They are not Treated the Same

It is so idiotic that political attacks and posturing remain when people are at risk of sexual attacks. The “Stopping of Sexual Predators” should be every politician and media’s main goal, yet we have both the media and our politicians undermining the fight for their agendas and political gains. Should not the agendas and political grand standing stop when it is a subject like sexual attacks. Should not the media give accolades or exposure to all involved?

You have two congressional representatives working to prevent, expose, and end Sexual misconduct within our lawmakers; they are Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.) and Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.); both have only been in the US Congress sense 2013. The Congressmen who have been there for decades are the problem; they believe the US Congress is theirs to run the way they want. The ones who have been there for decades and new about these abuses and did nothing are the ones who need to go to ensure effective change. Several politicians in the party of the accused have asked they stay until after voting; this is disgusting and shows these politicians do not care about the victims, only the votes they can get. One female Congresswoman came out and said one of the accused was too much of an “Icon” to remove. Therefore, you think a “Sexual Predator” is an “Icon” and a good “Role Model”, maybe if he kept his “Icon” in his pants; he would still be there to be a Role Model. These politicians do this because they have been in office way too long and care more for their pocket book and party then the American people; these politicians all have 15 or more years in the US Congress. We need to put term limits on the US Congress and remove the top 23 Senators and top 96 Representatives, who have 15 years or more in office. The US Congress was never set up to be a career, but into a career, it has become. They are the ones who fostered the Sexual Predator environment and did not say a word. They are the ones who now want
Sexual Predator back for voting.

The US Congress works for the US Citizens yet the Congressional Complaint Office refuses to release data on the 264 known harassment settlements. Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) plans legislation to unseal congressional records of taxpayer money used to pay for sexual harassment settlements. Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.), plans legislation to make members of Congress personally liable for harassment settlements against them. These are two Congressmen from opposing parties stepping up to do what is right. Unfortunately some places we go thinking these “Fact Sites” are accurate turn out not to be. I have said for years that Snopes, a fact checking site, had errored on many occasions and refused to fix the information when it is leaning their way. A Snopes Question was “Did Congress Use a 'Slush Fund' to pay $17 Million to Women They Sexually Harassed?” which we know is true yet Snopes has it marked “False”; wrong again.

To fix this problem we need to be brutally honest about the problem. A dog does not change its spots so if they were sexually assaulting people in the past that behavior will not change in the present. If you come to me and say a Congressman, whom you work for, sexually assaulted you, your credibility is higher, and more believed then if you work for his opponent. We have watched as many who are guilty go down for sexually assaulted (rightfully so), and many who are innocent, but blamed for sexually assaulted, go down (should not happen) right beside them. Unfortunately, you are automatically guilty if anyone accuses you even if there is zero evidence.

Here are some tattletale signs of being truthful or lying. If there is a history of complaints against an individual for several years, more than likely the person is guilty because as I said, a dog do not change its spots. When you see postings and ads wanting to pay people for dirt on a candidate, it is 100% a political hit piece. When there are pictures or video showing you committing the act, you are 100% guilty. If everything comes out right before an election but not in the primary from an outside source, it is most likely false and a political hit piece especially if the winner of the primary was not an establishment candidate. What is worse is our politicians in some cases know their opponent is innocent but do not have the integrity or class to say so because “Winning at any cost” is their moto. A way we can fix this is by using a Lie Detector. If you have an accuser, ask them to take a lie detector test to give them more credibility and ask the accused to do the same. The answer will come out quickly and more times than not without even taking the test. If you find the accuser purposely for money, power, revenge, notoriety or political reasons lied, they need to go to jail; they have damaged the true victims more than they have damaged the political candidate they unlawfully targeted. If you are curious, below is a list of all the accused from both parties that I could find.

Democrats (47)

Al Franken, Allan Howe, Andrea Ramsey, Anthony D. Weiner, Antonio Villaraigosa, Barney Frank, Bill Clinton, Bob Filner, Bob Wise, Bobby Scott, Brock Adams, Chuck Robb, Dan Schoen, Daniel Inouye, David Paterson, David Wu, Eliot Spitzer, Eric Massa, Fred Richmond, Gary Condit, Gary Hart, Gavin Newsom, Gerry Studds, Gus Savage, Ira Silverstein, Jim McGreevey, John Andrew Young, John Conyers, John Edwards, John Young, Kwame Kilpatrick, Marc Dann, Matt Dababneh, Mel Reynolds, Neil Goldschmidt, Paul E. Patton, Paul J. Morrison, Paul Rosenthal, Raul Bocanegra, Roosevelt Dobbins, Ruben Kihuen, Sam Adams, Steve Lebsock, Teddy Kennedy, Tim Mahoney, Tony Mendoza, and Wayne Hays

Republicans (11)

Blake Farenthold, Bob Packwood, Dan Johnson, Dennis Hastert, Don Shooter, Donald Trump, George H.W. Bush, Mark Foley, Roy Moore, Trent Franks, and Wesley Goodman.

