The Hard Truth about Our Society and Its Downward Spin

This is going to be solely from my point of view and what I have watched over the last half century. You may agree with some of it and not with others parts but instead of looking at everything from your point view, look at it from all points of view. The most important way to find the truth is to look at the facts not following your feelings; your feeling will always lie to you. Following your feelings will make you rationalize what you want, and try to fit it as the truth while following the facts will show you the truth you fear to face. I am a realist and look at many items as black and white because the truth is black or white; being impartial about facts is hard, it’s even harder when you are emotionally attached and have skin in the game. Unlike the skewed reports we receive from the news today I’m going to give you the true facts. If you are offended by a subject, instead of being mad maybe you should see how you can fix the problem, now on to the show.

Why are so many males dying below the age of 18? The highest percentages of deaths per capita are in the minority population and the highest numbers of deaths overall is in the white population? In 2009 Blacks murdered 91% of Blacks and 13% of white. The whites murdered 84% of whites and 7% of blacks. This all comes from the FBI “Crime in the United States” web site. According to the FBI 84.6% of murders happen within cities of 250,000 or more compared to 15.4 percent in suburbs and rule area. Here is where it gets uncomfortable; you always here about a white killing a black on the news but blacks kill 53.8% more whites then whites kill blacks; this is strait out of the FBI crime statistics. The following are direct factors as I see it to the reason for the crimes.

It comes from three factors that most refuse to talk about and the first is out of wedlock birth rates; across the board we have a 40.8% out of wedlock birth rate. A male child needs a man to mentor him and not just any man, a man with integrity and honor; not a different man every year of questionable character. If you go to the CDC and down load the stats, look at page 45 at the bottom and it will tell you the following.

Over all 72.5% of African American are born out of wedlock but 18 years old and under is 99.3% which is 12.4% of all births in the African American community and until you hit 40 years of age never drops below 40% born out of wedlock and never drops below 39.9% born out of wedlock.

Over all 65.6% of Native American are born out of wedlock but 18 years old and under is 96.4% which is 14% of all births in the Native American community and the stats shows it never dropping below 40% born out of wedlock.

Over all 53.4% of Hispanic American are born out of wedlock but 18 years old and under is 93.9% which is 21.6% of all births in the Hispanic American community and until you hit 30 years of age never drops below 40% born out of wedlock and never drops below 34.1% born out of wedlock.

Over all 35.9% of White American are born out of wedlock but 18 years old and under is 93.9% which is 12.3% of all births in the White American community and until you hit 30 years of age never drops below 40% born out of wedlock and never drops below 19.7% born out of wedlock.

Over all 17% of Asian/Pacific Islander American are born out of wedlock but 18 years old and under is 93.4% which is 7.2% of all births in the Asian/Pacific Islander American community and until you hit 30 years of age never drops below 40% born out of wedlock and drops to the slowest of 11.6% born out of wedlock.

When the nuclear family breaks down so does the society; if it breaks down in one race more quickly then another race, that race will have more problems. When morals are not taught you can not expect any society or community to not live in chaos which is what we see in our big cities.

The second problem is dropout rates in school; first you never lower the standard of education just to get more people through, this undermines the whole purpose of education and is the main factor in causing the US to drop in the world educational standings. Across America as a whole the rates are do not look that bad with an average rate of 7.4% until you look at the inner cities areas. The inner cities comprise the majority of the out of wedlock births, high school dropouts, and murders of people under the age of 25 year old per capita. The average dropout rate in a big city is 50% with Detroit leading the pack with a 78.3% dropout rate, Baltimore with a 61.5% dropout rate, and New York City with a 61.1% dropout rate just to name a few.  Los Angles should be number one but the graduates receive their diplomas with many not able to write or add; this does not help them.

The third is respect; the crime rate and the death of all these children are a direct reflection on the community and in many cases the household where they grew up. If children are taught that violence is how you gain respect and you are to show no respect to your teachers, police, or even your elders, your crime rate will skyrocket as it has in most all big cities. When you are taught that you are owed something instead of you need to work for what you want, you have been taught wrong and you make yourself a victim instead of an achiever. When you allow crooks to occupy your city and state elected positions because they will give you more without doing anything, you are headed for a major fall, just ask Detroit; and as we see today, your kids will pay with their blood. The flight of working people out of Detroit was because of the crime rate and massive taxation to pay for those who refuse to work. Detroit was hailed as the perfect liberal utopia in the 1960s and today we can see what this footprint of liberalism will bring to you, your city, and your state; downfall and destruction.

Everyone has heard “If a man gives you a fish you eat for a day, if he teaches you to fish he can eat for a lifetime” but no one has ever been told the second part. If you don’t learn to fish or don’t want to learn to fish because you think you deserve a free fish every day the man will stop giving you fish. You will now turn violent and try to take from the man who has worked for it which is why the crime rate is so high in the big cities. Sooner or later that man will get tired of you trying to take what is his and will put an end to it.

Why do you think the big cities with the harshest gun control laws also have the highest crime rates? The answer, honest person can’t defend themselves. If you wiped out all gun control laws except the following, the crime rate would drop drastically.

  1. Do away with the laws that make you a Felon for frivolous violations. These where put into place just to try and make it so more people couldn’t own guns.

  1. Every state at a state level creates a law that you can’t own a gun with a violent felony conviction. If you are a felon and caught with a gun it is an automatic 10 years in prison on top of all other sentences. If you are a convicted felon and caught three times with a gun it is life without parole.

  1. You can’t own a gun if you have a mental diagnosis that could lead to violent tendencies. Your doctor will put this into the national registry and if they don’t and you commits a violent crime with a gun; the first time he is fined, second time he is barred from practicing in that state.

  1. Any violent crime (robbery, rape) committed or if you are a willing accomplice to a violent crime with a gun, it is an automatic 10 years in prison for use of the gun with no plea bargaining on top of the sentence received; if you have three of these, life without parole. Serial Rapist, life in prison first offense.

  1. Any premeditated murder or willing accomplice to premeditated murder should receive life in prison without parole automatically or the death penalty depending on the state.

  1. If you walk in on someone robbing your house or see someone robbing your neighbor’s house, you can shoot them on the spot.

I guarantee you these six rules would get the criminals off the street quick and in many cases permanent and deter others from following their path. One Caveat; if an illegal alien is caught with a gun they will be immediately deported, if caught committing a crime with a gun, 10 years on top of sentence then deported and band from the US for life. If they return to the US and are caught they will receive life in prison without parole.

