Hillary and the DNC Using Military Death to Cover for Radical Islam

I’m an Independent, I do not like the Liberal Democratic or Republican Establishments because they have done nothing for our country. Through their incompetence and agendas they have only made America weaker and less safe. We are in a war today as is the whole world and it is with Radical Islam. I believe there are good peaceful people of all races and religions just like I know there are the bad ones, Radical Islam is bad and very illusive, figuring out who they are in a crowd is the biggest problem we face today.

I am not for or against Mr. Trump but the DNC, especially Hillary and President Obama has made a legacy out of lying about what anyone says, especially if they disagree or it puts them in a bad light. Hillary and President Obama say Mr. Trump is prejustice because he said “Stop all Muslims from coming into America”, but they left off the rest of the statement, “Until our countries representatives can figure out what the hell is going on.” Mr. Trump is referring to Muslim refugees wreaking havoc everywhere they have gone. After all the Islamic Terrorist attacks around the world from these refugees, it is a very smart course to take. Muslims in the name of Islam have murdered thousands, not only around the world but also in our own back yard. Donald Trump warns of the Radical Muslim Problem and the truth is he is right, not all Muslims, but the Radical Muslim are a problem and they are here. The Muslim Student Association, or Muslim Student Union is a Muslim Group in American collages who preach hatred against other groups, especially Jewish people. A student, one of their members challenged a Jewish professor, he gets her to points out the truth, make sure you listen to her last comment where she would support rounding up the Jews for genocide. What does the DNC do, they bring the father of a fallen Muslim soldier and uses him to pass false propaganda; this was deplorable and the father unknowingly has just stabbed his son’s troops in the back. His son was one of the good guys who was killed by the Radical Islamist, do you think his son would want to let all unvetted Muslims into America? No.

As I always say, no matter what someone says, look at the facts and their actions to find the truth. Our Liberal Politicians refuse to learn from the past and try to rewrite it so let’s look at a brief review of our history, the two deadliest attacks on US military personnel by US military personnel where both done by US Troops of Muslim Faith.

Sergeant Hasan Karim Akbar killed two soldiers and wounded 14, in Kuwait during wartime. He was the first to be convicted of “Fragging" fellow soldiers overseas since the Vietnam war

Major Nidal Malik Hasan killed 13 and wounded 30 others at Ft Hood.

The two deadliest attacks on US civilians personnel in America where both done by people of Muslim Faith.

September 11 Attacks 19 al-Qaeda terrorists, eighteen of which were on expired VISAs hijacked 4 planes killing 2,996 people and wounding over 6,000 others.

Omar Mateen killed 49 people and wounded 53 in an Islamic, hatred of gays rampage in Orlando Florida.

Our last three US Ambassadors killed in the line of duty were also killed by people of Muslim Faith.

Ambassador Christopher Stevens, along with 3 others were killed in Benghazi on 11 September by people of Muslim Faith. A footnote here is Ambassador Requested for more security multiple time from Hillary, instead, she took security away.

Ambassador Adolph Dubs was killed in Kabul on 14 February 1979 when he was kidnapped and taken to the Kabul Hotel, room 117. He was shot in the head during a failed rescue attempt by people of Muslim Faith.

Ambassador Francis E. Meloy, Jr.  along with U.S. economic counselor Robert O. Waring were kidnapped by a Palestinian separatist group and shot by people of Muslim Faith.

Four out of seven US Ambassadors killed in the history of the United States were by people of Muslim Faith.

These are the facts about what Radical Muslims of faith have given to America. Everyone in America, especially our Liberal Politicians refuse to see an Islamic Mosque for what the Islamic people say it is, their fortress. In France, Germany, England, Tunisia, Kenya, and every other country who welcomed Muslims into their country, raided Muslim Mosques after the murder of their citizens to find a War Grade Arsenal of Weapons; does this sound like a peaceful religion?

