The Truth About Our Politicians

Our politicians at this time in America’s history are the most corrupt seen in our 242-year history. In the beginning, we had several political parties who sole purpose was protecting our country against all threats, foreign and domestic, they just had differing opinions on how to accomplish this feat. One group wanted to isolate America from all other places and be completely self-reliant. Another group wanted to make treaties with everyone, no matter the cost, to bribe their enemies to leave them alone. In addition, there was several groups in-between. No matter how differing their views, they would always sit down and have an honest debate, sometimes heated, with no name calling, no lying about the facts, no hiding the facts, and no third parties torpedoing other’s reputations just to win an argument or election; that was until Liberalism and The Establishment showed up.

Today the biggest threat to our country is not the Democrat or Republican parties, but The Establishment and Liberals within these parties. The people of America spoke the last presidential election and elected Donald Trump, a non-establishment person who truthfully is not Democrat or Republican, but an arrogant annoying American. Both the Democratic and Republican party, from the Never Trumpers to Maxine Waters who is probably hands down the worse Congressperson in History, target Trump in any way they can. Both the Democratic and Republican establishments want him gone and are working together to ensure it happens. If we had an honest media, they would be exposing this, but as dishonest as the politicians are, in many cases the media is worse. What do us as Americans do? What do we do as a citizen when we have racist and sexist US Supreme Court Justices? What do we do when the heads of the CIA, FBI, EPA, IRS, DIA, and NSA are all pawns of The Establishment, politicalized when they are supposed to be completely devoid of a political allegiance? Why do many of these traitors to their country want the 2nd Amendment gone, because then, we will be void of the ability to do anything and turned from citizens to subjects. You will no longer have any US Constitutional right.

What we need to do is get rid of the outright establishment people like Mitch McConnell, Maxine Waters, Paul Ryan, Nancy Pelosi, John McCain, Elizabeth Warren, Marco Rubio, Cory Booker, Susan Collins, Dick Durbin, Dean Heller, Jamie Raskin, Lisa Murkowski, Sheila Jackson-Lee, Lindsey Graham, and Chuck Schumer just to name a few. We need all candidates who love America to start running as Independents so we can break up this establishment hold. We need to get these people out of office, the people who always vote for more for themselves but never to help the country. Like it or not, we do need LEGAL immigration to pick crops and do other jobs. Like it or not, according to the FBI statistics, 40% of all crime is committed by 3.5 percent of the population which is Illegal Aliens. We do need a wall but at the same time, we need to fix our Legal Immigration policies to expedite the workers we need. We need to keep our military strong and at the same time STOP the pork spending by both parties. If a US Congress person commits a crime, they need to be treated just like the common folk and sentenced accordingly, no more double standard.

With this pass budget bill, President Trump failed the American people; he should have vetoed the bill or did a Line Item Veto. President Trumps 19 areas he wanted to cut due to duplication or they are not needed any more, were all funded at or given more money; they are listed below.

African Development Foundation, Appalachian Regional Commission, Chemical Safety Board, Corporation for National and Community Service, Corporation for Public Broadcasting (NPR and PBS), Delta Regional Authority, Denali Commission, Institute of Museum and Library Services, Institute of Peace, Interagency Council on Homelessness, Inter-American Foundation, Legal Services Corporation, National Endowment for the Arts, National Endowment for the Humanities, Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation, Northern Border Regional Commission, Overseas Private Investment Corporation, U.S. Trade and Development Agency, and Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.

You cannot blame this one on the Democrats because the Republicans wrote the Bill. President Trump should have been vetoed the bill on this point alone. This was the Republican and Democrat establishments thumbing their nose at not only President Trump, but also the American people and we, as the American people, need to put both the Democrat and Republican establishment politicians out of office. We need a turnover rate of 90% of all politicians in congress having both sides replaced by Independents. We need people reporting everything on the activist and corrupt judges, no matter which party put them in on the bench, so we can get them removed. Maybe then, we can get our country back.

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It Was Not Guns, But Liberalism That Killed 17 People in Florida

Liberalism, sense the day of its conception, has been a blight on society and caused more deaths in our country than anything else. This is due to Liberals arrogance, ignorance, plane stupidity, and refusal to admit when they are wrong. Liberals refuse to follow the law, when caught, they get their Liberal friends to cover up and deny everything; can you say “Fast and Furious?” They would rather have our nation invaded by Illegal Aliens to get Illegal Votes then protect our country and its citizens. Liberals do this to both rob the American citizens and buy votes through entitlements for these entitlements. When you have these Illegal Aliens murdering our citizens, like Kate Steinle, Liberals take the side of the Illegal over the US citizen as we seen in the Liberal acquittal of Illegal Alien Garcia Zarate. This is the way of liberalism but let us take a closer look to see why they are the ones responsible for not only the mass shootings of children but also the murder of more children than any other group.

