You Voted for It, but Will You Learn by Your Mistake? NO

The north east Fishing Industries are now in the same ball park as the Coal Industry so why are you whining? For the last two years you have watched this very destructive to the American Way administration regulate everyone else out of business, did you, the North East, think you weren’t next. The only difference is the Coal Industry never voted for him except North Carolina but they learned from their 2008 mistake, you didn’t.

Let’s break it down into a simple breakout; the Republican Party is mainly for little regulation but Democrats all want massive regulations. They want it on everyone and always have. They are all about screwing the working class and giving to the criminal and lazy class. The crime rate in areas won by President Obama is 10.4% per 1000 people, Mr. Romney 3.2% per 1000 people. I don’t like Romney but facts are the Republican controlled areas on average are safer then Democratic control areas and the main reason is because they regulate you out of protection. Here is another question for you. Why are all the heaviest Gun Regulated Cities also the Highest Crime Riddled Cities? The answer is because criminals ignore laws but honest people obey even at their own peril.

Any time the Democratic Party gets in charge of the House, Senate, or Presidency the first order of business id to regulate what they haven’t and put more regulations on what they already have. Why can every other country drill in the Gulf of Mexico with no problem but we can’t? Regulations passed by the majority of the Democratic Party. We could be energy independent except the Democratic Party won’t let us.

If the Democratic Party is all for renewable fuel then why did the 3rd largest Solar Panel maker in the US move to China? Evergreen Solar cited the massive regulations passed by our congress creating a non-profitable environment. Another 800 jobs gone to China and by the way, they were in the North East (Massachusetts). This is one side of the coin that is killing our country; running the companies away through catastrophic regulations and unions pushing for unsustainable wages and benefits; just look to the west (California) for a good example. Now I ask the question again; have you learned your lesson and will become responsible? This administrations regulation will purposely make utility prices skyrocket “President Obama’s own plan and words”.

Go to this video (at about the 2:00 minute mark) and see if President Obama did what he said he would do in this debate with Ms. Clinton; the answer is the exact opposite and yet you voted for his agenda again.

I don’t make six digits a year yet I just lost 4% of my pay thanks to President Obama, I thought he said he wouldn’t raise taxes on the middle class. When the regulators came after the Coal Industry all I heard was “it’s changing times, they need to adapt”. So I don’t want to hear your wining because now they are coming for you, “it’s changing times, you need to adapt”. He and the Democratic Party sure did so that makes him a …what’s that word… oh yah, a liar!!! If you voted for him the first time I can understand falling for the lie, everyone makes mistakes. If you voted for him the second time your arrogance, fiscal irresponsibility, and denial of the truths are coming at the expense of your children and grand children which wouldn’t bother me except it’s also at the expense of mine too.
If you want to save America you need to vote politicians in who will stop the spending, make the people (who can) work if the want to eat, secure the boarder, and stop taxing and regulating people and companies into oblivion. America is like a prize bull you are raising from a calf. If you tie a knotted noose around his neck he is fine until he grows. If the noose isn’t removed he will die from strangulation.

This is exactly what the taxing and regulations are doing to this great country and if we do not cut off the noose and get rid of the Democrats and Republicans who put it there, it will kill this beautiful nation.

Gun Control and School Shootings

When you have a problem you need to find the root cause, not just try to cover a symptom. I believe there are two main reasons and neither is a guns fault. If you check the statistics before 1974 you never heard of a school shooting; so what has changed sense then to have this devastating effect? If you look at the history without bias it’s amazing what you can see.

You need to ask, “Why do our children have no conscience? Why do they kill with no regret, or remorse?” If we think about it long and hard, we can figure it out but sense the truth will offend the initiators of this idiocy, they refuse the truth! If you look up school shooting crime rates from 1950 till now it might be very unsettling for you.

After we decided to take discipline, the pledge, and prayer out of the schools (1963), and start teaching a politically correct agenda, let’s see how good of an idea it was to follow Madelyn Murray O'Hare and Dr. Benjamin Spock.

