White, Minority, and Feminine Privilege

There is always two sides to every coin and many today only want to believe what they can see from their side instead of researching to find the truth. I have read through many articles to hear people slamming whites for the color of their skin, this is racism due to ignorance of their own past. Has our country done many horrible thing to many different races in the US; yes, including the white race. Do two wrongs make a right? No, and neither does discriminating against people today to make up for people's treachery from the past. Some see “White Privilege” just as others see “Black or Minority Privilege”, both can be discrimination and is usually political rhetoric to try and keep Americans separated, make a side, which ever it is, feel better or condone a side not accept responsibility for their actions.

The KKK and Arian Nation are two violently racist groups in America just like the New Black Panthers, and La Raza. They are on all sides of all races but when identifying hate groups, you must look at the truth and not a bias opinion based on your own hatred. One group who says they have identify 917 racist groups in America which may be true, but then names the US Border Patrol, Americans for Legal Immigration (ALIPAC), 16 music labels (none of who published the record Kill a Cop), and the American Free Press. They mentioned others like Christian Anti-Defamation Commission, Jewish Defense League, and even the National Prayer Network but never mention CAIR (who the FBI says funds terrorism), the New Black Panthers, or La Raza because it doesn’t fit into their agenda. Hate is hate no matter the color of your skin or gender and all races has racist groups within their midst. Do we have the same between the genders?

I’m not going to spend long on “Female Privilege” because with many feminist groups, they not only discriminate against males but other females who don’t support ALL their views. If you look back at the National Organization of Women (NOW), who state they are here to defend ALL women, they are lying. When Michelle Obama was personally attacked for her school lunch program, NOW was all up in arms, rightfully so, to defend her but NOW remained silent when Sarah Palin and her 14 year old daughter was savagely attacked by many of the same people. I couldn’t find one group who says they are for women rights who doesn’t discriminate against other women based on either their race, religion, or political view. If you are for women you need to be for ALL women’s rights, but now, back to the question. Does women have “Female Privilege?” A friend went to apply for a business loan but put his wife as the business owner, I asked why. He stated because she was a minority women she would get it where he wouldn’t because he’s a white male. He explained the way the rules are written, a women has a better chance to get in the government contract system and if she was a minority women the chances was even better. I was dumbfounded, I thought the government was to be fair and equal to all. I guess I was wrong, “Female Privilege” does exist.

In some ways there is “White Privilege” but you won’t like how I see it. I grew up poor sometimes not knowing if I would have a meal or even a roof over my head. I did have the privilege of having my butt tore up when I was doing something wrong; this doesn’t happen today. I did have the privilege of growing up in a broken home (mom died) where my dad and our community still made sure all four of us kids followed the law and behaved correctly; this doesn’t happen today. I had the privilege of working in the fields from age six so we would have something to eat. I had the privilege of not receiving a scholarship to help the poor get better educated which I scored the highest out of everyone because Affirmative Action said it had to go to a minority, my American Indian heritage didn’t count, that was a separate program. I had the privilege of walking into a government assistance building and being told, “This isn’t the government assistance building for white people.” I had the privilege of trying to offer my skills to help people in the inner city of Detroit (I work in Detroit) just to be turned down three times because my skin is the wrong color. I thought they wanted to help the people. I was privileged to be harassed by the cops but it was because I was doing what I shouldn’t have been; I’ll admit it but most today have no integrity and will play the race card, women card, or the poor card instead of accepting responsibility for their actions. So I guess in many ways I have experienced “White Privilege.”

Today in many inner cities, I don’t see parents and communities setting up kids for success, instead they set them up for failure. In the inner cities many parents encourage their children to break the law, to rob someone, to sell drugs, and to look like a thug, then when they are arrested for their actions, or worse killed, these same parents want to blame the police or a person defending their property. Example, 17-year-old Trevon Johnson was shot and killed while robbing a house. His cousin, Nautika Harris stated, “You have to understand, you have to look at it from a child's point of view that was raised in the hood. How he gonna get his money to have clothes to go to school?" There is a thing called a job, but in many inner cities communities, robbing others for money is accepted and even promoted, then when they are killed, neither their family or community accept blame for allowing this to become the norm. In these same communities it has become the norm to just kill someone if you feel they disrespected you, the same people are up in arms about the killings but will never help the police solve the crime or find the killer(s). If you’re not going to help, I don’t want to hear your complaining when it is your brother, sister, child, or cousin who is the next victim. To top it off, many in the inner cities and across this nation have been taught that they are entitled to government assistance handouts, it is owed to them and they don’t need to work. I think you need to get a job, work on an education, get out of the ghetto, and make something better for your life

