Why Do Most Muslims Hate Everyone Else?



If you look at Islamic community as a whole across the world, it is the most violent religions currently on earth; anytime anyone says anything the Islamist disagree with and find insulting, they issue a  fatwa ordering Muslims to kill you. This is ordered by their “Religious Leaders” and then they want to call themselves a “Peaceful Religion. The western society came to find this out clearly, how “Peaceful this religion was when Salman Rushdie wrote (I’m not endorsing or not endorsing it) the novel “The Satanic Verses.” Many murders of innocent people, attempted murders of innocent people, and bombings of innocent people were directed by the Islamic Religious Leaders because of their anger over the novel. When you have a religion who will order the murder of hundreds of innocent people because their feelings are hurt and their followers agree, they literally have a mental problem within that community. Do they apply the same rule to Muslims insulting any other religion; No, because to them, their religion is the only one that matters.

If you listen to what political Muslim leaders sat, only "1% to 5%" of Muslims worldwide believe in being extremist or condone extremist behavior which translates to 16 to 80 million of the 1.6 billion Islamic believers. The Pew Research Center found that 26% of American Muslims believe suicide bombings are justified. If you read between the lines this means we have 26% of our American Muslims citizens who agreeing with the extremism; that is a little more then the 1% to 5%. Britain had 24%, France had 35%, Spain had 25%, and Germany was the lowest with 13% but when you add the populations together of all these countries, you are looking at 24.8% of the Muslims believe in the extremist theology. The western world will have a much lower rate then the rest of the world but if you take just this average of the western world and apply it to the world wide Islamic population, you will have over 397 million Islamic extremist in the world witch is equal to 68% of the population of the countries mentions; doesn’t sound good to me. The Pew Research Center found that of American Muslims, only 58% reject al-Qaeda outright which if we use that number means 672 Million support Islamic extremism like al-Qaeda, more than all the population of Western countries combined; think about that, around 10% of the world’s 7 billion population are extremist.

What is their reason for extremism? Hugh Fitzgerald wrote a paper listing 95 reasons why which is quite interesting. The first reason he mentioned is Salman Rushdie’s “The Satanic Verses” and the second one is because The British government’s protected Salman Rushdie. So let me get this right, in the Islamist minds, the government should have let them murder an innocent man because they were throwing a temper tantrum over what Salman Rushdie’s freedom of speech  said yet the Islamist can say anything foul about any other religion; they need to get out of the stone age and grow up. Another reason which is quite interesting is the continued refusal of non-Muslims in the West to institute a formalized long-term system of Jizyah (tax formerly paid by minority religious groups within the Muslim empire), by which Muslims can be supported, as they now must make do only with the benefits provided by Infidel taxpayers on a year-to-year basis. They believe they are above every other religion, legal system, and non-Muslim person on earth and believe they can abuse all others because they are superior.

Jurgen Todenhofer, the first western reporter to be embedded with ISIS/ISIL and not be killed, has some chilling words for the rest of us. Todenhofer lived side by side with ISIS/ISIL fighters for ten days,  he asked them about the value of mercy in Islam, but in his words, didn’t see any mercy in their behavior. Something that Todenhofer didn’t understand was their plan of religious cleansing, ISIS/ISIL is planning on killing all non-believers; so if you are gay, trans, atheist, Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, or anything other then their style of Islam, you have been marked for death.

Liberals, you suck at foreign affairs and now Iran may get a nuclear bomb; do you think when Iran gives ISIS/ISIL this nuclear bomb that they can kill the promised million people? Do you think it would be hard to cross our southern border and say, set it off in Dallas, San Diego, or maybe drive to Chicago, New York, or Los Angeles to detonate the nuke? They in their own words say they hate us, why won’t you take them at their word?


  1. Fascists in the west have invited Muslims (also fascists) to bring terror into their nations, to justify the establishment of fascist police states, to permanently control them in a permanent state of terror.

  2. I read that same paper by the pew research center, yet I found that only one percent of the US Muslim population believed that suicide bombings in the name of Islam were justified, with another seven percent saying those bombings were sometimes justified. If we read the same report, where did you get the 26% figure? Seems to be a bit of trickery there.

    It would also be great if you could back up the claim found in your heading. Nothing in this article seems to support the fact that most Muslims hate Americans. Finally, while I may be going off on a tangent, I would like to suggest something. Do a bit of editting before publishing your work, the grammar here is awful. I would have more to say, yet it is not so easy typing on a six inch screen.

  3. If you go to the link I provided, it is all there. Please provide the link you are talking about from PRC.

  4. I train everyday. Idc if your muslim or American. If u try to hurt me or my family, i will kill you. Period