Taxes Out in the Open

This is the best question in the world to ask, as we pay more and more taxes, our politicians and officials just spend more and more and asks for more and more. I remember an interview with a very liberal politician I was watching on the TV, they were talking about where the money going to come from for all these new entitlements the liberals wanted to implement. The interviewer made the statement that the government didn’t have enough money to implement and maintain these new entitlement programs, to which the liberal politician stated, “We have plenty of money, we just haven’t taken it from the people yet.” When a government official thinks your money belongs to the government, this is a sign of tyranny. If you add it up, we pay more in taxes than most people realize.

For this example we will use Oakland California. In Oakland California your Federal Tax Rate can be up to 39.6 %, California State Tax is 7.5 %, Oakland City Tax is 9.5%, Social Security Tax is 6.2%, FICA Tax is 6.2%, and Medicare Tax is 1.45%. In Oakland California, with the current taxes, for every $1.00 you make, you may only take home $0.44; over half your hard working dollar goes to taxes. Remember, this isn’t even counting sales tax, local tax, tag tax, property tax which in Oakland. Sales Tax is another 10%, Property Tax is 1.4376%, and Vehicle Tax is 8.75% every year which would leave you with $0.37 cents of the original $1.00 you started with. California is a great example of tyranny. What is killing our country and its jobs is this tyranny by our liberal government, it forces the average person to make $2.70 of their original dollar just to break even. If you times the cost of all US products by 2.7 you can see one reason why we can't compete with other countries. Once again remember, this isn’t including all the taxes the businesses have to pay.

If you run a business in the US, our politicians are sucking the life out of you as well. A business with Federal, State, and Local Taxes can pay up to 47% on every dollar made, this isn’t including the 15.3% payroll tax. Add another 12.4% for Social Security and up to 3.8% for Medicare, I wonder why especially our small businesses are having so many problems. If you add it up the same way, for every dollar made, the business only makes $0.22 cents. This means to break even they must make $4.55; the average across the world is 21% so why is ours over doubled? This is why businesses are leaving America for other places. You hear about these businesses moving to British Virgin Islands and the Cayman Island and you wonder why, they have a 0% business tax. Compound this with large companies like GE who donate to the liberal political establishment not paying a dime in taxes while every mom and pop small business gets hammered.

The spending of our taxes upset me as well. You always hear about the discretionary funding but never the non-discretionary funding, when you join the two you will see what is killing us as a country. The liberal press spreads that military spend makes up 57% of all spending when the Department of Defense only gets 16%. On top of this, the military is mandated by congress to spend most of it in specific ways which does not allow the military to get the best bang for the buck. We lost many soldiers in Afghanistan because the military was forced to buy equipment of substandard quality for a political favor. The military was forced to buy Bio-Jet fuel as well which costs $59 per gallon instead of JP-8 which cost $3.62 per gallon; the kicker is the Bio-Jet fuel makes the jets performance substandard. Something is still off, the DoD budget is $495.6 Billion, the presidents total spending is budgeted for $6.2 Trillion in spending, simple math tells you this isn’t the 57% or even the 16%, it adds up to just under 8%. The liberal news media and politicians are only off by 86%. Liberal politicians don’t care about the troops, they only care about their pocket book and getting reelected. Another staggering statistic is why we are not using our taxes to protect our country and citizens, we are using 69% of our budget for the lazy citizens and the illegal aliens in the form of Entitlements.

Then you have the liberal "lie about anything" and "I’m above the law" attitude. Our tax money has been sent to countries that want to kill us and still believe in slavery; why? We send hundreds of billions of our tax money to countries who give it to Islamic Radicals and I don’t understand why. They lie about everything and the liberals back them up because negotiations always works. We give more aid to the Pakistan who are a supporter of terrorism then we do to Israel or Egypt who are our allies. The liberals lie about all this but worse is our US citizens who think they are above the law. When you can have the head of the agency collecting all our taxes purposely and methodically target political opponents with no action taken by the Justice Department, you know the new name is truly the “Injustice Department.” When an agency can target a person, a business, and even a church because they support the other side, they should be jailed for life. When they can do it with impunity and cover from the Justice Department and President, this shows our country is in a grave situation. Everything this country was built on, no person being above the law and all created equal is now out the door.