Welfare needs to be no more the 36 months received in a 100 month period with no extra benefits for kids born when on welfare. I have been on welfare as have several members of my family and we worked to get off it as soon as we could. Too many people today use this as their gravy train; this is their life and they think it’s owed to them. Get off your lazy butts and get a job; this is the message which needs to be sent. We prosper as a country much better when we work together instead of leeches bringing us down. If you want economical justice, work for it and show everyone you are just as good as them.

Unemployment needs to be an individual account set up like a Roth IRA (not ran by the government) and you and your employer pay into it. If you get laid off you can draw off this account without being taxed. Because it is like a Roth IRA no money will be given by the government to extend your Unemployment Account.  If you get to the end and retire, you can have all of it tax free because it was set up like a Roth IRA.  

Social Security needs to be set up as individual Roth IRA accounts. When you retire you draw a sustainable amount from it based on what you put into it. If you die it can be transferred to your spouse; if spouse is dead, split equally and paid in a lump sum to your children automatically unless a Last Will and Testament says otherwise. The “Last Will and Testament” can direct it to others or even to charities. Relatives can claim if no children or spouses are there to claim and a “Last Will and Testament“ doesn’t say otherwise but only after all debts are settled. If no one claims it, it will go to the state coffers.

Probably the biggest problem in our country comes down to a toss up between the unethical politicians who keep managing to get into office or the news reporters who refuses to be honest and give both sides of the issue. Walter Cronkite was the best example of a great reporter who would show both sides of the issue without twisting it to meet an agenda; unfortunately today we have none like him. You can have the President or Congressmen flat out lie about anything and today the media will not cover or engage it if it is their choice for the office they are in; but if it isn’t their choice they will never check the facts before reporting on a story or will knowingly post a false information on a story if it helps their candidate. Freedom of the Press does not give the press the right to purposely miss lead the people, to knowingly push lies, and to purposely cover up for political immoral and in many cases illegal actions. The truth is our Congress and news media have no ethics or morals anymore; our founding fathers would roll over in their graves.

The purpose of the Federal government when we became a nation was to protect our borders (not being done), provide for the common defense (being eroded), and to protect the freedoms our founding fathers set forth (being removed every day). Any race of people inside the US can be anything they want to be; they choose their path. They are the only person who can prevent them from achieving their goal.  

Obama Scandals, are These Really Phony?

President Obama on Wednesday denounced what he called “phony scandals”, the only problem I see is he like many politicians is lying every time his mouth opens; so let’s see if I we can find some “phony scandals” from his side of the house. I dare a Republican to say their anything, I’ll look all theirs up as well; both have plenty of material to work.

Just a note, this isn’t even close to all of them and the republicans have their scandals as well. An extra note, on the federal level, every company who our president authorized to receive a bailout donated heavily to only the Democratic Party, then many filed for bankruptcy.  On the streets we call this laundering money. I used multiple states to show the “State and City Scandals”, this is to show it’s not just in one area but across the whole Democratic Party as well as the Republican Party.

Federal Government

Eric Holder Attorney General was held in Contempt of Congress after refusing to release all documents which the House of Representatives had demanded concerning the Fast and Furious gun walking operation. This was a phony scandal that ended up with a murdered Boarder Patrol agent; please tell his family this was a “phony scandal”.

How about the Benghazi event which everyone including you Mr. Obama lied about for weeks which you say also is a “phony scandal”, I guess the four people killed including a US ambassador are phony deaths once again.

Terence Flynn an appointee of Barack Obama to the National Labor Relations Board resigned in May 2012 after being accused of serious ethical violations by leaking information to the National Association of Manufacturers. Is this ethical? It is true but I guess this is a “phony scandal”.

Martha N. Johnson head of the General Services Administration fired two top GSA officials and then herself resigned after it was revealed that $822,000 had been spent in Las Vegas on a four-day training conference for 300 GSA employees. (2010). I guess this is a “phony scandal” and $822,000 was phony money right.

IRS admitted to inappropriate investigation of conservative political groups associated with the Tea Party. President Obama himself labeled the IRS’s actions "inexcusable." This was another “phony scandal”.

Jesse L. Jackson Jr. (D-IL) pled guilty to one felony count of fraud for using $750,000 of campaign money to buy personal items such as stuffed animals, elk heads and fur capes. His wife, Sandi Jackson, who is a Chicago City Alderman, pled guilty to filing false income tax statements at the same time.

Laura Richardson (D-CA) was found guilty on seven counts of violating US House rules by improperly using her staff to campaign for her, destroying the evidence and tampering with witness testimony. The House Ethics Committee ordered Richardson to pay a fine of $10,000. (2012)

Mr. Weiner, who resigned in 2011 after admitting to sending explicit photos of himself to several women, is under pressure to drop out of the race for the Democratic nomination for New York mayor after reports surfaced Tuesday of raunchy exchanges under the pseudonym “Carlos Danger.”

Rep. Charles B. Rangel, the veteran New York Democrat who was censured by the full House for a series of tax and ethics violations in 2010.

Democratic Federal Judge for Eastern Louisiana G. Thomas Porteous was unanimously impeached by the US House of Representatives on charges of bribery and perjury in March 2010. He was convicted by the US Senate and removed from office.

David Petraeus: Resigned as the Director of the CIA in November 2012 after an FBI investigation uncovered that he had an extramarital affair with his biographer, Paula Broadwell.

David Wu (D-OR) announced he will resign from the House of Representatives after being accused of making unwanted sexual advances toward a fundraiser's daughter became public. July 26, 2011.

Eric Massa (D-NY): Resigned to avoid an ethics investigation into his admitted groping and tickling of multiple male staffers. He later stated on Fox News that, "not only did I grope [a staffer], I tickled him until he couldn't breathe," (2010).

DOJ drops investigations of all corrupt Democratic members of Congress.

State & City Governments

The scandals have spanned the spectrum from a Democratic mayor in San Diego accused of being unable to keep his hands off his female aides

In Detroit, the ex-mayor and the wife of longtime House Judiciary Committee member John Conyers Jr. have fallen to corruption scandals, while the son of former Democratic Party Chairman Ron Brown admitted last month to bribery charges as a city councilman in the nation’s capital.

n the District of Columbia, former D.C. Council member Michael A. Brown last month pleaded guilty to a public corruption charge for accepting tens of thousands of dollars in cash stuffed in duffel bags and coffee cups while in office. He pleaded guilty after the chairman of the D.C. Council, Kwame R. Brown, resigned and pleaded guilty to bank fraud in June 2012.

Arkansas Democratic Treasurer Martha Shoffner has been arrested by the FBI on charges of extortion and bribery.

Arizona Democratic State Representative Ben Arredondo has been charged with bribery, fraud and extortion and sentenced to 18 months of house arrest. If it was us common folk, we would have gone to jail.

