2nd Amendment Under an Attack Again

The US Senate web page (Senate.gov) which is controlled by the leading party (Democrats presently) have modified their explanation completely removing what the US Supreme Court has said in an attempt once again to undermined our freedom and attack the 2nd Amendment. Amendment II (1791) “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Their “explanation” of what it means now in their words, “Whether this provision protects the individual's right to own firearms or whether it deals only with the collective right of the people to arm and maintain a militia has long been debated.” The Supreme Court’s decision in District of Columbia v. Heller, 554 U. S. (2008): “We held that the Second Amendment protects the right to keep and bear arms for the purpose of self-defense, and we struck down a District of Columbia law that banned the possession of handguns in the home” pretty wells says the debate is over; WE HAVE THE RIGHT like it or not.

The Bill of Rights gives us and protects the individuals "unalienable rights" with which we were "endowed" by our Creator so this should be the end of the “long been debated” topic. Not with the liberals we have, they just circumvent the Supreme Court’s ruling by trying to limit your type of weapon, amount of bullets, and taxing the crap out of us so we can’t afford it, only the affluent can. In Virginia, gun sales has rose by 16% and if you fallow the liberal mindset that would mean gun violence would go up; the truth is it has went down over 5% in the first year after gun restrictions were lifted. What is the idea of Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe to make crime drop even more; he said he would "push" for more gun control if he is elected governor; so he apparently like most liberals wants more crime. Statistics show overwhelmingly where you have gun control you have more violence; but statistics don’t matter to liberals unless it is in their favor or they can skew them to put it in their favor. It’s a no-brainer; if you have gun control then the criminals are the only ones who have them.

This thought pattern is dangerous and reminds me of the “The Bear Man” Timothy Treadwell up in Alaska; he had taken some incredible pictures and videos of grizzly bears in Alaska for years referring to them as “my pets” even chasing one who took his food. What happens when you have no protection against nature’s violent absolutes, no matter if it is a gun wielding thug or a grizzly bear, you loose! He and his girlfriend, or what was left of them, were found eaten. They had a video tape recording which captured the sound of the whole vicious attack by a grizzly just as many times a video tape captures the whole vicious attacks of unarmed law abiding citizen in large towns being killed by thugs. The Bear Man made it for a while but he was dead wrong in his view of grizzlies just as many who are anti-gun are dead wrong; nature not kept in check, either human or animal, in areas we choose to tread will eventually kill you. Mr. Treadwell would have never of used a gun on a bear no matter who the bear was going to kill and eat, this was his belief and choice and he paid with his and his girlfriend's life. We are given the same choice by the US Constitution against not only wildlife but criminals and if you don't want a gun and want to be eaten (metaphorically speaking) by the criminals around you that is your choice, but I'm going to protect my family and myself. The 2nd Amendment is the most attacked amendment by these UN-Americans, anti-Constitutionalists but they and the media refuse to face the truth, guns control kills innocent people.

Many politicians use events like the Washington Navy Yard shooting to call for more gun control laws when gun control laws are what made the victim count so high. As I pointed out in Navy Yard Shooting Caused by Our Politicians famous political Democrat once said, "Our military would offend someone if they were armed state side". In 1993 our military was disarmed by President Bill Clinton making it almost impossible for commanders to issue guns to the troops while state side; why? If they were still carrying sidearms the shooter at the Navy Yard and Fort Hood would have never of killed and wounded as many as they did. As I also pointed out in “Guns Save Lives and Not All Teens are Alter Boys” the national media ignores guns saving lives but promote every gun attack they can if they believe they can put a negative spin on guns. On 22 Sept 13 President Obama used the victims of the Washington Navy Yard shooting to calling for a “transformation in the nation's gun laws to address an epidemic of gun violence. There's nothing inevitable about it." He used this horrific event caused by the last Democratic president as a political tool which is disgraceful but he and our politicians from both sides have turned from having honor and respect to being disgraceful and duplicitous, equivocating the truth for personal gains. I would like to watch one debate without the lying, misleading, bloviating to avoid answering, and misrepresenting of the facts; oh wait, we are talking about our current politicians so that won’t happen. President Obama should honor the victims instead of making a political speech once again this shows that neither he nor very many of our elected officials have any class.

The 4th Amendment goes hand in hand with the 1st and 2nd Amendments. Amendment IV, “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.” This covers the right for me to be secured in myself and my freedoms without you taking my information (papers = personal information) which currently is happening, a gun registry would enable the government if they so choose, to seize anyone’s property (guns) if they so choose; and before you say a word; yes it is against the constitution but politicians have violated and circumvented the Constitution any way they could for years; all politicians take an oath to uphold the Constitution, unfortunately few do. We as Americans have to realize the facts of human nature; once the government politicians from any political groups removes the 1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendment, we are no longer free. You will then see true Socialism rear its ugly head which means everything you have belongs to the government; you will not have freedom of religion, freedom from unreasonable search and seizure, freedom of speech to rebuke your politicians, or freedom to defend your rights and protect yourself with your gun; you had better think about that during the next election.

Update on the Truth about Obama Care

It isn't every day when more then half of the Democrats in the Senate will admit they were wrong and vote to repeal part of President Barack Obama's health care law. This is what happened on 22 Sep 13 when the Senate voted 79-20 to repeal a 2.3 percent sales tax on medical devices. A total of 33 out of 53 Democrats joined all 45 Republicans in voting for the repeal this amendment which was bipartisan with Sens. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah and Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn sponsoring it. Four out of seven members of the Democratic leadership voted for it. The White House says “not so fast”, "Last night's purely symbolic vote has no bearing on the future of the Affordable Care Act and its implementation," said spokesman Brad Carroll. The administration says the industry will benefit from millions of new customers and it should pay. These companies’ customers already have insurance covering these items and this will only make the patient get hit with higher cost, an effect caused by Obama's law. The companies started paying the tax Jan. 1, and this will lead to lay-offs and put a damper on investment. Outside economists expect the industry will be able to pass on most of the tax increase to customers so the customer will get slammed with even more cost because of this law. The Manhattan Institute analyzed rates around the country and found men’s cost will rise 99 percent and 55 percent for women. Worse yet Analysts expect lowest plan deductibles (Bronze Plan) to be between $5,000 to $6,000 with an out of pocket costs on top of the deductibles in some cases around $5,500"; Forbes says it will be around $7,450 per family of 4 on average per year. The end game for these leftist and Obamacare supporters is socialized medicine for the nation. They will take the best health care system in the world and turn into a third world country medical system...that is unless you have many, then you can afford the best doctors.

