Liberal's Love Looks Like Hate to Me

I am a person who loves God, America, Freedom, our Military, and People. I will be the first to say if you don't believe in God that is your choice, but if you hate America, Freedom, our Military and anyone because of their race, religion, or just because of their political party, you should leave the country because you are the epitome of un-American. True Americans may disagree on Religion, Politics, what freedom is, and even what is the best direction for the country, this is what makes America Great. But when you put politics before America or try to use Race to bully an American's position into silence instead of debating the issues, you are un-American. You have heard me talk about Islamic Terrorist who kill the innocent and are taught from birth to hate but they are not the entire Islamic community. Like I have pointed out, there are bad Democrats and Republicans, but they are not the majority, many of both parties are America loving people, you can tell the haters by their action.

When you have criminals, Illegal or Domestic, who committed crimes against American citizens or our country, and they are set free for political reasons, you hate America. If you allow known criminals, Illegal or Domestic, to roam free in our cities putting all residence at risk, you hate America. If you use Race, Gender, Religious Status, financial status, or political status to decide if someone deserves to go to jail, stay in jail, or avoid prosecution, you are un-American and hate America. One of the most hateful groups out there in my opinion is Westboro Baptist Church which isn't a Christian Church, but a cult of hate; you can tell by their actions. Unfortunately many people belonging to the Democratic and Republican Party, including many of their politicians, are filled with just as much hate as Westboro Baptist Church. I've never seen a US President until now pardon a Convicted US Traitor (Manning) or release a convicted Domestic Terrorist (Oscar López Rivera). This is hate for the country. The Obama administration is granting executive clemency to over a thousand felons, many with firearm-related offenses. The release of these criminals back into the same neighborhoods they terrorized is hateful; so much for fighting gun violence. Unfortunately today it doesn't matter what hate you spew, it is only hate if you are a certain race, gender, religion, or political party.

How would the media react if they heard someone say, "It was a bunch of Mediocre Negroes being dragged in front of TV as photo op for (Hillary Clinton's or Donald Trump's) exploitative campaign against black people"? Truth being told they would report on it in an almost 180 degrees difference depending on if Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump was the one making the same statement. This is hate for your country and discrimination, no matter Democrat or Republican, Female or Male, Religion or Race, it should be reported the same. The statement was by Liberal Marc Lamont Hill and he stated, "It was a bunch of Mediocre Negroes being dragged in front of TV as photo op for Donald Trump's exploitative campaign against black people." The real statement was not only accepted by CNN, but it was even defended by former Bernie Sanders spokeswoman Symone Sanders. Why isn't Marc Lamont Hill listed as a racist and hateful person? Because he is a Liberal!

Liberal Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters called for Mr. Trump's impeachment before he is even sworn into office stating Mr. Trump was in collusion with the Russians on coining the term "Crooked Hillary." When she was confronted, she couldn't name one thing that would have been an impeachable offence. She like many of our elected officials from both sides are completely out of touch with reality and the common person. If she thinks he being elected and making up the phrase "Crooked Hillary" is an impeachable offense, then where was she with President Obama? He didn't get impeached for running guns to the Mexican Cartel (Fast and Furious), steal $800 billion dollars to create "Shovel Read Jobs" without creating one job, Spying on Journalist, using the IRS to target enemies, getting 4 Americans killed do to incompetent people he placed in office, having the same person compromising National Security with an illegal server, and many others, many of which are impeachable offences. In her mind if you get elected you should be impeached, why? Is it because he is White, Male, Republican, or Rich? Or is it just because she is a Racist, Misandrist, or hater of anyone in another party; either way it is hate. This sound like a partisan, un-American, hateful, elected official? Just so you know, Mrs. Waters has been named as one of the most corrupt elected officials by the independent watchdog group (Most Corrupt) every year since 2005 to present and yet she still gets reelected. Maybe she wants him impeached because part of the swamp he wants to clean up is her. Yes I know there are Republicans just as bad, but they stay out of the limelight because unlike liberals, they don't get a free pass from the press.

