GOP Charges Obama with Letting the Military Decline

President Obama letting our military go to hell shouldn’t be a shocker to anyone, every liberal Democrat since LBJ has gutted the military to give free money as bribe for votes. The problem is, no one learns from our history. At the beginning of WWI, the US wanted to stay out of it and be isolationistic in its manners. The most evil group of people fighting against our friends, Germany, in accordance with international law, were mandated to warn civilian ships before sinking to allow for passengers the time to escape to safety. Germany refused and murdered thousands of Americans by refusing to follow the mandate. After using unlimited Submarine (U-boat) warfare sinking the Lusitania and Sussex breaking their promise, Germany promised Mexico Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona if they would attack the US, this is known as the Zimmerman Telegram. Our Liberal President, Woodrow Wilson was forced by the people to enter the war breaking his 1916 reelection run pledged. Finally this allowed the US to defend itself but the military had been decimated by President Wilson in his first four years of office. After 16 months, we finally had the ability to wage war again and on 6 April 1917 we entered WWI. In just over 15 months after the mighty US entered the stalemated war, it was over. You would think people would have learned to always be prepared for war but no.

Liberal President Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) after taking office in 1933 proceeded to gut the military again, he believed the military was unnecessary and a provoking presents to have in a time of peace. FDR as most liberals in a position of power tried to gain and maintain his power. He tried to become a dictator being elected for president three times which was illegal, hence the passing of the 22nd Amendment. The only mistake they made with this amendment, is they should have included congress in it as well. While under FDR, his liberal policies strengthen the Great Depression destroying the people and the military. Brigadier General Billy Mitchel spelled out how America was vulnerable and would be attacked and he was court martialed for it, then it happened precisely as he predicted. After being attacked by Japan on 7 December 1942, FDR backed off his isolationistic stance, our manufacturing took off to win the war but this time instead of 15 months, it took nearly four years to recover.

With Liberal President Harry S. Truman still in place, the military was not allowed to upgrade as our enemies were doing, when the Korean War kicked off, this story was told by the mass casualties the US received. Only after President Dwight D. Eisenhower took over was a cease fire held. For the record, President Eisenhower was the last president to have a balanced budget and no national debt. No president, neither Reagan nor Clinton, according to the numbers from the Government Accounting Office (GAO) had a balanced budget since.

After President John F. Kennedy (JFK) took over, the military was involved in Vietnam and at first was doing well. After JFKs assassination, President Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ) took over and as liberalism shows, got the war into a quagmire. Liberals were killing our own troops by not letting them go after the enemy, the liberal politicians thought they knew better than the military leaders (like President Obama) on how to fight a war; they were wrong. It wasn’t until President Richard Nixon that we could bring the North Vietnamese to the table to get a truce where we should have had a victory. After 15 years of fighting, the US people just wanted the war to end.

After President Nixon left in disgrace and President Ford didn’t try for a second term, nice guy but still a liberal President Jimmy Carter took office. President Carter served in the Navy and is the last Democratic President to fight for their country. This might be why no Democratic president since has kept our country safe. Unfortunately, President Carter as most all liberals decimated our country and military. When our allies asked for help against Radical Islam, President Carter turned his back on them. The once relic of Radical Islam was allowed to overthrow the Shaw of Iran allowing a Radical Islamic caliphate we see today in Iran, Afghanistan, and Iraq to take over. In Iran they took and held 66 Americans hostage for 444 days. During this time there was one rescue attempt, but civilians instead of the military was in charge and ended up killing 8 Americans with no prisoners freed; it was a disaster. They should have learned from Vietnam but didn’t. The day President Ronald Reagan was sworn into office, all prisoners were released because they knew President Reagan would attack with full force.

Under President Reagan the country flourished and the military became strong again to the point of winning the cold war against Russia and tearing down the Berlin Wall. For the most part under President Reagan the world was peaceful and our enemies feared us which is why the world was at peace. We had strong trade with other countries without gutting the American workers and America grew more than in any other time in history. Most all other countries, including Russia was ready to talk instead of war because they feared America’s Military Power. Anwar Kaddafi attacked once and had his house blown up, he never attacked again. Unfortunately with many countries, this is the only way to get them to be civilized.

George H. Bush took over next but was weak. He invaded Iraq to stop a terroristic leader, Saddam Hussain but didn’t remove him from power which was a big mistake. General Norman Schwarzkopf Jr. showed how to take over a country but wasn’t allowed to remove Iraq’s leader. President G. H. Bush said he wouldn’t raise taxes but with pressure from liberals in both parties did which set the path for President Bill Clinton. There isn’t much here because he didn’t accomplish much.