Now let’s talk about “Minority Privilege.” Have you ever heard of BET (Black Educational TV) or Ebony Magazine? A man tried to start a WET (White Educational TV) and Ivory Magazine and was branded a racist which I could agree with, but wouldn’t using the same context make BET and Ebony Magazine racist? Yes it would, so either both are racist or both are not. The 2016 Oscars were boycotted with hashtag #OscarsSoWhite after Jada Pinkett Smith called for a boycott. My question is, Hattie McDaniel became the first black person to win an Academy Award for best supporting actress in 1939, so who was the first white person to win a BET award? No one, so if you are discriminating against anyone because of their race, isn’t that being racist? 

If a white person like idiot George Zimmerman kills his attacker and every news outlet carries it for years, why aren’t they covering all the “Polar Bearing” going on inside minority neighborhoods? This is “Minority Privilege.” Why are collages allowed to discriminate on grounds of race? If you are a minority you get moved higher on the acceptance rating even if you scored lower in all subject matters. This is “Minority Privilege.” If you as a minority uses racially charged words like the N-word, nothing is wrong with it but its racist for anyone else to use it. Don’t get me wrong, I hate the N-word no matter who is saying it but that person, no matter their race should receive the same backlash but don’t. This is “Minority Privilege.” I can go on but you get the point. We need to stop the dividing of our country and get rid of all the "Race Baiters." This divide is from politicians purposely using entitlements to enslave the minority and poor. They purposely hand out entitlements to buy the vote of those receiving them, this is what is known as “Economic Slavery” which is tyranny. Entitlements to the receivers are like drugs and they always need a new fix or more so they keep voting for the ones who are giving them out which are the same ones taking away your rights and holding you down. Think about it.

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Political Wiretapping

Most everyone out there looks at wiretapping as done by the NSA, FBI, or CIA but wiretapping can be ordered at virtually every level of government clear down to your local police, many times illegally without a required warrant. Many people state “President Obama didn’t wiretap anyone, no president has” but President Obama changed the rules to open the door for Americans to be wiretapped, so you don’t believe he would use it? They have also forgotten about President Richard Nixon who wasn’t the only president to wiretap someone but was the first to get caught. President Nixon directed Jack Caulfield to conduct various political intelligence operations without being noticed by the CIA, the FBI, or the Republican National Committee. Later he uses the FBI, CIA, and IRS to target political adversaries. Doesn’t that sound familiar, using the FBI, CIA, IRS, and EPA to target your political adversaries. President Nixon later ordered the Secret Service to wiretap not only political targets but also his own brother. So ask yourself, could President Obama had ordered a wiretap or disclosing of information unlawfully? Yes!

I trust few if any politician because most every one of them are lawyers and have no ethical or moral values system other than “What can I do for myself”. If you think there is, give me their name and in 10 minutes on google I’ll have a video of them lying about something. You can tell the criminal politicians in the US Congress by watching the money. Most come into Congress broke, get $174,000 a year for four year and leave a millionaire. I may be bad at math but $696,000, minus probably half at a minimum in expenses which leaves $348,000 and you become a millionaire. This is known as political math and it’s on both sides of the isle. How do you tell when a politician has stopped lying? You read their obituary. I tell you this to show you it happens and I think every president has done it, President Nixon just got caught.

Some political figures can’t keep their mouths shut which is the case of Former President Obama’s National Security Advisor Susan Rice, when she talked about “unmasking” President Trumps people in intelligence reports which isn’t uncommon. They are masked back before release to protect privacy which she ordered not to be done then says it wasn’t for political reasons; I know that is a lie. Susan Rice asked for the names of Trump transition officials before the unmasking and only left their names unmasked before making the names public in raw intelligence files according to media reports. This was a move to carry out to harm the incoming Trump administration so yes it was political. Apparently Susan Rice forgot video never lies or leaves the internet because on 22 March 2017 Susan Rice said she knew nothing about anyone unmasking names or sharing surveillance on at the time Mr. Trump. The bigger question is who asked her to unmask those names? Can you say “Caught lying again”? She was the same person who lied about the reason for the Benghazi attack to cover for President Obama and Secretary Hillary Clinton which killed four Americans. As with most all Liberals, you can’t trust a word they say.

