asking, “Why would our leaders stain our faith?” It is because of greed, pride, and sexual perversion in a target rich environment. Whom will you believe; a priest or bishop, or a little troubled boy or girl?

The Catholic Church can turn this around but they must follow some common sense rules.

1.     All in the congregation must be treated the same, no matter if you are a greater at Wall-Mart or in the US Congress.

2.     Excommunication, will befall, all politicians, claiming to be Catholic who willingly disobey the Catholic Canon.

3.     All church personnel, priest, bishop, or worker, accused of abuse, no matter their position, will be openly investigated, turned over to the police, brought to the public light, and dealt with openly. There will be no secret documents; all names will be present except for victims or innocent people. The only people who would want to keep documents hidden are themselves hiding something.

4.     The Vatican will open all sealed items at the Vatican to the public. The only reason to lock items away from the public is if you are afraid of the truth.  

5.     Allow priest to marry. The Bible itself says in Genesis 2:18And the Lord God said, “It is not good that man should be alone; I will make him a helper comparable to him.” Therefore, who started the no marriage thing it was not of God.

Weill the Catholic Church do these five actions to regain the faith of the people. No, I doubt it, they, like our politicians, would have to admit they are equal to the common person and that is not going to happen because they will lose all perceived control. They have not figured out, they never had control. 

Violent Islam in America

In the Muslim culture, Slander is anything that upsets Muslims, but this does not work both ways. According to Sharia Law, non-Muslims are not equal to Muslims, a non-Muslim has no rights; they cannot be raped or murdered you, as a Muslim, are free of condemnation. This being strait out of Islamic doctrine, do you think Sharia Law is compatible with US Constitutional Law? It is not! I have Muslim friends who just want to live in peace and see their children grow old, but they will tell you, the Muslims who will not integrate into our society, maintain Sharia Law even though it is illegal in the US, and create a sub-society in the US, are no friends of the US. Did you know there is a US Muslim Congress that gathers every year in Dearborn? I ask you, how can you have a Muslim congress, which is illegal by the US Constitution, in America and none of the mainstream media covers it? It inauguration happened in 2005, it has grown from 400 members to over 1,200 members, and it is very radical. CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) is a founding member; they also have the distinction of the FBI labeling them a terrorist organization, so why are the allowed to remain here?

Let us start out small. On 7 September 2010, Bryan Purcell and Georgene Stergalas filed a federal lawsuit against Imad Fadlallah, the Muslim principal of Dearborn’s Fordson High School, a tax-funded public high school. The lawsuit was files because of the continued harassment of Bryan Purcell and Georgene Stergalas by Fadlallah and other school personnel because they were not Muslim. Bryan Purcell and Georgene Stergalashad to go outside of Dearborn, to the Law Offices of Debbie Schlussel, a Detroit-area law firm, because no lawyer in Dearborn would talk to them. Is that not discrimination? This is a glimpse of what many non-Muslims have to put up with on a daily basis in Dearborn. The Muslim shops in Dearborn refuse to serve the LGBT community, so where is the Liberals; The same place they were at during the Pulse Club shooting. This is just a snippet of two years in the Sharia Law city of Dearborn. There are many reports of the coroner and sheriff of Wayne County cover the Muslim community. They cover everything from Female Genital Mutilation to Honor killings, but Muslims control all so the whole truth may never get out.

On 13 July 2010, a group of Muslims attacked a Christian Muslim with the intent of killing him and his girlfriend in an honor killing, the only problem was he fought back. The same type mob had murdered Alexander Tom Yono, a Chaldean (an Iraqi Catholic), earlier in Dearborn, for being Christian. Paul Hallis, a Maronite Christian Arab, defended his girlfriend and himself against the 15 to 30 in the Muslim mob. The mob pulled knives and so did Paul, but he was better. At the end of the night, nine members of the mob were injured and one would later die. Common sense would tell you nine against one, the one did not start it, but this is Dearborn. The Wayne County Sheriff’s Department and the City of Dearborn officials are corrupt, and protect Radical Muslims over all else. After a huge outrage in Michigan and across the country, the prosecutor, who was pushing for life in prison, could only get 5 years’ probation. To add insult to injury, they made Mr. Hallis pay for his attacker’s funeral.

15 February 2012

Watch the video and you will see security guards implementing Sharia Law in Dearborn. You will see "Taqiyya”, condoned lying by Muslims when the security guards start talking to the police at the end. These people attended an open to the public fair, in Dearborn, where a Muslim booth gave them a pamphlet, with a sign stating, “Got questions, we got answers”. They have already cleared it with police who says it is a free country, but that may not be true in Dearborn Michigan as they illegally follow Sharia Law in the US. The security detail plot against them, attack them, and remember, it not by the Muslim people, but the Muslim security detail. The security detail keeps assaulting them, smacking their cameras saying, “You cannot record here, this is not your place.” The US Supreme Court says you can.

15 June 2012

Muslims in Dearborn attack Christians, stoning them in public place, saying they did not have the right to be there, on a public street in Dearborn, an American city. Muslims in Dearborn, once again attack non-Muslims with the Wayne County Sheriff’s department standing by, not raising a hand to stop the Muslim attacks. Captain Praedel and Deputy Chief Richardson, of the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department, refused to investigate the assaults. They set up endless roadblocks to halt any investigation. After a year of frustration, Corporal James Isaacs, of the Dearborn Police Department, received the video in a last ditch effort for justice. He investigated, had the name of the attackers and warrants for the attackers within 48 hours. The Wayne County Sheriff’s Department and the City of Dearborn officials are corrupt and have established the first “Muslim Only No-Go Zone” in America.

17 June 2012

A Muslim man in Dearborn, Mike Mohamed Agamy, tried to run down a nine Christian protesters, with his SUV, and the Dearborn Police arrested him. During the arrest, Muslim Security officials, who were in the Mosque, came out and attacked the police for arresting Mr. Agamy. Mr. Agamy was Charged with nine counts of Attempted Murder, yet this terrorist act on US soil did not receive one peep from the “Main Stream Media” or the Obama White house. Ali Hazimeh pleaded guilty to Assault and Battery, given a $300 fine. Mohamed Bazzi, immigrant, originally from Sariah, had a long list of police run ins including 1995 Assault and Battery conviction, 2002 Domestic Violence conviction, from 2002 to 2012 he had 6 vehicle convictions, Drug conviction, and in 2012 a peeping tom conviction, found with lotion and toilet paper in his pocket. His 2011 assault charge did not go to trial until 2012 where he received 4 days in jail, 3-day work program, and $1,360 in fines.

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