Republican Liberals Just as Stupid as Democrat Liberals

Our politicians need to quit lying, making up falsities, and playing identity politics; this happens on both sides. President Trump came up with a tax plan that when I read it sounded good, but off the bat without even reading it Democrats called it a catastrophe; is that like the catastrophe you voted in without reading? No matter which side comes up with a plan, it should be supported on its merit and if it is the best for the country. To show the ignorance and brain washing Liberals are doing at our collages, I will show you two tapes I found from Campus Reform.

Campus Reform showed Liberal college students, whom despised President Trump, his tax plan, which they had bashed, until Campus Reform said the tax plan was Bernie Sanders. Before this they asked student about what President Obama did (apology tour, stimulus package, relax law suite regulations) in his first 100 days in office but accredited it to President Trump. They hated it and I even heard them use the word “impeachment”, why did they not say that with President Obama’s name attached if it was so bad? Liberals Democrats push an agenda not good for our country and lie at every step when the brainwashing does not work; but Liberal Republicans or establishment Republicans are just as bad.

US Representative (R-NY) King says the new President Trump Tax Bill will hurt his middle class people from New York. He then turns around and tells the interviewer that the New York middle class, the police, firefighters, and teachers will be hurt because they make $300k a year, which is the group that lost some exemptions. Did he just say people making $300k are middle-income families? According to the Census Bureau and a study by the Pew Research Center, the Upper Middle Class ends at an income of over $150,000 dollars a year. The median or average income across the US, according to the Census Bureau, was $59,039 in 2016. Let us look at the facts.

The median or average police officer’s pay, according to the Census Bureau, in the US is $58,320; the highest is Santa Clara, California at a median or average of $118,920. The median or average firefighter’s pay, according to the Census Bureau, in the US is $41,799; the highest is Oakland California at a median or average of $80,700. The median or average teacher’s pay, according to the Census Bureau, in the US is $57,200; the highest is Anchorage Alaska at a median or average of $82,020. How are any of these people making $300k a year? Two from any group would not make $300k. It is just like when US Representative Nancy Pelosi said, “If we did not past the $825 Billion dollar stimulus package 500 million Americans would lose their jobs”. Mrs. Pelosi, the total US population is only 323 million. This was a lie just like none of the police, firefighters, or teachers US Representative (R-NY) King pointed out fall into the people making $300k a year, he is protecting his friends.

You have people like Senator Lindsey Graham, an establishment republican who lied about what President Trump stated. I hate all racist groups from the KKK to the New Black Panthers but like it or not, and I do not, they have freedom of speech to spew their hate. The incident in Charlottesville, Virginia, turned violent when anti-white supremacist protesters (who I support 100% until they use violence) started throwing rocks at the KKK, neo-Nazis & white supremacists people. At this point James Alex Fields Jr. took his car and ran over the anti-white supremacist killing Heather Heyer and injuring 19 other people. Graham falsely stated that President Trump said, “There is moral equivalency between the KKK, neo-Nazis & white supremacists and people like Ms. Heyer,” which was false. What President Trump said was they were both responsible for the violence, which is true. Ask yourself, “If the anti-white supremacist protesters had not started throwing rocks, would Heather Heyer still be alive?” The answer is most likely yes. A political Establishment Liberal Republican Senator once again lied. The ironic piece is he is my senator who I have voted for every time. I can guarantee you I will never vote for him again.

The establishment politicians cover for other establishment politicians because they have control of everything. If you buck the system or you are not an establishment person, the establishment, both Democrat and Republican, will take you out by any means necessary. To show you, let us look at two politicians, Roy Moore and Senator Bob Menendez, and their treatment by the establishment.

Roy Moore ran against establishment pick Luther Strange. For 50 years, Moore has had an unblemished record, but he spit in the face of the establishment, now he must pay. The establishment must take him down, they wait till 30 days before the election, giving Moore no time to defend himself, and says he harassed women 40 years ago (knowing this is a trigger issue), which cannot be proven or disproved. The first accuser turned out to be a Hillary Clinton campaign operative; go figure, so they had to find others, none of which can show paths crossing with Moore. Ask yourself, why did they wait until 30 days before the election? It is tactical planning for character assassination; no time to defend yourself, no time to vet the accusers, and when dealing with a known trigger, sexual harassment, you are guilt even if proven innocent. The establishment wants to ensure this non-establishment person has no chance so the Republican establishment, Mitch McConnell for one, says he believes the women, though he himself has not vetted them. Establishment Republican McConnell would rather have an establishment Democrat in office than a non-establishment Republican. Let us Lie Detector them all and see who blinks first, I bet it is not Moore.

