H-2A Temporary Workers Program Americans Shafted by Liberals Again.

A little while back on a blog, I wrote about how Americans only received $7.25 and hour but legal immigrants made $10.10 an hour. I was blasted by every liberal out there as a liar, misrepresenting the facts, they were government contracted employees falling under the new executive order that all government contractors minimum wage would be $10.10 an hour and more; well I was right but I didn’t know just how bad it was until I finally received some of those documents I was telling you about. Now to be honest, I have nothing against guest workers because they did it the right way, my problem is with the politicians who promote them and require more from their employers then is required for the American citizens employers.

Before we get started we need to clear up a couple of identifying terms:

  1. Immigrant- a person who is immigrating to another country seeking permanent citizenship.
  2. Illegal Immigrant- a person who illegally immigrates to another country breaking that countries laws with the intent to or not to seeking permanent citizenship.
  3. Nonimmigrant Worker- a person from another country who is not immigrating but coming to another country on a work visa for increments of no more then a year which can be renewed by sponsor.

Now that we have that strait, the H-2A Guest Worker Program which is ran by the US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) is the name of the program I was talking about. These guess workers are not government contractors but are nonimmigrant workers coming to America on a work visa sponsored by companies or individuals requesting workers. Their sponsors must fill out the I-129 form to apply for a nonimmigrant work visa and will be their sponsor while in country if accepted. The requester must see if they are qualified under the USCIS in order for USCIS to determine if you must pay the additional $1,500 or $750 American Competitiveness and Workforce
Improvement Act (ACWIA) fees. The sponsor must pay for a minimum of 20 hours a week even if no work is completed, provide housing, and medical. I ask, does this benefits that the sponsor is forced to pay far exceeds what is required for American workers? Now lets look at the wages.

The minimum wage controlled by congress is across America and all American territories; the lowest minimum wage for American and American territories is $4.18 an hour in the American Samoa territory which was written out of the $7.25 minimum wage by Nancy Pelosi but we will get back to that later. As of 18 December 2014, the highest minimum wage was at $9.50 in DC. The lowest minimum wage you could pay a nonimmigrant worker was $9.87 in five states and the highest mandatory minimum wage was $13.41 in four states. So let me get this right, if you count the American Samoa, the nonimmigrant worker gets paid 57.7 percent more ($4.18 compared to $9.87), if you don’t count them it is 27% more ($7.25 compared to $9.87), with the highest minimum wage being 29.2% higher ($9.50 compared to $13.41). No lets not forget that the sponsor must give them from housing, utilities, and health insurance so like I said, the American citizen getting screwed by liberals again; no lets look at an inconvenient truth.

When it come to liberals, most are in the Democratic party and claim to always be looking out for the little guy. No one in the Democratic party has stood on this pedestal more then the ultra liberal Nancy Pelosi but she is pretty much the poster child of the liberal left in America. Nancy Pelosi is a liberal Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from California's 12th district and one of the biggest advocates of a minimum wage, at lease in public, but she as all liberals are nothing but con artist. In January, 2007 when the minimum wage was increased from $5.15 to $7.25, Pelosi had American Samoa exempted from the increase so Del Monte would not have to pay the higher wage since 75% of the American Samoa work force are employed by Star-Kiss. StarKist Tuna's headquarters are in San Francisco, Pelosi's home district, StarKist mother company is Del Monte Foods and is a major contributor to Pelosi so this could be the reason she exempted them, or it could be because Paul Pelosi, Nancy's husband, owns $17 million dollars of StarKist stock. The American Samoa should be at $7.25 an hour minimum wage like the rest of American and it’s territories; it is ok for her to push through legislation which requires American sponsors to be forced to pay at a minimum $9.87 plus housing to foreign workers but won’t even raise her people up to $7.25 an hour. Do you really think she cares for the small guy, or the big business that supports her?