There were no school shootings before their agendas but isn’t it interesting that the first recorded high school shooting was on December 1974; eleven years after the Supreme Court removed discipline, the pledge, and prayer from our schools and put Madelyn Murray O'Hare and Dr. Benjamin Spock policies into place, school shootings started. How many years are kids in school? Many kids never learn discipline, respect for others, and work ethics at home so if they are not taught in schools where do they learn it; THEY WON’T! If you looked up school crime rate from 1950 to now, the rise is flabbergasting; it probably has something to do with "reaping what you sow".

1974 - 3 killed
1979 - 2 killed

1983 - 2 killed
1989 - 6 killed

1992 - 4 killed
1995 - 2 killed
1996 - 3 killed
1997 - 8 killed
1998 - 10 killed
1999 - 13 killed
2000 - 2 killed
2001 - 7 killed
2003 - 5 killed
2004 - 4 killed
2005 - 11 killed
2006 - 12 killed
2007 - 2 killed
2008 - 3 killed
2009 – 8 killed
5 killed in 1970s
8 killed in 1980s
40 killed in 1990s
54 killed in 2000s
Percentage of raise from 1970

The first collage shooting by a student took place in 1991. He was a graduate student and started school after discipline, the pledge, and prayer was taken out of his public schools.The other side of the coin is the amount of prescription drugs our children are forced to take. 

We was told it was highly suggested we put our son on Prozac because he was a little high strung (aka acting like a male toddler) and had trouble sitting still in class. I told the school counselor that she and the teachers need to do their job instead of trying to get the parents to drug their kids. I had read several reports which had linked depression, violent outburst, and suicide to Prozac in kids and when I told the counselor she blew me off because no way was I more informed then her. Even though doctors wrote the report she had her own agenda and refused to see the truth as do many in our society today. Now we have over 107 public school students and faculties who have paid with their lives and 60 college students and faculty and it’s still all about the agenda. 

Why do the highest gun violent cities in the US also have the strictest gun laws? It’s because criminals don’t follow the law hence their tag CRIMINALS! I don’t care if you believe in God or not but if these kids are never taught right from wrong; we can’t today (we might offended them), then it is going to get worse. Take the guns, they will use knives; take the knives they will use clubs. To lower the violence get them off the drugs, teach right from wrong, and remove the gun laws then criminals won’t know who might shoot them and will be less likely to try and rob you.

Social Security; the Biggest Criminally Fraudulent Rip Off in History

Social Security is the biggest rip off in world history; it makes Bernie Madoff look like an amateur. From the beginning it was known to be a Socialist Ponzi Scheme even being called socialism in the Senate finance Committee hearing.

“A limited form of the Social Security program began, during President Franklin D. Roosevelt's first term, as a measure to implement "social insurance" during the Great Depression of the 1930s, when poverty rates among senior citizens exceeded 50 percent. The Act was an attempt to limit what were seen as dangers in the modern American life, including old age, poverty, unemployment, and the burdens of widows and fatherless children.

Opponents, however, decried the proposal as socialism. In a Senate Finance Committee hearing, one Senator asked Secretary of Labor Frances Perkins "Isn't this socialism?" She said that it was not, but he continued, "Isn't this a teeny-weeny bit of socialism?"

The facts about Social Security are these. Yes, it’s a Ponzi scheme, thus criminally fraudulent (as I’ll explain), but even worse, because it coerces us to be a part of it. Since the scheme began in 1935 the full force of the U.S. government has compelled a growing portion of citizens to suffer by it, such that we all do so by now. A scheme of such widespread, compulsory fraud is unprecedented in U.S. history, and one of the most shameful (and popular) of FDR’s schemes.

Forbes Magazine-To better understand why Social Security is fraudulent, one should grasp the valid workings of private sector annuities, pensions, trusts, and similar investment vehicles. In such cases purely voluntary contracts are written and enforced by courts; clients pay money into the vehicle, the fiduciary invests and grows it, and over time pays back funds with a gain to clients. Of course, results depend on the investment climate, but the integrity, safety and soundness of this private contract-based system fosters saving, investment and prosperity. If fiduciaries or trustees violate contracts in any way they can be sued, fined and/or jailed.

