Ferguson, Can You Handle The Truth?

Ferguson is showing both the good and the bad in how people can be during a tragic event; I have from the beginning of this shooting said, “We need to see what the evidence says” because something just isn’t adding up in the stories and you are presumed innocent until proven guilty no matter your race or gender but some do not believe this. You have liberals in and out of the press who will take this tragedy and use it to further their own agenda and this make me sick to my stomach. Some people and groups in my opinion like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and The New Black Panthers (NBP), they are only there to try and make some money, they need to keep the race riots of the 60’s going because without them, they have no worth. Just like in the Duke lacrosse case when they ran their mouths, incited people to riot, and convicted the Duke players without ever seeing any evidence which later proved their innocents, they are doing the same now. One question I have is why our US Justice Department hasn’t issued warrants for the arrest of the NBP after they admitted putting a contract out on the cop involved in the shooting? If it would have been the KKK, they sure would have warrants out within 5 minutes rightfully so, but the NBPs are a hate group just like the KKK. If all hate groups are hated equally by our US Justice Department, then why did they not charge the NBP for voter intimidation which a lawyer at the US Justice Department said was a “Slam Dunk Case”, why did they not charge the NBP when they put a contract out on George Zimmerman, and why haven’t they when they put a contract out on this cop? They walk around Ferguson chanting “who do we want? Darren Wilson. How do we want him? Dead!” and yet Eric Holder, you do nothing. What is the difference in what you are doing with the whites and what the whites did with the blacks in the 50s and 60s; prejudice works both ways.

Then we get our irresponsible news media evolved, trying to make something bad develop so their ratings will go up and at the lead is CNN (Communist News Network) who actually drew a map to Darren Wilson’s house; Ed Lavandera who is as un-patriotic as you can get for doing this, from CNN, draws a map to Wilson’s house so any racist can come lynch him. When you will put anyone in danger to get a story or escalate a story, you need to be fired! Has Ed Lavandera seen the evidence at this point to prove Darren Wilson’s innocent or guilty, no but he puts him and his family in danger to hype this story! Not only has CNN endangered Darren Wilson and his family, but they have also turned Ferguson into a war zone into a war zone to where even store owners and workers are scared for their lives. Once again I ask, have the news people like CNN look at the evidence, or are they just following the liberal media path of lying about everything to get ratings and push an agenda?

Some of the “witnesses" said the cop shot Michael Brown for no reason which I find very hard to believe even if it would have been a white kid that was shot by a black cop; cops are trained better than that. They say he was running away and was shot in the back then turned around and put his hand in the air, the cop shot him again and when laying on the ground, shot him twice more in the back of the head. Can you trust these witnesses or not; let’s take them at face value on what they said. Since Mr. Brown was shot six times that would be, one shot in the back, three shots in the front, and two more in the back of the head; so what does the evidence say? Does it back up the witnesses or the cop who said Mr. Brown was running toward him? First thing is first, Mr. Brown was a big intimidating 18 year old which you can see in the video when he robbed the store and assaulted and threatened the store clerk. Shortly after this, Mr. Brown was laying dead in the street. An autopsy conducted by Dr. Michael Baden the noted former chief medical examiner of New York, at the request of Brown's family, determined that Brown was hit with six bullets which we knew. The part that tells the first part of the story is that he had four to the right arm and two to the head, all to the front and none from close range. None were in his back or at close range as the “witnesses” said; the eye witnesses must be lying or trying to get their 10 minutes of fame at the expense of this young man’s death, just like the reporters. One of the bullets entered the top of Brown’s skull, suggesting his head was bent forward running or falling. These witnesses are not trustworthy.

One of the people recording the Mr. Brown lying in the street who thinks he was innocent, unknowingly picks up an interesting conversation with their cell phone of a witness who says he saw it all, but hurry before it is taken down, if you go to about the 6 minute mark and listen, you will hear the following:


#1 How’d he get from there to there?


#2 Because he ran, the police was still in the truck – cause he was like over the truck {crosstalk}


#2 But him and the police was both in the truck, then he ran – the police got out and ran after him {crosstalk}


#2 Then the next thing I know he doubled back toward him cus - the police had his gun drawn already on him –[there is dispute here whether he says "doubled back" or "coming back."]