Do you want to guess which group is trying to block the 264 known harassment settlements from public released? Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.) and Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) shows there are good on both sides, the politicians who think other politicians, where they have irrefutable proof they are sexual predators, should not resign shows the bad. If you really want to see the good and the bad, of all the non-politicians who have been listed as a sexual predators, how many politicians gave back the sexual predators campaign contributions?

My feelings about Sexual Assault.

Let me know what you think. If I missed anyone, send me his or her name and if confirmed, I will update the list.

The FBI is Now an Arm of the Democratic Party

I told you years ago that the Liberals were trying to destroy the US Constitution and I was right. It now looks like Lady Justice, with a scale in one hand, a sword in her other, and blindfolded to deal out justice equally has had her blindfold removed. The Obama Department of Justice (DOJ) and FBI, in June 2016 requested a FISA warrant on Donald Trump, while he was running for president, which the court denied. The Obama Justice Department and FBI, once again in October 2016 requested a FISA warrant on Donald Trump assets but this time they did not mention Trump by name, right before the election and it was granted. Everyone called Mr. Trump crazy for suggesting that he was being wiretapped but I guess he was right. Was it legitimate or was it corruption?

When the American people think of equality, one of the first thoughts is of the Supreme Court, the Department of Justice, and the FBI protecting us and going after the bad people no matter what their affiliations in a non-bias way. More and more over the years, these Departments have started losing the people’s trust. Politics is not supposed to be a factor in these organizations; they are to be politically neural organizations. Now we can see the FBI and DOJ are anything but politically neutral. A Justice Department associate Deputy Attorney General, Bruce Orr, met several times with Fusion GPS Trump dossier authors before the dossier’s release. A big revelation has come out; Bruce Orr’s wife worked for Fusion GPS and helped write the Trump dossier. A Fusion GPS official admitted they hired Orr’s wife to probe Trump and this fake dossier is what they launched a special prosecutor and it was all a political hit piece. Why does CNN, NBC, CBS, or ABC not cover this? Maybe it is because they are in the pocket of Liberals as this clearly shows.

CNN did report that “Electronic records show Peter Strzok, Deputy Assistant Director of the FBI, who led the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email server as the No. 2 official in the counterintelligence division, changed Comey’s earlier draft language describing Clinton’s actions as ‘grossly negligent’ to ‘extremely careless.” For you who do not know, “Grossly Negligent” is the words used to set up charges for prosecution. In short, Hillary Clinton violated the law and needed charged, but due to political bias was given a pass by the one organization that is to have no political bias. Now the Liberals have put together a team to look into what is a red herring. So how fair and un-bias is this team? Let us look.

The purposes for hiring Special Counsel Robert Mueller was to do a non-bias investigation into Russian connections to President Trump dealing with the election. Wouldn't this mean using people from both political parties to prevent the look of being bias? How non-bias was Mr. Mueller at selecting his team?

Peter Strzok - Yes the same one from above, had in excess of 10,000 anti-trump between him and an FBI Official named Lisa Page. He is the one who received the Trump Dossier and is a staunch Liberal Democrat.

Michael Dreeben – Stanch Liberal Democrat, was key in the targeting of Republican politicians including Virginia governor Bob McDonnell which he loss at the Supreme Court.

Andrew Goldstein – Is a paid Hillary Clinton lawyer stanch Liberal Democrat. Andrew Goldstein was the first person called to defend Staunch Liberal Mayor Bill de Blasio when he was caught illegally using campaign contributions.

James Quarles – Is a contributing Hillary Clinton lawyer who gave tens of thousands of dollars to the DNC, yes he too is a stanch Liberal Democrat.

Jeannie Rhee – Is a paid Hillary Clinton lawyer stanch Liberal Democrat. A lawyer who works for the Clinton Foundation handling all the “Pay to Play” money from foreign governments.

Peter Strzok - Is a paid Hillary Clinton lawyer, stanch Liberal Democrat. He is a devout anti-Trumper who helped exonerate Hillary Clinton.

Andrew Weissmann – Supporter of Hillary Clinton and Staunch Liberal Democrat. Praised and backed Acting Attorney General Sally Yates after she defied an order by the US Supreme Court. She was running the DOJ and was refusing to follow the law.

Aaron Zebley - Is a paid Hillary Clinton lawyer in 2015 and attended the Hillary Clinton election-night party in November 2016.

Bruce Orr - He changed the Comey speech on Hillary Clinton to remove any chance of indictment and wrote the exoneration letter before interviewing the witnesses.