What do you think we would find if we raided Mosques in the US, a bunch of Girl Scout Cookies? Let’s just take a look at the ones the FBI consider as “Radical Mosques”, oh wait, President Obama and Hillary said that would be profiling. The FBI had done profiling before on Omar Mateen. Wait, wasn’t he the one who killed 49 people and wounded 53 in an Islamic, hatred of gays rampage in Orlando Florida. Yes he was so, our Liberal President Obama and Hillary Clinton who refused to let the FBI protect America were responsible for the murdering of 49 Americans, and you want her for president. President Obama should have been impeached when he designate the Fort Hood shooting as Work Place Violence, it was a terrorist attack on our soil. Liberals WILL NOT PROTECT YOU FROM ISLAMIC TERRORIST! The poor man who lost his son doesn’t realize that due to President Obama’s arrogance and ignorance, 75 percent of the all U.S. military deaths and about 90 percent of the injuries of US Military Personnel have occurred under President Obama’s and are linked to his policies, the same ones Hillary plans to maintain. If you really want to see what Hillary thinks about the Military, read Dereliction of Duty by Lieutenant Colonel Patterson.

The Dishonest American Press

I have said for decades that our press in America has strayed from being a necessary watchdog against corruption in the government to a political lap dog of liberals toting the liberal agenda. I have said that instead of being unbiased, they refuse to accurately report, in some cases even manipulate the truth to get better ratings or attack groups they or their liberal master don't like. The unbiased press in crucial to the survival of America, as the bias media is an Internal American terrorist group which by following its master's agenda instead of the truth can destroy America. Most the media today are unethical in their reporting and nothing but a political operative; don't be fooled, most of them have no integrity.

What does the 1st Amendment say?

1st Amendment - Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

What do our founding fathers said about the press?

"A declaration that the Federal Government will never restrain the presses from printing anything they please will not take away the liability of the printers for false facts printed." Thomas Jefferson

"Printing presses shall be subject to no other restraint than liableness to legal prosecution for false facts printed and published." Thomas Jefferson

“To the press alone, chequered (British for checkered) as it is with abuses, the world is indebted for all the triumphs which have been gained by reason and humanity over error and oppression.” James Madison

What do I say?

A free unbiased press who investigates and criticizes the government for wrong doing and corruption is essential in a self-governing nation. It must practice self-cleansing to prevent unethical practices of both itself and the government to enlighten our citizens with the truth. A press that is bias in its reporting is worse than a hidden enemy who stab America in the back because it is the cancer which can and will enable the destruction of America.

You have the press lying to build up their bravado, ratings, or for political reasons, just a few examples.

NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams has been forced to admit that his compelling 2003 account of surviving a ride-along in a military helicopter downed by ground fire in Iraq was not true.

CBS News Katie Couric had manipulated interview footage in order to portray Second Amendment supporters as individuals unable to intelligently argue the right to bear arms.

MSNBC Reporter Ayman Mohyeldin Caught Lying On Air about ‘Unarmed’ Palestinian Terrorist.

ABC reporter Jonathan Karl caught lying about Benghazi.

CNN reporter Jeremy Diamond was caught lying about a black protester being kicked, punched, and called racial names at a Trump rally.

I could easily have shown 50+ reporters lying from all the major media outlets, the ones that piss me off the most are the one who try to steal valor (our chopper landed under sniper fire), the ones who are the most dangerous are the ones who lie to cover up a political situation (Benghazi was because of a film), create a false political situation (Republicans are racist because they want to secure the border), try to validate an unproved political position (Climate Change is proven science), or talk down facts to make them seem invalid even though they are true (we know she didn't send any classified emails from her server). When reporters change facts to hide the truth about the dangers we are facing in America, this is a full betrayal of the 1st Amendment and their duty to the American people. When bias reporters work to push a political agenda without reporting the true ramifications about the item, this is lying.