Flip the coin and you have Establishment Democrat from New Jersey, Senator Bob Menendez, who has close ties to Bill Clinton. While married, before being selected to replace Jon Corzine, Menendez had sexual relations with an aid; sounds familiar. The establishment still put him in office knowing he was a sexual predator. When wealthy Jeffery Epstein, a registered sex offender and pimp, was busted for pimping underage girls, linking Menendez to underage prostitutes, lawyers also ran across Bill Clinton’s emails and telephone number a minimum of 21 times. Menendez was caught having sex with underage prostitutes and is currently on trial for corruption and bribery charges yet no Democratic or Republican has ask him to step down or said a word like they have against Moore. Senator Menendez has been caught red handed as a sexual predator, along with, as we know, Bill Clinton.

We have one establishment senator, Menendez, guilty without a doubt and none of the establishment politicians or news media says a thing, there is no outcry. Why? You have another, Moore, caught in what looks to be a political character assassination attempt and all the establishment politicians come out in droves. Can the corrupt establishment politicians be any more obvious? These people, establishment Democrats and Republicans, are destroying our country. On the Republican side it includes, but is not limited to, John McCain, Mitch McConnell, Lisa Murkowski, Bob Cocker, Mark Kirk, and Dean Heller, none of which can tell the truth. On the Democratic side, it is just as bad with establishment members Elizabeth Warren, Ed Markey, Barbra Boxer, Diane Feinstein, Chuck Schumer, and Patrick Leahy. I hand honorable mentions to US Representatives Nancy Pelosi, Sheila Jackson Lee, Eleanor Holmes Norton from the Democrats and Chris Gibson, Charlie Dent, Michael Grimm from the republican who are not a senators, but give them a race for their money when it comes to lying, making false statements, and robbing the American people. These politicians are the swamp who have been raping our country, our states, and the American people for decades. They need removed!

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Identity Politics

Identity Politics (or Identitarian Politics) - A political style that focuses on personal characteristics, including, but not limited to, race, religion, atheism, sex, gender, ethnicity, ideology, nationality, sexual orientation, gender expression, culture, shared history, medical conditions, and other ways in which people differ from each other, and into which they may be classified or classify themselves.

Discrimination - Treatment or consideration of, or making a distinction in favor of or against, a person or thing based on the personal characteristics, including, but not limited to, race, religion, atheism, sex, gender, ethnicity, ideology, nationality, sexual orientation, gender expression, culture, shared history, medical conditions, and other.

Does “Identity Politics” not sound like “Discrimination?” Identity Politics cares only for a singular person or group, is very divisive, and in many cases is racist, sexist, involves class discrimination, or lookism, and is a selfish, imperious display. A good example of this is the phrase “Black Lives Matter”; should it not be “All Lives Matter”? If you say “All Lives Matter” than you are, according to some people’s thinking, a racist, but if you say “Black Lives Matter” you are not. This is a Liberal mind set to divide the country because it is easier to control all Americans if they are fighting each other.

We should judge a person or group on their meritocracy, the accomplishments they make instead of race, religion, sex, gender, ethnicity, ideology, nationality, sexual orientation, gender expression, culture, shared history, medical conditions, and others. Many people and groups hate this idea because it would judge them on their accomplishments; this would make them loose their victim status. Think about it, everyone rated as a number, not identifying as any race, gender, political party, or economic status; judged on your merit and nothing else. The only people who would not like this would be the ones trying to control all American citizens and the American citizens who want everything given to them because they are too lazy to work for the American Dream! These same people believe you owe them a free ride just because and first responders are all bad until they need them.

I want America to get rid of all discrimination within our boarders; in fact, I want discrimination gone across the world. Whenever you use race, religion, sex, gender, ethnicity, ideology, nationality, sexual orientation, gender expression, culture, shared history, medical conditions, or others to decide if a person or group qualify or do not for assistance, you are discriminating. This is the way of the Liberals. They are the ones discriminating, while blaming everyone who disagrees with them of discrimination. Let us look at getting a business loan from our government. I have a white male friend, who started a business, when he did this; he put everything in his wife’s name. I asked him why he did this if she was going to have no part in his business. He informed me that by her being a minority female, she could get more in business grants where him being a white male, could only get 60% of what she received. This is discrimination. If you hate discrimination, no matter your race, you would have to agree. If you are OK with discrimination as long as it goes in your favor, you are a bigot.