The unpopular Obamacare law passed in 2010 and has never been very popular; a new Washington Post-ABC News poll finds once loyal Democrats has been steadily turning against Obamacare. Over all 78% of leftist Democrats support the law while 46% of moderate Democrats support Obamacare; the public shows only 42% support the law. If the Democrats were listening to their people and their people’s wishes 58% would be voting against Obamacare to match their people wishes would have only 42% voting for it instead of the 78% of liberal/leftist; they are doing whatever they want because they know better then you what’s best for you. They also believe the IRS should be tracking everything yet the IRS just failed to account for $67 Million in Obamacare cost; do you really want them tracking everything? A poll of Democrats just conducted for IBD by TechnoMetrica Market Intelligence found that only 22% said they wanted the justices to uphold the entire law, while 37% said strike down the whole thing and 30% said to strike down only the law’s individual mandate to buy health insurance. Another 10% were unsure. What does this tell you? Its easy, 22% agree with it with 10% not sure; that leaves 68% want it struck down or changed and this is just Democrats. When the public as a whole was surveyed, 70% thought healthcare will be worse under Obamacare. The Democrats, or at lease the liberal ones are ignoring the wishes of their constituents which are the ones they are accountable to and the same for the Republicans.

So what have we seen? Well the people of the US, both Democrats and Republicans do not like this bill and as politicians do, We the People were ignored. All the Democrats pretty much voted to fund Obamacare funding, many being forced by the Democratic leadership which believe they are more important then you. An example is Sen. Joe Manchin. Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., a moderate Democrat, said Thursday that he'd support a spending bill that also delays the law's requirement on individuals to buy health insurance. "There's no way I could not vote for it," Manchin said. "It's very reasonable and sensible." The comment, first reported by Bloomberg, was later confirmed but hours later, the senator said that while he opposes the individual mandate, "I do not believe that this issue should be used to shut down the government, and I will not vote to shut down the government.” He was going to do the right thing but apparently there are people in his own party ready to take down anyone who disagrees with President Obama, Reid, or Pelosi. On the Republican side you had 25 of the Republican leadership which believe they are more important then you as well. My Senator was one of them and I sent him a letter telling him about my many years of support for him but now it is gone; I will vote for a good Independent or maybe a Democrat but he will never get my vote again. If it comes down to two people I just can support, I just won’t vote for a senator. It is pretty bad when your political choice at the poll is between the lesser of two evils. The politicians work for us and I suggest you do the same and vote your people, Democrat or Republican, out of office because they are ignoring the peoples will. If this is such a good system then why did all congress opt out of it? If you are a Republican and wanted to know who the 25 senators who betrayed you and your party, they are listed below.

Lamar Alexander (R-TN)   John Cornyn (R-TX)       Kelly Ayotte (R-NH)
Lindsey Graham (R-SC)     John Barrasso (R-WY)    John Hoeven (R-ND)
Roy Blunt (R-MO)             Johnny Isakson (R-GA)   John Boozman (R-AR)
Mike Johanns (R-NE)         Richard Burr (R-NC)       Ron Johnson (R-WI)
Saxby Chambliss (R-GA)   Mark Kirk (R-IL)             Jeff Chiesa (R-NJ)
John McCain (R-AZ)          Dan Coats (R-IN)             Mitch McConnell (R-KY)
Tom Coburn (R-OK)          Lisa Murkowksi (R-AK)  Thad Cochran (R-MS)
John Thune (R-SD)             Susan Collins (R-ME)      Roger Wicker (R-MS)
Bob Corker (R-TN)

Islam, Killing Today in America and Abroad

Police helping a victim at the Westgate shopping mall.
Don't miss the dead man on the stairs, its Jihad at work. 

Why do our government and the media cover up the truth about radical, murderous, Muslims? Why won’t they take action against the Jihadist Training Camps here in America? I know there are many Muslims who do not believe in the violence shown as Radical Muslims today; they keep quite because where they come from if they show support against them, them and their families may die. The problem is many Muslims do believe in the Radical Muslims theology and even when they do not participate in the violence, it has been proven they finance or run logistics for the violence. The latest attack on the US, the Navy Yard, when you research shows Aaron Alexis may have been what they call a “Pocket Muslim” someone how hides his interest Islam for purposes down the road. He had interest in Islam and even created web page dedicated to Islam and as Robert Spencer pointed out “There has been no other published indication that Aaron Alexis was a Muslim or had any interest in Islam.” It may be nothing and I know the media will say they have to check it out but neither the media nor our leftist in our Congress checked anything out when saying Aaron Alexis used an assault rifle to murder the people when he used a shot gun. Once again they used a sad tragedy to push their antigun agenda. I don’t know if Aaron Alexis was a Pocket Muslim or not but it was a fact unlike the assault weapon. Of course the media and our president still calls Fort Hood “Work Place Violence” even when Major Hasan was in contact with terrorist overseas and himself admitting he did it for jihad.

Radical Muslims do more then just committed out right mass murder in the name of their bloodthirsty god but this alone is bad enough. They also commit unprovoked murder in trying to make people fear their religion enough to not confront it. Quran (8.12) “When your Lord revealed to the angels: I am with you, therefore make firm those who believe. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.” In the Quran (47.4) “Now when ye meet in battle those who disbelieve, then it is smiting of the necks until, when ye have routed them, then making fast of bonds; and afterward either grace or ransom…” Have you ever wondered why they cut peoples heads off? I think Quran 47.4 covers it along with why along with Muslims being 95% of the terrorist, Muslims have the distinction of being 95% of all the pirates; they are only following their religious book. This is why on 20 September 2013 in Canada a Muslim man, in-between the ages of 18 to 35 (23) stabbed a Fire Fighter to death with no apparent motive. The police are calling this a random act of violence but it is consistent with terrorist singling out of soldiers, policemen, and first responders to attack. I know you are wondering why does it matter, it is in Canada? I wonder how many times this has happened in the US and the media and our government covered it up.