#1. Oh, the police got his gun


#2 The police kept dumpin on him, and I’m thinking the police kept missing – he like – be like – but he kept coming toward him {crosstalk}


#2 Police fired shots – the next thing I know – the police was missing


#1 The Police?


#2 The Police shot him


#1 Police?


#2 The next thing I know … I’m thinking … the dude started running … (garbled something about “he took it from him”)


Mr. Brown had been shot and charged the police instead of surrendering which follows the report the cop gave and the autopsy findings; as big as Mr. Brown was, this gave Officer Wilson who was being threatened the right to defend himself. They voice on the tape didn’t have access to Officer Wilson report at the time yet matches it to a tee; do you think this is a coincidence? As I said when this first come out and people wanted me to write something on it, I said I wanted some evidence first; I am not liberal and rail road people. This audio tape is a good bit of evidence but I still, as I said at first, want to see the toxicology report on both Officer Wilson and Mr. Brown. Like it or not, you have video tape of Mr. Brown robbing a store so he wasn’t the innocent child that many made him out to be; as with any race, not all our children are innocent and good mainly due to liberal politics. I can understand his family and friends being emotional and angry but the ones destroying everything are not them.


What is really going on is thugs are using Mr. Brown’s death to act like animals and rob the innocent and destroy their businesses; they aren’t there to protest Mr. Brown’s death by a cop but to create chaos and mayhem. Many of them have never been taught at home or shown by their “leaders” how to act civilized so they act like animals with the NBPs and Al Sharpton leading the way. Do you remember Reginald Denny a white man who refused to hit a black mob with his industrial truck to escape, he was innocent and almost beaten to death during the LA Riots by a black mob? Do you remember Steven Utash, a white man who stopped to help a black kid he hit after the kid ran into the street in front of his truck; he was beaten almost to death by a black mob? Do you remember the three black teens that killed a white collage baseball player, Chris Lane, for fun? I can go on forever showing events like this but you may not remember them because no whites rioted, there were no death threats from the KKK like is common with the NBPs, no looting took place because of them; I ask you, what is the difference? I seriously want someone to tell me?


To me it is because some are never taught to have respect for others no matter their race, they are taught to swing first instead of discussing something like civilized people to find a solution no matter the race, it is because no matter how much they are given for free, they never had to work for it so they don’t appreciate it. Until these people learn respect for others, what honor truly is, and how to admit it when they are wrong, they will never be anything but thugs; but they are just following their leadership. As I pointed out at the beginning, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and the NBP accused falsely the Duke Lacrosse team of rape and threatened their lives and livelihoods solely because of their race, if they would have been black, nothing would have been said. When the “EVIDENCE” finally came out, it pointed to them being innocent; none of the three were man enough or adult enough to say they were wrong; this is the bad example being followed.  The evidence has came out on Ferguson, at lease enough to know Mr. Brown is not this innocent kid but a thief and thug,  enough to know the witnesses lied because Mr. Brown was never shot in the back, and enough to know that wolf has been yield one more time when it didn't happen; the sad part is when there is a real incident of prejustice happen, it will be just like the boy who cried wolf, no one will believe it.  

America at Risk; Are we Safe in America? No! Terrorist are Under Obama

If you look in our history, you will find that restriction on Illegal immigration started in 1781 with the Articles of Confederation which put immigration under individual state control. In 1790, the First Alien Naturalization Act was passed basically saying any immigrants had to be of good moral standing before they would be allowed across our borders. The next big stepping stone was the passing of the Immigration Act of 1875, also known as the Page Act of 1875; when you read the complete “Page Act” you will find out it was passed to protect US citizens from several criminal elements including slavery within the US, we had just fought a nasty Civil War and were apprised of slaves still within the Chinese community; this law also removed the States as policy setter for immigration. In 1903 the Anarchist Exclusion Act was which basically said if you were crazy, criminal, an anarchist, beggar, sick with illness, or a member of a dangerous organization, you were to be barred from entering the US. Many illegal aliens from south of our boarder at this point had been raping and murdering many US citizens and in 1910, the military pushed all illegal aliens back across the southern border and there was peace. The government set up immigration stations to be vet all wanting to enter before letting them into the US. In 1911, the Dillingham Commission Report recommended limits on immigrants because too many would damage our economy and businesses (like what we see happening today). In 1915, the US Immigration Service started patrols and secured the US boarders. In 1940, the Alien Registration Act required the registration of all legal aliens and was used to deport any illegal aliens found. Everything was going good and both sides of the isle, Democrat and Republican, had been doing everything they could to protect the US from bad economic influences, pandemic, criminals, and people associated with criminal organizations by securing the border, keeping our military strong, and dealing with any threat which presented itself, that was until 1980.