Connecticut House Speaker Christopher G. Donovan (Democrat), have been indicted in an FBI investigation into campaign finance corruption. Donovan has not been charged. (2012)

Illinois State Representative Derrick Smith (Democrat) was arrested for accepting a $7000 bribe. (2012)

Massachusetts State Representative Carlos Henriquez (Democrat) was charged with assault and kidnapping of a woman in July 2012 and released after posting $1000 bond.

Massachusetts State Representative Stephen Stat Smith (Democrat) has agreed to plead guilty to two misdemeanor counts of deprivation of rights under color of law for his role in a voter fraud scheme.

Michigan Democrat Mayor of Detroit Kwame Kilpatrick was found guilty on 40 counts of racketeering and extortion.

New York Democratic State Senator Malcolm Smith was indicted for trying to bribe his way onto the NY City mayoral ballot.

Texas State Representative Ron Reynolds (Democrat) was arrested and charged with violating the state barratry law (unlawful solicitation of clients by lawyers).

Alabama State Representative Terry Spicer (Democrat) pled guilty to accepting more than $3000 per month in bribes. (2011)

Florida State Senator M. Mandy Dawson (Democrat) was arrested for tax evasion in July 2011.

This shows a problem in the Democratic Party which is also in the Republican Party; we have very few respectable politicians any more. They care about their pocket, power, and position but not the people and most on both sides are liberals. Why do we keep electing these dirt bags? If you care for your country, your freedom, and most of all your children you need to stop. We are seeing what Abraham Lincoln warned us about.

Abraham Lincoln: America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.

Department of Justice or Department of Injustice

DOJ pulls funding from the Young Marines in Louisiana, a youth group that helps troubled youth. The DOJ doesn't like them using words that are in our Pledge of Allegiance and if you look at the Star Spangled Banner even in the fourth section of lyrics use the word God. No matter if you are religious or not, if they can trash the religious side of the Amendment I, what will stop them from trashing the freedom of speech, or of the press; nothing.

Amendment I
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances

The DOJ wants no mention of faith no matter how generic at this Young Marines group and the kicker, it's all voluntary. Mr. Tom Dupree a Constitutional lawyer and former Deputy Assistant Attorney General say the youth group did not violate the law so why is the justice department harassing them instead of real law breakers like the New Black Panthers (NBP)?

1.  The Washington Times - Justice Department whistle-blower J. Christian Adams says Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. "tampered" with two ongoing investigations into voter-intimidation by members of the New Black Panther Party. Tampering or not, Mr. Holder clearly prejudiced the case by publicly misrepresenting it. Published January 6, 2011.

2.   What is it about the Justice Department and the Black Panthers? On March 24, Mikhail Muhammad, leader of the New Black Panther Party, offered a $10,000 bounty for the "capture" of George Zimmerman, who shot and killed Trayvon Martin. The Panthers distributed wanted posters, calling him a "child killer" and offering the bounty "dead or alive.
What would Mr. Holder have done if this was the KKK intimidating people at the voting booths or putting a $10,000 contract out on Snoop Dogg, would his response would be 180 from his current path here? You bet it would be, they would be locked up (rightfully so) in a minute. I guess according to him anyone who isn’t black doesn’t count and this means all other minorities as well but who is this disgraceful, racist man or is he not raciest? Watch this clip about the NBP investigation. Apparently American isn’t his people. I hate racist no matter if black, white, Spanish, Asian, or any other. Eric Holder is one but I can name several this administration has put into office but let’s focus for now on Eric Holder; is he an honorable man? 

When the New Black Panther Party voter intimidation case was dismissed by the Department of Justice, Perez said under oath that senior officials were not involved in the decision to do so and not prosecute Party members for wielding a night stick outside of a Philadelphia polling place in 2008. Last week, a report from the DOJ Inspector General contradicted this claim, proving Perez's and Holder testimony was false. The following are all the scandals Eric Holder has been involved in; this clip has him denying any knowledge of any of them before having to come clean. Here Eric Holder is saying it is constitutional to use drones to kill Americans on American soil. Here Eric Holder is lying about Fast and Furious. Here he lied to congress about targeting news reporters. I think we get the picture but this is the liberal way, lie to the people, do what you want, block any investigations, and take their rights. Eric Holder even talks about brain washing (his words) your kids so they won’t want parts of the constitution.

I believe in showing videos or audio clips so you can hear them speak in their own words. If you want to know how someone is and they are a public figure, go on YouTube and see the real truth in their words. The problem we have today is I can show you video of someone being a slime ball, racist, or a liar and they are “your people” no matter race, political affiliation, are economical class, you will either call me a liar, racist, or just ignore what you know to be true. Showing you that the number one law enforcement person in the US, Eric Holder, doesn’t care about the law just political agendas should have everyone calling their congressman, if we don’t clean the Attorney General’s Office next prejudice and UN-ethical action may go against you. If you don’t believe in equal application of the law for and to all, you are UN-American. If I took a true look at our three legislative branches, you would see out of the 537 total people including the president and vise-president you would have about 100 trying to do what is best for the country and 437 doing what is best for their party, race, pocket book, donors, or agenda with no care for the country. Then when you add the Attorney General’s Office, Homeland Security, State Department, IRS, FDA, and the EPA you still have little more then 100. Detroit is the liberal icon of what liberalism will bring at a national level if we don’t change it. People who lie under oath to congress need to go to jail and you can start with Eric Holder. We need to clean up our country and by the way, if you don’t like this country, LEAVE! 

LBJ’s 'Great Liberal Society', It’s a Failure - Detroit's Bankruptcy

Detroit is a good example of what will happen when greed and the lust for power overruns integrity, character and what is the responsible course of action. Detroit has been having problems for a long time but why were they not fixed? The population of Detroit at its highest was in 1950 a population of 1,849,568; the lowest is this year, 2013 with a population of 711,700; this is a decline of 61.6%. The population started drastically falling after 1960 with a population of 1,670,144 and never recovered. All mayors of Detroit after 1962 have been Liberal Democrats; the only one I can say tried to do anything to turn the city around is the current mayor, Mr. Bing. Mr. Bing tried but could not get anything accomplished with the city council, all of which too are Liberals but this is just one part of the problem.

One of the biggest problems is the one sided union approach in Detroit. The lavish pay and pension plans which have been given for years have caught up with the city. I have family members in unions and have seen the good and bad of unions but Detroit’s unions are just one of the instruments which has caused Detroit’s destruction, I will give you one example: Detroit Water & Sewer Department (DWSD) average pay and compensation package is $86,000 and the Union bosses insisted the DWSD needs more. Just to let you know the average income in Detroit is $28,069 so DWSD employees get paid three times what the average citizen and all most double the national average $43,740. This all stems from greed and because of that greed the recipients of the pension plans will be lucky to get 25 cents on the dollar; you can either pay at the beginning or pay at the end. Because they followed the liberal way of irresponsible management they received their pay at their beginning but will only receive pennies on the dollar at the now end. You have to pay the piper sooner or later and the time in Detroit is now.