I know that in politics everyone wiretaps or uses any means necessary to get the upper hand, but until now none had put America at risk. When you or your political party and its agenda leads you to put America’s security and safety at risk for political gains, you and your party are traitors to your country. When you or your party uses the IRS, NLRB, EPA, and wiretapping to target American citizens, you and your party needs to be gone. If we as Americans do not protect our country from political hacks, we soon may not have a country to protect. When an administration targets reporter like James Rosen under the Espionage Act of 1917, tap his calls, read his emails, and designate him as a flight risk so you don’t have to tell him; you have violated the US Constitution. Mr. Rosen received information damning to the Obama administration. AG Holder instead of finding who leaked the information went after “The Freedom of the Press” and lost. The ironic thing is only President Obama has ever went after a member of the press like this, yet 95% of the press will always vote Liberal; they are shooting themselves in the foot. If President Obama is going after a News Reporter because he didn’t like a story, do you really think he would think twice about tapping a politician’s phone to get the upper hand?

We had FBI Director James Comey a Liberal and CIA Director John Brennan a Liberal say President Trump hadn’t been wire taped. Then it comes out he had and Mr. Comey and Mr. Brennan knew President Trump had been tapped. This shows why Liberals should never be allowed to hold an intelligence position. This leads to the question, was Hillary let off of her charges because she knew about Mr. Comey and Mr. Brennan illegal wiretaps? Liberals will always use any intelligence garnered for their, or their parties personal gain, even blackmail, instead of what is right for America; this has been seen time and time again. Remember when I say Liberals, you have both Democratic and Republican Liberals. Susan Rice and other Liberals lied about The Benghazi attack to get President Obama four more years in office, do you not think they would wiretap any American needed to get Hillary in office; you know they would. The information actively being leaks to damage President Trump is a Treasonous offense because it puts our whole country at risk. Likewise the people doing the Illegal Wiretapping are committing Treason.

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To Protect and Serve?

Before I start saying what I see, we need to understand most every Law Enforcement officer out there truly wants to protect and serve. The problem we have comes with the ones who are intoxicated by the power and believe they are above the law. These are the ones causing problems for all, and in many cases are being protected by either the Unions, other Officers, the Mayors, or that area’s Justice System. When you have Civilians accosting Police Officers, breaking the law, getting hurt, or even killed, don't blame the Police or race, blame the parents and community. All Police Officers should be Protecting and Serving the people first before doing the bidding of any political figure or union. There is good and bad on both sides of the issue and before anything can be fixed, both sides must agree on these two points. First, there are bad cops. Second, a protest where you destroy or steal (looting) someone else’s property removes all legitimacy of your protest. Martin Luther King (MLK) would turn over in his grave if he saw how what he died for is being turned into a race-baiting, innocent attacking, community destroying, and reason to rob movement. The Police doing wrong I like to refer to as CRAP-(Civilians Ravaged by Arrogant Police) and the civilians doing wrong as PISS-(Police Interaction with Stupid Subjects).

Let's start with PISS. These people no matter what you have been told were not targeted for their race, they met their ill fate due to their own arrogance, ignorance, and lack of respect for the law and others. Read everything written in this paper, if you are a mindless, unable to think on your own robot, you will not like it because it will be grounded in fact and truth and go against your programming.

Michael Brown, he was a thug shown attacking a man half his size and stole little cigars, drugs were in his system, the Police Officer was physically assaulted, and the autopsies, even by Mr. Brown's family's hired pathologist shows he was running at the cop. The problem with getting justice for someone who is innocent (not Mr. Brown) will be almost impossible because of what followed. When you have witnesses purposely lying about what had happened and the media only covering their account for ratings, not the witnesses who matched the corners reports, your movement and the media lose all credibility. When your automatic default response anytime a minority is shot, no matter if media or civilian, is always it is racist, even when the same race of cop does the shooting, you are the racist. When you burn down all the minority businesses in the town, than shoot at the cops, you lose the rest of your credibility. Mr. Brown never had his hands up, he didn't say don't shoot, and the Liberal political establishment doubled down on the disinformation even after the evidence came was released.  This makes your group and these politicians untruthful and untrustworthy taking away any validity of your cause.

The number one Civil Rights Leader in the United States was MLK and the focal point of his campaigns was for his followers to always be non-violent and all conclusive which means all races living under the same rules. BLM (Black Lives Matter) by their own actions is a racist hate group and spits in the face of MLK. BLM disrupted a 9/11 Commemoration where all races were murdered by Islamic Terrorist; do you think this was the vision MLK had for America and his people? It doesn't matter if it is BLM, KKK, or La Raza, racist is racist so do you really want a group viewed by most of the people in America as racist, being your spokesperson? Do you really want people like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson who are racist accusing everyone of racism without ever confirming the facts and never apologizes when they are proven wrong being your spokesperson. Than you have media outlets never challenging them on their false accusations which both men do just to shake people and businesses down.