The women of our country have much more to fear; I have been in many Muslim countries and you are a second class citizen if you even rank that high. Several of you more liberal ladies want to have reproductive rights but in Afghanistan women beg doctors to abort female (only) children because in many cases, if they have a girl instead of a boy they will be beaten. In many others mothers know what the consequence down the road may be if the have a girl. She will be sold as a sex slave to some pervert who even at the age of 8 and younger, will consummate the marriage and in many cases the child dies from internal injuries and bleeding. Not only do I not want this here, if the President, Congress, and the UN want to show they are for “human rights” then they need to stop this along with slavery which runs rapid in Muslim countries. The problem is our educators and politicians don’t care about this just like they don’t care about Muslim indoctrination in the public schools. They are preaching Jihad in Mosques and in the streets during “Muslim Parade” celebration. My hat goes off to Tony Avella, Democratic State Senator from the 11th New York Senate who was asked to be a 2012 Marshall of the Muslim Parade but walked off the stage in protest to the anti-American rhetoric.

The FBI’s “Top Ten Most Wanted Terrorist” has nine of them being Muslim. Since 2001, the emergence of individuals and groups inspired by al Qaeda rhetoric were forming in the US but they lack the capabilities to launch an enormous tactical attack which would cause catastrophic damage. Tracking these groups presented a growing surveillance challenge for the FBI and Homeland Security; the homegrown violent extremists and their threats remains a legitimate terrorism concern for the FBI but how can they ascertain these terrorist groups’ actual capabilities when you do not know their known abilities which can be enormous or small? How can the FBI and Homeland Security track these home grown terrorist when they have no ligatures connecting them to other groups in or outside the US and many of these Muslim groups have moved from rhetoric to implementation. I want to know what has been done about the Jihad Terrorist Camps in the US; from what I can tell; nothing. We know there is at lease 35 terrorist training camps so why can’t we take them down? I’m afraid the reason once again is political correctness; we might “offend” the Muslim community or it could be none of our politicians want them exposed on their watch. No matter which is the case, it is putting America in danger.

Today, a terrorist attack in Nairobi killed at least 39 people including children and wounded 150 in the Westgate shopping mall. One witness to the attack in Nairobi told the police the gunmen told Muslims to stand up and leave and that non-Muslims would be the targets. Why do I tell you this, because this is how it will be in America when these 35 terrorist training camps finally get a green light; it will make the Boston Bombing look like a warm-up. You need to ask the Director of the FBI and the Secretary of Homeland Security when they are going to get off their behinds and take out these threats; the next mall shooting may be here and our kids may be the victims; this is something none of us want. The little girl above survived thanks to this man; ours may not be as lucky.

Unions, Not Looking Before They Leap; The Obamacare Debacle!

From the infamous Nancy Pelosi statement, “But we have to pass the [health care] bill so that you can find out what’s in it”, to the biggest Train Wreck the US Congress has written in a bill, and our President was ignorant enough to sign and lie about the financial impact has now become the biggest debacle in US history, “Obamacare.”Before we started, I need to tell you what you can do for your country to help it in the future. If you have any senator or representative who voted for this massive atrocity without reading it, you need to vote them out of office in the next election. I don’t say this because it is an unpopular bill, I don’t say this because they lied about the financial impact it will have on every family in the US, I don’t say this because they have effectively turned a massive number of 40 hour a week jobs into 29 hour a week job; I say this for two reasons, 1st it is their job to read every bill before voting on it to ensure it will be beneficial to their constituents and 2nd if they want to force “We the People” to abide by what they say is best thing since sliced bread then they need to be under the same system instead of opting out.

Too many Americans, in this case many of the unions, back the president and his politicians on this bill without ever researching how it will affect them and/or their members. If I’m going to pay dues to a union, I don’t want them going along with a political party (Democrats most of the time) without checking out what is behind and the ins and outs of the legislation; I don't trust politicians , do you? Most unions have always voted for (in this case blindly following) the Democratic Party and this time it took them down this deep dark hole which is now going to cost them. In unions you have mostly hunters, religious people, hard workers, and families who want their money but the Democratic Party isn’t for any of these people and the unions keep backing them.The union workers want to hunt without having to go to law school to understand the changes to the hunting rules, workers want to go to their worship place with out watching it be attacked along with most others by these liberals, they want people to work for what they get instead of the government taking the food out of their families mouths for someone who is too lazy to work or working here illegally. The union memberships have been dropping massively and as I wrote in “Why are Unions Flailing & Failing?” Unions have brought this on themselves. Now unions are seeing the massive negative impact Obamacare will have and they are wining like a baby; “SHUT UP AND TAKE YOUR MEDICINE!” or help support the politicians from both parties trying to De-fund Obamacare.

If the unions want to be the “protectors of the working class” then they need to get on their cells phones and speed dial that senator that is in their pocket and tell them, “De-fund Obamacare or we De-fund you”; this might help get back some of your losses in membership. If you are in a union which supported Obamacare the best way to show your support for American is force your union leadership to help dismantle this debacle or tell them you will leave. If unions can get an opt out it will show what I have said all along; “They are for themselves and not America or its working people, they are for their own pockets”; please prove me wrong. The unions keep putting the same politicians in office that brought this catastrophe to our doors and ignored their members hoping to attain more power. The unions biggest mistake; they trusted liberal politicians to be truthful with them; how’s that working out for you.

The liberal establishment wants a socialist state of America; this is strait out of Maxine Waters’ mouth. This idiot who is supported by unions in California which are ignorant to the truth and facts about the liberal agenda and why they are in such a depressing situation will cause their own demise. They need to realize she is a socialist and the state of California on its current path will end up being the first state Mecca of socialism in America like the first city Mecca of socialism in America, Detroit. If unions in California or in fact across this great nation keeps this up, when all turns to a nose dive there will be no more use for union or else the government will try and band them or their product, just ask the Coal Unions how that is working out. President Obama said he would bankrupt the coal industries and you still supported him and the other liberals; he kept his word! Now because you ignored the truth thousands of once union workers are out of a job.