Look at the Detroit mayor race where you had Mike Duggan and Coleman Young II who ran for mayor. Mike Duggan, who is white, is currently the mayor of a town predominantly black; none of this should be a factor. Coleman Young Sr., a former Detroit mayor and a notorious criminal, is the father of Coleman Young II, the challenger for mayor who is black; none of this should be a factor. Fox 2 news on a show called “Let It Rip” had four black high school seniors on to talk about the mayor’s race. When asked about the candidates, their responses where very foretelling. In one response, one young man said Dugan would be the best, he has helped the city so far and is doing a good job; the other stated Young because he was black. Young may be the best person but you should never vote for someone because of the color of their skin or gender. This is discrimination; I know the young man, even though it is, never meant it disrespectfully or discriminatory. This is how he, along with most living in big Liberal cities have been brainwashed to think. Only minorities can help minorities. This is why the top ten most violent, poor, and financially indebted cities are that way; you cannot vote for a non-Liberal, non –Democrat, or a non-establishment person; in some places you can’t even vote for a different race. This is the epitome of their problems and it is Identity Politics.

When you discriminate, your ignorance can hurt your group more than, if you had not. In Detroit, there are many outreach programs set up to help the downtown residents, who are mostly black and improvised, have a better chance at getting a job and making a better life. I am a geek, I teach Microsoft along with many other programs, which in many cases are requirements to get a decent job. I have volunteered at no less than five, and more like nine, of these community outreach programs to help give these people a helping hand to a better life. Do you know how many times I have been called to give this helping hand? I have been called ZERO times to help; the only thing I can figure out, they do not want my help because I look different from them; is that not stupid! I have the ability to give these people a hand up to make a better life for themselves and the organizers do not want my help because I look different. If you were drowning in water, would you take my hand? Of course, so why not when you are drowning due to lack of knowledge? This is discrimination.

Dick Durbin and Diane Feinstein gave nominee to the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, Amy Barret the majority of her questions on her beliefs as a Catholic, not on her ability as a judge. They were giving her a religious test during her questioning which is illegal by the law, but when have Liberals ever followed the law. What would happen if a Conservative Congressman questioned a Liberal nominee on their religion of abortion? I say this because Dick Durbin and Diane Feinstein real question is what is her stance on abortion? This was a trap set to find a way to oppose a great judge who has always followed the letter of the law as written, never being an activist judge. We do have problems with activist judges; they need removed when found trying to make law instead of interpret the law. They are using their position to pervert the legal system for political reasons, which is classic example of Identity Politics and the reason Americans do not trust our justice system.

In America, one of our greatest legacies has been our ability to have people identify as whatever they wanted, agree to disagree, and then go have a drink after work. In the 1970s and 1980s, if you had an identity group pop up which used “Identity Politics” like the KKK, Black Panthers, Earth Liberation Force, or others, the acid they spewed didn’t go very far because Americans from all walks of life would say it was wrong. The groups were still able to preach their hate but they were in check until about 1988 when the New Black Panthers, who now had Civil Rights lawyers on their side, used the law to spew and spread their hate and they started to divide the country. This was the foothold that Identity Politics needed.

Slavery was a dark time in our history, which we cannot change. People have distorted this part of our history for political reasons, not accuracy, which I will show you. Three items you need to take from this. First, you cannot change what has happened in our past. Second, no living American, born in America has ever been a slave or slave owner as relating to America before September 22 1862, and the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation. Third, most Americans do not even know the true history of the abomination of slavery in America; many do not want to because it goes against their agenda. Before I go any further, if you do not want to know the truth, stop reading.

Much of the hostility we see today is America’s past slavery and perceived oppression, stoked by people (Example-Al Sharpton, etc.) using race, to produce racial tensions, for them to make a living. They are distorting the past and present, to push an agenda, and it is destroying many American minorities who are living in the past instead of the present or striving for the future. Many will say that I do not understand but on my dad’s side, many were slaves; Irish and Indian slaves. Every race, including whites, were slaves in America, but the group with the highest slave population was not blacks (24,000), but Native Americans (51,000). The biggest suppliers of slaves to the world, including America, was the Arab slave traders, not European. The first person to partition to be a slave owner in the new America was Anthony Johnson (1600–1670), a black Angolan, who was a freed black indentured slave. Africans played a direct role in the slave trade, selling their captives or prisoners of war to buyers. Slave traders bought these captives, being not of the African King’s tribe, considered these people as “other”, along with tribal criminals. Sense then, Identity Politics has been dividing our country. It stokes the flames of racism from all groups, which is not good for the melting pot. Every American citizen has the ability and opportunity to succeed no matter his or her race, religion, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or other. If you do not succeed, it is because you are lazy or failed; lazy I cannot do anything about. However, if you fail, get up a try again; eventually you will succeed as long as you do not give up. 

