Hateful Liberals Attacking Americans Protecting Illegals

What we here out of every Liberals mouth is that the Liberal Democratic Party is the party against bullying, the party for the American Workers, and the party for building jobs. If you want to see the idiocy in Liberal thinking and to see its effects on society, we can look at two places, Maryland and California. I remember a quote from a friend, “To see what anyone is truly about you must look at their actions, not the words from their lips, because their lips can lie to you but their actions always tell you the truth.”

In Maryland we have a 14 year old girl raped by a set of 17 and 18 year old illegals, and the town is rightfully outraged. The Maryland State Congress reacted quickly and decides to make the state a Sanctuary State…What? You heard me right, the Liberal Maryland State politicians decide that protecting Criminal Illegal non US residents is more important than protecting an innocent 14 year old girl, luckily the governor of Maryland said he would veto it. What is worse, the Liberal press, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, and CBS, didn’t even cover it because it goes against the Liberal agenda. Illegals only make up 3.76% of the American population yet according to the FBI almost 40.2% of all violent federal crimes are committed by Illegal Immigrants. Illegal Immigrants commit 10.7 times more crime then the rest of the legal people in America by population and Maryland’s Liberal politicians wants to protect and enable them to rape and murder again. Liberals will not admit when their policies fail but will double down on it as we see here, even if it is your little girl who gets raped or murdered like 15 year old Genesis Cornejo-Alvarado, a legal immigrant murdered by two Illegal Immigrants.

These Liberal politicians’ actions tell you the truth; they don’t care about America, you, or your family. If you go against these Liberals they will attack you trying anyway they can to destroy you, even paying people to be violent. I thought they were against bullying and violence? Remember what I said, “To see what anyone is truly about you must look at their actions, not the words from their lips, because their lips can lie to you but their actions always tell you the truth..” See what I mean?

In California, the Liberal Congress is trying to pass Assembly Bill 946 which would require the “California Public Employee Retirement System and the California State Teachers Retirement System, the two largest public pension funds in the nation, with investments of $312 billion and $202 billion, respectively to liquidate investments in any company involved with the wall’s construction within a year.” This is tyranny and shows how Liberals are using the government to bully others into submission.

It would also force the pension-fund management to “report a list of those companies to the California Legislature.” This is more than likely for making their “Hit List”. This bill which goes against honest business people and threaten to tear any business apart shows the Liberal Democrats true colors. The bill states they will not renewing business licenses, and will even add taxes to anyone who works on the boarder wall. These taxes which will not apply to any other like business doing like jobs will prevent thousands of Californians for getting work and send the money out of state. Isn’t this called bullying? Isn’t this called discrimination? Isn’t this called anti-worker and anti-business? What are their actions telling you? Are they the party against bullying, for the American Worker, and for building jobs, or the opposite? What it is called is tyranny and anti-American but of course we are talking about California.

What is the one right we all hold high, it is the one we use to express our feelings and beliefs; it is the Freedom of Speech. I don’t care if you disagree with everything I say or if I disagree with everything you say, we are both allowed to express our opinions equally and freely. I hope you would agree with me that any group who would try and take this right away is anti-American yet some are trying to end this right. Once again, Liberal Democrats on the Federal Election Commission are trying to regulate the internet so they can tell you what you can and cannot post. If they are ever able to do this, they can shut down the truth which the Liberal Media will never cover like the Illegals raping a 14 year girl in Maryland. 

The Liberal's actions show they do not care about our country and its people or that they do not have the mental capacity to understand a threat to our country and its people. Either way they should never be in an elected office. So why do the auto workers vote for the ones sending their jobs out of the country? So why do the steel workers vote for the ones sending their jobs out of the country? So why do the teachers vote for the ones not allowing them to teach or discipline our children? If you keep voting for Liberals, either Democrat or Republicans ones, it’s only going to get worse and your children and grand children will be paying the price. 

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Supporting International Terrorism

In the world there currently is 195 countries, this being said we have more International Terrorist Groups then we do countries. This counts terrorist groups effecting more than one nation but isn’t counting Terrorist Support Groups like Council on American–Islamic Relations (CAIR). In America many are always watching terrorism here but fail to understand the connection and danger faced by America by these International Terrorist. There are 199 International Terrorist Groups identified by the UN and other international agencies. They all work in unison to track these organizations and document their attacks and casualties. You can categorize these organizations into 7 groups and the percentage of global terrorism they commit.