Freedom of Religion and the Quran


Before we get started, we need to understand our history that many Liberals try to twist and discredit for their own agenda. Our Founding Fathers like all humans did make mistakes but they still set the foundation for the greatest country that has ever been. At the beginning of our great nation, our Founding Fathers set “Religious Freedom”, but it isn’t what permeates through our society today. Our nation was founded on Judaeo-Christian principles and the freedom of a Judaeo-Christian religion, no matter your denomination. While under English rule, any other religious establishment other than the “Church and Society in England” which was a government ran by the church was considered blasphemy and received merciless persecution from the English. The only two religions known to the majority of people and believed to be righteous was Judaism and Christianity, but they believed it was between the individual interpretation of Judaism and Christianity and their creator, not a bureaucratic government. The Founding Fathers wanted any and all Judaeo-Christian religions to be able to be practice without government persecution.

We as Americans were still a young nation when our third president, Thomas Jefferson ran into our first taste of another religion, the Islamic religion and it terrorism known as the Barbary Pirates. Thomas Jefferson was fundamentally a man of peace and did not know anything about this Islamic religion or its core beliefs. He ordered the Quran, the Barbary Pirates holy book to be translated into English so he could read it to find its foundation and a way to peacefully end these unprovoked attacks. He always believed in negotiations before war, however after reading the Quran he realized because of the Islamic belief, negotiations would never work.

He realized with verses like Quran 48:29, which according to the Quran says any other religion, including atheism must be destroyed that they would never want peace. He recognized the hatred in this Islamic ideology which was spelled out in the Quran toward all other religions ran through its religion and state of government because they are one in the same. He realized the Quran in verses 5:33 and 9:29 would try and force all Americans to give up their freedom and be forced to convert to Islam or be put to death, he realized Quran 16:106 wasn’t freedom. America would be facing the threat of uncontrolled piracy along the Barbary Coast and America unless he put an end to it. He knew he wouldn’t be able to trust them because the Quran verse 3:54 refers to Allah, the Islamic god, as the great deceiver, how could he trust a religion based in deception. The final blow against Jefferson’s peaceful desires was Quran verse 3:28 which tells the Islamic people to never make non-believers friends.

Today as far as the Islamic religion nothing has changed, it is still greedy, self-absorbed, and murderous. There are some believers in the Islamic religion who do not feel that way but they are the minority to the bully, if they raise up in protest, they will be slaughtered in honor killings. This happens regularly in the open overseas, it also happens quite often in America but is covered up by the American Islamic Leadership. When we talk about terrorist attacks on American soil, the FBI says only 1 of every 1,000 Islamic attacks succeed. There has been 85 successful Islamic attacks that our government has admitted, using the FBI’s calculations tells us Islamic terrorist have tried around 85,000 times to attack America; does this sound like a friend? How many more attacks would have been averted, how many more lives would have been saved if we had secured boarders, actively tracked visa expirations, and better vetted asylum seekers? We may have averted the Chattanooga Recruiter attacks, Fort Hood Shooting, and even 9/11 but liberals and political correctness got in the way. When you look at the history of our foundation, and when you look at the US Constitution, our Founding Fathers stated that all government officials are to be up standing and beyond reproach; currently all we have is mainly political crooks who are 100% greed driven. They will not stand up for the truth or speak the truth. If any religion preaches deceit and calls their god the master of deception, would you believe them to be up standing and beyond reproach?

The problem we have in America is our politicians from both parties, they have replaced common since and love of our country with political correctness and tyranny which has left America and its people venerable to attack and in danger. President Obama gave up 5 Taliban Generals for a deserter, does this sound like a decision to make us safe? He pulled out of Iraq and ignored his generals allowing 100,000 people to be murdered by this same Islamic faith he says is has a “proud tradition of tolerance.” No Mr. President, they have a proud tradition a religious oppression, raping, torture, and murdering the innocent, just ask the 100,000 now dead people. Mr. President, why did you sign the Iran Nuclear deal after they before violated it before you signed it? You have some people saying President Obama is a Muslim, with statements like “The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam”, “The sweetest sound I know is the Muslim call to prayer”, and “I made clear that America is not – and never will be – at war with Islam”; well Mr. President, you may be trying to keep America out of war with Islam but they are trying to kill us. What do you call it when they keep trying to kill your fellow countrymen, it’s not work place violence! I have yet to hear him say anything as profound about his “Christian Faith” and you can’t have two masters. When you look at his direction to bring Muslim refugees from Iraq to America but refusing to bring Christian refugees, I believe these people may be right. When are we going to once again vote in politicians who will be “up standing and beyond reproach?” The political establishment from both parties need to go.