If you want another show of hatred for our country, look at Vice President Joe Biden final speech in Davos and realize what he is saying. Vice President Joe Biden states he wants a "Liberal World Order" to control America. Does this sound Pro-American? Is this what is best for America? The "End Game" for liberals is to have the UN be in control the US. Do you want the corrupt UN running America? They have tried everything from having the UN removes guns from US citizens, to letting the UN tax the American people directly, to giving the UN the American controlled World Wide Web. All is destructive, dividing, and hateful toward the American people. When you have the Liberal Magazine "Variety" disrespecting the US Flag on their cover, you have to ask; was this on purpose which pure hate is, or are they so ignorant about Patriotism that they don't realize what they are doing. Just in case you don't know, the US Flag is never to touch the ground. Where is all this hate for America coming from? Could it be from the Socialist Doctrine being taught is our schools and collages? More than likely, but where ever it is coming from it needs to be rooted out and trashed, if it isn't it will destroy the US sooner or later.

Is Our Intelligence Community Compromised?

How did a non-confirmed Intelligence Report get leaked to the Media, it looks like it was either another Intelligence Community SNAFU or a Senator. Director of National Intelligence Clapper says it wasn't the Intelligence Community but he has been caught lying before. DNI Clapper was caught lying to Congress about the NSA surveillance activity. If they are lying about illegal surveillance on the American people, which violated all American's US Constitutional rights, what else are they lying about? This is the same Intelligence Community who allegedly were involved in the John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and Martin Luther King assassinations. Has the Intelligence Community reverted back to the same dirty community in the last couple of decades, or is this an Intelligence Community who has decided to support the Liberal Agenda of ignoring the US Constitution to do whatever they want?

US Intelligence Community has been leaking for years, this is how Russia and China keep getting all our research, but I think it is even more sinister then that. Seth Conrad Rich was a top Democratic Staffer who was murdered on his way to meet with the FBI and no one has ever been charged. The police and Intelligence Community has tried to pass it off as a robbery yet according to his father, nothing was taken. Rich worked as the DNC’s Voter Expansion Data Director since 2014 and was self-described as a Data Analyst. WikiLeaks dump of almost 20,000 DNC emails, which led to the resignation of Wasserman Schultz and many believe Hillary's presidential Loss but where did they get the info? Julian Assange has consistently said the leak didn't come from Russia but was from a domestic source, immediately after Rich's assassination, WikiLeaks offered a $20,000 dollar reward for information leading to a conviction of Rich’s killer. There was another death many didn't hear about, Shawn Lucas. Shawn Lucas had the evidence and served the DNC with a lawsuit in July 2016 stating the DNC “rigged the primary for Hillary Clinton.” In short order this healthy 38 year old attorney died unexpectedly and under mysterious circumstances. The D.C. medical examiner’s office cause of death was accidental polypharmacy (mixing of prescriptions) but there is no evidence shown that he was on any prescriptions. Isn't it strange, two people died when they presented a threat to the Democratic Party and the Clinton Campaign?

When we are talking about this, remember, this is the same Intelligence Community who allegedly were involved in assassinations. Do you think they would hesitate to kill someone who was or had derailed their pick for president? No matter which faction of our politics you support, Democrat, Republican, Green Party, Libertarian, or other, if someone commits Treason against the US or compromises National Security, our Intelligence Community's job is to find them, indict them, and convict them; they need to be charged. Why did they charge and convict Petty Officer First Class Kristian Saucier for taking pictures of a sensitive area (not Top Secrete) on a sub which was never released to the public or hacked by anyone yet not charge and convict Hillary Clinton who directed her staff to remove Top Secrete markings from documents before sending to her? Didn't Mrs. Clinton also knowingly send Top Secrete material from non-secured devices, lied to congress, and deleted evidence? Has our Intelligence Community now become political operatives like the IRS, EPA, and BLM, targeting anyone who can hurt the Democratic Party but with a more deadly outcome? Has our Intelligence Community become a modern day version of the KGB?

The Intelligence Agencies need to be restructured, focused, and all political bias removed. If you look up US Intelligence Agencies you will see Wikipedia shows 16, with 8 being military. You have the Air Force Intelligence, Army Intelligence, Defense Intelligence Agency, Marine Corps Intelligence, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, National Reconnaissance Office, National Security Agency, and .Navy Intelligence representing the military. You have one independent (Central Intelligence Agency), two Homeland Security (Coast Guard Intelligence and Office of Intelligence and Analysis), one Energy (Office of Intelligence and Counterintelligence), one State (Bureau of Intelligence and Research), one Treasury (Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence), and 2 Justice (Office of National Security Intelligence and Intelligence Branch). This isn't true and isn't all the Intelligence Agencies. Where is the FBI, SPS, CID, NCIS, AFOSI, DEA, ATF, US Customs, Secrete Service, and US Marshalls? Honestly the last time I tried to track this down I had over thirty Federal Agencies, many which were in hiding.