Now, what about CRAP. I watched the video of Eric Garner being murdered by Officer Daniel Pantaleo's improper use of an illegal choke hold; by the way, this wasn't the first excessive force infraction by Mr. Pantaleo. After Mr. Garner was down and unresponsive, it took seven minutes to call the paramedics. The CRAP didn't catch Mr. Garner doing anything illegal, they knew he had in the past and just wanted to harass him. They will tell you he died because they wanted to get cigarettes out of kids hands but the truth is the mayor wanted the taxes from each individual cigarettes sold, and for this Mr. Garner lost his life. The complete justice system failed Eric Garner's family and let Americans see the overflowing police and political corruption in Liberal big cities; this is deplorable.

Then you have the case of Officer Stephen Mader, a former Marine who through all his training knew Ronald D. “R.J.” Williams Jr. was trying to commit Suicide by Cop. He refused to shoot Mr. Williams and was in the process of talking him down when two CRAPs show up and shoot Mr. Williams in the back of the head; sounds like an execution to me. Mr. Williams’ weapon was unloaded but Officer Stephen Mader was later fired because he was said to of put the two CRAPs in danger. He recognized the signs which are constantly drilled into your head in the military and didn't just shoot the guy. The two CRAPS just shot Mr. Williams like shooting a dog which leaves me to ask, what happened to protect and serve?

In New York City, Francesco Vincent "Frank" Serpico became a whistle blower on the police and union corruption which kept bad cops on the force. Mr. Serpico showed where police officers who were fired by their commanders for egregious misbehavior, was giving their jobs back by the union, even ones who needlessly killed people; remember Mr. Garner and Mr. Williams? He was later fired for being a whistleblower. There is a lot of corruptness in Liberal big cities which will go as far as to murder people, even prosecutors who cross the “Blue Line.” In the big cities, there is a higher concentration of bad actors and it’s not just the police that leads to mistreatment of good citizens and hands off the bad cops. In many cases the police are forced to do the bidding of Liberal Dictators like Mayors or District Attorneys, this is what happened in Baltimore.

In Baltimore, the Police were following the Liberal State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby’s request to remove what she deemed as "Undesirables" from her husband's, Baltimore City Council member Nick J. Mosby area. If Nick J. Mosby area had a lower crime rate, this would help him win his run for Baltimore Mayor. Mrs. Mosby wanted the Baltimore Police to “Clean up the Area” and this is when the Freddie Gray incident happened. It is ironic that the Baltimore police were following her orders and she showed how much you can trust a Liberal politician when she tried to railroad the police that were following her orders.

Sometimes the cops and their council are the problem and there is no common since checks and balances to prevent the idiocy they can come up with. An agent from the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) stated Joseph Schwab cut her off and was driving erratic. She pulled Mr. Schwab over and administered a breathalyzer test at the scene which showed a 0.00% alcohol level. There was zero evidence of drug use or being drunk, regardless of the results she booked Mr. Schwab into jail. His blood was screened twice, testing negative for all illegal drugs with the only positive result being caffeine. At this point instead of just letting Mr. Schwab go or booking him on reckless driving, she convinced the Solano County District Attorney to file DUI charges. The Solano County District Attorney's Office filed the single misdemeanor Caffeine DUI charge against Joseph Schwab in June 2016, as indicated by public court records. A forensic toxicologist says he hasn't heard of anyone being charged with DUI for caffeine in his 41 years on the job, and Barrett calls the whole thing "absurd." This is a bad cop, bad DA, and is what causes people not to trust cops and the justice system contaminated with those who are intoxicated by power. The funny thing is I couldn’t find the officer’s name anywhere. When the idiocy of the case was brought up, instead of dropping the charges the ABC and DA doubled down. Can you say crooked system?

What the Liberal media will never tell you is Liberals will never keep you safe. The top ten most dangerous cities in the US are run by liberals. The top ten cities with the most police violence in the US are run by Liberals. The Police Unions in these Liberal cities have a major problem firing bad actors; or I should say "Not Firing" bad actors. The bad actors need to be removed, that being said, 95% of the Police are honorable upstanding servants of the community; but the five percent need to go. All lives matter, even blue ones.

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