Things That Really Make You Think

  1. When did the American Flag become offensive in America?
  2. How can Americans be racist when we are not any single race?
  3. How can an unacceptable word be OK for one group or race to use and not another, is that not called discrimination or racism?
  4. How can the media purposely cover up stories, make up stories, and work with a political party, then say they are journalist?
  5. How can people like PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) be against killing animals but for killing an innocent baby in its mother’s womb?
  6. How can you call a judge honorable who protects pedophiles?
  7. Why is over half the UN Human Rights Commission, Human Rights violators?
  8. How can municipalities use the police for making money instead of protecting the people?
  9. Where did the hate come from where we cannot talk, accept either your view or nothing?
  10. After vetoing a bill to do land management, cutting firebreaks and clearing underbrush, how can you blame the president for the fire?
  11. How can municipalities protect Criminal Illegals who cause death and pain to their citizens?
  12. Why would any president elect a racist, sexist judge to be on the Supreme Court?
  13. When your religion tells you to lie to people not of your religion, how can we trust you?
  14. Why do we allow foreign terrorist organization, the FBI identified, to remain in the US?
  15. Why do people elect politicians who refuse to protect our country?
  16. Why do we pay politicians if they will not read a bill before voting on it?
  17. How can a member of congress say, “The evidence does not matter” and remain in congress?
  18. How can you believe taking a gun from a law-abiding citizen helps protect him from the criminal?
  19. How can you have a wall and guards protecting your house, but to have one at our border is racist?
  20. How can a Member of Congress admit to attempting a “Politically Assassination”, using the “Wrap Up Smear”, be allowed to stay in office?
  21. How can a member of congress call for a physical attack on another political party stay in office?
  22. With 535 members of congress, how can their 373 criminal acts go unnoticed, including 84 DUIs, 29 assaults, and 14 drug related charges? Where are you MAD and NOW?
  23. How can congress have a slush fund to pay of people members of congress have for sexual assaulted but they refuse to release the offenders names.
  24. How can you have a member of congress say we need to get rid of the US Constitution, which they have sworn an oath to defend, stay in office?
  25. How can you say, “All are created equal” when you have politicians committing treason everyday with no consequence?
What do you think?

Do you believe in your Constitutional right to privacy? Democrats do not!

A Democratic state lawmaker from New York, Senator Kevin Parker, says you need to surrender your passwords to the government for Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram accounts, and have your search histories on Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engines scrutinized before allowing you to practice a US Constitutional right. To own a gun, he wants the government to discern if you are a threat by forcing you to turn over your passwords and reading your social media. Apparently, he knows nothing about the US Constitution or he would know this violates the 4th Amendment, but he is a Liberal Democrat and does not care, only the Liberal Democratic agenda matters. It took me back a step when “BAMN” began popping up on Democrat Politician’s sites. I did not know what it meant but soon found out it means “By Any Means Necessary”, it means Liberals do not care about our US Constitutional Rights, only controlling us. The ironic thing is Democratic Senator Kevin Parker has a violent, tax delinquent past. Therefore, if he is a violent thug, he does not want you able to defend yourself against him. As usual, the democrats are for the criminals, but he is not alone.

Think about this. With no warning in the middle of the night, the government breaks down your door, armed to the teeth, ransacking your house, calling it a search, with total disregard of what they break. They take all your private document, phones, computers, and demand every password without Probable Cause. What about my 1st and 4th Amendment rights? You are no longer citizens but subjects, the difference being citizens have a recourse of actions they can initiate, subjects do not. This is why our Founding Fathers put the 1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendment Rights in the US Constitution. It is also, what Liberals in our government is trying to remove; they cannot control you if you have Freedom. Liberals at collages say they are for “Freedom of Speech” but that is only if you follow their agenda, if you do not, the will shut you down BAMN; just look at Oregon and California to see examples.

Liberals do not want illegal aliens and expired VISA holders to be deported, these people have shown a pattern of Illegal Voting, which is the only way Liberal Democrats can win elected.  You do not believe me. Democrats in Texas send registration forms to illegals and ask them to vote.

In Miami-Dade Florida, Tomika Curgil, 33, was busted for filling out forms for five people without their consent, submitting at least 15 forms for people who apparently do not exist, and several forms for people who are dead.

In Harrisonburg Virginia, Andrew J. Spieles, 21, pled guilty to registering dead people to vote, reporting his progress to the Virginia Democratic Campaign headquarters.

In Indianapolis Indiana, authorities arrested 12 Democrats for filled out an unknown number of fake or fraudulent voter registration applications ahead of last year’s general election. Just to let you know how bad Voter Fraud is real. There were 3.552 million more votes casted than voters in America’s last election. So why am I pointing out the fact that Liberal Democrats are perpetrating voter fraud while insisting it does not exist when we are talking about privacy. It is because the Liberal Democrats are the ones violating everyone’s 1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendments.

You can see this today by watching Mueller raid Cohen’s office to take everything protected under Attorney Client privilege on President Trump. The courts made him give them back but how many copies did he make, why did he knowingly do what he knew was illegal, and after seeing all the Anti-Trump crowed in the leadership of the FBI, how can you trust anything he finds? I wonder what Mueller found that could lead him to something else to keep this investigation going. How is Hilary’s emails protected under the 4th Amendment but there is no protection for Ivanka’s emails? There are cases everywhere where the government have violated peoples 4th Amendment rights.

The worst case of all times is when Liberal Democratic President Obama ordered the dragnet collection of internet and phone metadata on every American citizen, this single handily obliterated the Fourth Amendment of every American. Steller Wind was a program introduced under the Patriot Act to find operatives of Al-Qaida. You identified a person of interest, went to the FISA court and was ether approved or denied. The Stellar Wind program was a good program when initiated, but President Obama through the National Security Agency (NSA), decided the safe guards were too restrictive. He decided they could, without a FISA warrant, or in fact any warrant, had the right to everyone’s data claiming it was for National Security. President Obama ordered the National Security Agency (NSA), to initiate the “Stellar Wind” program under its new guidelines, which indiscriminately targeted every America’s electronic data. President Obama’s act was unprecedented; it destroyed the 4th Amendment which he used as a political weapon. The 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals ruled it violated the 4th Amendment, but we do not know how much of this data he has stored away to use as a tool for Political Assassinations. If Liberal Democrats can violate the President of the United States 4th Amendment rights, we as common folk do not have a chance.

The other side of the coin is if non-Americans are voting as we have found out, prompted by Liberal Democrats, are they not violating the US Constitution enabling these Liberal Democrats with the power they need to pass laws to violate out 4th Amendment rights? The answer is yes. I do not care if you think as I do or you are 180 degrees different. We should all come together, make voter ID mandatory across the country, and give hefty fines and prison time to those Americans committing, or helping in the facilitation of voter fraud. One caveat, if you are a non-US citizen caught voting or helping in the facilitation of voter fraud; a law needs passed to deported and banned from our country for live.

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