The Problem Which Caused the Terrorist Problem in America

I seen these two post and they point out what we have wrong in America; basically both said the same thing, one "How to annoy a Conservative" and the other "How to annoy a Liberal." Each gave a list of 100 ways but the problem is the accuracy both had. On the liberal side they say, "Jesus healed the sick and helped the poor, for free", but they forget that it also said, "For even when we were with you, we used to give you this order: if anyone is not willing to work, then he is not to eat, either." They also said, “The Founding Fathers were liberals” which is the farthest from the truth with almost every one of them being preachers or deacons in their churches. On the conservative side they say, “I’ll give Obama as much respect as you gave Bush”, two wrongs don’t make a right, and "Reminding them that opposing nuclear energy in the 70s helped perpetuate our dependence on Middle Easter oil", which is true but Republicans with the Presidency and Congress didn't have enough balls to do what was needed to be done either. In short it is both the Democrats and Republicans fault for the situation we are in. These petty arguments will soon mean nothing if we do not start concentrating on keeping our country secure, safe, and ready to fight. I have said for years that we have a big problem with our border which will cost thousands their lives because it isn’t secured. If you check the amount of murders by illegals (all illegals, not just Latino) and the deaths by illegals drunk driving, we have surpassed the thousands of deaths I predicted tenfold. These illegals, most of whom are criminal illegals, not the “hard workers wanting a chance you hear about, are not hard core terrorist which we fear crossing our border; but many are, including ISIS/ISIL.

We have depending on who you listen to, up to 30 million people illegally inside our boarder. It only took 30,000 ISIS/ISIL to routed over 2 million Iraqis from their homes and cities; this is 1:67 ratios, or one ISIS/ISIL to 67 Iraqis. With 314 million people in the US and 30 million of those being illegals, this leaves you with a 1:10.5 or one illegal for every 10.5 US citizens; this is six times as many people which we know nothing about and I guarantee you, many of the illegals are Muslim extremist. I have already pointed out the 35 Jihadist Training Camps in the US as shown on the FBI web site; where did they come from? Now we have reports of ISIS/ISIL gathering at our southern border (which is wide open) and preparing to come across, just in the past month DHS has apprehended 13 Syrian and 6 Iraqi terrorist trying to cross our southern border and our current administration is doing nothing. Why do you think they are going to come across the border, to ask for asylum or start planning to kill Americans? Federal Agents are finding Anti-Israeli/Pro-Palestinian messages on the border fence; this is from another group who may not be ISIS/ISIL but supports Hamas terrorist. The Federal government with Eric Holder at the wheel (God help us) is planning to set up “Terrorist Recruitment Fight in the US”, really; shouldn’t we have already had that in place after 911? I ask, do you trust these liberals with your children’s and grand children’s lives?

So our politicians and their pundits care more about lying and trying to jab at their perceived political enemies while 24/7 campaigning instead of protecting the home land and doing what it right. President Obama gives a short speech about James Foley’s execution at the hands of ISIS/ISIL when they cut his head off and 7 minutes later is on a golf course; President Obama later said that didn’t look presidential; really. Did he spend any time with the family? No, but he had plenty of time to spend with the traitor Bergdahl who is said to be responsible for several soldier’s deaths in his unit after he deserted in Afghanistan. Did he have time to go to or send US representation to Margret Thatcher’s funeral, former Prime Minister of England or Major General Harold Greene’s funeral, the highest ranking officer killed in combat since Vietnam? No, but he did for Michael Brown, a thug caught on video robbing a store and bullying the owner? What type of signal does this send to our citizens and the world about our President’s priorities? Under him we have had our first ambassador killed in 33 years and our first general killed in 32 years. Our president’s along with every member of congress priorities should be on the safety and protection of our country and it real citizens, but all most all of them are failing us.