In 1980 2-4 million illegals aliens had been confirmed as crossing the border, another 125,000 illegal Cuban criminals were sent to the US by Fidel Castro, the Refugee Act of 1980 allowed anyone deemed as “Persecuted” to receive asylum, and this was just the beginning of the liberal President Carter's destruction of the US. We then went immediately into a depression due to his domestic policies, we had gas rationing, our foreign enemies started overthrowing our allies all because they didn’t fear us anymore. President Carter did nothing to stop them, this would bite him in the @$$ when he refused to help long time US ally, The Shaw of Iran. The Shaw was overthrown and our peace with the Muslim people ended with the taking of 52 hostages for 444 days in what is known as the Iran Hostage Crisis, in four years Iran went from our ally to our enemy due to President Carter's bad foreign policies. We were being attacked both at home and abroad and our liberal President Carter did nothing to help the situation; President Carter was our first truly liberal president and we didn’t learn from our mistake. By the way, currently President Cater backs the terrorist group Hamas over our ally Israel.

What many liberals do not understand is Force is truly the only deterrent some people recognize, once President Reagan was sworn into office, our hostages, which no sanctions or begging by the liberals could get back, were immediately released. The Iranian militants knew President Reagan would hit them with a vengeance if they were not released; they feared and respected him which is what you must have in the world to have peace. President Reagan had the longest record of peacetime prosperity through tax cuts, building our military back, and removal of restrictive business regulations enacted by the Carter administration. This effectively ending the liberal caused depression in the US and boosted a major economical recovery; we were safe, we were happy, we were free, and we were feared.

When George H. W. Bush became president, if he would have left things to ride, he would have been good but he feared Congress, the Democrats had both the House and the Senate and they were being led by liberal Democrats Jim Wright and George J. Mitchell. The next election he would lose to our second liberal president who has the record for most terrorist attacks on and off American soil by the time he leaves office.

At this point, everyone is the established parties are still in denial that we have any dangers from the illegals crossing the border or terrorist. President Clinton is divides our intelligence agencies banning them from sharing information, he is offered Osama Bin Laden several times being informed that Osama Bin Laden was planning to attack the US but President Clinton refuses to take him saying he was no true threat. The 9/11 attacks are directly contributed to his neglecting to protect the US. The attackers were both illegally in the country as well as being on expired visas, I thought we had woken.

On 9/11, the worse attack happened on US soil just eight months in to President Bush's term, on May 14, 2002, President George W. Bush signed the Enhanced Border Security and Visa Entry Reform Act of 2002, it represents the most comprehensive immigration-related response to the continuing terrorist threat America faces. In 2004, the Minute Man Project used civilians to patrol the US-Mexico border, both the Mexican government and the Bush administration have described them the Minutemen as vigilantes when they are truly patriots. In 2006, the Secure Fence Act Authorizes Fencing along 700 miles of the US-Mexican Border using both fences and electronic surveillance devices. In 2007 Homeland Security estimated 11.8 million illegal aliens in the US with 59% from Mexico, that is almost a 300% increase in just under 30 years; it did decrease to 11.6 by January 2008.  

A report out in September 2013 estimates the illegal population at 20million plus; that is an increase of almost 100% in 5 years with many being Jihadist and having 35 terrorist camps in the US according to the FBI. Now we have a "Hands off List" which means the custom agents can't touch known terrorist and leftist President Obama says Al-Qaida is dead, but the truth is Al-Qaida is a bigger threat today then before 9/11 according to former head of the CIA’s bin Laden unit. Everything President Obama has done has made us less safe and allowed Al-Qaida to get bigger and stronger leaving  us less safe; even when he gets a US ambassador killed he never admits it is his fault; but he is a liberal, what did you expect? But radical Islam is not our only threat caused by President Obama; he has gutted our military, using Chuck Hagel to taking it below pre WWII levels while are two biggest threats, China and Russia builds theirs up and China is even saying it can defeat America in battle.