It may or may not be too late for the coal industry but there are many more the liberals want to go after because what you union leaders haven’t done is read their play book. When all is said and done the liberals want the government in charge of and running everything, they don’t like competition so how will that work out for the unions? Look, it is a no brainer for the unions if they think about it for a second. If the union can De-fund Obamacare and stop supporting the politicians who support anti-gun, anti-religious, anti-registered worker, and anti-family agendas, you declining rolls may turn around because it will look like you are for the working middle class again; if you don’t the rest of the middle class will abandon you because you will not be able to give what you promise with the government in control and when you mess with peoples God, Guns, money, and freedom your union members will turn on you like a rabid dog, which in many cases you have already seen. I am just pointing out the obvious; you can ignore it and go the way of the Dodo bird or help your members and the rest of America, the choice is yours.

1st Amendment Doesn’t Matter to Educators or Government

I am a big 1st Amendment advocate, even when people say or act out something I don’t agree with to me it is still their 1st Amendment right and should not be tread on, if they can burn the American Flag and be covered under the 1st Amendment, they can do most anything as long as it isn’t a threat, destroys property, or infringes on someone else’s rights. The biggest misnomer in our society is political correctness; it is the cancer of our society and it’s advocates have forgotten one very important item with the 1st Amendment and your constitutional rights; you do have the right not to be offended.

At Modesto Junior College in California told a student that he could not pass out copies of the United States Constitution outside the student center on September 17, Constitution Day. Captured on video, college police and administrators demanded that Robert Van Tuinen stop passing out Constitution pamphlets and told him that he would only be allowed to pass them out in the college's tiny free speech zone, and only after scheduling it several days or weeks ahead of time. So are you telling me you only have free speech where this College says? NO, this is a violation of Mr. Tuinen’s constitutional rights. Any educator or politician who objects to anyone handing out the US Constitution needs to be fired on the spot or removed from office; they should never be allowed to educate anyone or run for public office.

At Sam Houston State University Sensors student on free speech and threatens them. They had permission to put up a free speech wall many from all sides wrote comments saying good and bad things which is what free speech is all about. When someone wrote something negative about President Obama, a professor took a razor toward the students and cut it out. Isn’t this destruction of private property? This has nothing to do with President Obama but the censorship of free speech. Shortly after the police showed up and threaten the students with criminal charges. This student talking on the video is an inspiration for others. I thought a professor would want all views to show all view points; not liberal ones, it is their view or we will get you. He needs to be fired.

In Aurora Colorado an 11 year old was suspends for wearing anti-Obama shirt. There were plenty of pro Obama shirts that were fine but not an anti-Obama shirt. The school says they have nothing against free speech and didn’t suspend him for the shirt but for “willful disobedience and defiance”; what for, not removing his shirt. Once again this has nothing to do with President Obama but the censorship of free speech. This is why our children are so screwed in the head these days; this was violating his free speech and censorship but they want you to believe it was about “willful disobedience and defiance”. We call this where I come from,”Lying through your teeth. 

Another student was suspended for wearing a shirt against illegal immigrants; I’m against illegal immigrants! I want people to be able to come here and work to make a better life for them but I want them here legally. A group of California students were threatened with Suspended for American Flag Shirt on Cinco de Mayo day because the Spanish student felt disrespected. The History Channel states “Cinco de Mayo, or the fifth of May, commemorates the Mexican army's 1862 victory over France at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War (1861-1867). A relatively minor holiday in Mexico…” So Cinco de Mayo has nothing to do with our history and is a “minor holiday” in Mexico so why such a big fuss over it and why put it above the American flag? Cinco de Mayo may be a nice calibration for the Mexican people to refer to their historical pride and there is nothing wrong with having pride in your history. There is a problem when another nations pride is put above American pride in America. If you are of Mexican heritage and want to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, more power too you but you are now an American, we give you the freedom of speech to celebrate your holiday with all respect but, Nothing trumps the American Flag in America!

Another student was suspended and arrested for wearing an NRA shirt faces $500 fine and year in prison. In this school system once again they tried to play the liberal game of bait and switch; we are not against freedom of rights but he “willful disobedience and was defiant” or in common terms, he wouldn’t let us sensor him.  This one did have a happy ending because so many people were outraged that the DA dropped all charges, the problem is, he and the governing staff in the school system are still there and will do it again to another child.

As I stated above, this cancer is in our educational systems and our government at all levels. I strongly disagree with what this next guy did but as I said above, I defend his rights to do it. He is an anti-Christian being very offensive on Palm Sunday in front of a church but even as much as a dislike this he has the right to do what he is doing; this is freedom. Another man was pulled over for an anti-Obama sign on the back of his truck. Once again this has nothing to do with President Obama but the censorship of free speech. The cops violated his Constitutional rights but at lease his police chief knew right from wrong and did the right thing and brought the sign back to him saying they were wrong. In Texas, 

Texas Rangers violate the first amendment of the press. This is unbelievable, I lived in Texas and had a massive amount of respect for them knowing what they had to deal with but it just went down. A group of people at our Capital were arrested, their crime, they were dancing; is this a military state?

The problem is we people from both sides of our isle violating and making laws to undermine our Constitution and our freedom. Republican Representative Thomas J. Rooney sponsored a bill to limit freedom of speech in direct violation of the 1st Amendment and his co-sponsor was Democrat Representative Theodore E. Deutch yet you heard nothing about this on the news. This shows you we have people in from both sides of the isle in Congress who hates the constitution and our most noted Constitutional Lawyer, President Obama violated the US Constitution once again by signing it into law which if you read, makes Free Speech a Felony. The house voted 399 yeas to 3 nays and it was from both sides. I always hear from people “we need to impeach Obama” but never really paid much heed because you need clear evidence to do this but here you have it and most of Congress should be gone with him. This is air tight evidence of a direct violation of the US Constitution by both the Congress and the President of which they are sworn to uphold.

Do you want to keep your freedoms including free speech? If you do you need to start voting these idiots out of office. If we keep letting this type of actions happen and go unchecked, it will be our children and grand children who will have to suffer. Check out your Congressional person and see if they are voting in what you believe; if the answer is no, get rid of them.