An EPA/IRS Law Needs to be Passed

In our laws and in our US Constitution, you are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, that is unless you are dealing with the EPA or IRS. Over the pass few years and being intensified in the last six years, both the EPA and the IRS have been taking peoples property, money, and even throwing them in jail without one charge being filed or any reason being given. These two agencies have bypassed the complete US Constitution by making up their own laws without going through congress, penalizing US citizens without due process, and targeting We The People for political reasons; this needs to come to an end!

The first part of this bill need to be written so that the States have final say so in all EPA matters dealing with their citizens property; before anything can be seized or frozen the state must agree with the findings and the EPA must have a valid warrant in detail about what evidence they have found, how they obtained it, and present it to a state judge; if there is no evidence or it was obtained illegally by trespassing, they cannot proceed.

Second, there must be a clearly defined roles that the state will allow the EPA to do in each individual state. Currently the EPA is trying to force it’s will on every state by saying it regulates all standing water, so if it rains you can’t do anything with that puddle in your front yard. A man who went through his state to get all the right paperwork and permits to build a pond was told he had to remove it of be fined by the EPA $1,000 a day, the state stud up for him and told the EPA to shove it and it is currently in court.

Third is, if anyone is caught targeting anyone or business for political reasons, they will be fired, will be banned from working in any area of government including schools, and will go to jail for a minimum of 10 year with no pardon available from the executive branch. This can apply to all agencies in the government.

Christine O'Donnell is a Tea Party activist and former Republican Party candidate best known for her 2010 campaign for the Senate seat vacated by Vice President Joe Biden. She was targeted not once, but twice by the IRS, once during her campaign and the other just recently. When she confronted them, they finally dropped all charges but still haven’t returned all here money. They charge the public interest if we are late on a payment so shouldn’t they give interest when while they have your money? Christine O'Donnell along with hundreds of Democrats and Republicans were targeted by the IRS for disagreeing with the Obama administration. There were hundreds of more people and businesses, both Democrats and Republicans, targeted by the EPA for the same reason, they opposed the Obama administration. This is not only UN-constitutional, but immoral and unethical; for you people who think it doesn’t matter if someone does immoral and unethical actions in their private life, this is why it does. Their character and moral standard in their professional life will reflect the character and moral standard of their private life; if they don’t have any character and morals in one, they won’t have any in the other.

To add to the above, if money is seized by the IRS, they must pay interest on it at 5% APR compounded daily if they loose in court; the money will come out of their general fund and will not be subsidized. If the IRS is late on people receiving their tax returns, the same rule applies.

What is currently going on is tyranny and what our founding fathers warned us about. They warned us about activist judges who instead of interpreting the law have started making laws like we see with gay marriage and our American flag not being able to be worn on certain days because it offends people; if they are offended they can leave our country. These judges need to be removed from the court system; when a judge can overturn the will of the people to serve a political agenda, we have a problem. This problem is within all of our agencies, not just the EPA and IRS. We have judges signing off on open search warrants for the NSA which violate the US Constitution; we need to reel all these agencies back in.

The Hard Truth Brother Al and Jesse Will Never Admit


This is strait from the FBI’s data base, CDC’s data base, and The U.S. Department of Education so if you have any problem with the numbers, its your personal bias not looking at the facts. I wrote a post talking about this same thing back in July 2013 called “The Hard Truth about Our Society and Its Downward Spin” and now we can see plain as our hand in front of our face, what I said would happen because of the lack of the family unit in our inner cities. As I have said before, I am a realist and look at many items as black and white because the truth is black or white; being impartial about facts is hard, it’s even harder when you are emotionally attached to the subject. You must separate yourself from your emotional bias and look at the facts no matter how hard the truth is to swallow.

