Teach a Man to Fish

Teach a Man to Fish

Give a man a fish, he can eat for a day; Teach a man to fish, he can eat for a lifetime. But what do you do if the man doesn’t want to learn to fish? Do you keep giving him fish from your own hard labor or make them start being responsible for themselves? This is the problem we have in America and the question our government needs to start asking itself.

There are many people who are physically or mentally unable to work, I am not talking about them. We have multitudes of people in our country today that don’t want to fish; they want the government to just give them free everything. Our founding fathers did not set up our country to be that way. They set it up so no matter if you came from a ranch in Texas or a broken home in Hawaii, you could become president, but it was set up so with hard work, there was nothing you couldn’t achieve.

Our government, starting changing what the founding fathers had set up in the 1930’s and started a cancer in our country that must be stopped. Between the 1950’s and 1960’s, changes from our founding fathers original structure were put into overdrive by our government and our country has gone down hill every sense and this cancer of entitlements has spread like wild fire. Now close to half the people in the United States have no pride, morality, or integrity and would rather receive handouts from the government than do an honest day of work and the bad part about this; our government caused it.

In 1950 the budget was:

The defense budget is 54% but you had a mandatory draft for all males and at this time the unemployment rate was less then 2% and the Korean War was in full swing and the Cold War was in starting. Welfare was at 4% because people had pride and wanted to work for what they received. The education was at 6% when you graduated high school you could read, write, and do math unlike today. Let’s jump ahead to 1960.

In 1960 the budget was:

At this time, Welfare and Education actually dropped in the amount of money they received yet our graduates were the smartest in the world but this is where all starts to change. This is where the people who want to destroy our country started with disastrous results. The first item is when government pensions climb 600% (Big Government)in 10 years.

In 1965 the budget was:

Welfare and healthcare doubles in the next 5 years bringing us up to 1965. We are in one of the worse wars we been in with the politicians calling the shots instead of the military leaders, it goes disastrous.

In 1975 the budget was:

From 1965 to 1975 Welfare almost doubles again and Health Care rises 400% to 8% of the budget. The military who has provided job training for decades is slashed 46% and the draft ends. At this point what many do not recognize is that the skilled labor the military has been supplying in droves to the private sector is now also slashed. Now let’s go to present day to see what the results.

In 2010 the budget was:

From 1975 to 2010, the military is cut another 25%, that is 55% from 1960 and along with it our countries ability to produce skilled labor drops as well. Welfare is up 45% from 1975 and 500% from 1960. Healthcare is up 300% and up 2400% and unemployment is up 500% from 1960. What has changed you might ask, it is attitude and character. In the 1950s especially and to the 1970s, the attitude was I don’t want any handouts, I’ll work (no matter race or gender) for what I get and my employer will get an honest days work for an honest days pay. Today it is they owe me this and I’ll try to get some things done because I know we need to.

The entitlements need to end except for the true needy; the elderly, crippled, and mentally challenged. We need to return the culture of our country back to an honest days work for an honest days pay. If we don’t, we will loose our freedom and become another third world country instead of the model for all to strive to be.


The problem is no one wants to be truthful about what the cause was and the effect it had. Whenever you tax the devil out of the people with the money, the rich, naturally they are going to go somewhere else. Over the past three years California and New York has lost almost 40% of their millionaires for this reason and when you remove the people with the money, the jobs they supply goes with them. When ever you have +30% of people waiting for a handout because they are too lazy to work, you are going to have a problem. If they accept Welfare and they are able bodied people, put them to work cleaning the trash up in the cities, painting city items that need it, and what ever else you can find needing done; if they don’t want to work; NO CHECK. Make sure if you quote me, you quote me correct. I said any able body person.

I do not think we should have bailed out any private company, if you are doing badly because of mismanagement or because unions are bleeding you dry; you need to fix the problem or bye, bye, birdie. I’m tired of big business from both the Democratic and Republican parties getting bailout every time they screw up but the little business man is never helped. The United States is a capitalistic country and privately owned companies should have to stand or be left to fall on their own merit and all companies should pay the same percentage in taxes big or small. If it fails, something else will always be there to take its place.

The average tax percentage on a small business making $250,000 or less is 8% yet if the business makes $100 million the average tax is 2% from the federal government and in 2010, GE paid no taxes, they were all wavered. If we applied this same plan to the people, the millionaires would pay nothing and the middle and lower class would pay everything. As I said with the companies, we all should pay the same percentage of taxes; rich or poor, with the only deductions being for medical, schooling, mortgage, and money put into a retirement account. One last thing; if you don’t pay into social security, you get nothing out of social security.