Lavish welfare is another problem, with aid for all children you have women who are giving birth to 8 to 10 children and in one case a woman gave birthed to 24 as reported by the Detroit Free Press, all on American taxpayer dollars. There needs to be a limit of no extra welfare after three kids needs to be put into place; people need to start being responsible but a new child to them means a new car payment, new TV, or whatever was wanted. LBJ’s 'Great Liberal Society' flourished in Detroit, if you are given money for doing nothing, you will take more hands out for doing nothing. The problem with this is you loose all desire to achieve anything and then the politicians can control you. You will always believe what they tell you without checking it out to see if it is factually correct. Almost every city in America which is in trouble is ran by Liberals and in 90% of the cases Democrats but don’t believe me; look it up! If you look up this link “Crime and Cause” you will not only see the most dangerous cities but the most broke cities and who runs them.

What most people won’t tell you because its not politically correct is the cities with a higher welfare rate is also the cities with the highest crime rate. The cities with a higher out of wedlock birth rate likewise have the highest crime rate. It will also cause the working people to move because they will be taxed at a higher and higher rate to pay for the people on welfare hence the beginning of the great exodus from Detroit. They say the unemployment rate in the US is 7.8 (it’s really around 12.4%) but in Detroit it is 29%. With a high welfare rate you also have a low high school graduation rate; the national high school dropout average is 7%, in Detroit almost 65%. A fix for this to give the citizens a step up would be the school voucher program put the kids in better schools. The Democrats don’t want this because it will strip the teachers unions of some of their power and the politicians of some of their donations; they don’t care about the kids. Now you ask how can these liberal politicians slap the citizens of Detroit in the face anymore; well the tax rate for NON-resident of Detroit is 1.2% half the rate of a Detroit resident 2.4%; does that make sense?

How do you fix Detroit? First you need to realize the liberal entitlement theology caused Detroit and many other cities to fail. I don’t care if you vote Democrat or Republican as long as they are physical conservatives. Second, become attractive for businesses, especially small businesses and quite taxing and charging them for every little item. The taxes on gas are staggering. I was in South Carolina and then went to Michigan and the gas price in Michigan was 65 cents higher. This hurts business and Detroit you need to petition the state to lower the gas tax (if that is why it’s so high). Third, I know many employers in Michigan and especially in Detroit and Deerborn who pay their employees 50% in check, 50% cash. This is so they don’t have to pay “Payroll Tax” and the employee pays less income tax; this is illegal and once again greed is the reason; it also hurts the community where these people live. Last but the most important, you need to stomp out as much of the corruption as you can, in Detroit it is ramped. Why in Alaska and South Carolina do the highways last five times longer then in Detroit; they are engineered to fail. The more they have to be fixed, the more money a contractor makes. You will never get rid of all corruption, especially with the organized crime in control of several local unions, but the more you take out the better Detroit will be for its people. Pick the leaders who will make the hard decisions even if they are unpopular. If you don’t do the above or some version, you might as well have everyone leave Detroit, because it will be a lost cause. I know many people from there and they have the spirit to bring it back, but with that spirit you need to do your research to see who will be the best for your town. If you vote for the one who gives you more free stuff, you have failed.

Racism Still Rearing its Ugly Head; Travon Martin & the George Zimmerman Trial-Part 2

Travon Martins death is a travesty but what is worse is the way the race baiters like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson are not even looking at facts and just want their own fame; Rev. Martin Luther King would turn over in his grave seeing how they have perverted his legacy especially after making a hooded mock up of him; that’s disgraceful. To compound that, all the news agencies keep pumping up the race issue with Al Shapton and Jessie Jackson leading the pack even though it was proven by the FBI not to exist. Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, the media, and many others including the number one law enforcement official in the US, Eric Holder are doing the same thing to Mr. Zimmerman that white people did to blacks in the 1950’s. In the 1950s if a black was attacked by a white and killed the white man in self-defense, the black man would still be found guilty no matter the evidence; this is like blaming a rape victim for being raped. If you follow their logic then Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the Boston Bomber is innocent as well because he was just a 17 year old kid. We know this isn’t true and we know Travon Martin was the attacker, this is what the evidence shows.

Our country and all its citizens need to stop and think. You have idiots like Kim Kardashian, Ekow Yankah, Eric Holder, Hilary Clinton, Roddy White, John Cusack and many others who are out raged and didn’t even look at the evidence. If you are honest, un-bias, and look at the evidence from all angles the jurors did the right thing. One paper wrote if it had been a white man shot by a black guy, the shooter would have been convicted. No, he would have been set free just like Mr. Zimmerman but it never would have been in the news. The news wouldn’t of been editing the 911 tape to make Zimmerman say what they wanted it to. No matter the evidence presented just like it was in the Duke Lacrosse team, according to Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson the white people are at fault and don’t count so its OK to violate their rights. It doesn’t matter to many of the people what the truth is, if a black is shot by a white it was racist. What is the true crime statistics?

Did you know 93% of blacks murdered are murdered by other blacks, why don’t we hear about this in the news? White on white murders is at just over 40%; so who killed the other 60% percent of whites? This black on black crime accounts for 49% of all homicides; this is coming from a population of 15% of Americans. If you wish to check all these stats come from the FBI crime statistics.

The murder rate of white on white below the age of 25 is on the rise, the biggest question here is what is causing all these murders, most on people under 30 years of age? The truth is black males drop out of high school at 48 % compared to 22% for white males (which is on the rise), could this be a reason for the crime rate? This is the US average but if you are in an area where blacks and whites graduates at an average 93%, the crime rate goes from 13.4% to 3.2%. Did you know 72 % of non-Hispanic blacks have no father figure compared to 29 % of whites; could this be the reason? The numbers of murders drop drastically if there is a father figure in the house. Of course all these statistics I am pointing out are not politically correct but they are accurate. I will probably be called a racist by the Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson crowed because they can’t and won’t face the facts. When you teach your kids not to respect, trouble is all they will find. In the big cities the youths idolize and emulate many artist like Gillie Da Kid, Tupac, Scott LaRock, Mac Dre, Magnolia Shorty, The Notorious B.I.G, and Lil Snupe,; what do all these artist have in common, they were all “Gangsta” style music and all died violently. Can you figure out why our youth is so violent, it doesn’t take a Genius? If they emulate their idols mentioned above they are doomed to the same fate.