We had Liberal US Attorney General, Eric Holder illegally giving guns to the drug cartel, and said it was to track guns. The truth is it was a ploy to set up mass confiscation of guns from Law Abiding Citizens in the US. This failed when “Fast and Furious” was exposed; his actions resulted in quite a few Americans dead by these guns not counting the Mexican citizens murdered by the Drug Cartels. Eric Holder’s arrogance, ignorance, and plane stupidity not to mention his incompetence was responsible for reportedly thousands of deaths in both America and Mexico, the true number we will never know. This again was a gigantic mistake, and he still refusal to admit he was wrong. On a side note, Eric Holder refused to prosecute members of the New Black Panthers (NBP) who were intimidating white voters at the polling station. His and the Obama Administration’s actions, along with many other similar actions, seen as pure racism, are the main reason we are having Race Problems today. Eric Holder protected a racist group against honest hard working citizens. The Liberal Media refused to talk about this, I ask you, is the law not to be equal and fair for all despite your race. What would happen today if President Trump did the same thing with the KKK intimidating minority voters? I am sure the Liberal Media would be all over it! To top it off, listen closely LGBT community, Eric Holder direct the Liberal FBI leadership to tell field agents to leave Omar Mateen alone. The FBI was investigating him for his terrorist links and ISIS connections but politics and purposeful political bias neutered the FBI. This made all America less safe, especially the LGBT community. Omar Mateen later killed 49 people and wounded 58 in the Pulse, a LGBT nightclub. Oh yah, remember by Liberal Theology it was the guns fault, not Omar Mateen, he was a victim of the guns power. Sorry but I digressed. I have a question. Whom do you go to when the number one Law Enforcement Officer in the US breaks the law and selectively refuses to enforce the law?

Now let us look at Liberal Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. Hillary refuse to protect US Embassies, even removing security (Benghazi) with a known threat present. Hillary’s incompetence caused the death of four US citizens, including a US ambassador, the first one in 32 years. She then lied about it saying the attack was a riot because of a video, destroying the life of an innocent man, when she knew it was from a well-trained terrorist group. Furthermore, she used an unsecured civilian server purposely to transmit Top Secret documents, which is a felony, yet received no punishment. We now know Hillary’s server was hacked by Seth Rich, the data he sent to WikiLeaks where Julian Assange released it. The world saw Hillary’s crookedness and two weeks later, there was an assassination attempt, by a Black Ops type person on Julian Assange; it failed. However, Seth Rich was assassinated after Hillary found out he had hacking and leaking her server content. The Liberals tried to say it was a robbery went wrong, but upon the discovery of his body, he still had an expensive watch on his arm and hundreds in his wallet. Do you think a robber would miss that? I do not believe Seth Rich’s death was a coincidence but a hit for showing everyone how criminal actions of Hillary. For her finally, she allowed Russia to buy our nuclear material, even knowing we ourselves did not have enough. She did this but only after her foundation received a $200 million dollar donation from the Russians. Do you want to talk collusion? That sounds more as if she sold our country out which is, for their own profit, what Liberals do every day. Do you really think she had the countries best interest at heart or her own?

Now let us look at the most dangerous damage done by Liberals, which is to our military. Under President Obama, we had 307% more casualties in our military then under President Bush, the reason was President Obama’s Rules of Engagement (ROE). Once again, because of his Liberal arrogance, ignorance, plane stupidity, and refusal to admit when he was wrong, he allowed for his whole eight years, 307% more casualties, which is 1,164 more dead military than there should have been. With his Liberal Theology, he slashed the military to pre-WWII spending rendering one third of our military equipment inoperable; you cannot fix it if you do not have any money. President Obama’s and Eric Holder’s telling the FBI leadership to tell field agents to leave Major Nidal Hasan alone, because he was Muslim did not end well either.

The FBI was investigating Major Hasan ties to Anwar al-Awlaki, the number one most wanted Al-Qaida terrorist. Major Hasan had no less then than 20 reports against by Military people for his un-American rhetoric and signing all his documents SOA (Soldier of Allah). The Liberal Obama administration told the FBI they were “Profiling” Major Hasan and that they must stop. Major Hasan turned around and fatally shot 13 people and injured more than 30 others; thank you Liberals again. We had a Liberal president, President Obama (who has never served a day in the military and loathes it), who knew more than all the military leaders in the US military. He went against every military leader, who said there would be a caliphate if we pulled out of Iraq, it happened just as they predicted. This is what breathed life into ISIS who by a conservative guess has murdered over 50,000 people. President Obama’s arrogance, ignorance, and plane stupidity caused this, everyone know it was a gigantic mistake, and he still refusal to admit he was wrong. It is Liberalism 101.