Below are quotes.

“Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future.” - John F. Kennedy

“A good and bright future depends on learning from the past without dwelling on it. Our country and we have made mistakes in the past, which we cannot change; if you dwell on them, you will never be able to have joy in the present or future.” - Sargent G.

“Some of the best lessons we ever learn are learned from past mistakes. The error of the past is the wisdom and success of the future.” - Dale Turner

“When you forgive, you in no way change the past, but you sure do change the future.” - Bernard Meltzer

“To get over the past, you first have to accept that the past is over. No matter how many times you revisit it, analyze it, regret it, or sweat it, it is over. It can hurt you no more.” - Mandy Hale

“Letting yesterday affect today will only destroy the excitement of tomorrow.” - Michelle Cruz-Rosado

“Rehashing thoughts of painful events from the past or imagining negative events of the future is self-abuse and can be more destructive than physical harm.” - Maddy Malhotra

“Why should you live in the past when the present already has everything that you need to start a new beginning?” - Edmond Mbiaka

“You can't have a better tomorrow if you're thinking about yesterday.” - Charles Kettering

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Liberals and Islam

Not counting the 911 Islamic Terrorist attacks, Islamic Terrorist attacks within the US show 14.3% of people le have died in conservative states and 85.7% of people have died in Liberal States. The reason for this difference is conservatives protects citizens and their rights, Liberal do not. In the US, you can see the same result with the top 10 most violent cities and top 10 cities in financial trouble; all ran by Liberals. Liberals running your schools, your collages, your cities, your state, and your country have a record of not protecting their students, citizens, or military. President Obama’s ROE (Rules of Engagement), which are the president’s military direction to the troops on how they engage the enemy, caused 307% more military casualties then under President Bush. President Obama’s yearly average was over 216 US military KIAs, President Bush was 70.5, and so far this year; President Trump has 15 KIAs. The Liberal President Obama’s, who refused to listen to the military leaders, set forth his ROE causing many unneeded military deaths, to prevent offending the enemy and Islamic community.

I wrote in September about “Practicing to Perfect Jihad” and stated, “This is what we have been seeing not only in Europe, but also in America with the solo Islamic Jihad attacks. Intelligence organizations have discovered that Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook allow western Jihadi terrorist organizations to have unfettered access. The Jihadist on these social media websites spread and teach Jihad, passing out their Tactics Techniques and Procedures and Lesson Learned to help the next Jihadist group make their attacks even more efficient.” I pointed out the FBI identified CAIR (Council on American–Islamic Relations) as a Terrorist Organization for funding terrorist, so why are they allowed to remain in the US? The French searched 260 Mosques, shutting 160 down, that is 61.53% of the Mosques searched had “War Fighting Weapons”, this means machine guns, explosives, and RPGs (rocket propelled Grenades). How many Mosques would close if we searched all 3,200 Mosques in the US? Politically Correct (PC) Liberals says mosques are worship places only. In the Islam beliefs, the mosque is the center of all Islamic functions and Beliefs. Unfortunately this includes their place to prepare for Jihad against all non-Muslims or as they say, infidels. We are the infidels!

The PC Liberals will never identify the truth of how Islam believes ALL in the LGBT community are to be treated; this is why Liberals cannot protect them.  Islam hates the LGBT community, this straight out of their mouths, not mine, for proof just look at the Pulse Night Club shooting. Liberal President Obama and AG Eric Holder to prevent offending the Islamic community, handcuffed the FBI and Law Enforcement, stopping them from investigating Omar Mateen, who was the Pulse Night Club shooter. The Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando could have prevented if the Liberals would not of turned our countries citizens safety into a social experiment.

