If I was President and Had the Power, This is What I Would Do

The purpose and duty of our presidents and congress to the citizens of this great nation and this great nation itself have degraded; our presidents and congress have forgotten it is about the people and nation, not them. Currently with all political parties in our government the thought, purpose, and duty of congress and our presidents has been to gain more money, power, and control over the citizens of the United States; this is not what our founding fathers wanted or what freedom stands for but is the path to oppression and tyranny. No matter what political side you fall it has started to and will destroy our country if we cannot stop this blight on America. And the price will be paid for by our children and grandchildren. So what do we need a president and congress to do? If it was me I would do what is best for our citizens and our country.

No matter what anyone who is or has been president or a congress person our number one biggest problem is spending. First if you don’t have a balance budget or show a reduction in national debt; none of the congress or president and vice president can run for public office for three years. I wonder if this will straiten the budget out. One other easy way to get this mostly in check would be to make a constitutional amendment which states the following:

All bills will stand on their own merit with no attachments to the bill unless it directly part of the bill; all funding or any other requirement for that bill will be in the same bill so you have a one stop shop for anyone wanting to research and see what the bill is about and entails. All bills will be in common layman’s terms so that any citizen can read them without needing a law degree and understand what is covered. A list of all yeas and nays of people voting on the bill along with a complete searchable PDF of the bill will be posted on line. A committee will be put together to review all old, antiquated and outdated laws and bring them up for votes to be removed but only with 2/3rd majority and a list of all yeas and nays of people voting will be attached to this list as well. No laws or regulations will be made by the IRS, EPA, or any other entity of federal government without being approved through 2/3rd majority in congress and a list of all yeas and nays of people voting will be posted the same as above.

This by itself will help us as the people to hold our congress more accountable and will help prevent all the legal bribery which is rampant currently in our congress. Bills stuffed with the stupid spending of millions on “the sexual habits of asexual worms” (no I’m not kidding) will no longer be hidden from the people.

Any bill written must be read by the congressional member; the member can have an aid read it but they also must read it in its entirety before voting on it. A minimum of three days per every hundred pages will be given to read a bill after draft and before voting; if multiple bills are in the kitty then the lead will set the order of the bills to run consecutively before voting. In other words if you have two bills and bill one is 300 pages and bill two is 400 pages then you will have 9 duty days to read the first bill before voting and starting on the tenth day you will have 12 duty days to read bill two before voting. At the same time it needs to be released to the public so they will have the chance to voice their support or opposition to their congressional representative.

This will end the ignorance of “We have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it. “ Any congress person who says or does this type of action should be impeached no matter which party. This causes great damage to our country and is one of the main reasons the public overwhelmingly does not trust the government. We need to get our people off subsistence and back to work. I know there is a percentage of elderly, disabled, and mentally challenged that we need to take care of but it isn’t the 47% give or take we are taking care of presently. If you look at our federal spending and add up all the programs which are free handouts it comes up to 63.71% according to the governments numbers; we have brought our country to the brink of financial ruin and our military and its ability to defend our country and ourselves down to a dangerous level for the lazy. We will lock in spending to percentage scales. You many saying 57% of spending is military but it’s not; they are fudging with the numbers but if we had a percentage lock down of all areas then that is all you can receive. We need to stop sending money to people who hate us; if you celebrate the US being hit by a terrorist attack then why should America giving your country billions of dollars? This needs to stop, you can be either for us or neutral with no problem but if you are against us by your actions or lack of then we will not support you.

Remove the line item veto and presidential executive order from power; either the president has to veto the whole bill or sign the whole bill. In the beginning the presidential executive order was used to make Thanksgiving a national holiday but now it is used in a more sinister way. The three powers of government was set up by our founding fathers to keep each other in check; the presidential executive order as used today circumvents this check of powers and is used as a temper tantrum when president do not get their way. For the safety of America it needs to be stopped. This will also force the president to go to congress and follow their vote when going to war; If congress doesn’t authorize it, it doesn’t happen. We need to do away with the power to bypass congress when they are in recess. This is not the 1700s anymore and within a couple of hours or a day at the most; congress can be back in section.

Energy independence; we need to look at this with two minds of thought. First, why are we buying oil from countries that fund terrorist which is virtually all Arab countries? We have alias like Canada which we should get our oil from or better yet, we have more oil and natural gas then all the Arab countries; let’s create jobs and spend money here instead. While this is happening lets remove all the regulations and taxes which restrict the development of renewable energy. We are regulating and taxing these companies so they are moving out of our country to be able to make a profit and be competitive in the development market. At the same time we need to real in the EPA; it is a rouge vicious entity that was once for protection of the environment but is now just for far left agendas. They need to have their regulations go through congress before they can be made into enforceable law because this is what the Constitution says. You need to have two equal side to the EPA; one from the environmental side and one from the manufacturing side; together they will come up true responsible EPA doctrine instead of everything being one sided with no way to appeal.

Flat Tax rate; currently we have almost half of the country with no skin in the game when it comes to taxes and most of this group receives returns back at tax time higher then what they paid in; this needs to be fixed. If you are below the poverty level you should get back all your taxes paid in but nothing more. From the property level up to $40,000 you pay 3% federal tax, from $40,001 to $50,000 you pay 5%, from $50,001, to $70,000 you pay 7%, from $70, 001 to $85,000 you pay 9%, from $85,001 to $100,000 you pay 11%, from 100,001 to $125,000 you pay 13%, from 125,001 to $150,000 you pay 15%; at this point you get no deductions. From 150,001 to $200,000 you pay 17%, from 200,001 to $300,000 you pay 20%, from 300,001 to $500,000 you pay 23%, from 500,001 to $1,000,000 you pay 26%, from 1,000,001 to $3,000,000 you pay 28%, and anything above 3,000,001 will pay 30%. Remove the death tax and have only four deductions; medical, school, primary residence, and charitable giving. You would have more money then you know what to do with. Make the business tax 7% flat for all businesses on sales only no matter the size; remove the payroll tax. This would give us stability and enable businesses to program out their 5 and 10 year plans which will enable hiring and give the economy a major boost. No other tax increases will be allowed from congress and when the pot is divided up, you must live within your budget. The same 7% tax will be added to all imports of product from foreign countries.