Now that I have pointed out the direct reason for Liberals being the cause of death to so many Americans, here is the indirect. Liberals do not under any circumstances want to follow any rules or moral standards, they offend them. I had a Liberal tell me once that he knew right from wrong and could figure out his own morale standard and laws without anyone shoving the Bible or any other moral standard down his throat. I asked him if he believed that for everyone, that anyone should be allowed to make up his or her own moral standard and law; he said yes. I then stated that if I came and shot him dead, according to his theology, it was ok; he said; NO that is murder. I told him not if my own made up moral standard and laws says it is OK and legal. There was no rebuttal or counter point, his theology was majorly flawed and he was wrong and knew it. His reaction was like most Liberals, flawed and wrong as well, he started making personal attacks to me, refused to admit he was wrong and there was major flaws in his Liberal theology and stomped off like a child. The problem is when you remove the rule of law, the morale standards without replacing it, discipline, respect for others, and self-respect, people start acting like animals. It took 17 years after Liberals took the Bible, discipline, rules, and respect out of schools because they were offended for these mass shootings to start.

Most teachers when I went to school did not teach school to make money but because they loved to teach. They were more of a parent then the people who gave them birth to many, disciplining them, teaching them respect for others, teaching them self-respect, and showing them love when they needed it or received kudos for a good job. Teacher unions have destroyed this, you can see it from the biggest Teacher union president stating, “Why the NEA (National Education Association) are such effective advocates…it is not because we care about children, and it is not because we have a vision of a great public school…it is because we have power…” The Teachers Unions massively raised teacher’s pay and now many, who care nothing about teaching, just making money, are teachers. Teacher unions made it virtually impossible to fire bad teachers. Ask New York City who pays between $15 million to $20 million a year for barred from the classroom teachers, who cannot be fired, and who are kept in rubber rooms. Should this money not be going to the kids? Liberals have taken respect for others, respect for our country, respect for our first responders, respect for our military, self-respect, discipline, and love out of our class rooms where for many, it is the only place they are taught it. Could this be a major reason for school shootings today? You bet ya!

Liberal want open boarders but you are not a nation if you do not have a boarder. Many of the Liberal leaders flat out lie about the property damage, environmental damage, and deaths cause by Illegal. Liberals protect Illegals to one day hopefully receive their votes, illegally of course. Statistics show the estimated 11.7 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. account for 13.6 percent of US crime. I think there is more like 20 million illegals but we will go with their numbers. There is 323.1 million people in the US with 3.6% of which in the illegal population. The catch is with a 3.6% population accounting for 13.6% of crime, this means their crime level is 377% higher than there population. I read an FBI report that stated if you removed the crime of illegally coming to our country, of the 3.6% of illegal aliens here, only 40% commit crimes. The problem with Liberals is they will not even remove the 40% committing the crimes and will tip them off, as did Mayor Libby Schaaf of Oakland California, putting Law Enforcement officers in danger.  I wonder if illegal voting is one of the crimes.

So to conclude, if you take in everything the Liberal side has supported you can see they are the cause of much of the crimes and murders in America by the theology and items they support. If they had not taken the moral standard out of school and our society, we would not be having these killings on the scale we see today, but on top of this, they are hypocrites when they say they care for the children in America. If Liberals did care for the children in America, they would support a morale standard in school, teaching respect in schools, and stopping Illegals from committing crimes. If they really cared about kids, they would not have supported saving every animal on earth while murdering 4.5 million abortions. Only 1,264,000 American military have died in all the nation's wars, abortion has killed 280% more kids then even war. Guns in the US have not even come close to this number.

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The Reason for Shootings in America

Why do we have so many mass shootings in America? Some politicians would like you to believe that it is a guns fault, but that would be like blaming a car for a DUI or a fork for obesity; it is not the fork, car, or guns fault, but the loss of morality. I wrote an article about this back in 2010 (Our Schools and Their Problem) pointing out the root causes to problems in the school system, but sense it is not Politically Correct, the politicians will ignored the truth. Instead of fixing the problem, politicians they have allowed it to fester and get worse causing more deaths by putting a band aid over it to get political points. No matter if you are a Christian, atheist, or something else, schools, which were usually ran by churches, taught right from wrong, a moral standard, and discipline students to maintain a respectful society. The school system followed these Moral Standards and required both, student and teacher alike, to do the same. By teaching and reinforcing these sets of values from 1st grade, there were very little if any disciplinary problems in the school systems or in society. It is no coincidence that after taking the Moral Standard out of school without a replacement, 17 years later and ever sense we have seen a spike in violence that keeps growing, not only schools but also in society.