I defend the police the majority of the time but not always because even though I know 95% of the police out there are good, there are many who are not, and in the big cities it is even worse due to what is known as “The Blue Brotherhood.” Most of the time in the big cities, we have a major problem with the lower income people not trusting the police and with all the stories you hear, just like with fairy tales, in what is said there is some truth. Martin Luther King when he protested was always non-violent which made the other side loose all credibility especially when seen across the nation. If you follow Dr. Kings teachings today, you would first pick cases that were the police were truly wrong; Michael Brown has all the evidence saying he didn’t have his hands up, assaulted the cop, was running at the cop, and all shots were in the front, not the back as some “witnesses” had said; he was a thug killed legitimately by a cop doing his duty! The Eric Gardener is a different story, the cop had been in trouble before and this time killed someone, unintentionally I believe, but Mr. Gardener is still dead. This cop did have violent tendencies shown in his official record, did use an unauthorized choke hold, and should have been indicted on charges and according to Dr. King, there should be peaceful protest stating this point. If the protesters would not have destroyed the property like you seen in Ferguson, you would have credibility but because you did destroy Ferguson and now have incited the murder of two cops, have lost all credibility. The part that Al Sharpton and the other race baiters will never admit is they are responsible for these police officers death just as much as the one who pulled the trigger; if they were not stoking the fires of hate, these two cops may still be alive today.

I do believe there are cases out there like the Mr. Gardener case which you should protest but when you have people on social media saying, kill every cop out there, no one is going to say a word when the cops kill the protesters and claims self defense; you have just given who you say is the aggressor a reason to escalate aggressions instead of reduce aggressions. I know Mr. Garner isn’t the only case where you have police brutality like Mr. Robert Davis (a black man) in Louisiana who was a school teacher which was captured on tape; the chief of police and the mayor of New Orleans were both black so are they racist against blacks? I’m sure there are plenty of more because in many big cities especially, the police have forgotten about “To Protect and Serve” and are running under the premise that they are untouchable. They do in many cases in big cities discriminate like shown here with two different protesters getting treated two different ways. Discrimination happens against all races but when you yell discrimination and police brutality in cases where it was not present, the people will get tired of your lies. Then when you have a real case, it will be ignored because you have no credibility and have cried wolf too many times. When your protest burns down a town or destroys property, once again, you have lost all credibility. The next time anyone goes to protest, no matter the race, ask yourself, what would Dr. King do, he was the best example for protesting we have ever had and he didn't stoke the fires like Brother Al and Jesse, he tried to bring peace.

American People Destroying America

I have seen a scary trend in America with small groups of people and many politicians; it really makes me wonder if the people are really this ignorant and our politicians so wrapped up in their own arrogance that they cannot see reality in front of them till it smacks them in the face. We have many people who have zero national pride because that is what the liberal agenda pushes, we have few politicians who will do for their country but sure want their country to do for them. When you have the First Lady saying the only time she was proud of her country was when her husband was elected, something is wrong. And last, when you have a liberally ran company like Sony tucking tail and running, it wasn’t because the cared about the peoples lives, it was because they feared what other embarrassing emails they could release that are probably worse then the ones currently released. If you can’t tell the truth, be honest, and stand behind what you say weather its an individual, politician, or a company, you are a coward.

I was walking through a farmers market when I was stopped and handed a piece of paper to read, what I read on it was disturbing so I started asking the lady who was white and handed me the paper questions. First, on the paper it stated “Cops Murder 400 Blacks a Year” so I asked her what that meant and she said “You know, they have shot and murdered 400 blacks.” I asked her if the cops were “Murdering” blacks, how many whites, Asian, and Spanish have they murdered, she went pale for a second then said, “That doesn’t matter, they murdered 400 blacks!” She had said several names, two of which I recognized and that was when I realize two things, first they were all killed by white cops and the ones I recognized were either shot by the cops returning fire in defense or to saving another’s life. I asked her why she didn’t mention Aiyana Jones a little girl shot by Detroit police Officer Joseph Weekly, I asked the lady, “Doesn’t all lives matter, not just black ones?” I then told her that it was a total of 500 people killed by cops, not just black and all were not shot. She was getting pretty irritated with me by this point;  she tried to grab the paper back (she didn’t get it) and left.