Trayvon was not innocent so instead of trying to throw race into the Trayvon’s shooting which wasn’t there, you should be looking at the Darius Simmons (African American) case. John Henry Spooner (white) shot this kid and this is a true travesty, why was he shot; he thought Darius, 13, stole from him. He confronted Darius in his yard and then shot him in the chest. Spooner is now serving life and his sentence came from an all white but one jury and it was the right verdict as was the Zimmerman verdict. If these race baiters in our country don’t quit crying wolf at every shadow of the past they see, then when a real wolf like John Henry Spooner shows up, no one will believe you and another of our precious children will be dead and the possibility of the wolf escaping is much higher.

Gun Rights Under Attack Again HR 332 IH

The header reads “To provide victims of gun violence access to the same civil remedies as are available to those injured through other means.” If you read it, it says to allow anyone injured by a gun to sue the manufacture of the gun, the manufacture of the ammo, the distributor of both, and the seller of both. Let’s put this to the “same civil remedies as are available to those injured through other means.” If you get killed in a car accident can you sue the manufacture of the car, the manufacture of the tires, the manufacture of the fuel, the distributor of all three, and the seller of all three; the answer is no. But if it’s a DUI you can, right; again the answer is no and to put this into perspective.

In 2010, a total of 25,692 died of alcohol-induced causes. There was 10,228 people killed as a direct result of impaired drivers. 3,092 people were killed from texting and 416,000 injured. Guns were not even in the top 15 highest causes of death in the US according to the site, so this isn’t a right or a left site. Homicides by firearms in 2010 according to the FBI was 8,775, alcohol-induced causes are 293% more, but do you what to sue the manufacture of the alcohol, the manufacture of the bottle its put in, and the distributor of both; NO!. Drug overdose deaths were 38,329 according to the CDC which is 437% more, but do you want to sue the manufacture of the drugs, the manufacture of the bottle its put in, the distributor of drugs, or the doctor who prescribes them; NO! Did you know over 190,000 deaths each year is due to medical malpractice; that is over twenty-one times the death by guns but are you trying to sue the school they attended, the manufacture of the instruments they use, or the medical panel that allow them to keep practicing; NO, because you are bias and hypocritical. The question to ask is; what really caused gun deaths; the answer is gun control.

There are 57.1% of gangs live in large cities contributing 70% of all homicides with 24.0% in its suburbs contributing an additional 19% of all homicides; this is 89% of all homicides according to the National Gang This means about 7,810 gun homicides were committed in theses areas which have the most restrictive gun control measures in place; the large cities and their suburbs. If you really think gun control is helping then why is DC and Chicago having so many homicides; because as I has said a million times, criminals ignore the law hence their name. If the idiots who have presented these bills really wanted to try and save lives, wouldn’t they go after the car industry, drug companies, alcohol industries, and doctors first. The answer would be yes but all they want is to take more of your rights. James Holmes stated he passed five theaters before stopping at The Aurora Theaters because The Aurora Theater had a sign stating no guns allowed which meant no one would be able to stop him. These senators who are presenting this bill need to be voted out of office or recalled because there political correct bias is what enabled James Holmes to murder these people. The government system to protect us was ignored because no one would listen to the warnings James Holmes’ psychiatrist gave and now they wanted to blame the gun.

Nelson Georgia requires all able citizens to own a gun and their crime rate is; you guessed it ZERO. Now do I believe making people own guns in America will stop all crime, no but I bet it will drop by 80%. These street thugs would act completely different if they didn’t know if you were or weren’t armed. In DC and Chicago there is no doubt you would have a lot of blood letting for a short time until the thugs learned the tables are now equal and this is the fault of their politicians. Unfortunately a lot of innocent people will be killed because the political correctness of the left has empowered the criminals. If you look at the top five most dangerous cities in the US for the past 10 years they all have two identical characteristics; first they are all ran by liberals, second they all have strict gun control laws. Shouldn’t this be a beacon to let you know your view may not be right? You would think people would see the light but they don’t because of:

  1. The truth doesn’t matter, only us keeping power.
  2. My party is always right and if you say different (no matter the facts) you are wrong.
  3. It doesn’t matter how we get our agenda done or who we hurt as long as we win and we must do so at all costs (Nancy Pelosi quote).
  4. We are right, you are wrong; I don’t care what the truth is!
So are you going to go after the doctors, car makers, pharmaceutical companies, and alcohol who kill in some cases twenty times as many as guns and put the same stipulations toward them; of course not. This is because our government doesn’t have the peoples best interest at  heart, only their greed and own agenda.

Racism Still Rearing its Ugly Head; Travon Martin & the George Zimmerman Trial

Please comment on this article no matter where you are from; I want to hear your thoughts.

We will never be free from racism as long as all the American races keep supporting and letting it fester in our communities.

As long as you allow groups like the Ku Klux Klan, New Black Panthers, Arian Nation, Muslims of America, La Raza, and which ever other ones I haven’t named represent your community, racism will always thrive and you are the catalyst! As long as you let words like cracker, N-word, SP-word, CH-word, and others be used inside your own community, you have no right to be mad if someone outside your community uses it because you are condoning its use; the sad part is you look ignorant every time you use them and you don’t even know it. If you want people to respect you it has nothing to do with having a smart phone, fancy rims, or the clothes you wear; it has to do with your character. What happens when someone doesn’t give you that respect you think you deserve; you beat them, stab them, or shoot them, and show how you truly are worthless; if you don’t want justice for all, why should you get any justice? I get so sick and tired of these race baiters and that guy is guilty or not guilty because he is Black, Spanish, Chinese, or White; the facts are what should matter. Let’s look at some cases.

I follow evidence and I don’t care what race you are or your economic standing the evidence will tell you the truth, if you are guilty you should be punished, if innocent set free. Michael Jackson was accused of molesting kids, when all the evidence came out and was shown, the prosecutor should have been disbarred because there wasn’t a shred of evidence to back up the case and I believe the plaintiff was just after his money. Many others believe he got off because he was a celebrity. I followed the O.J. case and with the police finding the blood of Jessica Simpson Brown and Ronald Goldman in O.J. house and bronco (this was allowed into evidence) there is no doubt that he was the killer or stood close by as the killer did his bidding. You know he is guilty especially when after the trial he promotes a book named, “If I Did It, Here's How It Happened’ and later tried to promote the same book under a different title, “If I Did It: Confessions of the Killer” which is exactly how it was done. The nine Blacks, two Whites, and one Hispanic jurors did a great injustice to the Brown and Goldman families but why? When the evidence and presentation was reviewed by several law professors including professor of law at Columbia, Vivian Berger, she said in a true court I would declare him a murderer. There was an interview of a black focus group done by Nicholas Stix. This exert is from his findings:

The black focus group thought the wrongful death suit "was against the law" and saw it as a "vendetta." One stated that a "special law had been passed to let the Goldman’s bring the civil suit JUST TO GET SIMPSON." One woman was so angry she could almost spit. “‘Because he is a black man, and a black man of power, they've got to bring him down.' There was no argument."