The second part of this is there would be no bail outs of any company, city, or state by the federal government; if a company, city, or state goes under due to mismanagement and/or corruption, it is on them. I know this sounds harsh but the voters in the cities and states need to live in reality live within their means. If they run off their tax base as Detroit did and California is doing then they have to live with the consequences; it is the only way they will learn and come back to reality and start being responsible. 

A constitutional amendment make all government business is in English. To become a citizen and receive a green card you must learn English. There is nothing wrong with knowing as many other languages as you can but for clarity and transparency sake all government business needs to be in English. Along with English being to US language American law needs to be the only law recognized in America, no Sharia Law, UN Law, or any other law. We need to ensure no felons can run for public office; along with this any political party flat out lying will give the other party restitution and publicly on the news admit they were lying. Any public official who is sworn to uphold the constitution and refuses will be removed from office; this includes the president. If there is a law you don’t like, change it. Any law congress and the president passes on the any American people, congress and the president must adhere to and can not opt out as has been done in Obama Care. If you are going to force it on everyone, you need to be stuck with it as well. Congress and the Oval office once had class and honor; this hasn’t been so for a few decades but we need to return to this way.

Diplomatic immunity needs to be revoked for serious offense. I saw a foreign man from the Middle East with diplomatic immunity slam into a car and kill the mother and 9 month old baby because the man was drunk. It was his fifth time being pulled over for being drunk but the police had their hands tied by the State Department; nothing was done to the man. Another item, other then embassies, no foreign person, company, or government can own US land. Along with this, any government person or agency caught discriminating against conservatives, liberals, or anyone else will be fired and not allowed to be rehired by the federal government with one caveat; if they can prove their leadership directed it then their leadership will be canned instead with the same stipulations. The goes for the spying game as well. No American will have their data collected unless they have been positively linked to terrorist. No drones will be used in the US except for boarder security, rescue, and hostage situations.

All the Intelligence agencies, Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, and homeland Security needs to be combined under one hat, this will help prevent another 911 and Boston Bombing because now all the agencies will have to talk to each other. We have too many different agencies step across each others paths and not helping each other stop the bad guys. This will end this problem.

We need a National Concealed Weapon Licenses (NCWL); too many areas refuse to follow the 2nd Amendment so after a rigorous background check like I received getting my Security Clearance; if a person qualifies they can receive a good in all 50 states. This will allow the people to protect themselves even when the local government refuses to let them.

Schools, let there be vouchers for all. If the public schools are good, the student will stay but for the ones who are bad, the parents and students have an option to better themselves; why should rich politicians be able to send their children to private schools but refuse the common person the same option; this is discrimination and enforcement of oppression.

And the best for last; Pull out of the UN!!! They are worthless; they allow terrorist to use their vehicles, rape people when “protecting the people”, have known bigots and murders on their human rights commission, and have people who rape children and give women no rights at all on their policy council. If we want to be an honorable nation, should we be following this lead? Of course the answer is no. 


  1. France and Denmark has suffered terror attacks and it seems as if the western world is battling against ISIS and all radicals in the islamic world. Maybe the best way to loosen the relations would be an unconditional excuse from the US president for Abu Graib and Guantanamo (of course she/he would have to close it first!). At the same time she should give amnesty to Chelsea Manning and safe passage to Julian Assange and Edward Snowden whose only crime is that they pointed at the American war crimes.

    I sincerely believe that these three people, Bradley Manning, Julian Assange and Edward Snowden will be a burden for the reputation of any president, if they do not free them. And I'm sure we are many warm supporters around the world that are very disappointed that the US will not let them free.

    1. Søren Skadhede, thanks for commenting. Your first sentence is correct and the Radical Islam will murder the civilized world unless we defeat them, the problem is the liberal theology and political correctness cancer which we have allowed to pollute the Western Culture; you can’t fight evil by standing on the sidelines. If you release all the prisoners in Abu Graib and Guantanamo, all you will do as has been shown in history is return more Islamic Terrorist to the battlefield to kill more innocent people.

      You want to give amnesty to Julian Assange who is a pedophile and forcibly raped an underage child? You want to let Julian Assange and Bradley Manning who is responsible for several peoples deaths go? So it is better for society in your mind to let a pedophile rapist and traitor who were the causes of peoples deaths go free. Julian Assange and Bradley Manning could have redacted the names so the information was still released but instead acted irresponsible with no regret.

      Edward Snowden is charged with espionage after leaking documents about a secret National Security Agency surveillance program. I don’t know if he was the cause of people’s deaths directly, but he did compromise National Security. He wasn’t pointing out war crimes but he may have put all of us in danger which include all the innocent children. If you are this naive and ignorant of the evil in our world, you should go to some of these places to see it first hand; maybe then you would understand.

  2. Søren Skadhede, thanks for commenting. Excusing murders from Abu Graib and Guantanamo will not make anyone safer but put them in more danger as President Obama has already done with the others he has released.

    I haven't found enough information on what type of information Edward Snowden released to comment but Bradley Manning's release of information cost people their lives and he should have been executed. Likewise, because Julian Assange didn’t care to redact any names, he is as guilty as Manning. If the government is doing something illegal, expose it by all means but don’t put people in danger needlessly.