I went to look up this group to find out what they were about and I was shocked. What I thought was going to be some type of racist site turned out to be a pro-communist, pro socialist site which called for the overthrow of the US government and the US Constitution by any means necessary to make it fair for everyone. Their site, like most wacko sites didn’t have any place for you to comment on the Anti-American propaganda that they were pushing because they wouldn’t be able to win an argument. I found an email link and sent them some questions like “Have you ever lived in a socialist or communist country?” Of course I have not received any response and if they are like most leftist liberals (socialist), they have probably blocked me because they haven’t been there, haven’t seen it, and don’t understand it but it is what our collages teach and preach today. I cannot believe there are that many people who just want to throw their freedom away; the politicians have brainwashed them into mindless zombies.

The politicians have done more than just brainwashing people, they have purposely put us in more danger then in anytime of our countries life. John Pistole, the longest serving Transportation Security Administration head says we are facing a much higher threat from terrorist then we did on 9/11; that is scary. What is our politicians doing, nothing! As we watch the world lessons on terrorism our politicians arrogantly believe that we can’t be touched; did they forget about 9/11? Look at what just happened in Pakistan, 148 killed including 132 students with another 121 wounded. Did you forget about Russia having 385 hostages killed in what is known as the Beslan School Massacre by Muslim Terrorist? Britain, France, and many others are being attacked regularly as are we but the news won’t carry it. It has already happened over here, we were attacked by Muslim Terrorist like Pakistan and Russia on 9/11 not to mention the DC sniper, the Fort Hood attack, and many others, but our government labels it “Work Place Violence” to cover up the truth. The politicians who aren’t bowing to the Muslim establishments are bowing to the illegal establishments; What do we do? I give it under five years (more like 2 years) and we will have another 9/11 if not worse because many have returned to the 9/10 mentality. Our politicians are not protecting us and attack any state that tries to do the right thing; political correctness is killing us; and soon it will be literally.

Many of our politicians want to give the most corrupt organization on earth, the UN, the ability to govern and force Americans to fall under the UNs authority, give up all guns, and even pay them a tax. Do you want this, I don’t! Just look at what Adam Schift said about the Benghazi attack; he knowing lied along with our administration calling 4 Americans deaths a “Red Herring”, and there are many others. Are we going to start protecting our citizens or wait for another 9/11 and burry our head in the sand denying the truth. Are we going to let North Korea tell us what we can watch? Has political correctness gone so far that a Muslim born in Arlington County, Virginia can join the military and on his business cards have SOA (Soldier of Allah) which is a phrase the used by terrorist. The Army officer was even in contact with Anwar al-Awlaki, a known terrorist but deemed to not be a threat by the FBI. This person who was not a threat, Major Hasan then murdered 13 of his fellow soldiers and wounded 32others while shouting “Allahu Akbar, a phrase which literally means "Allah is greater" and is yelled by ever terrorist carrying out an attack and political correctness murdered all 13 of these people. Than to add insult to injury, our liberal politicians call it “Work Place Violence!” So we have Communists/Socialists openly calling for the over throw of our government, we have politicians and companies bowing to threats from other countries, and we have political correctness allowing terrorist into our military to kill our military; this doesn’t count the 35 terrorist camps identified by the FBI inside America; does this look like we are headed in the right direction?

Troops Morale at All Time Low

Many military members morale is at an all time low, but you may not be for the reasons you think. Military members sacrifice a great deal, they don’t have freedom of speech, they can’t just quit, and many times they spend years away from their families even when we are not at war. The families sacrifice as well, not knowing where you may be, having to take care of the kids on their own, and never knowing when you will get that call to leave on a moment’s notice or receive the knock on the door letting them know you have just made the ultimate sacrifice for your country. Most people we refer to as civilians will never know what this is like, they will never know what it feels like to go somewhere knowing you or one of your military brothers and sisters will be coming home for their funeral, we do this because this is what honor, duty and sacrifice for your country means.