We are not safe anymore and the liberal presidents in our history are the primary reason but not the only reason, our Congressmen are all about money, lying, kickback to their states, and taxing more instead of being responsible and doing it for our country. I will be surprised if we do not have another major attack on US soil before President Obama leaves office. Even as good as our intelligence agency are, it can't monitor an 800 mile porous boarder while not being allowed to grab terrorist because they are on a "Hands off List". ISIS is a direct development from President Obama's failed policies, lack of action, and lack of leadership; President Obama’s half-brother, Malik Obama is a terrorist in the terror group, "Muslim Brotherhood", so that might be why he has been very gentle on terrorism; it's in his family.

World War III, Islam against the World is on the Horizon, Thanks Liberals

Everybody wants to blame G. H. Bush, G. W. Bush, or B. H. Obama for what is going on in the Middle East which at the current direction will lead us to the bloodiest battle this world will ever see, even beating WWII. The truth is it was started way before they were elected. The one person in our history that truly understood the mindset of the Muslim people was President Thomas Jefferson. The "Barbary Coast Pirates" had been raiding US ships passing through the Mediterranean to take valuables; they would ransom the crew and sell them into slavery to add to the wealth of the Islamic States. The US paid tribute to the Barbary Coast Pirates and this bothered Jefferson; he met with John Adams, and a Muslim ambassador to ask, “Why do you attack Americans?” The Ambassador stated, “It was written in their Koran that all nations which had not acknowledged the Prophet were sinners, whom it was the right and duty of the faithful to plunder and enslave; and that every mussulman (Muslim) who was slain in this warfare was sure to go to Paradise.” Astonished by this, Jefferson decided to read the Koran to see what Islam was truly about, when he became president, one of his first acts was to bring an end to the Barbary Coast Pirates. This was the first foreign fought war by the US who defeated the Muslims with ease, the US ensured the Islamist countries stayed weak so they could not threaten again the US, the US homeland, or any other country. There was peace in the world for the most part and it remained that way until just before WWI.

When Islamist terrorist attacked the US stationed in the Philippines in steps General Black Jack Pershing (BJP), a highly decorated officer. BJP had him men capture fifty insurgents and tie then to post for execution, then he killed pigs and dipped the bullets from the firing squad in them, this terrified the Muslim insurgents because if they touch a pig, they become unclean and can’t get to paradise. He then shot forty-nine of then, placed them in a mass grave and dumped the dead pigs on top of them and made the fiftieth one watch then let him go; we did not have another Muslim problem for forty-two years. The reason I tell you this is because, as long as the US and the civilized world had diminished the ability of the Islamist states to fight by either brute strength as did Jefferson or through Theology as did General Pershing, the world didn’t have a problem with the Muslim society and they remained mostly non-violent toward other nations, but as soon as they get power they start to attack. In 1956 the Muslims who were left unchecked started attacking Israel and took the Suez Canal, they lost and in 1967 Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Algeria, and others Muslim nations attacked Israel to wipe the Jewish nation off the face of the earth in one united sweep; they lost again in what is known as the Seven Day War.

The first and biggest stepping stone after this for the Muslim nations was the Iran Hostage Crisis when liberal President Jimmy Carter let Iranian terrorist topple the western government of Iran and letting these same militants form a Shariah government which held 66 American diplomats for 444 days. Just minutes after President Ronald Reagan was sworn into office, the hostages were released; the terrorist have already figured out that if a Democrat is in office, you can get away with anything, if a Republican is in office you will get the hell blown out of you.

The next time there was a concentration of attacks was under President Bill Clinton with the most people being killed up to this point:

1993 – The First World Trade Center bombing
1995 – Oklahoma City bombing - 168 killed and 650 wounded
1996 – Khobar Towers bombing – Saudi Arabia - 19 killed and 500 wounded
1998 – U.S. Embassy bombings Kenya/Tanzania - 224 killed and 4,650 wounded
2000 – USS Cole Bombing - Yemen  17 killed and 77 wounded

There was no real response as the terrorist expected but Clinton is a liberal. President Clinton had several chances to take Osama Bin Laden into custody but refuse. Osama Bin Laden planned for years on how to attack the US and Clinton had signed a law into place that didn’t let the CIA and FBI share information; shortly after President Bush took office, Osama Bin Laden plan was executed on 9/11/01. Clinton had allowed terrorist to infiltrate the US which cost us 3497 victims and GW Bush retaliated with a vengeance, during his reign not another major attack happened on US soil or consulate.