Liberal President Bill Clinton who started off his presidency with a lie saying he smoked pot but never inhaled; who smoked pot and didn’t inhale? He never served in the military and he and Hilary treated the military like trash as was highlighted by Lt. Col. Robert Patterson’s book, “Dereliction of Duty.” Along with gutting the military he continuously allowed the new Radical Islamist to attack America without really doing a thing to deter them. President Clinton even had Osama Bin Laden, the 9/11 master mind, handed to him no less than three time but refusing all three times to take him. He also has the distinction of being the only president to be impeached and punished, but he was not removed from office. All the unions supported him even though he signed NAFTA into law on December 8, 1993 cutting the unions throats by sending thousands of union jobs overseas. The union needs to separate ways from the Democrats because the Democrats are the ones who keep sending their jobs elsewhere; it’s called self-preservation. President Carter may have let the Islamic Radicals out of the bag but neither President G. H. Bush nor Clinton did anything to put them back. President Clinton separated the intelligence community which helped lead to 9/11.

President George W. Bush came in and our nation was attacked do to the neglect of the previous administration and our broken VISA tracking system. He went on the offensive in Afghanistan and Iraq but ignored General Schwarzkopf’s example and went back to a Vietnam FOB (Forward Operating Base) theology which history had proven doesn’t work. He let the generals fight their war mostly but didn’t spread any information to show the truth when disinformation was openly piped in from the liberal left. WMDs were found but their finding was covered up due to where they came from and who they were linked to. He did build the military back up and replaced much of the inadequate equipment left to the military by the Clinton administration. He did have the support of the military until his last two years when President G. W. Bush then let the newly Liberal Democrat controlled congress do whatever they wanted. His refusal to remove Donald Rumsfeld cost the Republicans Congress and the presidency.

President Barack Obama came in following socialistic views and has divided America on racial lines to the same level as in the 1930s. He has all but doubled the National debt from all previous presidents and has violated the US Constitution every chance he can. He has gutted the military to previous WWII levels leaving America vulnerable and disrespected every ally we have. He has created the biggest Radical Islamic terrorist Caliphate ever known to man who are responsible for more deaths then people killed in Afghanistan and Iraq under G. W. Bush by pulling out of Iraq against the direction of every military leader. With his ROE (Rules of Engagement), there has been a 300% jump in military deaths in Afghanistan not to count the massive numbers of service members being prosecuted for protecting their troops. His gutting of the military has the Air Force at 70% capability with the other branches fairing much worse. While the two biggest enemies of the US, China and Russia attack our allies and harass our military, he refuses to see his path is wrong. The only reason America hasn’t been invaded by one of these two countries is because of all the armed civilians who President Obama and all the other liberal have tried to disarm every way they could. So the GOP can Charges Obama with letting the military decline but it is just as much their fault. They have the power of the purse and haven’t used it against President Obama once letting the people know that neither the Democratic or Republican establishment politicians care about America or its citizens. How do you think Donald Trump became the Republican nominee?  

Add: For any who has served, anytime a liberal politician is president the morale and efficiency of our military takes a nose dive. This is because we in the military know as Benghazi showed, liberal politician don't have our back. This isn't an opinion, it is a fact!

Widespread problems plague the US Air Force

Proof Liberals are the Biggest Bullies

I believe in freedom 100%, I also believe you are to take the fallout from your choices good or bad but others shouldn’t suffer or be put in danger because of your choices. The biggest problem we have in America today is Political Correctness (PC) and the bullying of our citizens, even to the point of violating peoples US Constitutional rights when they do not go along with PC. The liberals who claim to be defenders of the people are the ones who violate the people’s rights more than any other group.

I personally don’t care if you are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, or Strait, as Martin Luther King said, you should be judged by your character, not the color of your skin or in this case sexual preference. Me being in the military, I didn’t care what race, gender, sexual preference, or religion you were as long as you had my SIX, and I would have yours. That being said, no matter what you think or how you modify your body, you will always be the same XX for females or XY for males as you were born with. I will back you having the freedom to do whatever you want concerning yourself until you start bullying, and degrading people whose beliefs are different than yours.

Currently we have a section of Radical Islam who believe either accept their way and only their way or be destroyed. There is no difference with many in the LGBT, either accept their way and bow to their agenda or they will do everything they can to destroy you, just ask the Christian bakers, photographers, and preachers; ironically they never go after Islamic Imams. The sad part is, the Christian bakers, photographers, and preachers are protected under the US Constitution yet the liberals don’t care about the US Constitution. When less than 5% of 1% (transgender) of the US population can hold the rest of the country hostage, we have a problem. The bias reporting of news media shows the LGBT population at 23% to 25% of Americans as gay but when an independent organization like Gallop scientifically without bias polls the same question, the answer comes up 3.8%. This is getting off point which is the Bullying going on by the left; I thought they were against bullying?