Navy Yard Shooting Caused by Our Politicians

The Department of Defense once did their own background checks and we never had an incident like Major Hassan or Aaron Alexis but even with the objections of military leaders, our politicians through budget cut to the military have forced the defense department to go with contractors who in many cases only care about making a profit, hiring the cheapest workers who's lack of commitment to do proper background investigation and as shown in this case, providing the Defense Department with an inferior product which cost 12 people their life. This and political correctness as was shown in the Major Hasan case has caused multiple military and DoD civilian deaths and yet they always turn and blame the gun. If the military at Fort Hood and the navy yard would have been allowed to carry their weapons, the outcome would have been greatly different but once again, gun control has cost lives. If we can't trust our military, who can we trust?
In 2004 he was arrested in Seattle for shooting a construction worker car tires where he described it as "an anger-fueled blackout." He told police he had witnessed Sep. 11, 2001 terrorist attack in New York and "how these events had disturbed him," according to the police report. Mr. Alexis joined the Navy in May 2007, according to Navy records. While stationed in Fort Worth, he was arrested on Sept. 4, 2010, after an upstairs neighbor reported that he had fired shots up into her apartment. The neighbor said Alexis had often angrily confronted her about making too much noise, and she told police he scared her. "[The neighbor] told me that she is terrified of Aaron and feels that this was done intentionally," the arresting officer wrote on the police report. In 2011 he was discharged from the Navy due to many reported cases of him being mentally unstable with two incidents of weapon violations. He was pushed out of the military because of repeated incidents and arrests given a General Discharge which is not an Honorable Discharge; this meant he should have never been able to get the clearance he was granted by the vetting contract company. The icing on the cake; Alexis was hearing voices and was under treated for paranoia and a sleep disorder since August by the Veterans Administration; why didn’t they report him?

To break it down you first have cut DoD so far that they have to rely on civilian companies who are only in it for the money to do their background checks, all the red flags were in place but there was nothing was checked by the company while doing the background check, due to budget cuts the security at the Navy Yard was cut extending the distance to the facility of armed personnel, and finally since our government doesn't trust our military with weapons, when this all started no one was there to stop him. How do you think the liberal/leftist Spin-Machine will spin this? I have no doubt the liberal establishment will try and turn this into a "We need to band guns" rally; it is their SOP (Standard Operating Procedure), instead of looking at their irresponsible cuts to the DoD for irresponsible spending on entitlements. Dianne Feinstein didn’t disappoint, being irresponsible as usual, not fining out the facts, and using this tragedy for political purposes she attacked legitimate gun owners and the 2nd Amendment again blaming assault rifles for being the culprit; remember liberal/leftist especially politicians are never honest. The problem is just like when the Brady Bill (the original assault weapon ban) was pushed banning assault rifles after President Reagan was shot, an assault rifle was not used here. He entered with a shotgun and picked up a hand gun off a guard he had shot. Many including gun owners want to fix the real problem, reporting of mentally ill people like Mr. Alexis so this can’t happen again. This isn’t what the liberal/leftist wants; they will do anything to take your guns and freedom away from you. Will they bring charges against the company who failed to do a proper security investigation; no, they are unionized and the liberal/leftist politicians need donations so this won't happen.

The truth about it is It wouldn't have mattered what weapon he uses, a gun or a machete, all the other people were disarmed by our government and their ignorant policies, A famous political Democrat once said, "Our military would offend someone if they were armed state side". In 1993 our military was disarmed by President Bill Clinton making it almost impossible for commanders to issue guns to the troops while state side; why? We should have wised up, gotten a clue, and rescinded this ignorant policy after the Fort Hood shooting but our Liberal/Leftist President Obama made Fort Hood "An act of work place violence". He slapped our solders in the face for political reasons, denying our wounded soldiers the proper classification they needed to get help, and now he says, "We are confronting yet another mass shooting, and today it happened on a military institution in our nation's capital. It's a shooting that targeted our military and civilian personnel. These are men and women who were going to work doing their job protecting all of us. They are patriots and they know the dangers of serving abroad but today they faced the unimaginable violence that they wouldn't expect here at home." Will he get a clue and fix this or any problem? NO!
Our Presidents and Congresses, current and past, takes our tax money, cuts and diverts funds every year from the Defense Department making it weaker, and gives the majority of these funds to people who are lazy and refuses to work. This shows our military community once again pays the price with their lives due to a liberal maladroit political mentality constantly presented by our federal elected officials. They won't look at Aaron Alexis who had a General Discharge and would never pass a proper background check to work on a federal installation, they won't look at the violent arrest record he had which the contractor doing the security background check had to be sleeping to miss, and they won't check all the other red flags which were ignored to fix the problem but they will go after your guns. This shows the exact reason we need our guns; you can't trust the government; this is the same people who have been illegally spying on us and violating our 4th Amendment, and you want me to trust them to protect me? Your politician is imbecilic to think we will be protected or protected better by the government. If you have a politician like this; VOTE THEM OUT! Would you put your children in the hands of the government to be protected or do you believe your hands would be better?

Common Core Standards, Good or Bad Apple for Our Children?

What is Common Core Standards? According to one side, the Common Core Standards are National Standards meant to replace the individual state standards now in place, some of which are said by educators to be essentially useless to guide instruction because they are too vague, poorly written and/or incomplete. Many educators and parents oppose these new national standards (Common Core), fearing that this will lead to a national curriculum and national assessment test that would take away local control of education as well affect how teachers operate in the classroom while stunting the desire and advancement of students who are above average. Another concern about the new standards is that they are only for math and English so schools will concentrate on these areas and not all areas needed to be a well rounded person. The emphasis on those subjects in No Child Left Behind's assessment scheme led to a dangerous narrowing of curriculum in public schools; the Arts disappeared in many systems, science, history, and physical education took a back seat and in some school systems disappeared just like the Arts. In short the opponents of Common Core believe it will dumb down the student and set a standard by a test which schools will then teach to instead of individual abilities to receive federal money.