Very few liberals and even fewer receiving entitlement understand what sacrifice means, John F. Kennedy in his inauguration address said,” “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country”, which is a fraise all true Americans live by; not what can you do for a political party or a politician but for your country. In the military we give back to our country while so many others just take, we take all the sacrifices in stride no matter who is in the Oval Office because ours is not a political job like a senator but a job of service and sacrifice. We hold our heads high knowing we are the best in the world at what we do, we do not serve for the politicians, but for our country and We the People; all we ask for in return is for the support of our countrymen. Over the years we in the military have had drops and raises in our moral and most of the times when we have a drop it was because we were being used as political pawns; but recently the morale has dropped below any other point in our history and you have to ask why.

In January 2009, according to the Military Times, military morale was at 91% and December 2014 it is at the lowest point recoded which is 56%; that is a drop of 62% of the 91%. When surveyed if it will get worse or better, the military by 70% said it would get worse. It isn’t because of the pay even though most of the military qualify for assistance they refuse to take it, it isn’t because of living conditions, it isn’t because we have been at war for so long, but it is because we have been used as a political pawn like never before; with attacks coming from our own government, placing politically motivated military leaders is positions of power while removing truly great military leaders, and purposely putting the military in harm’s way not allowed to defend ourselves for political reasons, this is why morale is plummeting in the military.

When needed, the militaries special units who go through intense training and they are not allowed to save Americans. We know what brings down the military morale and here are a few of many examples.

November 2009, Maj Nidal Hasan murders 13 people and wounds 30 others at Fort Seal while yelling “Allahu Akbar”, a known terrorist phrase. He had contact with Anwar al-Awlaki a known terrorist, and even had on his business cards SOA (Soldier of Allah) which is used by the terrorist; to add insult to injury, this administration refuses to classify this as an Act of Terror.

I was one of the last people out of Iraq in December 2011 when we were pulling out, we were taking fire but by Executive Direction” were not allowed to return fire and lost several troops. You can say whatever you want but I lived it and was there, were you.

In Benghazi we had munitions above but not allowed to release, how do I know? You had a former seal on the ground lazing a target and they wouldn’t have done it accidently, a seal wouldn’t make that mistake. The QRF (Quick Reaction Force) was given a stand down order and wasn’t allowed to help; how do I know, I know someone who was assigned to them. Honestly I didn’t think it was possible that politicians would be this stupid until I seen the Retired Air Force Brig. Gen. Robert Lovell and then AFRICOM commander General Carter Ham stating, “We knew almost immediately Benghazi was a terrorist attack”; then I knew it was true. Incidentally, General Carter Ham was relieved of his command shortly afterwards his testimony by this administration. The QRF was ready to do their job, what they have trained for, and wasn’t allowed to; instead they watched Americans die.

Would this bring your morale down, it does ours in the military, especially when you know you could have saved another American’s life and you weren’t allowed to. When the military is used as a social engineering experiment, nothing but bad can come from it and this is what we have had since day one with this administration. Everything this administration has done in regards to the military has been done for political reasons with total disregard with how it will affect the military, even having the present give a half ass salute with a coffee cup in his saluting hand; you cannot disrespect the military much more than that. Don’t get me wrong, the disrespect comes from both parties; the liberals within both parties are at the most fault but both parties are at fault. The liberals hate the military and since there are less and less vets in a voting bloc, taking care of our vets have fallen further and further behind, even behind the illegals on our country and you wonder why the military’s morale is sinking. When you have people in charge of the military who hate the military and even the first lady who makes statements like, “All this for a stupid flag”, the same flag which covers our dead troop’s coffins with the “Commander and Chief” agreeing, you don’t need much more reason. Prince Harry who is English royalty fought for his country, showing his patriotism but how many “American Royalty” children would ever join the military to support and defend their country? Will Chelsea Clinton, Paul Pelosi, Matthew Martell (Lisa Murkowski’s son), Claire McConnell; or even one of President Obama’s kids; the odds are strongly against it, liberals never give back, they just take, the opposite of the military who always gives.