Now that another liberal president, Barack Hussein Obama has let the US go from the most respectful and powerful country in the world to the most laughed at and inconsequential; from the country that helped those who called us friend to one that says you are on your own, I can see that war is on the horizon. Many of our strongest Allies like Britain and France are succumbing to the over run of Muslim theology to where a British soldier can be be-headed in the street. The cancer is not checked because it isn’t politically correct; this will begin to happen more and more because it is the Muslim way; if a true moderate Muslim stands up to them, they are murdered in the name of Allah. The true catalysis of the Far East unrest took hold when a liberal President Jimmy Carter did not help a long time American ally and let him fall without raising a hand. The rest of the US became in trouble when we turned from truth and abiding by the law to allow what we know is wrong to stand, when it became wrong to call illegal aliens criminals, when calling a Muslim extremist a Muslim extremist became hate speech, when we refuse to put a Muslim terrorist group on the terror list and then stood by and let them take 300 Christian girls and did nothing, when we let a terrorist shooting on Fort Hood shooting be called “work place violence”, when we refuse to keep our promise and help a country being overran by a terrorist army. Soon we will have a true terrorist Nation called ISIS and they will try and advance their theology everywhere including the US; they have already told the US, "We are coming for you". There are already 35 Terrorist training camps in the US as reported by the FBI, how many do they not know about? Many Mosques are used for terrorist hubs but even though it is true and our intelligent agencies know this, it isn’t politically correct to say. The more the liberal agenda takes hold of our country, showing hate toward our country and flag, showing hate toward our past and trying to change it, and worse of all showing hate toward our war fighters, the quicker we will fall from being the most powerful country in the world to maybe not being a country at all. When the liberals will trade a traitor and give our enemies five generals yet won’t raise a hand to help a Marine wrongfully held in Mexico; we should know we are in trouble. What are we going to do when the ones we call moderate Muslims start cutting off our soldiers heads? With a liberal in charge, nothing; we had one kill 13 and wound 32 others at fort hood and the liberal president called it work place violence.

Ask any devote Muslim if Israel and the US are the “Great Satans” and need to be destroyed, they will say yes. Ask them if Islam is to take over the whole world, they will say yes. And for you GLBT liberals, ask them if you will be put to death, the answer once again is yes. America and especially you American liberals, had better wake up and think about your theology or you will lose our country, freedoms, and life if the “Extremist” get their way. I have nothing against any group of people or their religion until they tell me must obey their religion or die. We have a recognition problem in the US, we listen to the Muslim authorities who say only 15% of Muslims are the radicals, but that is 240 million radicals and that is by the Muslim standard. If you think killing women, gays, and non-Muslim openly is not extreme; if you think female genital mutilation and selling women and children as young as 6 years old as sex slaves in not extreme; if you think insulting anything about the Muslim religion, belonging to another religion, or being atheist deserves death in not extreme; if you believe women should have no rights, must wear what the man says, cannot drive a car, and cannot own any property in not extreme, if you believe all the above, there is no help for you. The truth is just by what I stated above is what I would call radical and this is about 80-90% of the Muslim people; this is what Shariah Law mandates and it is radical; do you agree?

 Please comment.

Gun Control is Killing People

Before we get started lets lay some ground work with the some facts and trigger words Gun Control Activist like to use. A wise man once said, "A right not exercised is a right lost" and this is true with the second amendment, and what is worse is the false information put out by the liberals with the help of bias media. Have you ever heard that every mass shootings in the US has taken place in gun free zones. James Holmes bypassed five closer theaters to go to the one with, "No Weapons Allowed" and shot 82 people killing 12. Why did he pick the "No Weapons Allowed" theater? As all criminals, he knows two things; 1) criminals don't follow the law, and 2) he would be safe from anyone firing back because good citizens follow the law. You will hear many definitions for the key words liberal anti-gun people want to use, mostly all made up. Take the term Assault Weapon, what is the true definition?

The US Military Definition of an Assault Rifle-A weapon that can fire intermediate powered cartridges on "Select Mode" which means fully automatic fire; what we call a machine gun which has been banned since 1936. Law Enforcement, military, and very few civilians or civilian organizations are allowed to own them.