Why do we as Americans keep letting our politicians get away with everything that would put us in jail? They are caught daily lying but it seems like they get a free pass and I’m talking both sides of the house. The politics are getting out of hand and we the true Americans are going to be the ones that pay. From Senator Nancy Pelosi from California saying ”You have to pass the bill to see what is in it” to Senator Harry Reid, senator from Nevada, during last year's knock-down drag-out election battle "I don't know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican." You have Senator Lisa Murkowski from Alaska stating who ever the people pick in the primary I will back, that was until she wasn’t picked to Senator John McCain stating water boarding doesn’t work to get information after OBL was killed directly because of it.

People need to start facing the facts and truths instead of the political lies and agendas. Now Senator Boehner wants to cut a deal. Senator Boehner, we have a message for you, we don’t want a deal, we want the spending to stop. We as tax payers want you in congress to stop taxing the hell out of us and live within a reasonable means. We spent $3.5 trillion dollars in 2010 but only brought in $2.2 trillion. This is an overspending of 63% or $1.3 trillion more then we had coming in, STOP THE SPENDINING!!!

Let’s try this; have a 20% flat income tax for everything you make above $20,000 dollars. The only exemptions you get are medical bills, collage, and mortgage deductions. The flip side of this is if you make $20,000 dollars or less, you get what ever federal tax you have paid in but not one penny more. All companies pay the same flat rate of 8%. Currently the rate can very from 1% to 16% with big business on the 1% side.

The only true necessities are our military, infrastructure, and national security. Social Security is not a necessity because you paid for it, congress needs to keep their grubby hands off it, you paid it, and you should get back. If you don’t pay into it, you should get nothing. Let’s give 22% to military, 20% infrastructure, 20% national Security, and 10% savings for a rainy day. I know that is only 72%. The 28% left can go to Medicaid/Medicare and all other social programs. The only change will be if the military or national security needs more funding due to wartime or contingency, it will only be taken from infrastructure and/or Medicaid/Medicare and all other social programs. Once it has resided, the percentages go back to what they were but the military or national security percentage will never be lowered then set standard. I know many may wonder why spend so much on the military and with that I leave you a quote

The nation which forgets its defenders will be itself forgotten… Calvin Coolidge

The bottom line is our government, Democrats and Republicans alike, needs to be accountable.


The New Black Panthers were caught intimidating voters in front of a polling station which is a federal offense yet nothing was done. If it would have been the KKK all hell would have broken loose. I despise both groups because they are both racist. If you keep looking in the past and never to the future, you will never progress to something better. If you always blame someone else for your failures instead of learning from them and achieving goals despite the failures, you are destine to stay where you are and achieve nothing. If you always depend on someone (a family member, friend, or other) or the government to pay your way instead of working for want you receive, you will be destine to make it no where and blame all but the true cause of your failure, yourself.

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. Eleanor Roosevelt”. The same is true that “No one can make you succeed without your commitment”. Even though I don’t agree with much our President Obama did, when you have a half black, half white man who came from a broken home and becomes president of the greatest nation on earth, you have to admire his drive and this great nation on earth that no matter your circumstances, race or gender, you can become president.

Now if we can silence the race baiters like Al Sharpton who will never let there be harmony because if there is harmony between the races, he will not make any money. If we can remove the Liberal Politicians who through Economic Slavery is holding down groups of minorities and women, getting them hooked like a drug on entitlements for their political votes, much of the racist tensions would go away. If all this happened, there would be nothing that anyone couldn’t succeed at in this great nation, but they need to realize, they must stand on their own to feet to do it.

Spineless Democrats and Republicans

I am an independent and have a stronger spine then any Democrats or Republicans I have seen in public office or on the street because most don’t care about the country as much as their political party stance. Neither the Democrats nor Republicans have the “spine” to stand up against massive over spending by the government.

The Democrats will not stand against the unions which are destroying this country and are big business just like they complain about the Republicans supporting.

The Republicans refuse to stand up to the oil companies whom have snatched up every patent and invention that would make this country energy independent.

Neither political party has the fortitude to do what is right or ethical. How many politicians from both sides haven’t been paying their taxes? You and I would go to jail. We need to stop spending money we don’t have. Our politicians need to be held accountable when they are caught lying, cheating and stealing, what happen to being above reproach. There is a big divide in our country between people who want to keep what they have work for and people who wants to get what they want for free from another’s work without working.

Americans are the most generous people on earth but they shouldn’t be forced to pay for other able body people who refuse to work. Sorry, guess as an independent I don’t have a spine.