As I said before, I don’t care what race you are or your economic standing the evidence will tell you the truth, if you are guilty you should be punished, if innocent set free. O.J. was guilty by the evidence but set free. This was in 1995. Unfortunately 18 years later it is getting worse, you have George Zimmerman killing Travon Martin and immediately the same race baiters who were wrong at the Duke Lacrosse team trial (and never gave an apology) convicting George Zimmerman. They once again didn’t care about the truth and with the help from the media had already convicted George Zimmerman without a trial or looking at the evidence. If it would have been in reversed, not a peep would have been heard from the media; this is why no one trust them anymore.

The sad thing here is a 17 year old is dead and his mother and father shouldn’t have to burry their son. The news showed Travon as a scrawny skinny kid 10 or 12, not the 6 foot 1 inch 17 year old who loved mix martial arts. The news played an edited audio tape of George Zimmerman that made it sound like Mr. Zimmerman was a racist but in truth he was just answering the police dispatcher’s questions. Travon was not this innocent kid as they portrayed by the media but a teenager who was suspended from school for defacing lockers, having marijuana (which was in his system when he was shot), and having women’s jewelry. This is the evidence plane and simple is:

  1. The only marks on Travon are the bullet hole and his knuckles being cut up.
  2. Travon’s shirt was 4 to 6 inches from his body when he was shot which means he was on top.
  3. He was sneaking behind houses where he didn’t live; where did that jewelry come from?
  4. Mr. Zimmerman had a broken nose (unless you think he beat up Travon’s fists with his face).
  5. Mr. Zimmerman had cuts all over the back of his head.

The problem is when racist are involved, facts don’t matter just like
the Duke Lacrosse team trial; neither the Duke case or the Zimmerman case should have went to trial but instead of truth, politics and racism was presented. This is what has been written by Travon’s supporters:

  1. If Zimmerman Gets Off, Ima Go Kill a White Boy!
  2. The George Zimmerman verdict is a declaration of war that only the devil can applaud, according to the Twitter feed for the New Black Panther Party.
  3. “Were at war,” Shabbazz Tweeted. “Its (sic) silly and immoral to call for peace when war has been declared.”
  4. Only a devil would applaud that verdict. Only natural born devil. By applauding that verdict you in fact admit that you are a devil, wrote Shabbazz.
  5. Al Sharpton states, "What this jury has done is establish a precedent that when you are young and fit a certain profile, you can be committing no crime ... and be killed and someone can claim self-defense ... we had to march to even get a trial and even at trial, when he's exposed over and over again as a liar, he is acquitted."

Mr. Zimmerman was found to be telling the truth over and over so the liar here is Mr. Sharpton. So who is the racist here? The evidence doesn’t matter, Mr. Zimmerman’s work with black youths doesn’t matter, and the pleas of Travon’s parents, who stated they didn’t think this was a racial issue, doesn’t matter, all that matters is the race baiters getting their two minutes of glory. I am about the truth no matter what ugly head it raises and from the beginning, the liberal press, the race baiters, and the anti gun crowed went all out to make an example of Mr. Zimmerman. This is similar to how they (minus the anti-gun crowed) may laid the Duke Lacrosse Team; both were pronounced guilty without trial, evidence, or fair media coverage. Many years in the past, our country was not treating its citizens all equally and as a matter of fact today, in many perspectives, it still is not treating its all citizens equal. The New Black Panthers were intimidating voters in 2008 and nothing was done, Eric Holder made the Justice Department drop the charges; would he have done the same thing if it was the KKK? I think not! It would be wrong by both; if any group did this, they should be prosecuted. Now, a little-known agency, the Community Relations Service, which is part of the Justice Department and know as their "peacemaker" for community conflicts over race is organizing protest against the Zimmerman verdict; I guess they are not the peace makers anymore. I think the Justice has left the Justice department.

This is racism at its finest and needs to be stomped out, but this can only be done by the leaders of each ethnic group. If we the older generation don’t teach our youth respect for others and their property, respect for the law, and respect for our country, all we will end up with is more dead children. No parent should ever outlive their child and my deepest condolence goes out to the Martin family. Just as my nephew was in the wrong, the evidence says so was Travon.

Muslims and Jihadist Training Camps in America

Please comment on this article no matter where you are from; I want to hear your thoughts.

I have said in the past I have Muslim friends and they reflect the will and desires of Dr. Tashbin Sayyed. Mr. Tashbih Sayyed is founder of Muslim World Today newspaper and website. He contends that Muslim PR agents, e.g., CAIR and MPAC, mask a pro-Islamist, political initiative for Muslim terrorism and Sharia Law to replace democracy in Western countries. He received the "Profile in Courage" Award from the American Jewish Congress. He had received many death threats and stood up to fundamentalist Islamism every chance. Sadly he was one of a very small group of Muslims and passed in 2007, but he got what it is suppose to be like to be American. He is one of a very few Muslims who wanted to live in peace and harmony with the west both respecting each other. For those who want to condemn all Muslims, this shows not all Muslims are radicals. This being said, unfortunately the majority of Muslims do not want to live in peace with the west and would as soon kill us as look at us because to them we are infidels and unworthy to breath. I have blonde hair, blue eyes, and at one time was an Arabic interpreter for the US government. I would listen to Muslims both abroad and in the US talk in the open about how to bring America to its knees under Sharia Law and watched our government do nothing when reported. The ones over seas I can understand not taking a stand against, it’s their country but not taking a stand in the US due to political correctness will lead to many Americans being murdered on our own soil like at Ft Hood and Boston. Many Muslims in the US cheered the FT Hood shooting and 9/11,

Do you have the right in the US to be free from anyone terrorizing you? Of course you do but not according to these two Muslims living inside the US, it is a commandment by Allah to terrorize anyone who isn’t Muslim. This is the problem! They praise terrorist attacks on US soil and their speech is so full of hate that it would make Satan himself proud and the authorities say they can do nothing. There is no outcry from the “Moderate Muslim Community” or Imams refuting what is said or rebutting “This is not true Islam” so they must agree with these home grown terrorist. These are just two out in the open trying to recruit for jihad in the US; isn’t this Treason and sedition? Under US Code, Title 18, Part I, Chapter 115, § 2381, Treason: Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States. This is exactly what these two are preaching on the street; but what happens once they are recruited?

