Stopping the Theft of Elections

We do have voter fraud going on in the US and voting to me is our most sacred right bestowed on us from the US Constitution. I don’t care if you lean left or right, voter fraud can hurt all sides and shouldn’t it be up to the people to decide; not some left or right crony? Some people say we don’t have voter fraud but let’s check the facts.

In North Carolina, Jim Turner posted on his Facebook page that he has voted FOUR times during the 2012 election which is voter fraud; he later recants saying it was a joke.
There are 66 voting districts in Philadelphia with 1,553,000 people. This makes it an average of 23,530 people per district. During the last election, Philadelphia had 59 districts without one vote for Mitt Romney which means not one of the 1,388,270 people cast a vote for Mr. Romney, this is a statistical impossibility. In Ohio, Longtime Election Day poll worker, Melowese Richardson was convicted on Multiple Counts of Voter Fraud. It makes me wonder how long did she get away with it before she was caught? In St. Lucie County, Florida, during the 2012 election, over 141% of the county residence voted; did you catch the turnout? In Florida, a vast number of Illegal Aliens and Non-Citizens were caught voting in 2012; maybe that is why there was 141% in St. Lucie County. A national poll shows 13% of Illegal Aliens admit to voting in US elections. If you ask why we need IDs to vote, these are good examples of why.

There is a second problem that will never be fixed until people come back to reality; Illegal Aliens and Foreigners are not US citizens and do not have the same rights. It is ironic that a site called Crooks and Liars makes nasty comments toward a prominent black man, Ben Carson. They do this while accusing that Mr. Carson wants to strip the “Illegal Aliens” of their US citizenship. Did you hear what I said? Illegal Aliens ARE NOT US citizens and have no US rights so how can Mr. Carson strip them of it? I do not trust our politicians from any side.

To prevent them from defrauding the people in another election we need to make a few changes. First, even though Mr. Sanders has won most every primary against Mrs. Clinton, the delegates have mostly went to Mrs. Clinton, this is the Democratic Party telling its voters that their vote doesn’t matter, we the “Establishment” will pick your candidate. This is why a law needs to be made so whoever wins the state gets all the delegates or the percentage of delegates equal to the percentage of votes they get. Second, anyone caught voting who is not a US citizen will be automatically deported even if they are in the US legally. Third, voter ID mandatory in all 50 states. Last, we need to go back to the old way of counting votes, where you have one Democrat and Republican hand count every paper vote. You will have people say this is impossible but it isn’t and the true vote of the people will be more accurate. When you use electronic voting machines, they can be rigged. If any group out there detests this then you know who is committing the voter fraud.

In 2012, a candidate who was trailing the day before the election by double digits magically won by double digits. A friend of mine said the candidate’s name was already selected when he went to cast his vote. He changed it and when he went to finalize his votes and cast them, this candidates name was once again selected. The group in charge of the voting machines was a big supporter of the candidate. This candidate robbed the people of their US Constitutional rights. It needs to stop!

The Liberal Establishment Trying to Eating Their Own in Both Parties

I believe “We the People” need to have our voice heard instead of the “Political Establishment Politicians”, but you can watch both, the Democratic and Republican establishments, trying to prevent it. No matter which party you belong to shouldn’t you be the one who voice matters? Both, Democrat and Republican parties bow to “Big Business” which hurt the groups they say they represent. For example, I am a hunter and believe as most every hunter that we must take care of the environment so my children and grandchildren will be able to enjoy it. I believe that pollution around the globe can affect the US environment because we all live on the same earth. So why are all the liberals from both parties forcing all the US industry out of our country? The far left environmental nuts have caused the world pollution levels to triple by raising EPA standards to a point companies can’t survive in the US. By their own actions, they have forced industries to move to 3rd world nations where there are no environmental regulations hurting our citizens, hurting our country, and hurting the world environment as a whole. Wouldn’t it be better to have the industries here so we can control the pollution? The flip side to this is these liberal politicians then receive donations from these same countries come election time for hurting the American and its people. Do you still think these “Liberal Establishment Politicians” are trying to help you?