They have all acted unprofessional to the point they have violated the Hatch Act, which means they need jailed. They are all Liberals, which means the law does not matter to them, if it did, we would not see targeting of Americans, targeting of politicians, and letting people who put our National Security at risk off with no consequences. We would not have FBI Director Christopher Wray refusing to answer congressional questions. If you look at the Constitution, Amendment XIV, Section 3, you will see the DOJ and FBI in direct conflict with the Constitution. If Special Counsel Robert Mueller were a professional, when he was looking into Russian connections to President Trump and found Russian connections to Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation, he would have filed charges instead of trying to cover them up.

Let me know what you think.

Islam Will Attack No Matter What We Do!

Most of the Islamic countries outraged because President Trump has recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s desired capital. Should any country not have the right to have their capital anywhere they want? It really does not matter what you do, if you recognize Israel in anyway as a legitimate state of being, the “Peaceful” Islamic community will attack you. The Muslim hatred for the Jewish people is unsurpassed by any group’s hatred toward another group. Muslims, even here in the US, outwardly call for the extermination of the Jewish people, not to mention the entire LGBT community yet we have Lawmakers supporting these countries and the media refusal to cover these events.

Islam has for centuries murdered and tried to exterminate the Jewish community, ever following Adolf Hitler and helping the Nazis during WWII to reach this goal. After WWII, Israel became an independent country in 1947 after multiple attacks from Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria. From this point, the Palestinian Fedayeen, the Palestinian Islamic Terrorist of a nationalist orientation from among the Palestinian people, carried out attacks against Israeli military and unarmed civilians; these attacks persisted until 1967. In 1967, an unprovoked attack was unleashed on Israel by the peaceful Islamic controlled countries of Egypt (known at the time as the United Arab Republic), Jordan, Pakistan, Syria, Libya, Algeria, Iraq, Morocco, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. Egypt lost the Gaza Strip and the Sinai Peninsula in the Six Day War.

To further peace in the region, on September 1992, Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin gave the Palestinian Authorities the Gaza Strip in an agreement that they would quit their terrorist attacks on Israel. This agreement known as the Oslo Accords and full control of the Gaza Strip turned over in 1994 to the Palestinian Authority. In September 1995, Israel and the PLO signed a second peace agreement, extending the Palestinian Authority to most West Bank towns all with the agreement that there would be no more Islamic Terrorist attacks and they could live peace. Israel returned the Sinai Peninsula to Egypt asking in return for only one thing, peace. Egypt and Israel signed a peace treaty in 1979. Sense then, Egypt has helped Israel fight Islamic Terrorist (Hezbollah) in the Gaza Strip and Israel has returned the favor, helping Egypt fight Islamic Terrorist (The Muslim Brotherhood) in the Sinai Peninsula. The Palestinians in 2000 proved they neither wanted nor would allow there to be peace with Israel, breaking their promise and allowing Hamas and Hezbollah to attack Israel. It is sad that other than Egypt, most all other “peaceful” Islamic countries refuse to be peaceful to Israel. They either incites violence or pay other groups like Hamas and Hezbollah to commit violence against Israel.

In the US, we are not any better, this Islamic hateful peace is alive and well not only in Mosques in the US, universities, and by Law Makers. When you have Islamic professors in the US, calling for the murder of Jews as Palestinian Professor, Dr. Hatem Bazian at the UC Berkeley (go figure), this shows Liberal accepted Islamic hate. Rutgers University's Anti-Semitic Professor Michael Chikindas making crude jokes about Israel, Judaism, women, and the LGBT community but the president of Rutgers University said, “It’s all protected speech “so there’s nothing there that is actionable. LGBT community, why do you support the politicians who support your destruction? Why do we let people who support Hezbollah, Hamas, and ISIS terrorist groups in the US to teach? Why do we have the FBI identifying CAIR as an Islamic Terrorist organization yet they operate openly in the US? In less than two months, we have had two Islamic Terrorist attacks in New York. The first was 29-year-old Uzbek immigrant, Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov, who claimed allegiance to ISIS, while yelling Allahu Akbar murdered 8 people and wounded dozens. I said it would not be long before we would have another and unfortunately, I was right. The second was 27-year-old Akayed Ullah, 27-year-old Bangladeshi national tried to martyr himself as a suicide bomber but luckily only he sustained serious injuries when the bomb malfunctioned.

I have friends who are Muslims and love our country but there are questions we need to ask. Immediately after the bombing, the “Media” knew Akayed Ullah made the bomb at work. How? Could this be another cover-up for Islam? Could this be to take eyes off his Mosque? How, if he was a “Bangladeshi nationalist”, did he get a New York driver’s license when you have to be a NY resident? Is this where this is a sanctuary city policy allowed it? Is NYC being a sanctuary city what has allowed these last two attacks? Could this be the one reason for “Home Grown” Islamic Terrorist” in the US?

Please comment.