Once they are recruited they will be flown to some foreign country to receive training, right; No, there is actually according to the federal government, 35 Muslim jihadists training camps inside the US. I went looking for them but could only find 32 (shocking enough) but I’m sure there are more then the 35, the government either hasn’t found them or released any updated reports. 

What is worse, in 2008 an FBI report was given detailing many Muslim Domestic Terrorist Sites but a short three years later if you look to Robert S. Mueller, director of the FBI and his briefing in 2011 to the House Judiciary Committee, he doesn’t mention a thing about this to congress in his report; What has changed? I don’t know but we have been attacked more in the five years, 2008 to 2013 then the previous eight years. I wanted to know what the truth was about Domestic Islamic Terrorism in the US. The following is what I found.

Dr. Tashbin Sayyed was an inspiration for us all; unfortunately the other side of the coin is not that pretty. The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), who say they want peace is a supplier for terrorist groups like Hamas internationally and Muslim’s of America domestically. Known terrorist have said, “We Know the Founders of CAIR Are HAMAS Operatives”, CAIR wishes nothing more than the implementation of Sharia Law in America. You need to read Muslim’s Peaceful Religion, Atrocities, and Honor Killings to see what Sharia Law is all about. The FBI had cut events with CAIR due to their funding of terrorist. A letter from the House Anti-Terrorism/Jihad Caucus was signed with the title “BEWARE OF CAIR”; it was signed by the chair Sue Myrick, co-chair Pete Hoekstra, Trent Franks, Paul Broun, and John Shadegg.

Did I see “Muslim’s of America domestically” and 35 terrorist training camps in the US; what do you mean? In the US, numerous Orthodox Islamic Clerics say the use of violence to expand or preserve the reach of Islamic law is a central part of Islam, and can be an individual duty that transcends obligation to husbands, parents or governments. Think about that, violence against non-Muslim is expected and their duty. Does this sound like the freedom of or from religion which is our Constitutional right; of course not.

Jamaat ul-Fuqra, known in the U.S. as “Muslims of America,” has purchased or leased hundreds of acres of property – from New York to California – in which the leader, Sheikh Mubarak Gilani, boasts of conducting “the most advanced training courses in Islamic military warfare.” In a recruitment video captured from Gilani’s “Soldiers of Allah,” he states in English: “We are fighting to destroy the enemy. We are dealing with evil at its roots and its roots are America.” He then goes on to say about handle American “infidels” in a recruitment video, “Act like you are his friend. Then kill him.” Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl was attempting to interview Jamaat ul-Fuqra’s leader, Gilani, in 2002 when he was kidnapped and later beheaded, many in federal law enforcement believe Gilani set up Mr. Pearl to be killed. One year later, Iyman Faris, member of both Jamaat ul-Fuqra and al-Qaida, pleaded guilty in federal court to a plot to blow up the Brooklyn Bridge; I think you can classify them as a terrorist group.

The 32 training camps I found listed in the governments data base are as follows by towns and states; Marion AL, Baladullah CA, Oak Hill CA, San Diego CA, Trout Creek Pass CO, Buena Vista CO, Macon GA, Augusta GA, Mecca Circle-Baxley GA, Commerce GA, Jessup GA, Springfield MA, Hyattsville MD, Coldwater MI, Dearborn MI, Islamber NY, Hancock NY, Deposit NY, Talihina OK, Portland OR, Philadelphia PA, Holy Islamville SC, York SC, Dover TN, Houston TX, Red House VA, Roanoke VA, Fairfax VA, Meherrin VA, Onalska WA, Seattle WA, and Bethany WV. If you think these are just like some other group in the US, you are wrong. They want (in their own words) over through our government and implement Sharia Law. We can see Sharia Law in highly concentrated areas of Muslims in the US; just ask the Christians in Dearborn MI who were stoned by a crowed of Muslims and the Dearborn police blamed them. Dearborn police also arrested a pastor in Dearborn, his crime, reading the Bible. What did the Constitution say?

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. Now I don’t care if you are Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, or Atheist; I do care about our Constitutional rights and Dearborn MI defiantly violated (yes I meant defiantly) these citizens rights with polices supporting the attackers. Listen to this Muslim who is actually telling you the truth about that all need to submit to the Muslim religion and Sharia Law.

As we have seen in the news, Sharia Law is happening in the Minneapolis Air Port when cab drivers refused (discriminated) against customers if they carried anything that would offend Allah. They were not violent but that wasn’t the case in Dearborn MI; watch what happens when these people (agree with or disagree) try to do what is their Constitutional right. What is worse is the Dearborn police violate the US Constitution and their rights again by arresting them even though they had done nothing against the law. By the way, the Supreme Court has ruled you can video tape the police in public but the Dearborn Police don’t care about the Supreme Court or your rights. The federal government needs to step in and why hasn’t the national news agencies covered this? Other then Fox News who actually did a small article about Dearborn MI and Sharia Law no other news agency has, so where is everyone else? This is a hate crime and a criminal act so why isn't the government and law-enforcement doing anything?

Why, because the biggest problem is our current administration is placing people in office who condone Sharia Law and thinks it should be put into place in the US. Our president nominated Herold Koh to the State Department Legal Advisor position in 2009 and Mr. Koh is a staunch supported Sharia Law in the US. AIG, CitiBank, UBS, DowJones, HSBC, Master Card, Visa is promoting Sharia Banking which supports terrorist groups and of course Sharia Law. There is actually an Islamic Court practicing Sharia Law in Texas shocking enough; Texas Islamic Court, 888 s. Greenville Ave., suite 188, Richardson, Texas. This court needs to be shut down! US law not Sharia is the law of the land and the Muslim population needs to adapt or leave. Muslims are suing states like Oklahoma over Islamic Sharia Law ban which was the will of the people.

NOW (National Organization of Women) and anyone who wants women equality, you really need to put your effort into stopping Sharia Law in the US because under Sharia Law you have no rights and become the property of man. A man in New Jersey raped wife and the court using Sharia Law said he did nothing wrong; it was later overturned but it should have been right the first time under US law. What does Sharia Law say about women?