Liberal Theology, the Dictionary Definition of Ignorance

I slam liberals a lot and had an email asking why I hated Democrats. I don’t hate Democrats, I hate liberals and there are enough of them in the Democrat Party as well as the Republican Party. Not only do you have the destructive Democratic Liberals like Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Barbra Boxer, Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters, Eleanor Holmes Norton, Sheila Jackson Lee, and President Obama, but you have the destructive Republican Liberals like Chris Gibson, Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, and Jeb Bush. No wonder the American people are so upset, they have no choice against the Ignorant Theology of Liberalism.

The Rules of Liberalism.

  1.   Make up facts to support your agenda, if caught, have others including the media liberals echo your talking points as fact.
  2. If you can’t beat someone on merit, dig up or fabricate dirt on them until the pressure is too much. 
  3. If they can withstand the pressure, threaten their family, including children with harm. 
  4. Remove all rights from the people that you can, the less rights the people have, the easier it is to control them.
  5.  Infiltrate the education system (including collages) and remove any American history that complicates your long term goals. An example is like the KKK is a conservative group when they in truth were created by Democrats to be the strong arm of enforcement in the Democratic Party.
  6.  Make everyone you can dependent on the government through entitlements, the more dependent on the government they are the more control over you have.
  7.  Always tie wasteful spending to an untouchable bill like Defense Bill, Education Bill, or a Medicaid Bill so if someone opposes it because of what you attached, you can say it is the other and vilify them. 
  8.  If in charge of a house of Congress, order the complete submission of others in your party, if they don’t or dare to oppose you, pull them off any committees and prevent them from getting funding for reelection.
  9.  Pick and choose which laws you will support and bypass any laws you don’t like; derelict your duty for the greater good of your hidden agenda.
  10.  Remember the rules don’t apply to you, if a member of a US Agency targeting political opponents no matter how illegal. If I am a minority, I can say stuff that you can’t if you are not a minority or a liberal.
 University of Pennsylvania Professor Anthea Butler, who is a black female, says Dr. Ben Carson is worthy of a “Coon of the Year Award”. If a professor anywhere would have said that about President Obama, they would be immediately fired, but she is a liberal. This is the prejudice evolving in America today, when some liberal groups are afforded special consideration it is prejudice against all other groups not afforded the same opportunity. The N-word is looked on as the epitome of racism yet liberal black will say it with impunity; if it is wrong for one to say, it is wrong for all to say. If a liberal, even a white one uses the N-word it is pushed by the liberal media as they just misspoke, but if any non-liberal does, both barrels come out blasting. If anyone says something sexist about a liberal female, NOW who is supposed to be for women’s rights and equality will be firing with both barrels (rightfully so). But if it is a non-liberal being attacked they are silent; this is the epitome of hypocrisy. When you have people saying, “Black Lives Matter” which is true and a liberal steps out of line and says, “All Lives Matter” which is truer, they will be attacked unmercifully until they get back in line with the liberal agenda. Don’t all lives matter? When you have a Congress Woman like Eleanor Holmes Norton say the evidence and facts doesn’t matter then what does?

If liberals believe the truth doesn’t matter which will be identified by the evidence, than we are living in tyranny. We are living in tyranny and most Americans don’t even recognize it. When you keep taxing the hard working Americans to give to the lazy and illegal, this is tyranny. When you have the state of California trying to dock you pay for going to the restroom, you have tyranny. When you are a politician and use Imminent Domain to seize another’s property for your personal gain, this is tyranny. When you try to hide the truth like in Benghazi and falsely accuse an innocent film maker then persecute him, this is tyranny. When you have California passing legislation like the “Fair Pay Law”, which isn’t for fair pay for all, just women. The Fair Pay Law focuses on fair pay for women but don’t everyone else matter? The law is so ambiguous that “Fair Pay” isn’t even defined so it’s left up to interpretation; this is once again tyranny. When you have the Obama Administration and UN Announce Global Police Force to Fight ‘Extremism’ In US, you know they are trying to remove the US Constitution and your rights that go with it.

Liberalism doesn’t work, look at the “Gun Free Zones (GFZ)” where no guns are allowed to be carried. Cities with GFZ have 70% on average of the crimes committed in the GFZ, Why, because criminals know they will be safer in a GFZ and targets will be unarmed. Haven’t you noticed every mass shooting is in a gun free zone? Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon is a GFZ, people will saying that isn’t a GFZ but the liberal administration there have a policy that any faculty carrying a firearm even if you have a CCL will be fired and any student will be expelled. Just read about Western Oregon University. Think about it, if a student or faculty member was allowed to carry their gun, you may not have had 10 dead and 9 injured; whose child died needlessly because of this school policy?