It gets worse, when you count the people’s choice for the Democratic candidate, Bernie Sanders is demolishing Hilary Clinton in the popular vote but that doesn’t matter to the “Democratic Establishment”. Currently Bernie Sanders winning Iowa and New Hampshire has received 44 delegate votes compared to Hilary Clintons 394 delegate votes; why? The “Liberal Democratic Establishment Politicians” don’t care what “We the People” want. The “Liberal Republican Establishment Politicians” aren’t quite as bad but they still do not want “We the People” to have a say. They just want us to go with the “Liberal Republican Establishment Politician” they pick like they did with John McCain and Mitt Romney; by the way, how did that work out? I am not for or against Donald Trump but it does shock me how many establishment Republicans is trying to bring down the double digit front leader. In the latest pole, you have Trump at 45%, Rubio (the liberal) at 19%, Cruz at 17%, Carson at 7%, Kasich at 5%, and Bush (the other liberal) at 1%. Even though Trump has 45% and the next five only have 49% combined, he has only received 17% of the delegates; why? The reason is because he isn’t the “Liberal Republican Establishment” pick, which would be Rubio and Bush. When you see Trump claiming the Republican Establishment isn’t holding up to their end of the bargain and trying to pick a “Republican Establishment Politician”, having 17 delegates instead of 45 delegates proves his point every easily. The “Political Establishment Politicians” from both parties are trying to usurp the peoples’ will.

What we see representing the Democratic and Republican does not represent what the core people of either party, but that of Special Interest Groups. The parties are not doing what is best for our country, but what is best for their back pockets. These politicians are using their positions for personal gain and in the process putting our troops overseas in danger as seen during the Iraqi withdraw. These elected politicians work for “We the People”, they shouldn’t be career politicians who answer to special interest groups instead of “We the People”. When you have people like Patrick Leahy (D-VT) who’s seniority date January 3, 1975, or Pat Roberts (R-KS) who has been in Congress since 1981, they have been there so long that they have lost touch with reality. We have to our detriment, had people in the US Congress like John Dingell for over 59 years; do you really think he knew anything about the common working people? We need to clean house and add term limits to prevent career politicians and take away these massive benefits that even our military who spend 20 years plus don’t get. We need to get rid of the “Political Establishment Politicians” being in charge of our government and get back to it being “We the People”.

Gutting the US Constitution- Sharia Law in America

Before we get started there is a couple of items that need pointed out about Islam, Sharia Law, and the US Constitution. When the US Constitution was written, no one really knew of the Islamic religion. We soon found out when Moroccan pirates started attacking our American Ships because undenounced to us, to them we no longer were protected under the French treaty. When diplomats tried to negotiate a treaty, they Islamic radicals who were responsible for enslaving more than 1.25 million Europeans, the Islamic negotiators demanded 14 times what the diplomates had been authorized to give and demanded Jizya be paid (extortion money) every year. The diplomats were told it was ordered by the Quran, their holly book, President Jefferson liking diplomacy over battle ordered the Quran to be transcribed so he could get a better idea about these people. President Jefferson didn’t consider Islam a religion because no religious people in his mind would do what they were doing. Once President Jefferson had read the Quran, he asked congress to pass a Declaration of War against the Barbieri Pirates because he now understood what they were about. He knew that Sharia Law was in no way compatible with US Law or our US Constitution and robbery in the name of any religion was still just robbery. President Jefferson discovered the barbaric inhumanness of Sharia Law and would not bow to it, but today in many cases, this isn’t true anymore.