  • Anarchist, 2 each,                          1.2%
  • Christian, 1 each,                           0.6%
  • Communist/Socialist, 21 each,    12.4%
  • Drugs Cartels, 1 each,                   0.6%
  • Indian, 1 each,                               0.6%
  • Islamic, 142 each,                        84.0%
  • Jewish, 1 each,                               0.6%
In America I thought the International Anarchist groups would be one of the most dangerous but there hasn’t been an International Anarchist attack in the US since 1919, you still have Domestic Terrorist attacks like Timothy McVeigh pulled off but no International Anarchist attacks. Internationally, the two biggest groups for committing terroristic type attacks on innocent people are the Peaceful Religion of Islam and the Utopia Communist/Socialist states of the world. If you start from the beginning of Islam, Islam has had the lead by far for killing but from 1900 to 1989 Communist/Socialist made a run for the record racking up around 129.6 million deaths, but they couldn’t touch the estimated 270 million deaths Islam has under its belt in the name of a their Peaceful Religion.

The one group of people in America who back and protect these two groups even after they have attacked American citizens, can you say Orlando attack, is Liberals. After 99 attacks on American soil by Islamic Terrorist, not counting the Communist/Socialist which are harder to define, you would think Liberals would have learned. The Orlando attacker’s Imam who is from another country, Sheikh Farrokh Sekaleshfar, preached on killing people within the LGBT community only a week before the attack. The FBI was told to leave the attacker alone by the administration and once again Liberals have cost Americans their lives. Liberals will never face reality, they are still looking through Rose Color Glasses instead of lens of truth. The attacks like in Orlando has just started in the US. Four attacks alone in Europe has caused 270 deaths with 1191 wounded.

Germany, Berlin 12 killed 49 injured. Eleven patrons are slaughtered when a hijacked truck plows into a crowd at a Christmas market outside a church. 

France, Nice 86 killed 434 injured: A Muslim migrant mows down eighty-six Bastille Day revelers (including ten children) with a truck while shouting praises to Allah. 

Belgium, Brussels 35 killed 340 injured. Multiple attack by Muslim terrorist with explosives. 

France, Saint-Denis and Paris: 137 killed 368 injured. A series of shooting and bombing attacks across France.

What will happen when the Orlando style attack becomes more common, the Liberals will blame guns or anything else, but they will never blame the true culprit, violent Islamic teaching. Not all Muslims are violent or Islamic Terrorist, but all Islamic Terrorist are Muslim.

If you want to see how much a country believes in the sanctity of human life, check to see what little of a crime someone can do to be put to death. In many Islamic countries like Iran, you can put a 7 year old to death for stealing bread because he was starving. If any non-Muslim kills a Muslim in one of the 51 Islamic countries, even if by accident or defending one’s own life, you had better have a lot of money or you will die; even with money you still may die. But if a Muslim kills 7 innocent non-Muslim school girls on a field-trip, he served less than 3 years for each murder. It would have been the same for any innocent children who weren’t Muslim in a Muslim country. If it would have been Muslim children he would have been executed, but everyone who is not Muslim don’t count as real people in Muslim’s eyes. Muslim countries are the number 1 leader in the murders of the LGBT communities; Muslims have started this in the US as well; just look at Jacksonville. But Muslims are also the number 1 leader in human trafficking and owners of child sex slaves, adult sex slaves, and labor slaves. Compound this with being the number 1 abusers of women and executioners of children, you start to get the picture that they are not as peaceful as they or the Liberals say.

For everyone who believes in freedom and human rights, why would anyone ever support and protect this theology? For everyone who believes in freedom and human rights, why would anyone ever take funding from those people, organizations, and countries who support the theology of slavery and child executions? Well you might want to take a look at our politicians because many of them accept donations from these people, organizations (like CAIR), and countries. CAIR has been designated the FBI as an organization that supports terrorism so why are they allowed to exist and who do they support? If you look at the politicians receiving major donations from CAIR they are all Liberals; Rep. Keith Ellison $130,692, Rep. Andre Carson $33,911, Rep. Gary Peters $11,000, Rep. Gerry Connolly $5,450, and Rep. Kyrsten Sinema $1,450. You can also track the bigger receivers of money from these countries, President Obama received millions but the biggest recipient was Hillary Clinton.

