A Radical Islamic Nuclear War on Obama’s Watch?

Today the mindset is much different compared to the 1940s and it’s not all for the good. In the 1940s, 95% of the people had a work ethic, loved our country, and would fight if any tried to trample our freedoms; we were strong. Unfortunately today many want everything given to them and have no work ethic, love themselves, hate our country, and if we needed them to fight an invader they would run, causing us to lose every freedom for which many men and women have died. In 1940 we stood for what was right, stopped the slaughter of millions of Jewish people and ended World War II; we did it with the invention of a double edge sword, the nuclear bomb. Since World War II we have had several more wars but none as destructive or generating the civilian lose of life as in World War II, but that may soon change. Today we present an image of corruptness and weakness with a new scandal every day showing the government once again violating the constitution with few standing against it. To most countries at war you target the military components, not the civilians, the war we were drawn into and fight today purposefully targets civilians, the war with Radical Islam.   

We have watched as Israel trades blows with Hamas and Hezbollah sometimes daily. Most media will not define the differences in the attacks, Israel bombs a Police Station (Hamas’ and Hezbollah’s military) while Hamas and Hezbollah bombs Israeli school buses. I know Israel isn’t innocent in every case but their primary target isn’t the school buses either. We have known for years that sanctions do nothing to deter rouge regimes like North Korea and Iran from anything, they ignore sanctions and the only ones who pay are their citizens; countries like China and Russia will always circumvent any sanctions imposed. We have known this yet our government still believes it will work no matter how much it has failed throughout our history. Iran has successfully has built a nuclear bomb with the help of Russia and North Korea and has enough weapons-grade uranium and plutonium for more, according to a source in the Revolutionary Guards intelligence unit. Iran has built a new site in a mountain which is bomb proof and forbid entrance by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Iran has built a previously undisclosed launching site and space center near the northeastern city of Shahrud according to the New York Times which is in range of Israel. We have listened to the Iranian leadership boast that their sole purpose is to wipe the Israeli people from the face of the earth. With our lack of leadership and fortitude, our leadership has failed American, Israeli, and world people and the Israeli people will be the ones who pay.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel reminds the world (in case anyone had forgotten) that the threat from Iran remains very much alive. Netanyahu warned that the Islamic Republic is once again approaching a nuclear red line, and hinted that if the United States doesn’t take action soon, he will. If Iran fires a nuclear missile into Israel, no matter if it explodes or not Iran will be wiped from the face of the earth; if someone fired a nuclear missile into the US we (under a strong administration) would do the same. If this happens, with Russia and China being Iran’s comrades it could lead to the beginning of World War III; since we back Israel will this cause the Chinese to try and now forcibly take Taiwan which has been in dispute for decades? Will China or Russia try to retaliate against Israel and will we step in to stop it?

USA Today has President Obama addressing the Iranian Leadership, "If we can, the Iranian people will begin to see the benefits of greater trade and ties with other nations, including the United States," Obama said. "Whereas if the Iranian government continues down its current path, it will only further isolate Iran. This is the choice now before Iran's leaders." President Obama needs to realize they are not isolated, Russia and China gives them anything they want. He also needs to realize they have a third choice; nuke Israel and I think they are crazy enough to do it. Most sane people would avoid nuclear war but with Iran however, the matter is different. The reason is that the place has many fanatics who want to die and go to heaven to see their 72 virgins and usher in the 13th Imam.

If this happens will the other Islamic countries stay out of the fight or will they join forces with Iran to wipe Israel from the map? Instead of Iran directly attacking Israel will it get a nuclear bomb to Hamas or Hezbollah and let them do their dirty work? And with our borders like an open gate, will we wake up one morning to find Dallas, New York, Chicago, or Los Angles gone from a terrorist nuclear attack? President Reagan, Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr., and Obama were all to secure the border, none have. Japan has been the only nation to endure a nuclear attack but if things don’t change Israel will be next and we may not be far behind.

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