James Holmes, the Arora Theater shooter's diary was released with some consistent facts found in other murders notes. He skipped the Air Port and other places because there was too many chances of other who may have been armed. Mr. Holmes chose Arora Theaters, skipping six others because Arora was the only one which banned permitted concealed handguns. Because the media is in bed with the liberal politicians, many who have guns but don't want you to, you will never hear about the 200,000+ times each year women defend off sexual predators using a gun or the average deaths when the police respond to a mass melee or shooting, 14.3 people die, but when a mass melee or shooting is stopped by an armed citizen only 2.3 people die. Remember, the police are reactionary, they can't be everywhere at once. The media doesn't tell you this because it goes against the "Talking Points" of the liberal establishment, this is the same reason they don't report thje truth about "Gun Free Zones". According to the FBI, 92% of all mass shootings happen in "Gun Free Zones, " The media quoted Everytown data, a liberal organization, and tried to say only 14% of mass shootings happen in "Gun Free Zones." Everytown had purposely skewed the data and the news never verified the data because it was in sync with the liberal politicians and the media's agenda. When you have collusion between the politicians and parties, and the press, the damages can be immense and sometimes irreparable, but when coupled with dishonesty and corruption, complete destruction can occur.

As we have seen in our recent history, emails show Democratic National Committeewoman said her party has "cleared a path" for Hillary because she is a woman and Bernie is a "non-practicing" Jew. I've got to ask, who is the racist and sexist party in America? Five of the nine elected leaders of the DNC are women, including chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a Florida congresswoman. Speaking on the condition that they wouldn't be identified, one committee woman told Daily Mail Online that the Democratic Party is in the tank for Clinton. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Hillary, and the women who run the organization decided it "early on" Hillary was going to be the candidate. We know from the leaked email this is true, Bernie as well as the DNC, have stabbed Bernie supporters in the back but once again they are liberals. The American people don’t matter to these liberals and the news will not cover it. Tomas Jefferson stated:

“The press is the best instrument for enlightening the mind of man, and improving him as a rational, moral and social being.” Thomas Jefferson

Tomas Jefferson was right but he left off a piece, the press can be an instrument to cover and enhance the dark workings of politicians as well as divide the people on racial, gender, and religious lines. If you look today in our society, this is what you see happening. The truth sees no race, gender, or religion; it sees no financial, celebrity, or political status. The truth does not come from your feelings but is a cold, hard, black and white fact. Do not listen to what any person or group says, you tell a person or groups intent and beliefs by watching their actions. When you look at the RNC with the American flags everywhere and then you look at the DNC and the liberals running it with Soviet and Palestinian flags everywhere with little to no American flags, who do you think is for America? One is a liberal establishment politician who wants a New World Order (Globalism) in which American will cease to exist, the other is an anti-establishment businessman who wants to make America sovereign and strong again. Both establishments hate the second because he isn't as refined or politically correct as they are, and the media has done everything they can to derail him. I don't care for the New York crassness he displays but he or anyone else would be better than another establishment candidate. What I really wonder is when is the media finally going to get back the reporting the news instead of manipulating it?

Black Lives Matters, The Truth Behind the Facade.

I believe that you look at the actions that any person or group commits or condones to see their true intentions. In America our US Constitution says we can peacefully protest, what does the dictionary say about a peaceful protest and is Black Lives Matters (BLM) really just peacefully protesting?

Peacefully- free from war, strife, commotion, violence, or disorder:

Protest- an expression or declaration of objection, disapproval, or dissent, often in opposition to something a person is powerless to prevent or avoid:

Black Lives Matter says it is a unique contribution that goes beyond extrajudicial killings of Black people by police and vigilantes. In the summer of 2013, after George Zimmerman's acquittal for the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, the movement began with the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter. In August 2014, BLM members organized their first in-person national protest in the form of a "Black Lives Matter Freedom Ride" to Ferguson, Missouri after the shooting of Michael Brown. More than five hundred members descended upon Ferguson to participate in this "non-violent demonstrations."