For promoters of national standards, it is important to remember that standards alone may be useful, and even necessary, in education, as cognitive scientist Daniel Willingham wrote here recently. Many of them believe it would be better to set a National Standard so all can be evaluated to the same level across the board in the selected subjects and that it needs to be this way to ensure teachers and schools have student graduating and leaving at the same level of ability.

When I went back on line to research more, I came across “The Eight Reasons Common Core Standards are Bad”, they are listed below:

One: Standards shouldn’t be attached to school subjects, but to the qualities of mind it’s hoped the study of school subjects promotes. Subjects are mere tools, just as scalpels, acetylene torches, and transits are tools. Surgeons, welders, surveyors and teachers should be held accountable for the quality of what they produce, not how they produce it.

Two: The world changes. The future is indiscernible. Clinging to a static strategy in a dynamic world may be comfortable, even comforting, but it’s a Titanic-deck-chair exercise.

Three: The Common Core Standards assume that what kids need to know is covered by one or another of the traditional core subjects. In fact, the unexplored intellectual terrain lying between and beyond those familiar fields of study is vast, expands by the hour, and will go in directions no one can predict.

Four: So much orchestrated attention is being showered on the Common Core Standards, the main reason for poor student performance is being ignored—a level of childhood poverty the consequences of which no amount of schooling can effectively counter.

Five: The Common Core kills innovation. When it’s the only game in town, it’s the only game in town.

Six: The Common Core Standards are a set-up for national standardized tests, tests that can’t evaluate complex thought, can’t avoid cultural bias, can’t measure non-verbal learning, and can’t predict anything of consequence (and waste boatloads of money).

Seven: The word “standards” gets an approving nod from the public (and from most educators) because it means “performance that meets a standard.” However, the word also means “like everybody else,” and standardizing minds is what the Standards try to do. Common Core Standards fans sell the first meaning; the Standards deliver the second meaning. Standardized minds are about as far out of sync with deep-seated American values as it’s possible to get.

Eight: The Common Core Standards’ stated aim — “success in college and careers”— is at best pedestrian, at worst an affront. The young should be exploring the potentials of humanness.

What is my take on this? I have never been a grade school or high school teacher so I talked to several friends of mine who are educators from grade school, high school, collage, home school, and even one who deals with private schools to see their view of Common Core and throw everything against the wall and see what good and bad would stick. One thing all of the high school and down educators said was that when “No Child Left Behind” came about that it made it harder to teach students what they required for when they went into the world. Every one of them told me that many of the school systems wanted the teachers to start teaching a variant of the required test so the school could receive more federal funding and in doing so they were not allowed to teach what was needed to make the students a well rounded person. From what I have read and the people I have quizzed” Common Core Standard” is “No Child Left Behind” on steroids. I can see how some might think it is good to standardize everything for all to give each the same exact opportunity for learning but the truth of the matter is we are not all alike.

I can show you the problem with this as shown by a Political Science Teacher to his class when they were talking about Socialism. When they were talking about Socialism he explained the flaws to them but most the class thought it would be a better way so he told them the grading standard is now standard as it would be is a Socialist Society. Of the 12 student by their scores on the first test 4 made As, 3 made Bs, 3 made Cs, and 2 failed; all in the class received a 2.75. The 5 students who scored below a B were happy; the 4 As were irritated and mad. On the next test 2 made As, 4 made Bs, 3 made Cs, and 3 failed; all in the class received a 2.7. We will skip to the fifth test where 1 made As, 2 made Bs, 3 made Cs, and 6 failed; all in the class received a 1.8 or a C. The normal A students were upset saying it wasn’t fair and the professor replied, “this is what happens in socialism, you are not rewarded for your hard work so most everyone will just do the bare minimum to get by”. He gave all of them As but it had taught them a lesson. So now you are asking “what does this have to do with Common Core?” It is the same principle, if you set one standard and no one can excel above it, they will quit trying.

All this crap needs to be removed from the schools including all the politically correct crap and agendas and we need to get back to well rounded individuals. If you want to figure out a way to measure the student, use the scores they receive from the ACT or SAT. If it was up to me you should give every parent a voucher for the $10,000 the government gives per student and let the parent pick the school for their kids like our politicians do. If there is a good public school there then the parent turns it in there; if there is a good private school they do the same. If this was done, the parents who are poor and are forced to send their kids to a worthless or dangerous inner city schools or stuck in the sticks school would now have a choice. Most parents want the best for their kids but because of mistakes they have made in the past and the politicians who prey on their lack of knowledge, their kids are stuck to their same fate. Common Core in theory sounds good but in the long run it will only dumb down our children. This is one of the reasons we have dropped so far on the educational ranking in the world; we need to reverse it.

Colorado; Rebuking the Liberal/Leftist Gun Lies and Senators

Colorado; Rebuking the Liberal/Leftist Gun Lies and Senators

In Colorado both State Senate President John Morse (D) and State Senator Angela Giron were recalled but it was enlightening to see the truths about how liberals no matter Democrat or Republican look at the view of their constituents when it doesn’t follow theirs. Now of course Senate President John Morse being ousted is huge but he in most instances had the since enough to keep his far left agenda mostly hidden before, during and after the recall but this wasn’t true about his comrade. His recall was 51% for and 49% against which is only around a 3% change from his election so the constituents in his district still need to wake up to reality or loose their freedoms. The bigger story to me is State Senator Angela Giron; her swing was 12% for the recall but why in a mostly Democratic safe haven?

Angela Giron is a true liberal and as most politicians are, she is very transverse at the art of lying.
Remember when I talk about a liberal they are in both parties; more are in the Democratic Party but I am talking liberal/leftist type people, not Democrats. When it comes to Democrats verses Republicans they both lie and are most plotting something corrupt (usually only when they are awake) but the Democrats and especially the liberals have made it an art form compared to the conservatives and Republicans; she displayed her full talent and didn’t let her believers down. The only way you can have a swing of 12% in a liberal mostly democratic district is if you have insulted President Obama (didn’t happen), you support children’s rights to live in the womb (didn’t happen), or you insult and ignore your constituents beliefs (we have a winner).  