Police Brutality: Stark Differences Over Michael Brown and Eric Garner Cases

My point has been proven unfortunately; I said when you take a thug like Michael Brown who was waiting on his court date for assault, who had just robbed a store, who had just assaulted a store owner, and assaulted a cop, then try to make him a poster child for “Police Brutality”, you are screwed in the head and will loose momentum or fail to get traction when it really happens. Now let’s take a look at Eric Garner, he had a criminal record but he also had a job and in his later years was known as the “Neighborhood Peacemaker”. They said he was resisting arrest but If you watch the video you will not see what I would call resisting arrest, or at least not in a violent way. This is where the liberal theology (both Democrat and Republican) comes into play and is actually was a contributor to his death. He was being arrested for selling single cigarettes without paying taxes; didn’t he pay the taxes when he bought them? The liberal theology says get all the money you can through taxes, it says you will be enslaved to our rules or suffer our wrath, and it says we will show you we can violate your US Constitutional rights and get away with it. Eric Garner lost his life because the liberals need control over all your life, and enforcement of that control no matter what happens to you.

Now let’s look at the cop’s side of things. With the Michael Brown incident you have Officer Darren Wilson who has had a perfectly clean record up to this point with no complaints or disciplinary actions and the race baiters want to say he was just looking to shoot a black man. These people are worthless just like the reporter who put his whole family at risk when she gave out his home address. In this case, this is where a thug met a cop and the cop did his job, if the thug would have followed the cops directions he would have still been alive. Now let’s look at Officer Daniel Pantaleo who put the illegal choke hold on Eric Garner that ended up killing him. The police department says he didn’t use a choke hold and it wasn’t illegal, just not allowed; wouldn’t that make it against police policies? Below is the Army’s Choke Hold view and Officer Daniel Pantaleo Choke hold, they are identical. 

Daniel Pantaleo had already been subject of two civil rights lawsuits in 2013 for falsely arresting and being over aggressive even ordering two black men to strip in the street (which is illegal); the charges against the men were dismissed. Now the grand Jury with all races just dismissed Officer Daniel Pantaleo charges as doing nothing wrong. If you have liberal judges who can limit what you can see, then you have basically seen a warning given to the community, mess with us and the same can happen to you; I wonder why they don’t trust the cops?

I am almost always on the cop’s side but I am a realist and if it is wrong, it is wrong. I would say on average 95% of all police are good people just wanting to do their jobs but many become drunk in their power or the Department they work for makes them worse to the public by having quotas, someone must be arrested in this event, or you must enforce these stupid rules the local government has made like taxing a single cigarette. The police has brought miss trust of their communities on themselves as well by having the “Blue Flu” when the unions don’t get their way, protecting bad cops behind the “Blue Curtain” because cops don’t rat on cops, and even taking things personal when they should be professional. I have cops in my family and it is interesting to see what they talk about when you’re just being quite and they don’t realize you are still there.