The Liberal Definition of an Assault Rifle-A weapon that fires more then one round.

This is from Senate Bill 23 Assault Weapon Characteristics so before you ask, no I didn't make it up.

A semiautomatic, centerfire rifle that has the capacity to accept a detachable magazine and any one of the following: (Why? Makes no since, what does a detachable magazine have to do with fully automatic?)
    1. A pistol grip that protrudes conspicuously beneath the action of the weapon. (Why? Makes no since, this is cosmetic in nature.)
    2. A thumbhole stock. (Why? Makes no since, this is cosmetic in nature.)
    3. A folding or telescoping stock. (Why? Makes no since.)
    4. A grenade launcher or flare launcher.
    5. A flash suppressor. (Why? Makes no since.)
    6. A forward pistol grip. (Why? Makes no since, this is cosmetic in nature.)
  1. A semiautomatic, centerfire rifle that has a fixed magazine with the capacity to accept more than 10 rounds. (Why? Makes no since, never seen a FIXED magazine of 10 rounds .)
  2. A semiautomatic, centerfire rifle that has an overall length of less than 30 inches. (Why? Makes no since.)
  3. A semiautomatic pistol that has the capacity to accept a detachable magazine and any one of the following:
    1. A threaded barrel, capable of accepting a flash suppressor, forward handgrip, or silencer. (Why? Makes no since, you can legally buy even silencers with a class 3 license.)
    2. (B) A second handgrip. (Why? Makes no since, this is cosmetic in nature.)
    3. A shroud that is attached to, or partially or completely encircles, the barrel that allows the bearer to fire the weapon without burning his or her hand, except a slide that encloses the barrel. (Why? Makes no since, so you want people to be injured by a rifle?)
    4. The capacity to accept a detachable magazine at some location outside of the pistol grip. (Why? Makes no since, this is cosmetic in nature.)
  4. A semiautomatic pistol with a fixed magazine that has the capacity to accept more than 10 rounds. (Why? Makes no since, I haven't seen a semiautomatic pistol with a "fixed" magazine.)
  5. A semiautomatic shotgun that has both of the following:
    1. A folding or telescoping stock. (Why? Makes no since, this is cosmetic in nature.)
    2. A pistol grip that protrudes conspicuously beneath the action of the weapon, thumbhole stock, or vertical handgrip. (Why? Makes no since, this is cosmetic in nature.)
  6. A semiautomatic shotgun that has the ability to accept a detachable magazine. (Why? Makes no since, the largest detachable shot gun magazine is 5 rounds the same as a standard pump.)
  7. Any shotgun with a revolving cylinder. (Why? Makes no since, the largest revolving cylinder shot gun I found is 5 rounds, the same as your standard pump.)
    1. "Assault weapon" does not include any antique firearm.
    2. The following definitions shall apply under this section:
      1. "Magazine" shall mean any ammunition feeding device.
      2. "Capacity to accept more than 10 rounds" shall mean capable of accommodating more than 10 rounds, but shall not be construed to include a feeding device that has been permanently altered so that it cannot accommodate more than 10 rounds. (Why? Makes no since, was this baffling enough?)
      3. "Antique firearm" means any firearm manufactured prior to January 1, 1899. (Where did they pick this date from? Makes no since.)

None of this comes close to what the military calls an "Assault Rifle", so where did they pull it from; probably out of their stinky hole. This shows how ill-informed and ignorant they are about guns; most of these proposals are all cosmetic and they even removed safety devices. Lets see if they are also speaking out of their stinky holes.

California State Senator Kevin de Leon (Democrats) shows us two things in this clip; one, he knows nothing about guns and two that all liberals use disinformation and fear mongering to try and pass laws to take our rights. Thirty rounds in half a second is 6,360 rounds a minute; even the militaries mini gun which is the fastest shooting weapon we have that I know of can only shoot 6,000 rounds a minute and has six barrels. 

A fully automatic AR style rifle at the max can fire 650 rounds per minute, 10 times less then what our honorable Senator said. He is holding a civilian version which is semi automatic and with a 30 round clips readily available you may if you are extremely good, get 60 rounds off. So are you telling me this honorable senator is flat out lying or didn't research to find the truth before he opened his mouth. It is probably both. Basically he is deceiving and lying to the people about guns; is there others? 