Now here is where the media and liberals cover the lies. Trayvon Martin was a thug, he was kicked out of school three separate times for fighting, drugs, and having stolen goods. George Zimmerman was an idiotic pug, whenever you have these two type of people meet, something bad is going to happen. In my opinion, Zimmerman chased Martin but was too fat to catch the superior athletic Martin, he turned his back to walk back to his truck, Martin saw his opportunity and pounced. Martin being on top, began beating Zimmerman's head into the ground and Zimmerman defending himself by shooting Martin once. The coroner's report and all the evidence backs up what I stated but this doesn't matter because to the BLM movement, only "Black Lives Matter." If Martin had been taught respect for others and other's property he would still be alive. In Ferguson, Michael Brown was also a thug waiting trail for two assaults and strong arm robberies he had commited in the recent past; he again committed an assault and strong arm robbery minutes before his death. The news covered the several people who said the cop shot him in the back but refused the cover the others who said he was charging the cops. The coroner's report, even from the Brown's own coroner said he was running at the cop who Brown outweighed by over 100 pounds. He was high at the time of his death and due to his own violent actions he was killed. If Brown had been taught respect for others and other's property he would still be alive.

This is where we see the true face behind the facade of BLM, they say they "descended upon Ferguson to participate in non-violent demonstrations" but in reality they burned the town down to the ground; that doesn't sound "non-violent" to me. During this time two cops were shot and they celebrated;  this was the beginning of the organized shooting of the police. They didn't stop there, two suspected Grand Jury witnesses were found murdered, one next to where someone spray-painted the phrase “snitches get stitches” on the side of a building. The sad part is there is no evidence or records they ever testified; a coincident, I don't think so. A cop killed one black male justifiably and the BLM thug rioters murdered two black males; I thought Black Lives Mattered? As I have said before, when you keep yelling wolf when none is present, when a true wolf does show up, no one is going to believe you, this is what happened with Eric Garner. In my opinion from watching the video, Eric Garner was murdered by the police using an illegal choke hold, if not murdered by action, he was by not calling paramedics for seven minutes after Garner collapsed. A real wolf showed up and no one paid attention because wolf had been yelled so many times the people became desensitize. When a senator stated "All Lives Matters", BLM people went ballistic on him saying he was racist for stating "All Lives Matter", so are you staying no one but Black Lives Matter? I ask, who is acting like the real racist here? A study by Dr. Roland Fryer, a black professor at Harvard shows in the raw data, that blacks are 23.8 percent less likely to be shot at by police relative to whites. Hispanics are 8.5 percent less likely but BLM like any liberal group, don't like or care the facts.

The truth is BLM is no different than the KKK except it is a different race, both are hate groups, violent, and do not respect the law. The one difference is I haven't heard of the KKK murdering any police officers or anyone else in the last 50 years but you do have the BLM calling for it. Don't get me wrong, I hate all racist groups and BLM is a racist group. If BLM's message was going to have any legitimacy, it is gone now. The hatred for the racism coming out of BLM will unfortunately spread throughout our country causing more racial incidents then we saw in the 1960's. If we had leadership from President Obama this could be defused but instead he throws more fuel on the flames which by his actions make him look just as racist as the BLM crowd. President Obama further loses any possible credibility by stating, "Police Can 'Make the Job of Being a Cop a Lot Safer' by Admitting Their Failures." Cops do make mistakes, we all do, but this make President Obama sound like he is blaming the cops who were shot in Dallas, not the BLM lunatic that shot all White Cops stating, "he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers.” This is preaching racism and blaming whites for others failures due to their own actions? 
The truth is, no matter what race you are, if you choose to be the victim when you are not, you will become the victim from your own doing and no one else's. If you choose to ignore your surroundings and work to have a better life you will succeed on your own merit. This has been proven time and time again but the liberals want you to become the victim, not the success.