  1. You are the property of man.
  2. Women can be forced to marry as young as 7 years old and must consummate the marriage.
  3. Women can not marry without permission.
  4. Lesbians are executed.
  5. If you want a divorce you must get your husbands consent; if he agrees the women must pay him the dowry and receive nothing acquired in the marriage.
  6. If a husband thinks she has been unfaithful he can stone her.
  7. Women testimony is worthless in court, only the man’s count.
  8. If your husband thinks you have dishonored the family you can legally be murdered.
  9. You must be escorted by a male family member everywhere.
  10. You can’t own anything, only the man can.
  11. If your husband, father, or guardian thanks you have misbehaved the can give you lashes with a whip.
  12. If a woman is raped and takes it to court, she can be convicted of violating Sharia segregation laws, sentences to 6 months in jail and given 200 lashes.
These are just the first dirty dozens of Sharia Law; if you don’t believe me look it up on your own. Links are highlighted though out the document and I’ll leave a list below for you to check out. There are good Muslims who want to live in peace but they are the micro minority. We need to wise up or we will loose our nation. They have already vowed to take it and we should take them at their word.


Muslim’s Peaceful Religion, Atrocities, and Honor Killings

Please comment on this, I want to hear your thoughts.

In much of the “Honorable, Peaceful Religion” every day you will see “Honor Killings”, 97% of the time female and in reality sanctioned murder. We in the US can not do much about what goes on in other countries but at home we should be able to end it! The first realization people must come to is Sharia Law sanctions “Honor Killings”, this is why it must NEVER be allowed to get a foot hole in our great nation; if it does it will destroy the USA. We are the big melting pot and will let virtually anyone come to our country, the only catch is you must integrate, not segregate, into our society, but this is not what is happening.

Statistics show that at least 5,000 honor killings occur annually, and many more possible that are not reported or disguised as something else, i.e. murder, suicide, accident. I wonder how many are in the US; below are just a few victims of this “Honorable, Peaceful Religion” and notice how must of the murderers are listed as “moderate Muslims”. If committing murder is a moderate, I can just imagine a strict Muslim would be virulently unbound in the horrors they could do.

Aqsa"Axa" Parvez, 16,  She was strangled by her father and brother, murdered for not wearing a hijab or head covering; it dishonored the family.

Amina, 18, and Sarah Said, 17, A “moderate” Muslim man shot both his teenage daughters to death for dating non-Muslims. He fled the country and is still at large.

Sandeela Kanwai, 25 A ‘moderate” Muslim man from Jonesboro, Ga., strangled his own daughter to death in her bed with a bungee cord because she wanted a divorce from an older man who she was forced to marry.

Aasiya Zubair, A model “moderate” Muslim man, who owned a New York television station meant to portray Islam in a positive light, murdered and beheaded his wife for wanting a divorce. Ironically, he was only convicted of 2nd Degree Murder, though it was clearly premeditated.

Noor Almaleki, 20, The college student was murdered by her own “moderate” Muslim father who has now vanished. Noor's father became enraged when he saw a photo of her with some male friends on the internet posing for a picture. "He saw that as just a real smack in the face. Noor, in his mind, had become too westernized and wasn't supposed to be dating anyone."

Palestina Isa, 16, The high school student stabbed and murdered by her father while her mother held her down. Her crime, listening to American music.

Sandeela Kanwal, 25, She was killed for trying to end her arranged marriage to an elderly man.

Such beautiful ladies and all dead by an “Honorable, Peaceful Religion”, where are the out cry from the media? Why are we giving countries that commit these types of atrocities any funding at all? The other problem is people committing these atrocities are doing them right here in the United States as I have shown. But what is Islam about? I will show you, this is their people and Sharia Law, not me, this is their truth.

I have been to most ever country over in sand land and I can tell you, not only honor killing but slavery and mutilation are an every day event. If you look under this link “slavery” you can see that in the 21st Century slavery is alive and well with our so called friends. These are a few of the current members of the UN Human Rights Council, all of which have slaves or human rights atrocities, the countries are hyperlinked:

Indonesia, Kuwait, Libya, Malaysia, Pakistan, Uganda, United Arab Emirates

So why are they on the UN Human Rights Council? This shows why we should remove ourselves from the UN; we pay more to the  UN then any other country and have never been in charge of the UN; but what about this “Honorable, Peaceful Religion”.

Child 8 Get Arm Crushed Under Shria Law

Islamic Hand Cutting : Shariah Law

Muslim ceremony - I have no words for this !

Pedophilia is OK in Islam

If they don’t maim you what happens in this “Honorable, Peaceful Religion”? The following may be disturbing but it is all the handy work of this “Honorable, Peaceful Religion”.

Mother of Four Slaughtered for Her Faith – This is Islam

MUSLIM atrocities against Hindus

Attacks on Religious Freedom Intensifying Worldwide

Angry Indonesia Muslims Surround Homes Of Christians

Violent Muslim Attacks Against Christians Grow As West Turns Blind Eye to Atrocities

There are hundreds of these videos on YouTube for you to see the truth about Islam. For you to find out the truth about this “Honorable, Peaceful Religion” just type in "Is Islam Peaceful". But the question is, “Can we live in peace with this “Honorable, Peaceful Religion”? What do they really want? I know they keep telling you this:

But the truth is this:

  And how good does Islam treat their daughters; worse than a dog!

Notice the bullet hitting the sand in front of her; she is dead!

The two buried up to their necks waiting to be stoned; they are dead!

It's about your faith. Islam is a religion of hate, they say. Muslims are out to wipe out Christianity. There are 20 jihadi training camps hidden across rural America, busy even now producing the next wave of terrorists.” When you have US Muslim Imams like Shaker Elsayed calling for jihad in the US, I think we have problems. Shaker Elsayed states, “Let me give you the good news: they are already calling us terrorists anyway. Whether you sitting at home, watching TV, drinking coffee, sleeping or playing with your kids, you are a terrorist because you are a Muslim.”

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) constantly has radical Muslims speak at their events such as Siraj Wahhaj who is considered a co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing. Doesn’t CAIR say they are against terrorism? My dad always said you can tell someone’s beliefs by who they support; I guess we know who CAIR supports. Did you hear about the Muslim Cleric invited by the government to three Seals Team 6 funerals to have him say, “That the fallen seals should be damned and go to hell as infidels.” At a loved ones funeral, should anyone have to listen to this disrespect?

These are the facts about Islam and their “Honorable, Peaceful Religion”, from their own actions and words, not mine. It is obvious that even the “moderate Muslim men” are anything but peaceful. I have friends of Muslim descent who will tell you without batting an eye that it is not an “Honorable, Peaceful Religion”, so why do we keep trying to put lipstick on a pig and say it is something it’s not. Our politically correct government is going to get us killed. I have been really surprised that something like what happened in Boston hasn’t happened more often but I’ll make a bet with you, it is going to. When we we wake up and smell the coffee, after we experience Saria Law first hand? I hate to tell you this but it’s too late then. Could this be a reason our government is working so hard to try and take our guns, so they can implement Sharia Law? Something to think about.