This is why there is so much distrust in police, the 5% taints the image of the other 95%, and when was the last time you seen a cop just walking the neighborhoods saying hi to the citizens, or when someone has a problem and needs to talk to a cop, the first instinct of the cop isn’t to arrest someone but try to constructively help the situation; this is how you gain a communities trust. But many of the cops are frustrated, the liberal legal systems release good collars before the police have even finished the paperwork. I have a friend in California who arrested an illegal alien MS13 gangbanger, the man was deported and all was well until my friend seen him on the same corner again 2 weeks later and here is were the liberal rub comes into play. Even though my friend knew he was in the country illegally, even though my friend knew he was a violent criminal, and even though my friend knew he was going to commit other crimes, according to California law, he can not touch him because he hasn’t seen him committed a crime; wait, wasn’t coming into this country illegally a crime? The police get frustrated and I understand but the citizens in these areas keep voting these same liberal politicians in who are making these same idiotic laws with the after effect of being less safe and then want to blame the cops for their problems; they need to look in the mirror. Get away from this Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi liberal mind set and start voting for politicians who believe in the Constitution and protecting our rights. Once you start getting the liberal judges out of the Supreme Court and all lower courts, then we will move away from the unrest we have today because when a criminal, civilian or cop, commits a crime, they will go to jail.

Why Hasn’t Race Relations Gotten Better?

It has been 50 years since the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that outlawed discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. It has been just under 50 years since the Voting Rights Act of 1965 that prohibits racial discrimination in voting. Shortly after the Voting Rights Act we had the Civil Rights Act of 1968 that provided for equal housing opportunities regardless of race, creed, or national origin and made it a federal crime to “by force or by threat of force, injure, intimidate, or interfere with anyone by reason of their race, color, religion, or national origin.” In 2008 we elected the first black president in the history of the United States. So why are we still having race problems?

The truth is unsettling, but the truth is it has to do with greed and control just as much, if not more than race; the other problem is you have more racist from the black community who get passes because they are black that a white person would never get, isn’t this discrimination? When you have one group allowed to openly call other races by racist terms, are they not racist? Whenever you have words that are fine for one group to say but not another group, this is discrimination. If the word is so bad one group can’t say it, no group should say it. You then have people who are suppose to be leaders and reverends of God in these communities using racist term and stoking racist flames which I’m sure God wouldn’t give a pass on but our media does and in many cases even helps them for ratings. When you have these types of Community, Congressional, and Spiritual leaders who instead of trying to help race relations, fan the hatred instead, you have to ask why? It is all about greed and power. The saddest part about this is we have Congressman doing this who claims to be against racism but I believe they mean they are against racism against their race only, isn’t this racism.

Many of these Community, Congressional, and Spiritual leaders will lose any control they have over their people, constituents, and congregations if they ever found out what is known as true freedom. They have been telling their people, constituents, and congregations what to think, who to vote for, what is best for them, and those are the ones lying that their people, constituents, and congregations have never went out to verify what is the truth. They have been giving all the entitlements out to prevent prosperity in this group because entitlements keep them enslaved and unable to achieve the American Dream. If you go to any impoverished third world country you will see a mass amount of fatherless children, you will see a lack of education from indoctrination, you will see respect for other’s rights not taught, you will see it is us against them being taught, you will see zealots fanning the flames of discontent, you will see violence to settle disputes, you will see non-trusting of the police, and you will see the people being told what to think and believe; this is exactly what many of our Community, Congressional, and Spiritual leaders are doing in these communities so they will not lose their power. If there were no more racial issues, who would lose their power, influence, standing, and most of all their money; this is the same Community, Congressional, and Spiritual leaders who keep stoking the hatred and lying to their people, constituents, and congregations.

The biggest problem will happen when you really do have a racial problem happen and most people will turn a blind eye toward it because wolf has been cried too many times. I was in the military forever and race for the most part had no bearing on anything, we cared more about “do you have my back” then what is your race. This is how communities were acting in most area I visited in the 1980s but now it has changed and the only people you need to blame is the Community, Congressional, and Spiritual leaders. When you have your law makers ignoring evidence and provoking negative responses instead of supporting the truth, you have a problem. When you have religious leaders threaten to “Tear this God D@mn Country apart” over the Ferguson shooting, there is something wrong. If you really want to see who is causing the deaths in your community all you have to do is look to the Community, Congressional, and Spiritual leaders who preach violence, lack of respect toward other, lack of respect toward authority figures, and they are the same ones enslaving you with entitlements.