Here is liberal Congressman Diane Feinstein telling us she doesn't want to take our guns but previously she said she wants to take everyone of them. She as all liberals will say what ever they think their audience once to hear and then vote which ever way they want. Liberals seem to have a need to deceive the people because if most of the people knew what they were up to, they would never get back into office.

Mitt Romney says he is not for gun laws but then in this clip he is for strong invasive gun control, this shows another liberal lying to the people. When I say liberal, I am not saying Democrat as you can see because Mr. Romney is a liberal Republican and being liberal is the reason he will never be elected  as president under the Republican party.

Liberals are trying to "Set Up" gun owners for confiscation. Health care personnel are required to ask you questions about owning guns; this is mandated in The Affordable Care Act (TACA) and they will have to document your answers in the system. Because the IRS will be handling The Affordable Care Act and the IRS is considered an "Enforcement Agency" all "Law Enforcement Agencies" will have access to your medical records which will effectively work as a registration of gun owners. This violates The Firearms Owners Protection Act; so in essence the TACA violates the law but that won't matter once they take your guns. A Sheriff is asked if he would assist the Federal Agents in taking everyone's guns; remember I said they were trying to confiscate your guns and many of you laughed. He said it would lead to the second revolution and he wouldn't do it. Most places the Police Chief want to defend the law abiding citizens against criminals but not in Chicago. Garry Francis McCarthy is the current Superintendent (Police Chief) of the Chicago Police Department was appointed by Mayor Rahm Emanuel who by the law wasn't allowed to run for Mayor but this is Chicago; the law doesn't matter. Garry Francis McCarthy is really a politician and the reason the crime rate is still on the rise; he's a liberal and liberals have no clue how to legally deal with crime. 

He should be going after the gang members and criminals in Chicago but him and the mayor would rather go after law abiding citizens trying to protect themselves. This gets worse on the federal level, Mexico wants the United States to provide a registry of all gun owners on border states; why would we even consider that? In case you didn't know, "The Firearms Owners Protection Act" makes required registration of firearms illegal but if it was legal, why would we give a foreign government our citizens private information? If provided this could be used to target US citizens by drug cartels and would be a betrayal of the people by their government.

Many of the anti-gun people say that guns just cause more deaths. The Department of Justice says about 800,000 attacks are stop every year just by showing the attacker you have a gun, and Gary Kleck, Professor at Florida State University Criminology and Criminal Justice, gun study shows up to 2.5 million attacks are stop every year just by showing the attacker you have a gun so just as all liberals, these anti-gun people are talking out of their stinky hole, following a liberal line of thought based at the best on an emotional response to an event instead of hard evidence. Hard evidence would be like all mass shootings taking place in gun free zones. Like it or not, guns, even assault weapons save lives.

A citizen who witnessed an armed robbery and confronted the two robbers, they drew their guns and defending himself, the citizen drew his own weapon and killed both robbers; now the families of the slain robbers want to sue the citizen. It is disturbing what one of their moms says. Another incident there was two Waffle House robbers, one is killed by a citizens and now the family of the robber wants stricter gun laws. All criminals want stricter gun laws because that makes them, the criminal safer but it doesn't the law abiding citizen. A thug with three pending trials for robberies was shot but not killed while robbing a store and the thugs momma is mad as hell at the good Samaritan for "Shooting her Baby", he shouldn't of gotten involved. She should be glad he wasn't a better shot and killed him. These criminals and their relatives is what liberals are turning America to and it needs to be stopped. You even have stories of legally armed citizens saving the police from shooters like Vic Stacy, saving the officers life. Here are a few extras that show why we should be allowed to own and carry across the US.

Mom saves kids with assault rifle.

Citizen with Concealed Weapon Permit Shoots Armed Robber Dead.

Armed Customer with CWP Stops Armed Robber in Wisconsin.

Female store clerk shoots and kills would-be robber who shot her first.

Gun Carrying Man with CCP Ends Stabbing Spree at Salt Lake Grocery Store.

One old man with a pistol bests three teenage robbers.

Gun Owner with CCP Kills Burglar

Young Single Mom Asks 911 For Permission To Shoot Intruder - Actual Call

Tell me that guns don't protect people, that is why most of the gun laws need to be thrown out. If you want to punish criminals more for using guns, great but stop punishing the legal gun owners. Please comment.