We need to consolidate all these and have them broken out to Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), DOD Intelligence Agency (DIA), Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), Informational Intelligence Agency (IIA), and the National Intelligence Agency (NIA). Have all these fall under the new National Intelligence Agency (NIA) which will consist of the heads of all four agencies and an agreed appointee from one of the agencies to be rotated every four years. This will keep all intelligence together with a centralized, but compartmentalized data system. This will allow immediate feedback if an area or person of interest is imputed which flags in a different agency. Any required internal investigations will be done by a different agency head to keep all honest and above board.

NIA-will have the heads of all agencies with an approved head from one agency which will rotate systematically every four years between the agencies. Will direct all internal investigations using agencies not involved in the investigations. There will be an IG (Inspector General) department which will investigate wrong doings and manage all work processes which will be the same for like areas in all agencies.

CIA- Needs to deal with ALL foreign threats, investigations, intelligence gathering, foreign terrorism effecting US interest, foreign snatch-n-grabs, and special foreign missions not on US soil. If any investigations expose threats on US soil, it will be forwarded to the NIA and FBI.

DIA-Needs to be over all military entities like AFOSI, NCSI, CID and any other dealing with the military, military intelligence, or military intelligence operations. When civilian threats are discovered, the DIA will inform the local law enforcement and the FBI if it rates to that level. When foreign threats are discovered in non-combat areas, the DIA will inform the NIA and CIA to get direction on informing the local country if the situation rates to that level.

FBI-Needs to deal with ALL domestic threats, investigations, intelligence gathering, domestic terrorism, counterfeiting, and special missions on US soil. If any investigations expose threats from outside the US, it will be forwarded to the NIA and CIA

IIA-Will be responsible for information gathering, information security, information storage, cyber security of all government entities, counter cyber actions, and foreign cyber information gathering.

The hatred, condescension (in many cases), and refusal to share information between intelligence agencies must stop. People have died and our National Security put at risk so people can show their braggadocio and it needs to stop. There is nothing wrong with being proud until you cross that line. All the agencies need to work together so metal can sharpen metal.

The Government Covering Up Illegal Alien and Islamic Activities and Stats.

To defeat any enemies of America we first need to properly identify them, set a plan to accomplish their defeated, and implement it. It doesn’t matter if it is a foreign or domestic enemy, this is how you win. I know already some out there will be race batting by calling me hateful and a bigot because the facts speak for themselves and with no facts to stand on, the Liberals have to resort to name calling, false narratives, and false news.

The Liberal politicians in our government pollute the Crime Statistics by including Islamic and Illegal Alien crimes in the categories of Caucasian and Asian when reporting crime to dilute the negative effect being shown to the public. Contrary to what the Liberals want you to believe, Illegal Alien is not a race but a status of a person of any race. The fact is all Illegal Aliens, including someone who has overstayed their Visa, are criminals from many other nations and are responsible for a considerable amount of US violent crimes. Check the below for examples:

Sarah Root, 21, killed by Eswin Mejia who was a Honduras illegal alien and street racing when he hit her.

Shayley Estes, 24, killed by Igor Zubko who was a Russian illegal alien and shot her after she obtained a restraining order.

Yao Chen, 39, and his 28-year-old sister, Yun Juan Chen were murdered by Chinese Illegal Aliens Zeng Liang Chen and Dong Biao Lin

A Salvadoran in the country Illegally, Mauricio Hernandez, convicted of the rape of a 13 year old and murder of the baby born to his victim.

Viet Huynh and Vu Huynh were killed in Philadelphia by a Vietnamese Illegal Alien, Tam Minh Le, who belonged to the Vietnamese gang Born to Kill.

Mowayne McKay and Diego Reid, two Jamaican nationals, murdered three and wounded 12 in Los Angeles.  

Casey Chadwick, 25, was murdered by Haitian Illegal Alien Jean Jacques who was detained by ICE on felony charges but then released.

Anthony J. Walker, 22, was murdered by Dominican Republic Illegal Alien Wesley Correa-Carmenaty in Council Bluff Iowa.