Until President Thomas Jefferson had to deal with our first encounter with a terrorist group, the Muslim Barbary Pirates, in what history shows as the Tripolitan War or the Barbary Coast War, we had no idea a religion could demand such violence and treachery. The First Amendment guarantees freedom of religion, not freedom from religion like many would like today, but when the Constitution was written; our founding fathers didn't know anything about most other religions, only the Christian and Jewish religions. They didn't realize how some religions or factions of religions could be so vicious, dangerous, and destructive. President Jefferson had a Quran translated and after reading it knew he needed to hit the Islamic terrorist, hit them hard, and he did. Violent Islam is currently the biggest threat to America, its citizens, its culture, and our way of life, but none of our politicians from either side want to address it. If they confront it, they will be labeled as a racist by the other political group who will be trying to win brownie points with the voters instead of protect our country. We already have Shariah Law being used in our courts today which needs to be band immediately, if we don’t we will start having the same Muslim problems as Britain and France which in some areas are already rearing its ugly head. In America, do you remember the Christians getting stoned in Dearborn Michigan? Do you remember the Lady being beheaded in a TV station for wanting a divorce? Do you remember the two young teen girls being shot to death by their dad for being to "Americanized"? And now we have a man in Rochester New York, Mufid Elfgeeh, who is accused of recruiting money and people for ISIS.ISIL. In Dearborn Michigan, the FBI just apprehended 22-year-old Mohammad Hassan Hamdan who was headed to Syria to wage Jihad.

The National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) listed the five US cities with the most known or suspected terrorists (KST): New York, New York; Dearborn, Michigan; Houston, Texas; San Diego, California, and Chicago, Illinois which are all ran by liberals. Did you notice the “most known terrorist”, you need to ask yourself, “If they are known terrorist, why are they allowed to wonder freely in the US?” The reason is the liberal leaning, politically correct people into office in these places; they care more about their power and money then our country and its citizen’s safety. Remember, if you keep voting all these liberal leaning, politically correct people into office, the next trail of beheaded women and children may be in your own back yard and in the US. Do you really believe our country is safe?

Has Our Government, School Leaders and Students Gone Nuts?

Our schools as I have said before has gone off the deep end in many cases and when compared with the world, we have went from always being within the top five in education to 33 in reading and an average of 27 over all. We have a major problem with the public school system and some very educated simpletons think if you throw more money at it, it will fix itself; they are wrong. Not only many in the school system but even our politicians think we need to through more money at education to help but it won’t help, this is not addressing the problem but putting a Band-Aid on the symptom. The problem started in the mid 1960s when we strayed from teaching our kids the skills they needed to make it in the work place, reading, writing, and arithmetic, to indoctrinating them into liberal philosophies. We need to get back to teaching our kids and showing them how they can stand on their own two feet instead of training them to take handouts. We have thrown money at it for years and yet our numbers remain on a downward slide, of the top 10 countries who spend the most on education in the world, none are even ranked in the top 5 best educated with only three being within the top 10 best educated so let’s get away from the schools need more money.

Educational Spending
Educational Ranking
1.       Luxembourg
2.       Switzerland
$13, 510.48
3.       Norway
4.       United States
5.       Austria
6.       Denmark
7.       Belgium
8.       Netherlands
9.       Sweden
10.    United Kingdom

Money and spending on education is not the problem, we have four major problems in our schools today, indoctrinating instead of educating our kids, lack of discipline in the schools, schools not protecting our kids, and out of control political correctness.

Indoctrinating instead of educating is ramped in our schools with a strong liberal bias, these school leaders and teachers have no problem enforcing liberal, UN-Constitutional policies like when Kendra Turner, a Tennessee high school student was suspended for saying 'bless you' to a classmate who sneezed; how ridicules is this? This is indoctrinating by bullying. When you have five students being suspended or sent home for wearing an American flag to school on Cinco de Mayo, but allowing others to wear a foreign nations flag to school; you are again indoctrinating students by bullying them. The liberal bias really shines through when in the New York school system, a student is suspends for wearing a Rosary. If you want to see the epitome of the liberal bias, you can look at the DC school system where a homework assignment given to its six grade class was to show how President George W. Bush was like Adolf Hitler; are you kidding me? Do you want the right to go compare President Obama to Osama Bin Laden? This whole political indoctrination instead of educating our kids needs to be removed from our school along with the people supporting it.