Liberal President Obama and AG Lorretta Lynch let Sayfullo Saipov into the country under President Obama’s modified Diversity Visa Program. They once again ordered the FBI to stop another investigation on Sayfullo Saipov. He was not a US citizen, he was from Uzbekistan, which borders Afghanistan, and the FBI had found possible connections to terrorism. On October 31, 2017, Mr. Saipov drove a rented pickup truck through a crowded bike path for several blocks while yelling, “Allahu akbar (God is great), the phase terrorist use during a terrorist attack.” His rampage finally ended when he crashing into a yellow school bus and a NYPD officer shot him (good job). The NYPD later found a note in the vehicle claiming the Manhattan attack, which left. 8 dead 11 injured, was done for ISIS; I guess the FBI was right yet again. What I had warned you about months ago has happened again, unfortunately both these attacks combined yielded 57 people murdered from Liberal Political Correctness. Liberals enabled these Islamic Terrorist attacks due to their arrogance and idiocy just as their ROE enabled an extra 1,165 military members killed. All of these deaths were preventable but due to Political Correctness, the flagship of the Liberal party. Liberal leaders will not protect you.

The problem in the country with Islamic Terror is multi fold and our elected officials from both sides create much of the problems. President Obama’s modified Diversity Visa Program took away the merit-based program making it a lottery on one side (E-2) and a pay to get in on the other side (EB-5). The people coming in had no proper vetting performed, or tracked, if China can keep track of nearly 100 million visitor every year, why can we not keep track of 1 million. We did not learn from 911 to track all in the US who are not citizens or may be a threat. Instead, we have politicians like Hillary Clinton giving deals to the father (Khizr M. Khan), of a Muslim-American soldier killed in Iraq to attack Candidate Trump. Candidate Trump fired back; pointing out Hillary Clinton’s State Department allowed Mr. Khan to start a business, as an immigration lawyer, through the modified Diversity Visa Program. Candidate Trump then pointed out the fact Mr. Khan was not picking out people to come here on their merit, but on if they could pay his price. Mr. Khan starting price was $500,000, after which receiving he donated a percentage to the Clinton Foundation, I wonder why. This is one of the problems.

The other problem is you must recognize and understand your enemy, make no mistake, Radical Islam is our enemy, and liberals refuse to do either. The Quran is one of the forces behind Radical Islam but the teaching of Sharia Law is probably the core reason. Six of the highest immigrants from Islamic countries come from Malaysia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt, Jordan, and Palestine according to the Census Bureau. Of these immigrants to the US, Per Research center asked them questions about their faith. First, should Sharia Law apply to all people, even non-Muslim? The answer and average of these six countries was “Yes” by 52%. Second, should the law of the land be Sharia Law? The answer and average of these six countries was “Yes” by 83.8%. Third, is it right to execute anyone who leave the Muslim religion? The answer and average of these six countries was “Yes” by 75.2%. Fourth, is it right to execute anyone who is from the LGBT community? The answer and average of all-Islamic countries was “Yes” by 92.2%. Fifth, are women bound to males, in the family, with no rights under Sharia Law? “Yes” by 76.2%. This pole is questioning Muslims living in the US. If you want freedom, you cannot be for Sharia Law. Our politicians need to ban Sharia Law out right in the US immediately, and then you will not have the genital mutilation of 100 little girls by their relatives who are following Sharia Law. The majority of American Muslims do not believe in American Laws, American Laws “Do not apply to them”, only Sharia Law. This is a problem.

We must stop allowing the creation of sub-cultures, like the Islamic Religion sub-culture in America. This allows Muslims (or any group) to make and use their own rule of law voiding American law. This allows Sharia Law to thrive, which allows attacks on other faiths, the enslaving of women, Child Brides as young as eight years old, Genital Mutilation, attacks on the LGBT community, and Honor Killings. If you offend this moral idea, they will attack. If you do not believe me, just ask them. Muslim Amina Ali Ahra, 30, dressed in a burka, grabbed the American Flag off Dami Arno property and started beating her with it. Why, because Ms. Arno was flying an American flag to honor our troops for Memorial Day and it was offensive to Islam according to Ms. Ahra. Does this sound like a peaceful Muslim to you? In a public setting, in Dearborn Michigan, you can watch Muslims throwing stone at Christians walking by, is this not a hate crime? If you are Muslim and want to live in peace in America, following our laws, and treat EVERYONE with respect, welcome. If you are Muslim and want Sharia Law, want to disrespect everyone not like you, preach hate in your Mosque, and commit the atrocities mentioned above, LEAVE MY COUNTRY! This is what the politicians need to do, but this does not follow the Liberal agenda. Sense all the evidence in America is in plain sight and still ignored by the Liberals, you need to decide if you want to sell your freedom, and your kid’s freedom to back these politicians or back politicians who will make you safe; especially you in the LGBT community. Both the Liberal Democrat and Republican politicians need to go, they will destroy our country.

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