Sharia Law is alive, well, and being used in Dearborn Michigan, before any of you say a thing, I live here and see it every day. There are examples like the festival in Dearborn in 2010, where Muslims started stoning Christians handing out pamphlets. Since most of the Muslims in Dearborn were born outside the US, I understand how they might act as uncivilized animals but what happened next was what was really shocking. The Dearborn Police arrested the Christians, this was done under Sharia Law direction of no other religion but Islam is allowed. The Dearborn Police violated the US Constitution and these people’s rights by arresting them; the Dearborn Police later lost due to this fact in court. The problem was everyone in positions of authority in Dearborn cover it up, but make no mistake, it is here. Sharia Law is present in Dearborn. Sharia Law allows the Islamic community to discriminate by refuse service to gays at flower shops, bakeries, and other places. Why don’t we see this on the National News? Why is the National Media and state Attorney General not going after them with the same fervor as they did the Christians? This is just a small thing compared to the murderous side of Islam and Sharia Law. The FBI confirms 27 honor killings at a minimum a year but suspected much higher as a result of Sharia Law. If you want to check an interesting statistic, check female deaths age 30 and below in Dearborn and compare it to the National average. You will be able to find a near accurate number of the hidden “Honor Killings” that go on in this community and it is much higher than 27. If you have the Mayor, City Counsel, Chief of Police, and City Coroner working in unison, how hard would it be to cover up “Honor Killings”? You may think that “Honor Killings” don’t really happen in the US but that is mainly because just as most in the National news refuse to label Islamic Terrorist Acts as Islamic Terrorist Acts, they also refuse to call “Honor Killings” what they are, “Honor Killings.” Honor killings happen all the time in the US in the Islamic community, it is usually always women who embrace the American culture which to their families is dishonorable. If it is dishonorable to embrace America, the embracers can stay, but the rest of their family needs to leave. In most cases, “Honor Killings” don’t make it to the National News because it’s not politically correct. In a case in Irving Texas in 2008, Yasser Said, a cab driver from Egypt shot and killed his two daughters, Amina, 18, and Sarah Said, 17 in an “Honor Killing”. He killed them in the back of his taxi because they were dating non-Muslim boys and embracing Western culture. This is known from a cell phone call to the police from one of his dying daughters. In 2009, Aasiya Hassan was beheaded by her husband, Muzzammil Hassan, at the Buffalo, N.Y., Muslim TV station where they worked. Aasiya Hassan had filled for a divorce and this is illegal according to the Quran unless the man cannot produce a child. The ironic side of this story is they being “Moderate Muslims” started this Muslim TV station to show America that Muslims weren’t as radical and violent as was thought. How is that looking now? If this is “Moderate Muslims”, how violent are the “Radical Muslims”? In 2011 in Dearborn, Jessica Mokdad was murdered in an Honor Killing by her step-father, Rahim Alfetlawi, to cover up his raping her for two years. In 2015 in Dearborn, Asyh Elmawri 30, was tortured and murdered by her brother Haron Elmawri, 23 in an “Honor Killing”. In Michigan they are pretty good at sentencing every murder to life without parole for murder except when they are Muslim. Haron Elmawri was evaluated as competent for trial but was allowed to claim mentally ill and received 25 years minimum sentence; he should be in jail for life.

Only seven states (Louisiana, Arizona, North Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Kansas and Alabama) have legislation stopping Sharia law, many others states like Oklahoma, had their laws banning Sharia law struck down by liberal activist judges. In 2009, Hudson County Superior Court Judge Joseph Charles Jr. denied a Muslim lady’s request for a permanent restraining order against her ex-husband who was raping her after their divorce. Hudson County Superior Court Judge Joseph Charles Jr. citing the Muslim culture "belief" and "practices" and Sharia Law which prevented him from allowing a restraining order. Hudson County Superior Court Judge Joseph Charles Jr., a liberal activist judge, has violated this women’s constitutional rights so where is the ACLU? This is not an isolated case but what is more disturbing is a survey of American Muslims said 51% would trade their Constitutional Rights to implement Sharia Law in the US. Only 39% of those polled said that Muslims in the U.S. should be subject to American courts. This is out of their mouths, not anyone else’s which shows many in the Islamic community refusal to integrate with the American people but prefer to remain separated in the hopes of overtaking America and converting it to a Muslim Nation. If this happens, you, your kids, and your grandkids will lose all their Constitutional rights. One day, your 30 year old and below female family member may be murdered in accordance with Sharia Law because as a non-Muslim, she insulted Islam. Ask yourself, will Hudson County Superior Court Judge Joseph Charles Jr. denied the murder citing culture "belief" and "practices" and Sharia Law allows “Honor Killings” for insulting Islam?

We do have some heroes like Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne, she had a radical group of Muslims after her because she stopped the local mosque leaders “Sharia Court” which was violating the law. She stood her ground and stood for the US Constitution but people like her are becoming rarer. America, you need to wake up, if you don’t, America will be no more.