Lack of discipline is another major problem in the school systems, when you have good teachers, many of them will take a lesser paying job with a private school because they will have a optimal learning environment; they will have discipline instead of the chaos we see in many of our public schools due to lack of discipline. When I first seen this story, I was upset with the Houston Texas school system, that was until I read the story and found the girl and her parents are at fault here, not the school. There are rules in the schools for a reason, this girl knew the rules but refused to follow them by her own admission, using her phone in reading class and sent into the hallway, you have to turn your phone in when caught. The assistant principle asked her for her phone and she refused stating, “I just didn't want to give up my phone.” The police told her to hang up the phone and again she refused, they then forcibly took it and now the girl and her family are demanding an apology. I am demanding an apology too, this girl and her family need to apologies for not teaching her to respect the rules and authorities appointed over her; they need to apologize for even letting her bring a phone to school if she can’t follow the rules. How much learning would take place if everyone was allowed to talk on their phones in school any time they wanted? I personally think that phones should be left in your lockers and turned off during class hours unless there is extenuating circumstances because currently all they do is take away from learning.

Would you believe our schools leaders, school unions, and liberal judges won't protect our kids? The schools sometimes have a ruff job and are harassed by a parent that is unless you are a part of a teachers union then you can get away with rape, literally. You had five teachers, Debra Lafave, Adrianne Hockett, Gabriela Compton, Nikki Scherwitz, and Charles Oross who all literally got away with raping students; they all should have severed many years in jail and this isn't including Erin Kathleen Queen who was caught in the act with a student in a motel and never went to jail. The other problem is activist liberal judges like District Judge G. Todd Baugh who sentenced Stacey Dean Rambold to 15 years in prison for forcibly rape a 14 year old with all but 31 days suspended. The schools are not protecting our kids, when you have the NEA, the largest teacher’s union president saying “we don’t care about the kids, just money and power” all I can say is, at lease he admitted it and I take him at his word.  When you have teachers unions like the Michigan Education Association suing the state to get Neal Erickson severance pay who was convicted of raping a boy, something is wrong. Whenever a teacher becomes more worried about making more money than teaching their students, they no longer should be a teacher.

Political correctness encompasses all the above and more. When our school system management doesn't have the common since to distinguish between medicine and cap stick we have a problem. An 11 year old student was told they couldn't use chap stick because it was an over the counter drug; are you kidding me? In Ohio a 6-year-old boy suspended for pointing finger like a gun, in Florida an 8-year-old boy suspended from Florida school for using fingers as gun during game of cops and robbers, and in Pennsylvania a 10-year-old was suspended and threatened with expulsion for shooting an imaginary arrow, but a Muslim kid comes to school and gives classmates toy guns during a Islamic Holiday and there is no problem; this a massive double standard caused by political correctness and hypocrisy. In New Hampshire you had a teacher playing the "kissing game" with his students; “There was significant nudity and sexual content to the point that it would be considered soft-core pornography,” said the parent. “And it had no place in a classroom with 14-year-old children.” and the school leadership seen nothing wrong with it. Now you have over 1500 sick kids with a mysterious repertory disease, 15% ending up in the ICU, and the only thing possibly linking them is the illegals children with health problems that the liberals left integrated into our schools without a medical clearance which I wrote about in "The Illegal Children and the Danger to America " back in July.

When are we going to end these liberal policies which are making our children under achievers, allowing our children to be violent is schools, enabling unions to control policies who don't care about our kids just money and power , and putting our children into physical danger; do we have to have a pandemic killing our children before we wake up to what are endangering our kids and bringing us down? How many more children must be raped by their teachers before we see the light through the darkness of our liberal education system? Do we have to be 185 out of 195 countries in the world before we will wake up? We need to start pushing back for what is right for our children and grandchildren and it starts with you.