No matter what any person, Democrat or Republican says, 90% of them do not want the government taking and wasting anyone of their money and the first item Senator Giron did was raising taxes on her constituents while they were having a ruff time making ends meat because of the recession/depression but her constituents took it but started watching just to make sure this was it. When the Aurora shooting happened and then Newtown and she got on her soap box with Senator Morse saying they wanted to protect the children and keep guns out of the hands of criminals, this was OK as well until a draft came out of the legislation. There was nothing in it which would have stopped the shootings and only items which made it harder on the big gun industry in Colorado, law enforcement, and the law abiding citizen; this isn’t a surprise to me because she is a liberal/leftist, its in their genes and lie, cheat, or bribe to get their agenda enacted; just look at Obama Care to see it on large scale.

 This wasn’t one bill as Senator Giron and Senator Morse said but a series of bills which was hard to find all the caveats they had inserted to see what was really the law. In Colorado Revises Statues 23-41-201 you have chapters 46 (125 pages), 47 (128 pages), and 48 (144 pages) for a grand total of 397 pages but when you open the links there is chapters 46 (3 pages), 47 (16 pages), and 48 (3 pages) for a grand total of 22 pages out of 397 pages with access; what are they trying to hide. What I did find out is they will impose a fee on the buyer which is not done in any other state for a person to person sale; if I’m reading this right the state will charge the people for the checkers time.
A Gun Shops will have to do a background check on other Gun Shops when transferring merchandise from one to the other; yap this will protect the people. If you violate the magazine law, which mean if you have one high capacity magazine you forgot bout in your possession even if unloaded, you can get charged with a felony for a violent crime and loose all you gun rights. During this whole battle I kept hearing from both Senator Giron and Senator Morse how the NRA was “massively funding and organizing” this effort to recall them but it ended up being three Plumbers from Colorado who recalled them. They lied about the out side money; the NRA records show $100, 000 donated where Mayor Bloomberg and Eli Broad donated between $500, 000 and $750, 000 so who was getting the outside money? All I can only find is between $200,000 and $230,000 to fight the recall donated by Coloradoans. The recall people even had video of what looks like pay offs people to block recall signs and petition signing areas; I don’t know if it is true but something is definitely fishy. Then they went on to screw the Colorado people again by mandating 80% of your business must be done in Colorado, so if I live on the boarder and can get work done for half the price from a New Mexico company; tough; this is the classic example of suppression and tyranny.

Since it is never Liberal/Leftist’s fault for loosing because of their agenda it has to be something else; Senator Giron totes the old Liberal/Leftist excuse that it is “Voter Suppression” in a liberal, leftist, democratically controlled area against a liberal, leftist, Democrat as she states on “CNN”; the reported tried to do a serious interview but Senator Giron wasn’t having it showing the demeanor of throwing a temper tantrum. You need to watch this whole video from her area to see what her people saw, a few towed the line but the majority of them has come and saw the light. Being led by the Sheriff Maketa, this is what the people believe. Her people wanted a town hall meeting before the vote and she promised to have one before voting; it didn’t happen from what I can find. She as all liberal/leftist in both the Democrat and Republican parties did what all liberals do; lie to their constituents, misdirect their constituents, ignore their constituents, suppress their constituents, and blame someone else when it blows up in their face. Please quit electing them.

If I was President and Had the Power, This is What I Would Do

The purpose and duty of our presidents and congress to the citizens of this great nation and this great nation itself have degraded; our presidents and congress have forgotten it is about the people and nation, not them. Currently with all political parties in our government the thought, purpose, and duty of congress and our presidents has been to gain more money, power, and control over the citizens of the United States; this is not what our founding fathers wanted or what freedom stands for but is the path to oppression and tyranny. No matter what political side you fall it has started to and will destroy our country if we cannot stop this blight on America. And the price will be paid for by our children and grandchildren. So what do we need a president and congress to do? If it was me I would do what is best for our citizens and our country.

No matter what anyone who is or has been president or a congress person our number one biggest problem is spending. First if you don’t have a balance budget or show a reduction in national debt; none of the congress or president and vice president can run for public office for three years. I wonder if this will straiten the budget out. One other easy way to get this mostly in check would be to make a constitutional amendment which states the following:

All bills will stand on their own merit with no attachments to the bill unless it directly part of the bill; all funding or any other requirement for that bill will be in the same bill so you have a one stop shop for anyone wanting to research and see what the bill is about and entails. All bills will be in common layman’s terms so that any citizen can read them without needing a law degree and understand what is covered. A list of all yeas and nays of people voting on the bill along with a complete searchable PDF of the bill will be posted on line. A committee will be put together to review all old, antiquated and outdated laws and bring them up for votes to be removed but only with 2/3rd majority and a list of all yeas and nays of people voting will be attached to this list as well. No laws or regulations will be made by the IRS, EPA, or any other entity of federal government without being approved through 2/3rd majority in congress and a list of all yeas and nays of people voting will be posted the same as above.

This by itself will help us as the people to hold our congress more accountable and will help prevent all the legal bribery which is rampant currently in our congress. Bills stuffed with the stupid spending of millions on “the sexual habits of asexual worms” (no I’m not kidding) will no longer be hidden from the people.

Any bill written must be read by the congressional member; the member can have an aid read it but they also must read it in its entirety before voting on it. A minimum of three days per every hundred pages will be given to read a bill after draft and before voting; if multiple bills are in the kitty then the lead will set the order of the bills to run consecutively before voting. In other words if you have two bills and bill one is 300 pages and bill two is 400 pages then you will have 9 duty days to read the first bill before voting and starting on the tenth day you will have 12 duty days to read bill two before voting. At the same time it needs to be released to the public so they will have the chance to voice their support or opposition to their congressional representative.

This will end the ignorance of “We have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it. “ Any congress person who says or does this type of action should be impeached no matter which party. This causes great damage to our country and is one of the main reasons the public overwhelmingly does not trust the government. We need to get our people off subsistence and back to work. I know there is a percentage of elderly, disabled, and mentally challenged that we need to take care of but it isn’t the 47% give or take we are taking care of presently. If you look at our federal spending and add up all the programs which are free handouts it comes up to 63.71% according to the governments numbers; we have brought our country to the brink of financial ruin and our military and its ability to defend our country and ourselves down to a dangerous level for the lazy. We will lock in spending to percentage scales. You many saying 57% of spending is military but it’s not; they are fudging with the numbers but if we had a percentage lock down of all areas then that is all you can receive. We need to stop sending money to people who hate us; if you celebrate the US being hit by a terrorist attack then why should America giving your country billions of dollars? This needs to stop, you can be either for us or neutral with no problem but if you are against us by your actions or lack of then we will not support you.