A “Ponzi scheme” (the term made famous by Charles Ponzi in the early 1920s), like Bernie Madoff’s recent scheme, and like any “pyramid” scheme or “chain letter,” is an operation that pays alleged “investment returns” to clients from the clients’ own paid-in funds and with payments by subsequent clients, rather than from investments in productive assets or securities. The scheme entices new entrants by false promises of returns that are unrealistically high, ever-rising, or even abnormally-stable, all of which require ever-increasing inflows and hordes of additional dupes, to keep all the fakery going. Unless the scheme keeps growing and spreading, in time it must collapse, as the outflows swamp inflows; the game of “musical chairs” halts when claims exceed cash (insolvency). Such schemes are rare and tend not to last long or grow large in a free market, since they aren’t mandatory, they ensnare increasingly suspicious clients, they attract legitimate rivals eager to expose them, and they invite publicity-hungry district attorneys to prosecute them.

By the way, it’s irrelevant whether a Ponzi perpetrator sets out deliberately to inflict his scheme or instead only ends up with one after many years of evading his bad results and “cooking the books” to hide them. Either way, it’s still fraud. Likewise, by now it matters not whether FDR’s New Dealers “intended” Social Security to be fraudulent starting in 1935; the fact remains: it has long since become a fraud. Today only fools or frauds dare deny it. Private-sector Ponzi schemes have built-in sensors, enemies, and anti-fraud laws to prevent and terminate them, while Social Security has the opposite: built-in perpetuators, coercion, muzzled and shrinking rivals, a growing pool of serfs, millions of admiring heralds, and a superficial air of legality.

Both Social Security (since 1935) and it sister program, Medicare (since 1965) have been insolvent for years, as is typical of a Ponzi scheme, and despite gargantuan increases in the tax rates they inflict and the number of people they force to pay into them via automatic paycheck deductions. FICA and Medicare tax rates, combined (and also for employers and employers, together), increased steadily from just 2.25% of pay between 1935 and 1953 to 4.50% by 1960, 6.90% by 1970, 8.10% by 1980, and 15.3% by 1990 (where it now stands). Meanwhile the income on which these higher tax rates apply has been repeatedly increased.

In a 1936 publicity pamphlet describing the program to Americans, the Social Security Administration pledged that after 1949 the combined payroll tax rate of 6% would apply only to a worker’s annual income up to $3,000 and “that is the most you will ever pay.” Yet that 6% rate was breached under JFK (1962) and today’s rate (15.3%) is more than double the 1949 promised rate.  Worse, today’s high rate applies to as much as $106,800 of annual income, which is more than triple the inflation-adjusted equivalent of what $3,000 was worth in 1949 (i.e., $28,642). Thus instead of paying $1,718/year (6% on income as high as $28,642), we’re now forced to pay $16,340/year (15.3% on income as high as $106,800) – an increase of nearly ten-fold.

So by definition and action it is a Ponzi Scheme both condoned and used by both political parties which is Socialism and none of our elected leaders do anything about it except increase collections by “ten-fold” in its life. Yes. Under the 1935 law, what we now think of as Social Security only paid retirement benefits to the primary worker. This meant you had to work to get benefits; no longer.  

Under the present guidance the Social Security Administration takes 10.4% for Social Security to put aside for your retirement. It takes an additional 1.45% for Medicaid well unless you are self employed then its 2.9% (isn’t discrimination?). Out of what you have put into your account it removes 5% of the total balance a year for “Administrative Cost”. What really angers me is it was set up to be a retirement plan for those who paid into it when they retired. The average age of death for a male is 75 and a female is 80.  If you work until you are 62 you should with the average between male and female being 78. If you work from 18 to 62 and pay in the average with your interest you should have $465,267 in your account. The average Social Security payment is $1,230 which means you would have to live to the age of 99 just to get your money back. The 16 year average length of life would give you $2443 a month, not $1,230. Now I understand building in a comfort zone but does your family get what is left over after you die especially if you die before ever getting a chance to draw your Social Security, not really? If it was put the same amount on average into a safe mutual fund there would be $930,818 in your account.

We should have individual accounts set up for us still depositing the same amount but under a private organization that will make us a profit for retiring. I don’t mind giving 5% to help the elderly and disable who need our assistance. I do mind giving my money to the lazy ones who refuse to work and illegal ones who break the law. I’m sure if this Ponzi scheme was halted, the working given their money to roll into an IRA, the lazy would realize they had get on the ball or else they will be left out in the cold; literally.