How did ISIS/ISIL get started?

Before we can answer this question, we need to take a look at the worlds history and the places and positions self appointed or inferred from the rest of the world, that the US finds itself in. When WWII started, all other nations believed, even if they didn't say so, that Germany and Japan would rule the world because no one nation had the ability to stand up to them. The US was mainly a isolationist country and wanted nothing to do with another "World War", many in the US believed "we can take care of ourselves, they can take care of themselves; unfortunately we learned quickly that we are all in this world together. On 7 December 1941, Japan made sure we knew this couldn't be by their unprovoked attack on Pearl Harbor. No one knew just how great the US was until this point and then as Admiral Yamamoto said, "We have done nothing but awoke a sleeping giant."

After WWII we became the "World Police" mainly because the newly formed United Nations (UN) was too inept to handle any problems just as they are today and in many cases are the ones causing the problems. When many communist countries wanted to take over smaller countries we, many times on our own, stopped them in their tracks, this was accomplished with the military doing their part unfettered by politics crossing into their lane. This changed in the 1960s with the Vietnam War, instead of telling the military go, fight, and win, we had politicians telling them how to fight and where they couldn't fight; this was started with our first truly liberal president, President Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ). Instead of fighting a line war where the enemy was on one side and you on the other, we went to fighting FOB (Forward Operating Base) style wars which do not work well and cost the US soldier more casualties which Vietnam showed. Vietnam ended up being a draw because liberals will not do what is necessary to win the war, protect our country, protect our troops, or stop problems before they explode like ISIS/ISIL. President Bush said what would happen if we pulled out of Iraq in 2007 before Iraq was ready and he was right.

We kept being the "World Police" and when the third largest army in the world (Iraq) invaded Kuwait, we answered the call. Our presidents for the last 10 years were not liberal and had given the military all the required equipment they needed to do their job and appointed General Schwarzkopf as the tactician with no political influence on his plans. All the liberals were yelling we would have thousands of US casualties which with their hatred of the military made you wonder if they were hoping for mass casualties; but with 34 countries helping and the US in the lead (as it should always be), the battle took less then 100 hrs with only 292 of all coalition troops killed. General Schwarzkopf created a line and went strait through Iraq then secured the borders to stop any terrorist from coming in, this is another reason the casualty count was so low; we should have taken Saddam Hussein out then but some liberal politicians controlling congress said no. If we would have and stayed, then today it would be like a Germany or Japan back in the 60s which would be better then what we have today. You have to spend time in an area to change their ideology from barbaric to civilized. 

We didn't learn and had to return to Iraq and this time we did take Saddam Hussein out but we went back to the FOB ideology which was what got 58,220 Americans killed in Vietnam, and the same did happen again with 7,148 killed in Iraq and Afghanistan; it make you think about that old quote, "If you don't learn from history, you are doomed to repeat it." During the Clinton presidency, President Clinton who is a liberal ignored Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden and played it down as no true threat to the US which cost the US 2,973 people in the 9/11 attack and a reported 160,131 more from inhaling the toxic dust afterwards not to account for our troops killed. I would hate to see what a true threat is in the liberal's eyes. The ISIS leader was released in 2009 by President Obama being deemed as no threat to anyone, on 20 Jan 2014, President Obama referring to ISIS/ISIL as the Junior Varsity and not a threat, then tries to blame it on others instead of the true catalyst, himself. Now we have pictures of the ISIS/ISIL with their flag in front of the our White House, we have ISIS/ISIL people flying their flags on their houses in the US, and of course a wide open southern border and now ISIS/ISIL has 11 jet liners, can you say 9/11? Do you really believe ISIS/ISIL is no threat or is it another liberal president putting our country in danger? This is the main reason liberals want to change the history in our history books, to cover up all their failures.