We could have a public ran school system with the same results except the Liberals, Socialist, and Globalist who have taken out the Moral Standard, discipline, and respect for authority out of our schools and society because it is offensive to them. When you take a Morale Standard away from a society without replacing it, people start acting like animals and human life has no meaning; this is what we see today. We need to get back to teaching right and wrong, respect for others, the truth matters, and tolerance not only in our schools, but also at our collages, and most importantly to our politicians. We need to get back to enforcing the law on all including the laws we do not like. Liberals do not want this fixed because if everything ran good, they would not have their false platform to preach. They have done a great job at destroying morality in America because today, in our society and school, there is hardly any trace of morality.

Like it or not, under these Moral Standards, the school system made our schools, society, and children safer. In our society today, thanks to the Liberal influence, respect for others, for your teachers, and for human life has all but vanished. Liberals used their false platform to manipulate people’s feelings, instead of proven methods and technics to push a harmful progressive agenda and as you can see today, it has caused catastrophic damage to our society. When you have a problem and try to run fix it by using raw emotions or feelings, you will fail to find the root cause and fix the problem. This is because you will not be able to look past the symptoms, which is what has you, so emotional. Mass shootings are the symptom of the problem, the removal of a Moral Standards and the truth about it is the problem. When you have the majority of one political party using every tragedy and emotional issue they can to play on people‘s raw emotions, you have a problem. The reason they do this is that playing on people’s emotions, which they care little about, is the only way they can get reelected.

When a political party put out knowingly false information, playing on the hurt and injured, to advance their agenda by any means necessary, this is wrong but it is the Liberal way. Instead of trying to protect our kids, you know they do not care about fixing the problem, only devising ways to get more votes. When this same political party condones hatred toward others, even racism as long as you are a minority and they receive your vote, is there any wonder this hatred has turned into violent acts today. The top 10 most violent, educationally deprived, financially strapped, and in worst repair large cities are ran by them alone and has been for an average of 40 years. Their political party openly states their hates for our country and our Constitution yet people still vote for them. This tells you, it will get worse if we do not turn things around.

To compound the problem, when a political party puts activist judges in office who ignore the US Constitution and Rule of Law, it perverts our way of life. When these judges let people off because they have money or political influence, it is just another kick in the face of Americans. We saw this when a sailor, Kristian Saucier who took six pictures of a restricted area was sentenced to a year in jail, yet Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin, and several others who knowingly passed thousands of classified documents on an unsecured server are not even charged. This is profiling, which this party says they are against, and perverted justice. If this was not true, then why is this same party blocking the release of the name connected to the Congressional Slush Fund, used to pay off sexual assault victims of Congressmen? However, it gets worse.

With the loss of morality, especially with our politicians, they have placed activist judges in the US Supreme Court. These activist judges who are racist, sexist, and refuse to recuse themselves from rulings they have been directly involved in, which is required (Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor, and Elena Kagan), show they have no Moral Standard and have been corrupting Americas Moral Standard ever sense. Their pushing of their Liberal, Socialist, and Globalist agenda has cause catastrophic damage to America but they have no plan to stop. The US Supreme Court should never be a place of activism but remember the same political party who put them there believes in winning by Any Means Necessary even if it means perverting or breaking the law. They will cause even more catastrophic damage in the future unless stopped. The Law of the Land (US Constitution) is what should reigns supreme and the perverted justices, at all levels, removed. These judges have removed the Morale Standard from society to aid their political friends in turning American citizens from citizens to subjects.

When you have politicians and activist changing what is shown in the past to be a Violent Mental Illness to normal, when these people get upset and turn into violent killing people, these same politicians want to blame an inanimate object (a gun) as the cause. You can point out the hard raw statistics but it is not Politically Correct and you will be labeled a bigot. The facts say you are right but once again, when people judge with feelings instead of fact, people will always be 100% wrong. You have politicians telling you we need to get rid of guns and pointing at Australia as an example. What they do not tell you is Australia still has mass shootings, it is true not as often but their crime rate including murder raised nearly 300% because now the criminals know they are safe. To turn American citizens to subjects you must remove all ability (Gun Control) to fight for their freedom. At the same time, you must change the minds of the children to follow a different belief then their parents.

With the removal of right from wrong, a moral standard, and respect for life in society, it is now not a problem to commit an immoral act because you have not been taught any morals. You then turn people against their first responders, military, religion, and most of all their patriotic symbols while vilifying their heroes. This is how you destroy America and it is already in motion. I say, “If you do not like our country, leave it, do not destroy it. “

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