Politics and Unions Disgrace to the Suffering American People

I’m not for unions or against them. I have seen both the good and the bad unions have to offer to areas but we really need to leave the political out of the game when the environment is in danger or worst, people’s lives. I will give you some examples.

The Deepwater Horizon oil spill was a tragedy but do you know what worsen the environmental impact? The French, Netherlands, Norway, and Spain had ships for skimming the oil ready and willing to help to prevent massively damage to the environment but our current administration turned them down cold sighting the Merchant Marine Act of 1920 more commonly known as the “Jones Act”. The Jones Act prevents non-union, non-American merchant mariners from any operations within American claimed waters. It could have been waivered by our elected officials to protect the environment and people’s livelihood but unions mean more to our government than protection of the environment or the nation’s peoples. Another side effect of the Jones Act was the cost of building container ships rose so high in America due to required union labor, now none are built here; good job saving move.

 Now today we have Superstorm Sandy hit the District of Columbia, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut on 25 Oct 2012 leaving over 20 million people without power. The normal person would think that with all the other states sending crews to help, we will have the power fixed before winter; unfortunately once again the unions stepped in and our government has done nothing. All non-union electricians were turned away by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW). Now it is February and New York by itself still has 50,000 without power and the temperatures are below freezing. The saddest part I don’t hear the outcry like I did (rightfully so) during Katrina; just shows are news agencies are political, not professional. When the south was hammered by Katrina (or any other hurricane) they welcomed anyone who could help the people with open arms. This should have happened here.

As I have said before there are good and bad unions; this union should have been for the people instead of the politicians. To the people in these effected areas; what political party and politician did this union support? Do you research and make sure you vote for the other side (which ever it may be) the next time you pull that lever. Your life should be worth more then this bad union.

Benghazi and Common Sense

Mrs. Clinton lying again; “Though she said officials are following some "very promising leads" on the terrorists, Clinton herself acknowledged there are still several open questions about what prompted the attack that night.” Let’s try this on for size; a very well trained military terrorist group planned, coordinated, and executed an attack on 9/11 with precision and killed four Americans including Ambassador Chris Stevens. The Ambassador noticed what was building up months before and requested additional security which was denied by the White House.

They were watching the attack when it was developing and there were no protesters; besides protesters don’t carry RPGs. They knew it was a preplanned attack as they watched in real time. Now let’s look at politics and denial instead of protection at work “But Clinton still said the motivations of the attackers, to this day, are not clear.” Let me take a guess, Muslim extremist who hate everything that isn't Muslim and would like nothing better then to kill Americans. I'm pretty sure Mrs. Clinton knew that was the motive. Who denied the extra protection requested by the Ambassador; Mrs. Clinton and her department? Of course they are the ones who approve or deny security upgrades but I think we are all missing a key element. The report reads that one of the Seals killed was marking a target. Why is this important? When you mark a target it is line of sight so he would have been seen and you only designate a target when you have ordinance above read for drop; so why wasn’t the ordinance released? This is the question that needs to be asked. On a side note when our troops were leaving Iraq they were taking fire daily but an Executive Directive (only comes from the white house or congress) ordered sated you were not allowed to return fire.

This comes from the same White House and State Department that is denying what happened in Benghazi. Our congress is littered with politicians from both sides that constantly put our troops, US Representatives, and our country in danger. We need to get rid of the Democrats and Republicans that do not for our country but only for themselves. Anyone who doesn’t do the research and realize that Nancy Pelosi, John McCain, Dianne Feinstein, Lisa Murkowski, Harry Reid, David Dreier, Chuck Schumer, and Susan Collins are following a path that can only lead to this country’s severe damage or downfall, are purposely blind and mendacious. Just like all in the know about Benghazi are mendacious, they let the four Americans die and then try to cover it up; this was shameful.

Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln, and the Inauguration

President Obama's swearing in with a Martin Luther King, Jr. Bible in one hand and an Abraham Lincoln Bible in the other have just made a mockery of both great men and the Bible itself. President Obama needs to read his history, both men were stanch conservatives and Republicans which he has no like values. Mr. King led many marches so ALL could be treated equal and given the same chances not be given unending handouts. If he could see the 80% of black children out of wedlock birth rate (, he would drop to his knees and cry.