I am a Libertarian so by nature I lean toward being an isolationist but I also live in reality, I know when you have a Global Threat like ISIS/ISIL you must crush it into oblivion. I know if we are going to go into these countries and try to make a difference, we need to stay for the long haul like we did in Germany and Japan. I know not securing our boarder and having 20 million people who we do not know in our country does not make us safe but venerable. And I know if we keep gutting our military like the liberals have been doing for years, we soon will not have a country or anyone to defend it. ISIS/ISIL just like Al Qaeda and will try anything to destroy the US if they get half a chance; why can't our liberal politicians see this? I predict we will have another 9/11 style attack soon and the ones to blame are the liberal Democrats and Republicans who refuse to secure our borders; I hope and pray I am wrong but all intelligent agencies say it is imminent. When are we going to start electing people who care about our country instead of their own pocket? They are putting us in grave danger once again.

Ferguson, Can You Handle The Truth?

Ferguson is showing both the good and the bad in how people can be during a tragic event; I have from the beginning of this shooting said, “We need to see what the evidence says” because something just isn’t adding up in the stories and you are presumed innocent until proven guilty no matter your race or gender but some do not believe this. You have liberals in and out of the press who will take this tragedy and use it to further their own agenda and this make me sick to my stomach. Some people and groups in my opinion like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and The New Black Panthers (NBP), they are only there to try and make some money, they need to keep the race riots of the 60’s going because without them, they have no worth. Just like in the Duke lacrosse case when they ran their mouths, incited people to riot, and convicted the Duke players without ever seeing any evidence which later proved their innocents, they are doing the same now. One question I have is why our US Justice Department hasn’t issued warrants for the arrest of the NBP after they admitted putting a contract out on the cop involved in the shooting? If it would have been the KKK, they sure would have warrants out within 5 minutes rightfully so, but the NBPs are a hate group just like the KKK. If all hate groups are hated equally by our US Justice Department, then why did they not charge the NBP for voter intimidation which a lawyer at the US Justice Department said was a “Slam Dunk Case”, why did they not charge the NBP when they put a contract out on George Zimmerman, and why haven’t they when they put a contract out on this cop? They walk around Ferguson chanting “who do we want? Darren Wilson. How do we want him? Dead!” and yet Eric Holder, you do nothing. What is the difference in what you are doing with the whites and what the whites did with the blacks in the 50s and 60s; prejudice works both ways.

Then we get our irresponsible news media evolved, trying to make something bad develop so their ratings will go up and at the lead is CNN (Communist News Network) who actually drew a map to Darren Wilson’s house; Ed Lavandera who is as un-patriotic as you can get for doing this, from CNN, draws a map to Wilson’s house so any racist can come lynch him. When you will put anyone in danger to get a story or escalate a story, you need to be fired! Has Ed Lavandera seen the evidence at this point to prove Darren Wilson’s innocent or guilty, no but he puts him and his family in danger to hype this story! Not only has CNN endangered Darren Wilson and his family, but they have also turned Ferguson into a war zone to where even store owners and workers are scared for their lives. Once again I ask, have the news people like CNN look at the evidence, or are they just following the liberal media path of lying about everything to get ratings and push an agenda?

Some of the “witnesses" said the cop shot Michael Brown for no reason which I find very hard to believe even if it would have been a white kid that was shot by a black cop; cops are trained better than that. They say he was running away and was shot in the back then turned around and put his hand in the air, the cop shot him again and when laying on the ground, shot him twice more in the back of the head. Can you trust these witnesses or not; let’s take them at face value on what they said. Since Mr. Brown was shot six times that would be, one shot in the back, three shots in the front, and two more in the back of the head; so what does the evidence say? Does it back up the witnesses or the cop who said Mr. Brown was running toward him? First thing is first, Mr. Brown was a big intimidating 18 year old which you can see in the video when he robbed the store and assaulted and threatened the store clerk. Shortly after this, Mr. Brown was laying dead in the street. An autopsy conducted by Dr. Michael Baden the noted former chief medical examiner of New York, at the request of Brown's family, determined that Brown was hit with six bullets which we knew. The part that tells the first part of the story is that he had four to the right arm and two to the head, all to the front and none from close range. None were in his back or at close range as the “witnesses” said; the eye witnesses must be lying or trying to get their 10 minutes of fame at the expense of this young man’s death, just like the reporters. One of the bullets entered the top of Brown’s skull, suggesting his head was bent forward running or falling. These witnesses are not trustworthy.

