American's Double Standard for the Muslim Religion

Our politically correct politicians are going to get all non-Muslims killed in the future if things don't change. I have already showed you that the FBI has found 35 Terrorist Training Camps in the US in "Muslims and Jihadist Training Camps". I have already showed you that this "Peaceful Religion" is anything but peaceful in "Muslim’s Peaceful Religion, Atrocities, and Honor Killings." I even showed you how this Most Humanistic, Tolerant, and Morally Great religion is anything but in "Muslim in America; The Most Humanistic, Tolerant, and Morally Great?" What I haven't showed you is that in our own nation Muslims have more rights and freedoms then you do.

In Ohio a 6-year-old boy suspended for pointing finger like a gun, in Florida an 8-year-old boy suspended from Florida school for using fingers as gun during game of cops and robbers, and in Pennsylvania a 10-year-old was suspended and threatened with expulsion for shooting an imaginary arrow, but a Muslim kid comes to school and gives classmates toy guns during a Islamic Holiday and there is no problem; isn't this a massive double standard? Our schools are the battle ground and this is where the fight is being taken. We can count on the text books in our school being accurate and non-bias right, the answer is no.

I read through everyone of my kids text books and required reading and more then once I found stuff wrong or plane offensive like when my six year old had a mandatory book to read about a girl loosing her virginity; I went off like a rocket. This was caused by bias, destructive people in the school system. When your school system buys academic books you would hope they would be accurate and not skewed for political reasons but Florida found out this isn't true when they purchased a World History book which favored Islam at the expense of all other religions especially Christianity and Judaism.

State Rep. Ritch Workman pointed out, “The book has a 36-page chapter on Islam but no chapters on Christianity or Judaism,” and in the Muslim history, “It leaves out that tens of thousands of Jews and non-believers were massacred by Mohammed’s armies”; Mr. Workman said. “It’s a blatant deception.” The guidance which go along with gives students lessons on the Koran and the five pillars of Islam; what would happen if they gave them lessons in the Bible and Christian salvation? But the bias is orchestrated by The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), known as a terrorist group by the FBI. CAIR is also one of the country’s most prominent Muslim groups and demanded that public schools in Dearborn, Michigan change their policies, so Muslim students can more comfortably pray on school grounds. So you would think that schools are now equally across the board promoting prayer-friendly policies? Well, only if you’re Muslim. A short time after these demands were presented CAIR complained that some Michigan students were allowed to attend Bible classes, and demanded  it stopped; isn't this being a hypocrite? Well, at lease our government will protect us?

We have freedom of speech don't we? Well the DOJ says the Muslim religion does but not the Christians, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, and any other. The federal government is now pushing for anti-Muslim speech to be  a criminal act and it comes strait from President Obama and Eric Holder. Many law makers are denouncing the federal programs enacted by President Obama and Eric Holder promoting Islamic Culture; aren't Democrats always saying separation of church and state; I guess Islamic is allowed just no others.

The melting pot is turning into a future massacre pot and it will happen, just look at every other country which has been taken over by this religion. Across the world the "Muslim Religion", not the terrorist even though they are doing their part, are massacring anyone who isn't Muslim. If you are religious or not, they can insult your religion freely but if you insult Muhammad or Islam, an honor killing will ensue and no charges will be filed. Women, get ready to wear your burkas and be ordered by the men in your family and don't forget; you voted for all these leftist liberal idiots who are making this come true, o yeah, I forgot; don't worry about voting it out because you will not be allowed to. It's up to you but the writing is easy to see; that is if you get your head out of your @$$.

Veterans and White Supremacy ABSURD!

An article in the New York Times by Kathleen Belew shows how ignorant and absurd our news organizations have become. She starts off her article " Veterans and White Supremacy" with reference to a Vietnam Vet who was a White Supremacist before he ever joined the military who shot and killed three people in Overland Park . Leon Hobbs is a member of a black supremacist party "The New Black Panthers" and was a Vietnam Vet so may be her next article should be about Veterans and Black Supremacy. Why doesn't she mention Major Hasan, a Muslim Supremacist who killed 13 and wounded 32 who were from what I can tell all non-Muslims. There is at lease three more incidents of Muslims in the military killing their comrades while praising Mohammad. Why does these idiotic dingle berries always point to whites as the racist (I hate all racist) but never at the Black racism, Latino Racism, Muslim racism, or any other group of racist and why do they always try to link it to the military; why, oh that's right, it's not politically correct. If we want to talk racism lets be truthful about it because I hate all racist.

The military is very good at removing all white racist it finds which I was proud to help accomplish while I was serving but it wasn't as easy to get rid of other racist people. Take a look at Major Hasan, who had over 20 complaints against him but because he was protected by political correctness, he was untouchable. The FBI knew he had connections to  Anwar al-Awlaki, but because he was protected by political correctness, he was not touched and now 13 are dead and 32 wounded but why doesn't she talk about this? This would be a better story or how President Obama stabbed the military in the back again by calling it "Work Place Violence" instead of what it was, "A Terrorist Attack", but once again this isn't politically correct.

If she really wanted to do a piece on racism we can watch it from the Attorney Generals Office, it is in full display there; oh wait, I wasn't politically correct. Why doesn't she do an article against Racism in the Senate; former Senator Robert Byrd  who led a KKK chapter. According to the FBI The New Black Panther Party is a black extremist who advocated the use of violence and guerrilla tactics to overthrow the U.S. government; they are supported by elected officials Cynthia McKinney-Georgia Congresswoman, Al Sharpton-Brooklyn Councilman, Charles Barron-Brooklyn Councilman, and believe it or not, Senator Barack Obama even marched with them at the Selma Rally. I wonder why those charges against the New Black Panther Party for voter intimidation went away! Would the Justice Department have done the same thing if it were idiots out there with white sheets? I think not, they would have fried them rightfully so. Supports of the New Black Panther Party also include Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton; who is the first person to yell someone is a racist?

Cherry picking information to push your view as a reported is malpractice of your profession and shows you having no integrity. Trying to tie our military to racist is a political motivation by liberals who have malevolence toward the military and is anti-American in every way. The political correctness pushed by the liberal establishment is destroying America and its Constitution; but telling liberals this and pointing out the facts won't help, because I truly think this is their ultimate goal anyway.