What Does the Top 10 Most Dangerous US Cities have in common?

According to Forbes Magazine, by taking the violent crime committed across the board and the ratio of people per violent crime, Forbes has come up with the 10 Most Violent Cities in the US. This is not a list you should be proud of being on but there are so many similarities between the two 10 list that the American people really need to come to grips. This is take as the crime throughout the city, not a certain area of the city which is why Chicago and New York City just barely missed the list, but do line up with the 10 cities listed below. First question is who is running these cities, what policies of the politicians have pushed these cities to this status, and what has the police and District Attorneys (DA)/Prosecutors done to help or hurt the crime in these cities? The hard truth you need to ask yourself is, “What do all these cities has in common with each other?” Once we look at facts it will become quite obvious, but some out there will ignore it because they care more about politics then safety. These people will even put themselves and the children into danger than to admit the truth because then they would have to face the truth about themselves. 

City                 Party Held Mayor   Sanctuary Status   Example of problems
Detroit             1962      55                Sanctuary City         Bad Actor 1, 2, 3
St Louis           1949      68                Sanctuary City         Bad Actor 1, 2, 3
Oakland           1966      51                Sanctuary City         Bad Actor 1, 2, 3
Memphis         1982      35                Sanctuary City         Bad Actor 1, 2, 3
Birmingham    1975      42                Sanctuary City         Bad Actor 1, 2, 3
Atlanta             1979      38               Sanctuary City         Bad Actor 1, 2, 3
Baltimore         1967      50               Sanctuary City         Bad Actor 1, 2, 3
Stockton           2016      1                 Sanctuary City         Bad Actor 1, 2, 3
Cleveland         1989      28               Sanctuary City         Bad Actor 1, 2, 3
Buffalo             1965      52               Sanctuary City         Bad Actor 1, 2, 3

When combined, these cities have been ruled by Liberal Democratic for 420 years, with an average of 42 years each per city. On top of this all ten are Sanctuary cities, and refuse to cooperate with the federal authorities trying to remove Violent Illegal Aliens. They have some of the most stringent Gun Laws which prevent law abiding citizens from protecting themselves. Top this with Anti-Second Amendment DAs and Prosecutors trying to nail the Law Abiding citizen anything they can to take their guns or prevent them from being able to obtain a gun while letting the true criminals walk. I wonder why they are the Top Ten.

I am almost 100% behind all cops until you run into some “Bad Actors” which is probably less than 3% of all cops. The city police departments have their hands tide in many case and are unable to get rid of these “Bad Actors” due to the unions protecting them to get their dues. This in turn causes the police to act hasty or break the law themselves because they are tired of watching the DA, Prosecutor, and ranking officers within the ranks letting these Criminal Cops off with a slap on the wrist. In some cases they break the law because it is the only way to get criminals off the street. Other times it is because they “the Bad Actors” know they are protected by the Unions and the departments have no true over sight, this makes it virtually impossible to fire the Bad Actors. To compound all the problems, in most places the police instead of being a “Protect and Serve” unit have become a “This is how we get revenue” unit.

Then we have police being hired and promoted not due to their merit, but because of the color of their skin, religious status, ethnic heritage, or gender. This only brings pain to the people who they are supposed to be serving. You can ask the unarmed, in her pajamas Justine Damond who was shot and killed in Minneapolis by Officer Mohamed Noor. Officer Noor was a “Diversity Hire” because instead of hiring the best qualified, the city of Minneapolis wanted more Muslim officers. Officer Noor shot Ms. Damond through the window of his cruiser because she startled him. The Minneapolis’s affirmative-action program mandated preferential treatment to minorities which in this case cost Ms. Damond her life. Isn’t this called discrimination? Whenever politics or money is allowed to determine or change the status of a criminal, anarchy is soon to follow which is what you see in these cities today.

Many of our cops are being targeted today by cop killers following a twisted morale compass, the flip side to this problem is we have Killer Cops being allowed to remain on police forces when they should have been placed in jail. 

You could take a look at the Eric Garner case to see the cover up of a Killer Cop and no, Eric Garner was not a model citizen but he still had rights. If you watch the 11 minute video you will see some disturbing sights. You will see Mr. Garner standing, not selling anything when the officers approach him and start harassing him. Officer Daniel Pantaleo applied a choke hold which was banned for NY police over 20 years ago. Officer Pantaleo used the illegal choke hold and applied it for 19 seconds, the max allowed is 10 seconds and this is what killed Mr. Garner according to the New York City Medical Examiner's Office. Mr. Garner can be seen stating he can’t breathe then collapsing, it take 7 minutes to call EMTs but by that time it was too late.

So many poor and minority people thank Liberals are there to help them, but if this was true Liberals like Mayor de Blasio wouldn’t be refusing to sign a law that criminalizing the use of an already illegal Choke Hold by the police which have killed many more than just Mr. Garner and are even used on children by the NYPD. If this was true then the police would be held to at least the same standard as the public.

These towns have become dangerous because the Liberal Politicians live in an alternate universe instead of reality and this makes your town more dangerous. If you look at NYPD Stop and Frisk (S&F) policy which started in 1993 and ended in 2016 you will notice what the Liberal media won’t tell you. In 1993 at the initiation of S&F, NYC had 2,559 violent crimes per 100,000 people, by 2016 it had dropped to 435 per 100,000 people; that is an 83% drop. Of those who were searched, 80-90 % were not carrying anything illegal, the 10-20 % who were that was caught you could say was responsible for the 83 percent of crime so did S&F work? Yes. Was it worth it? To me yes, but too many who hated S&F and want to claim victim-hood, they didn’t think so because they are the 10-20 %; it doesn’t take a genius. 

If you truly want to fix the crime problem in the US, first we must take responsibility for our Community, Race, Religion, and Gender and work on fixing the problems instead of blaming everyone else for our problems. The reason many of these communities have so much crime, death, and poverty is the fault of the community themselves, but they would rather blame someone instead of taking responsibility. Having 4 kids before you are 20 isn’t going to get you out of poverty. Breaking into people’s houses to get spending money isn’t going to get you out of poverty, it’s going to get you dead. Jacob Redfearn’s grandfather said it was an unfair fight when his grandson was shot and killed while robbing a house. Trevon Johnson’s relatives said it was way beyond the law when another homeowner killed him while robbing a house. They go on to say “How else is he going to get money”, maybe by getting a job. If you would have taught these kids respect and a work ethic for what they wanted, they would still be alive so you can blame yourself.

Here are some FBI statistics in raw form.

2016                      Total             White           Black          Native/Spanish  Asian

US Pop by Race   323,127,513  248,485,057  42,975,959  22,618,926        9,047,570
Race Percentage by Pop                    76.90%        13.30%          7.00%             2.80%
Violent Crimes      8,248,709         5,753,212    2,197,140        174,020          124,337
Percentage by Race                           69.75%        26.64%           2.11%            1.51%

Crimes by Pop Ratio                         90.70%      200.27%         30.14%           53.83%

Blacks make up 13.3 % of the US population. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, 48 percent of black males between 15 and 19 who died were shot, the majority of the time by other black males; while the figure for white males was just 18 percent. It isn’t cops killing you, it’s your own people, the truth hurts but more than likely this will just fall on death ears. If you want to turn these cities around, get rid of the liberals in the education system who are holding you down, start treating everyone with respect even if they don’t return it, and stop voting for these Liberal politicians. The Top 10 most violent cities are run by Liberals, change that and you may be amazed at the difference. Liberal’s Gun-Free Zones only help criminals, who will help you?

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