When you have the LGBT community purposely targeting Christian businesses who refuse to participate in their weddings, this is not only bullying but a direct attack on our US Constitution. The LGBT community who is showing pure hate by targeting Christians for their belief, which according to the 1st Amendment they are protected, apparently don’t remember what it was like to be the target. I fought for this country so all, including the LGBT community could be free from persecution even though their style is not for me. No one, including the LGBT community should be bullied, too bad many of them being liberal, have no class or respect for others as shown by their attacks on the Christians which is bullying. But the LGBT group isn’t the only Liberal group that bullies, the ACLU, UNCF, NAACP, BLM, NAN, and many others groups do as well, but the politicians are worse.

A Christian pastor in Vermont was sentence to one year in prison for not marrying a gay couple which went against his beliefs. This by the way is the same state that refuses to protect children against pedophiles by passing Jessica’s Law, go figure. A Christian bakery was targeted by the local DA and fined $135,000 for refusing to make a wedding cake for a gay couple because it was against their beliefs. The couple received death threats against themselves and their five children from the LGBT community, this doesn’t sound tolerant but once again is bullying at its finest. A farmer in New York was fined for not allowing a gay couple to use his farm for their wedding. These are all just DAs violating US Constitutional rights, let’s get to a big time bully, President Obama.

When President Obama threatens states to comply with federal efforts to resettle Syrian refugees laced with terrorist in communities around the US or else find their states subject to enforcement action, this once again directly violates the US Constitution and shows liberal bullying. There are people within these unvetted Syrian refugees who want to kill you, your family, and your country yet PC idiocy says you must take them. It gets better, after Plan Parenthood was caught red handed selling children’s body parts which is illegal, President Obama threatened the 10 states who defunded this criminal organization; this again is bullying. President Obama threatens North Carolina he could start blocking the routine federal spending and tax transfers to the state over the refusal to have transgender bathrooms which is also against the US Constitution since congress controls the purse; this is bullying on steroids. And last, President Obama threatens to cut money to every school who doesn’t let transgender people access any bathroom they want. This shows that the liberals are not only the largest groups of bullies in America, but shows they don’t care about the US Constitution or the people’s rights. They care nothing about the US, only protecting and enforcing their agenda as the biggest bully group in America. This bullying is trying to send our country into a borderless New World Order as stated by John Kerry which would mean the end of America and all your rights; this is why liberalism is the most dangerous group in America.

Why the People Hate the Establishment Politicians

As we set back and watched, the “Establishment Politicians” have shown why “We the People” want to get rid of them. Full disclosure, I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican because both sides have been a part of destroying our country. On the Democratic side, we have Berny Sanders winning the popular vote yet Hillary Clinton gets the delegates. We watch as crimes are committed by Hillary Clinton jeopardizing the safety and security of the United States that if I, also a government employee committed, I would have already been sentenced to 20 years if not more in prison. The sad part is, people still want to vote for Mrs. Clinton even though she wants to destroy the American way of Life. On the Republican Establishment side, which will be what this article is most about, you have these liberals posing as Republicans who are really nothing but RINOs showing they have no integrity, honor, or class.

The “Establishment GOPs” used the “GOP Loyalty Pledge” to try and box Mr. Trump in to keep him from running as a third party, they didn’t believe there was anyway on earth he would be the last one standing on the box when all was said and done. When you have candidates like Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Scott Walker, Ted Cruz, and Lindsey Graham just to name a few, which signed the “GOP Loyalty Pledge” and now refuse to support the nominee it shows they have no honor and do not deserve our trust. I am sad and embarrassed to say Lindsey Graham is my Senator. I am sad and embarrassed to say I have voted in the past for Lindsey Graham. I am proud to say after once more not keeping his word, I will not make that mistake again.

You have the embarrassing Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell refusing the people’s choice because he might change the status quo, because the chosen one isn’t an “Establishment Republican”. My dad raised me to know that to be an honorable man you must keep your word. I have not been a supporter of Mr. Trump’s but if both the Democratic and Republican establishment hate him, he must be doing something right. These Republicans Politicians who will not support the people’s choice along with the Democrats who will not support the people’s choice may soon find a third party has arose.

The problem is there is no real difference in the Establishment Democratic and Republican Parties, both have had complete control of the Presidency and Congress yet neither has slowed the pork spending, protected the people, or protected our Constitutional rights. Both take away from the working to give to the illegal and lazy. The Democratic party with the help of the Republicans have sent millions of US jobs overseas, have allowed other countries to rape America, and the people are tired of it. All the Republican politicians who won’t support the people’s choice have shown that the people don’t matter to them, only getting money and reelected does. Hillary Clinton says she wants to shut every coal plant down in America but doesn’t realize, for many that it is their only way in life. She doesn’t care about the hard working union coal miners, only herself. John Kerry declares borderless world, do you understand what that means? It means if there is no borders then we have no nation. If we have no nation, we have no Constitution. If we have no Constituent, we have no rights. If we have no rights, we have no freedom. Do you want that? Then why do you keep voting for these same liberal nut cases?