MLK “Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness.”

The direction of the progressives (Democrat and Republican) is destroying our country.

MLK “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

We defiantly have a society of “sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity” extending across the spectrum of our society. Both parties are at fault.

MLK “History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people.”

“We are prone to judge success by the index of our salaries or the size of our automobiles rather than by the quality of our service and relationship to mankind.”

“Whatever your life's work is, do it well. A man should do his job so well that the living, the dead, and the unborn could do it no better.”

“There comes a time when silence is betrayal.”

He was not for social justice, just society giving his people a chance. The silence and turning our American people into leaches instead of laborers is another betrayal of both parties along with not living within our means.

MLK “There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but he must take it because conscience tells him it is right.”

We need leaders to end the handouts and cut the deficit and the taxes, it won’t be easy but for us to survive as a nation it is required.

Lincoln "Labor is prior to, and independent of, capital. Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed. Labor is the superior of capital, and deserves much the higher consideration."

"Property is the fruit of is a positive good in the world. That some should be rich shows that others may become rich, and hence is just encouragement to industry and enterprise. Let not him who is houseless pull down the house of another; but let him labor diligently and build one for himself, thus by example assuring that his own shall be safe from violence when built."

“Things may come to those who wait…but only the things left by those who hustle.”

It sounds like President Lincoln was for people working so why is President Obama swearing in on what he doesn’t believe? What do some of our other great leaders say?

Andrew Jackson “Any man worth his salt will stick up for what he believes right, but it takes a slightly better man to acknowledge instantly and without reservation that he is in error”

James Garfield “If the power to do hard work is not a skill, it’s the best possible substitute for it.” Gerald Ford “A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have.”

William Howard Taft “The world is not going to be saved by legislation.”

We are headed that way. I thought President Nixon was the most dictator like president I had ever seen but President Obama has taken that top spot. When will we have a president from either party that is for the United States; I doubt if we will ever have one again.

The Double Standard

I was talking to a lady and double standards were brought into the conversation. I am of the belief we are all made equal. I don’t care about your race or gender just your honor and integrity. You can be the richest or most powerful person in the world but without your honor and integrity, you are no better then the lowest creature on earth. That being said, all should have the same chances and have the same standard applied.

I once admired reporters because they would report on the news, they would tell you all the angles from everyone’s view and never purposely lie, misreport, or refuse to report on stories that affected our country. I once admired human rights, equal rights, women rights, and all other rights group who stood for equality for all to be treated with respect. I once admired our justice system to enforce the letter of the law equally for all. I once admired our politicians who even when they had differences would not falsify facts and would still treat each other with respect. In the past twenty years our news agencies, rights groups, and politicians have all let us down.

 Let’s be brutally honest for a few minutes:

If you are part of a group that claims to be against prejudice (an unfavorable opinion or feeling formed beforehand or without knowledge, thought, or reason) yet this is exactly what you do, you are not only a liar but a hypocrite. If you claim to be for justice but only when it suites you, you are not a crusader for justice but a pettifogger. I perfect example of this was the Duke Lacrosse Team rape case. You had several high profile “civil rights leaders” crucifying the players without waiting to see what the evidence would say. Even after evidence came out showing she lied they never apologized. These people and groups are supposed to be leaders in their communities yet had already condemned the players’ solely because of their race. The truth is they are the racist. Let’s move on to the next group.

When you have the NOW (National Organization of Women) only defending liberal women but not defending all women, they are not for women’s rights but a pawn of a political parties agenda. If they were truly for women’s rights, no matter which group of women were being wrongly treated, they would be up in arms. Sense this does not happen we know they are hypocrites. I know I’m picking on NOW (rightfully so) but they are not the only one.

The ACLU statement from their web page says “The ACLU is our nation's guardian of liberty, working daily in courts, legislatures and communities to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties that the Constitution and laws of the United States guarantee everyone in this country.” If this was true they would be defending the complete First Amendment as well as the Forth Amendment but the only do this when it fits into their agenda. If they are going to keep attacking Christianity calling it “separation of church and state” then why don’t they attack the biggest fish in that arena, Martin Luther King Day? The truth is if you look at who they defend and who they attack, it’s very one sided toward a select group of people. The liberal agenda is their agenda. Even if they loose a case they get paid, that needs to end. If they win pay them, if they loose don’t otherwise all it does is allow bullying and frivolous law suites.