One of the people recording the Mr. Brown lying in the street who thinks he was innocent, unknowingly picks up an interesting conversation with their cell phone of a witness who says he saw it all, but hurry before it is taken down, if you go to about the 6 minute mark and listen, you will hear the following:


#1 How’d he get from there to there?


#2 Because he ran, the police was still in the truck – cause he was like over the truck {crosstalk}


#2 But him and the police was both in the truck, then he ran – the police got out and ran after him {crosstalk}


#2 Then the next thing I know he doubled back toward him cus - the police had his gun drawn already on him –[there is dispute here whether he says "doubled back" or "coming back."]


#1. Oh, the police got his gun


#2 The police kept dumpin on him, and I’m thinking the police kept missing – he like – be like – but he kept coming toward him {crosstalk}


#2 Police fired shots – the next thing I know – the police was missing


#1 The Police?


#2 The Police shot him


#1 Police?


#2 The next thing I know … I’m thinking … the dude started running … (garbled something about “he took it from him”)


Mr. Brown had been shot and charged the police instead of surrendering which follows the report the cop gave and the autopsy findings; as big as Mr. Brown was, this gave Officer Wilson who was being threatened the right to defend himself. They voice on the tape didn’t have access to Officer Wilson report at the time yet matches it to a tee; do you think this is a coincidence? As I said when this first come out and people wanted me to write something on it, I said I wanted some evidence first; I am not liberal and rail road people. This audio tape is a good bit of evidence but I still, as I said at first, want to see the toxicology report on both Officer Wilson and Mr. Brown. Like it or not, you have video tape of Mr. Brown robbing a store so he wasn’t the innocent child that many made him out to be; as with any race, not all our children are innocent and good mainly due to liberal politics. I can understand his family and friends being emotional and angry but the ones destroying everything are not them.


What is really going on is thugs are using Mr. Brown’s death to act like animals and rob the innocent and destroy their businesses; they aren’t there to protest Mr. Brown’s death by a cop but to create chaos and mayhem. Many of them have never been taught at home or shown by their “leaders” how to act civilized so they act like animals with the NBPs and Al Sharpton leading the way. Do you remember Reginald Denny a white man who refused to hit a black mob with his industrial truck to escape, he was innocent and almost beaten to death during the LA Riots by a black mob? Do you remember Steven Utash, a white man who stopped to help a black kid he hit after the kid ran into the street in front of his truck; he was beaten almost to death by a black mob? Do you remember the three black teens that killed a white collage baseball player, Chris Lane, for fun? I can go on forever showing events like this but you may not remember them because no whites rioted, there were no death threats from the KKK like is common with the NBPs, no looting took place because of them; I ask you, what is the difference? I seriously want someone to tell me?


To me it is because some are never taught to have respect for others no matter their race, they are taught to swing first instead of discussing something like civilized people to find a solution no matter the race, it is because no matter how much they are given for free, they never had to work for it so they don’t appreciate it. Until these people learn respect for others, what honor truly is, and how to admit it when they are wrong, they will never be anything but thugs; but they are just following their leadership. As I pointed out at the beginning, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and the NBP accused falsely the Duke Lacrosse team of rape and threatened their lives and livelihoods solely because of their race, if they would have been black, nothing would have been said. When the “EVIDENCE” finally came out, it pointed to them being innocent; none of the three were man enough or adult enough to say they were wrong; this is the bad example being followed.  The evidence has came out on Ferguson, at lease enough to know Mr. Brown is not this innocent kid but a thief and thug,  enough to know the witnesses lied because Mr. Brown was never shot in the back, and enough to know that wolf has been yield one more time when it didn't happen; the sad part is when there is a real incident of prejustice happen, it will be just like the boy who cried wolf, no one will believe it.