I thought the Liberal Democrats like Hillary Clinton supported women, the LGBT community, and was against slavery. If this is so than why are they the ones taking money from these murders who do what they say they are against? The truth is they are not for women, the LGBT community, stopping rights violations, or stopping slavery as long as people committing these atrocities keeps putting money into their pockets. The ironic part of this whole mess is the ones who say they are for human rights across the world, the UN, has 21 known human rights violators on the 47 members panel of the UN Human Rights Council. So how did they get on the UN Human Rights Council? The other ironic part is the LGBT community, women community, and the people against human trafficking are the same people voting for all the Liberals who support, enable, and receive donations from these human rights violators. So why do the LGBT community, women community, and the people against human trafficking keep voting for the people accepting support from those who want to kill the LGBT community, put the women into submission, and keep the human trafficking going? I cannot answer that question but I can tell you they are voting themselves into a grave.

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Political Hypocrisy, Deception, Lying, and Sabotage

How do you tell if someone cares more about a political agenda and power then the country and its people? They will be the hypocrite trying to deceive you, lying about it when caught while trying to sabotage anyone getting in their way or who has a different thought; you know, a Liberal. You see Hypocrisy, Deception, Lying, and Sabotage are their core values.

The Liberal politicians (Democrat, Independent, & Republican) and media following the Liberal politicians keep trying to put a connection between President Trump and Russia. They can’t seem to find it but you can find one easily between the Liberal Democrats and Russia, so why isn’t the Main Stream Media following that connection? Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer no sooner than accuse Attorney General Jeff Sessions (found innocent) of lying about Russian meeting by not showing his whole statement and demanding his resignation. Then a picture shows up of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer knowingly having dinner with a known Russia’s top spy recruiter and lied about it; shouldn’t they and the dozen Liberal Democrats with them all resign? This is the epitome of hypocrisy. We know what Pelosi and Schumer are thinking, “It’s not the same because we are Democrats, not Republicans!”

 We watch as Eric Holder refuses to prosecute The New Black Panthers (NBP) for Voter Intimidation, a felony. He then comes out and tells the State AGs they don’t have to enforce laws they don’t like. If the Republicans and Democrats who believe in the US Constitution and the Rule of Law would have stood up for what is right, they could have impeached him for his un-American acts. He was charged with upholding the law but he is a Liberal and hypocrite, the law doesn’t matter.

Speaking of Deception as being next we can stay with former USAG Eric Holder and begin with the Fast and Furious scandal. They will tell you it was to bring down the drug kingpins but its true purpose was to bring down the 2nd Amendment. There were over 69 people killed by the Fast and Furious scheme and I never seen anyone in the administration apologize for it. This was the reason that President Obama and AG Eric Holder tried to push for a mandatory Million Dollar Insurance policy for every gun you owned. Of course Liberals don’t learn, after Obama’s Million dollar tax was shot down by the US Supreme Court, New York Assemblyman Felix Ortiz tried to push through a Million dollar gun insurance policy. Both try to say it was for safety but it was to restrict gun rights. Having egg on their face they decide to buy all the rounds they could, 1.6 billion plus stating it’s needed to resupply the government. The government uses .22, 9mm, .357, .357 Sig, .40, 10mm, .45ACP, 5.56mm, 308, 300 Win Mag, 338 Lapua Mag, 458 SOCOM, and the .50 BMG. Why did they need to buy the .25cal, .32 cal, 38 spl, .38 Super, .41 mag, .44 Spl, .44 Colt, .44 mag, .500 S&W, 5.7x28, 30 Carbine, .25-06, .243 Win, .270 Win, .280 Win, .30-30, .30-40 Krag, .303 Brit, .30-06, .35 Rem, .375, .45-70, and hundreds of others they don’t use? Can you say “Gun Control?” This is deception at its best. What about Hillary and Benghazi? She told the American people it was a video when none of the terrorist had seen the video.

We had former Liberal AG Loretta Lynch come out sounding like she wants to incite people to riot and commit violence. What AG or even former AG with the countries well being at heart would ever lobby for violence? The truth is neither her, Eric Holder, or any other liberal ever cared about an American citizen, only if they could get the American citizen to vote for them or their agenda.

Currently we have a president who says he was wiretapped by the previous president to where many say “President Obama nor anyone in his administration would ever do that.” Well they wiretapped:

Many people forget that President Richard Nixon wiretapped people which is why he had to resign. I’ve shown you that President Obama and his administration did wiretap people, even our allies. There was also a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) request to tap Trump Towers in June 2016 by the Obama Administration which was denied for being too broad. There was another FISA request in September 2016 but I couldn't find out if it was granted. Does that mean this FISA request wasn’t as broad and was granted? I don't know if it was granted but anyway you look at it, President Obama tried to tap President Trump.

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