Our justice system has become criminal. It is populated with agenda driven justices who instead of following the constitution and letter of the law dictate what they think the law should be from the bench. Our founding fathers would turn over in their graves if they could see how injudicious our justice system has become.

 Politicians have gone from the most upstanding and honest people around to the most crooked and lying people around. They no longer care about the country but only if they can get reelected. They treat our troops with malice. They buy votes by giving amnesty to ones breaking our laws or subsidies to ones sucking us dry like leeches both of which are crippling our country. The fiscal irresponsibility our politicians have shown proves that they all need to be removed and let a fresh group without all the contacts try and do an honest days work. They always threaten the military or the recipients of social security to get their way no matter the damage to the country

The biggest offender of honesty and integrity is our news agencies. When they are not honest and will give some a free ride and crucify another doing the same it is easy to tell they are the leaders of disinformation. Today’s news agencies are the epitome of double standards, bias, cover up, lack of both honesty and integrity. I have watched them refuse to report on stories because the story were not the image they wanted the public to see. I have watched them either not do the foot work to find the true facts to report or they are flat out lying to forward their preconceived agenda. The accuracy and professionalism once delivered by greats like Walter Cronkite is forever gone I’m afraid. Even though they many times believed different the always reported the facts even when it showed them the flaws in their beliefs.

The only way to get the integrity and honor back into our society is for all the double standards and personal agendas of our elected officials and news agencies to end. First and foremost our news agencies need to return to the accuracy and professionalism of Walter Cronkite and remove themselves from political influence. If the media would report the truth instead of a political agenda, the politicians would have to change or be voted out of their office, judges would fall into line or be removed from office, and groups claiming to be for human rights would be called out as frauds, which is what should happen now but doesn’t. If they did the double standards wouldn’t exist.

Breeding a Losing Society

It’s happened again but few are willing to be honest with themselves as to why this has started happening and why it is becoming more frequent. Of course it is the “guns” fault according to many but the gun is no more at fault then a fork making someone fat or a cigarette’s fault for someone getting lung cancer, it is our leaders fault.

I met an atheist once who hated everyone who believed in any form of religion (no matter which one) because they had to be “idiots” to believe in anything supernatural or religious being. I asked him about all the laws which like it or not have come from religious influence on our society. His response was “I don’t need a religious person to tell me right from wrong; my morale code that I developed is just as good as a religious one”. I then asked him if all should be allowed to make up their own morale code; what they felt was right and live by it and that would be ok by him; he answered yes. I then showed him the flaw in his belief. I said” a man walks in and shoots you dead where you stand; according to you he has done nothing wrong”. He said” He has committed murder; of course he has committed a crime”. I then tell him according to the man’s own morale code he has done nothing wrong therefore it wasn’t murder. He blew up like a rocket; you can’t have your cake and eat it.

 I am not going to endorse or oppose any religion in this post but what I will point out is the truth; whether I like it or not this country was founded on religious principles which are where our laws came. If you take a look back into our history of school and mass shootings they didn’t really start occurring until seventeen years after prayer, and in some areas the pledge of allegiance, and discipline was removed from our schools. It was replaced with all must pass even if they don’t put in the work, it’s environmental influence which cause them to act that way, and it’s OK we won’t tell your parents unless something goes wrong then it’s your parents fault for not watching you. Let’s not forget political correctness which in itself has collapsed many areas in our country into anarchy and chaos. You are not allowed to teach a morale standard in schools anymore and looking at what is happening in our country since then, you can tell it’s had a devastating effect. When you teach people to create their own set of morals yet tell another, the law abiding and innocent it is illegal to protect yourself, murder of the innocent will soon follows and this is what we now see.