Remove the line item veto and presidential executive order from power; either the president has to veto the whole bill or sign the whole bill. In the beginning the presidential executive order was used to make Thanksgiving a national holiday but now it is used in a more sinister way. The three powers of government was set up by our founding fathers to keep each other in check; the presidential executive order as used today circumvents this check of powers and is used as a temper tantrum when president do not get their way. For the safety of America it needs to be stopped. This will also force the president to go to congress and follow their vote when going to war; If congress doesn’t authorize it, it doesn’t happen. We need to do away with the power to bypass congress when they are in recess. This is not the 1700s anymore and within a couple of hours or a day at the most; congress can be back in section.

Energy independence; we need to look at this with two minds of thought. First, why are we buying oil from countries that fund terrorist which is virtually all Arab countries? We have alias like Canada which we should get our oil from or better yet, we have more oil and natural gas then all the Arab countries; let’s create jobs and spend money here instead. While this is happening lets remove all the regulations and taxes which restrict the development of renewable energy. We are regulating and taxing these companies so they are moving out of our country to be able to make a profit and be competitive in the development market. At the same time we need to real in the EPA; it is a rouge vicious entity that was once for protection of the environment but is now just for far left agendas. They need to have their regulations go through congress before they can be made into enforceable law because this is what the Constitution says. You need to have two equal side to the EPA; one from the environmental side and one from the manufacturing side; together they will come up true responsible EPA doctrine instead of everything being one sided with no way to appeal.

Flat Tax rate; currently we have almost half of the country with no skin in the game when it comes to taxes and most of this group receives returns back at tax time higher then what they paid in; this needs to be fixed. If you are below the poverty level you should get back all your taxes paid in but nothing more. From the property level up to $40,000 you pay 3% federal tax, from $40,001 to $50,000 you pay 5%, from $50,001, to $70,000 you pay 7%, from $70, 001 to $85,000 you pay 9%, from $85,001 to $100,000 you pay 11%, from 100,001 to $125,000 you pay 13%, from 125,001 to $150,000 you pay 15%; at this point you get no deductions. From 150,001 to $200,000 you pay 17%, from 200,001 to $300,000 you pay 20%, from 300,001 to $500,000 you pay 23%, from 500,001 to $1,000,000 you pay 26%, from 1,000,001 to $3,000,000 you pay 28%, and anything above 3,000,001 will pay 30%. Remove the death tax and have only four deductions; medical, school, primary residence, and charitable giving. You would have more money then you know what to do with. Make the business tax 7% flat for all businesses on sales only no matter the size; remove the payroll tax. This would give us stability and enable businesses to program out their 5 and 10 year plans which will enable hiring and give the economy a major boost. No other tax increases will be allowed from congress and when the pot is divided up, you must live within your budget. The same 7% tax will be added to all imports of product from foreign countries.

The second part of this is there would be no bail outs of any company, city, or state by the federal government; if a company, city, or state goes under due to mismanagement and/or corruption, it is on them. I know this sounds harsh but the voters in the cities and states need to live in reality live within their means. If they run off their tax base as Detroit did and California is doing then they have to live with the consequences; it is the only way they will learn and come back to reality and start being responsible. 

A constitutional amendment make all government business is in English. To become a citizen and receive a green card you must learn English. There is nothing wrong with knowing as many other languages as you can but for clarity and transparency sake all government business needs to be in English. Along with English being to US language American law needs to be the only law recognized in America, no Sharia Law, UN Law, or any other law. We need to ensure no felons can run for public office; along with this any political party flat out lying will give the other party restitution and publicly on the news admit they were lying. Any public official who is sworn to uphold the constitution and refuses will be removed from office; this includes the president. If there is a law you don’t like, change it. Any law congress and the president passes on the any American people, congress and the president must adhere to and can not opt out as has been done in Obama Care. If you are going to force it on everyone, you need to be stuck with it as well. Congress and the Oval office once had class and honor; this hasn’t been so for a few decades but we need to return to this way.

Diplomatic immunity needs to be revoked for serious offense. I saw a foreign man from the Middle East with diplomatic immunity slam into a car and kill the mother and 9 month old baby because the man was drunk. It was his fifth time being pulled over for being drunk but the police had their hands tied by the State Department; nothing was done to the man. Another item, other then embassies, no foreign person, company, or government can own US land. Along with this, any government person or agency caught discriminating against conservatives, liberals, or anyone else will be fired and not allowed to be rehired by the federal government with one caveat; if they can prove their leadership directed it then their leadership will be canned instead with the same stipulations. The goes for the spying game as well. No American will have their data collected unless they have been positively linked to terrorist. No drones will be used in the US except for boarder security, rescue, and hostage situations.

All the Intelligence agencies, Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, and homeland Security needs to be combined under one hat, this will help prevent another 911 and Boston Bombing because now all the agencies will have to talk to each other. We have too many different agencies step across each others paths and not helping each other stop the bad guys. This will end this problem.

We need a National Concealed Weapon Licenses (NCWL); too many areas refuse to follow the 2nd Amendment so after a rigorous background check like I received getting my Security Clearance; if a person qualifies they can receive a good in all 50 states. This will allow the people to protect themselves even when the local government refuses to let them.

Schools, let there be vouchers for all. If the public schools are good, the student will stay but for the ones who are bad, the parents and students have an option to better themselves; why should rich politicians be able to send their children to private schools but refuse the common person the same option; this is discrimination and enforcement of oppression.

And the best for last; Pull out of the UN!!! They are worthless; they allow terrorist to use their vehicles, rape people when “protecting the people”, have known bigots and murders on their human rights commission, and have people who rape children and give women no rights at all on their policy council. If we want to be an honorable nation, should we be following this lead? Of course the answer is no.