United States Secretary of Defense-No Takers-Why?

President Obama has accomplished many things, civil unrest, economic hardship, none protection of the home land, but the worse of all removal of the military and its defense. I was in the military for 27 years, was an Arabic translator, and I do believe I have a good handle on what is going on in the Arabia Peninsula; that being said, I would listen to my military leaders and use their experience and knowledge to make the best possible choices. From day one all President Obama has cared about is marginalizing our military; he has no ideal about the workings of the military and would never even of thought of enlisting to give anything back to our country because it is beneath him. He as most liberals, hates the military and undermines the massive years of experience to do what he believes in his academia mind will work even though history has already shown it will fail.

When President Obama first took office, he kept Robert M. Gates as Secretary of Defense, he was trying to figure out his policies and when it came to the military, he listen to Secretary Gates until it was time to switch from policies to politics. President Obama put into action the withdraw of troops from Iraq over the protest of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (all the lead generals) and Secretary Gates, it was explained to him that a great vacuum would happen and Al Qaeda could come sweeping into Iraq. He and Secretary of State Clinton used President Bush’s time line as the excuse, but could of moved it at will; while leaving they promised Iraq’s leadership that if they had problems they would come right back in to help. To add insult to injury to the US military, while driving out from Iraq, the military by executive order was not allowed to engage any hostile forces from which they took fire. Secretary Gates, who started January 2008 after finding out the details of the president’s plan on 1 July 2011, turned in his resignation, he didn’t want to be a part of any unnecessary military deaths due to a reckless policy; 72 were killed and more than 170 wounded.

Leon Panetta took over and soon found out that President Obama was micromanaging all aspects of the Department of Defense even though he had no clue about the military and making catastrophic blunders which would hurt our military for years. The number of killing sharply rose in Iraq and ISIS/ISIL started killing Iraqis in January 2012 (yes, they have been around that long) and Iraq asked for our help but it fell on death ears; the promises made by President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton were not honored and began the death of tens of thousands of men, women, and children. When confronted about ISIS/ISIL, President Obama laughed them off as a “Junior Varsity team” and nothing to worry about. After fighting with the president about the true threat presented by ISIS/ISIL and being ignored, Leon Panetta resigned on 27 February 2013.

President Obama frustrated with the picks for Secretary of Defense who deserted him decided to pick a liberal yes man ringer so as not to have any more problems and Chuck Hagel was put into place. Chuck Hagel was not qualified for the job and knew the best way to succeed at the job was to listen to his military leaders and use their experience and knowledge to make the best possible choices, this was an excellent move but President Obama didn’t want a producer, he wanted a “Yes Man” in his Secretary of Defense’s seat to push whatever agenda he wanted to push. After looking at the data and talking to his military leaders, Secretary Hagel understood that ISIS/ISIL was a huge threat to the US and kept voicing his concerns to President Obama but it kept falling on death ears. After starting air strikes to appease the public, Secretary Hagel confronted him again on the limitations placed on air strikes, 900 would easily be carried out before on a day and we were only doing about 300 a month. Chuck Hagel openly defied President Obama expressing his true evaluation to the media about the dangers of ISIS/ISIL to the US and was immediately asked to resign and did on 24 Nov 2014.

Now we have a bigger problem, we currently have not had a Secretary of Defense from 24 November 2014 to Present and everyone that President Obama has requested so far (three of them) has turned him down. Would you want to be in a position where you were micro managed, had no say so in actions taken, but would be the skate goat if anything went wrong? We currently have an open boarder with a very versatile and barbaric enemy who want to kill us at any chance but every time a Muslim terrorist attacks us stateside, it is called “Work Place Violence.” Is it going to take another 911 for us to wake back up? What will happen if we have one under President Obama, will he surrender? President Obama and the liberals have successfully gutted our military, bringing it to below the WWII level and now they can’t even find someone to run it; do you feel safe?