Even though many Liberal groups want to make this a race issue, it isn’t a race issue but a security and protection of America and her citizens issue. The majority of the Illegal Aliens are from Latino countries but nowhere close to all just like the majority of violent crimes are by people of Latino decent but not all. Now let’s look at the facts. According to the GOA, the Illegal Alien Population in the US is 7.9 % of the US population or about 25.3 million. According to the FBI statistics, a total of 15,696 murders were committed in the US, of those murders 5,965 were committed by Violent Illegal Aliens. This equates to the Illegal Alien population being responsible for 38% of all US murders. There was 32,887 DUI deaths last year, of those deaths 22.8% of DUI deaths are from Illegal Aliens. Illegal Aliens are responsible for almost 5 times their population in murders and almost 3 times their population in DUI deaths in the US. In the last completed year of criminal statistics, according to the FBI, violent crimes in the nation increased 3.9 percent, murder and non-negligent manslaughter increased 10.8 percent.

These statistics may be even higher due to the Obama Administration having mandated the falsification of criminal documents to remove Islamic and Illegal Alien status from the records. Many agencies still report the true numbers but we do not know how many have followed the Obama Administration direction. What do we need to do to fix this problem? We must identify this root-causes so we can define the problem to see who and from where do our enemies come. To accurately report crime statistics you must be able to define the offenses and the offenders and put forth a plan to eliminate the problem.

The 1st step is we need to start making decisions on facts instead of Political Correctness and its ideology; a murder is a murder no matter their gender, race, legal status, or economic upbringing of the victim or perpetrator. All criminal statistics need to include Legal Status, Race, Age, Gender, Religion, Violent or Non-Violent Crime, and Crime Type. Under legal status it should state, legal, illegal noting country of origin, or unknown (if unknown they should be held until status is figured out.) Under race it should be broken out as Caucasian, Asian, Latino, American Indian, Indian, Islamic/Muslim, Jewish, African American, Islander, European, and other. Age is self-explained. Under gender it should be male, female, previous male now female, previous female now male, and hermaphrodite. Under religion it should be Atheist, Buddhist, Christian, Hinduism, Islamic, and Other. Under violent crimes you should include Assault-Causing Death, Assault-Causing Permanent Bodily Damage or Incapacitation, Assault-Premeditated, Assault-With a Deadly Weapon, Child Molesting, Drugs-Dealing, Drugs-Transporting Amounts for Distributing, Multiple DUIs (Illegals 1 DUI), Rape, Murder, Robbery-Armed, and Robbery-Strong Arm. If you are here illegally or on a Visa and commit any of the offences above, if convicted you should do your time, be immediately deported after sentence is served, band from the US, and if found back in America have automatic progressive jail time, no matter if you have committed another crime or not, then deported again.

The 2nd step is we need to do is secure our boarders, the 5,525 miles with Canada and the 1,933 miles with Mexico. It is possible, China secures 13,743 miles of border, almost twice as much. If you want a solution, just look at the fence Boeing put in at Yuma Arizona for a good example of what type of fence we need.

The 3rd step is we need to truly track and update the Visa process. All but one of the 9/11 attackers was on an expired Visa and the one was on a Student Visa but never went to class. When they expire, we need to know the people have left. When they are on “Student Visa’s”, we need to know they are going to school and not planning a terrorist attack. Before anyone is even given a Visa, they need to be properly and thoroughly vetted.

The 4th step is to get all Violent Illegal Aliens, including any Illegal Aliens belonging to gangs out of the US. The most violent gang in the US is MS-13 yet almost every one of its members are here illegally. Why are they still here?

The 5th step is ending all “Sanctuary Cities.” Sanctuary Cities are a breeding ground for crime especially from Illegal Aliens. The Illegal Alien Federal Prisoner population is 36.7% of the prison population. To house a Federal Prisoner cost tax payers $29,000 dollars a year. This mean Illegal Aliens in Federal Prisons (around 1,518,559) are costing the US tax payer over $44 billion dollars a year. Add the $16.5 billion dollars of annual cost for Illegal Alien crime and this alone would pay for the border fence in its first year.

The Last step is to revamp the Worker Visa program to allow the needed amount of workers in the US. AT the same time no Illegal Alien or Alien worker is allowed to any entitlements. This alone will help keep the Alien workers in the US while getting rid of the scammers and lazy Aliens.

What do you think?