In Colorado theater 71 people were shot because the law abiding citizens weren’t allowed to bring in their gun into the theater but as you can see once again criminals don’t care about the law. If this would have happened in any state allowing law abiding citizens to bring their weapons, he would have still been able to shoot a couple of people but then he would have been dead from the law abiding citizens protecting themselves. This is a simple fact but will never be accepted by the anti-gun establishment. The original assault rifle ban went into effect after President Reagan was shot; he was shot with a .22 pistol. I don’t know how you can make the connection between a .22 pistol and an assault rifle, only an irrational person could. James Eagan Holmes is one of the first people to use an assault rifle in this way and if there would have been a CCL holder in the theater and that person killed James Eagan Holmes and saved 60 people from being shot, I guarantee you with the liberal state of Colorado; he or she would have been prosecuted and jailed. This is not rational or logical but it is the anti-gun establishment’s way. Chicago has the strictest gun laws in the nation yet also has the highest crime rates; why? You need to look at the root cause of the problem instead of the symptom.

1. The cities with the strictest gun laws are also the cities with the highest crime rate; why? Criminals using street sense will be the first to tell you they will bypass an area known to have few gun laws because you don’t know who is packing which makes their chances of being wounded, killed, or held for arrest much higher so unless they are desperate they will skip it for an easier target. These same criminals also using street sense will be the first to tell you they will enter an area known to have strict gun laws because their risk is greatly diminished and chances of a successful criminal act are raised expeditiously. It is common sense but no matter how true it is the anti-gun establishment will never admit it.

2. Crime is crime rather its murder or coming to this country illegally. I know many families that are here illegally and are good people but they are still here illegally which means they are committing a crime. Of the illegal’s crossing our borders, greater then 50% are violent criminals and/or gang members. I know we need to change our immigration policy but above that, we need to protect our citizens. Sanctuary cities must be stopped, they are hurting our country and as I said earlier, criminals will go to the anti-gun and these cities which are almost always sanctuary cities causing their citizens a higher rate of poverty and debt.

3. Nowhere in the US Constitution does it say people can’t make mistakes. We let so many people go due to the police not dotting an “I” or crossing a “T” and it has nothing to do with due process. We also allow defense attorneys all sorts of latitude enabling them to skew the facts to get their client off. The cold hard facts will speak for themselves. If someone forgot to cross the “T” smack them, but let the evidence remain.

4. We all seen the OJ trial, Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman blood found in his Bronco and at his house but the DNA evidence was thrown out because it was said that due process was violated. The truth is OJ had enough money, and armed with one of the finest group of attorneys money could buy which enabled him to get the evidence thrown out. I do not think he would have been convicted anyway because in America we do not like to convict celebrities and the biggest criminals of all, our politicians, are not even held to the standard our founding fathers set.

There are other reasons we have such a high crime rate. One of the biggest reasons was because (for political reason) we eliminated the draft without replacing it with a like civilian system. What I mean is like it or not the draft system taught people a skill and gave them a work ethic and motivation, the ones that weren’t taught discipline at home were taught it in the military; where does this happen now? Oh, it doesn’t! When that was taken away people didn’t learn a skill, discipline, or a work ethic, they started turning to criminal activities. The other side of the coin is people have been taught that they don’t need to work; the government will give you everything. The people who do work get penalized because the government tries and take everything from them to help pay for the people who have been turned into lazy losers by our government. These people are literally paid to vote for the ones who will give them more without ever having to work. This is as wrong as wrong gets. We need to wean the people off the free money; it is weakening our country and making us vulnerable.

If you want to fix it go back to the 1930s Civilian Conservation Corps Camps. If anyone is on welfare (other then the Elderly and Disable) for more then a year (or if they volunteer), put them in a CCC camp. Have them conduct City, State, and/or Federal work to pay for what they are receiving until they can get a job and be back on their feet. Allow them to receive welfare for three years max out of twenty, if they fall on bad times after that they can work at the CCC Camp until once again they can get back on their feet. If they own a house money can be transferred to pay their mortgage but they must work, if they refuse to work they are out on their own with no assistance. I wonder how many people would be looking for work. People on welfare would not like this and would probably riot because they think they deserve and are owed welfare just because they are breathing. They deserve the chance to get whatever they desire, but they need to work for it.

 The lack of discipline and morals in our country has brought us to this; it has brought us to act like animals and attack the innocent which is 180 degrees from what our founding fathers wanted. The responsibilities that our founding fathers set into society have been stripped away by socialistic people who have managed in some cases to become our leaders. The founding fathers would turn over in their graves. We need to stop being the nation of free hand outs and start back to being the best nation on earth with no other nation coming close.