America’s Islamist Terrorist’s

I have been researching terrorist training camp in America for many years, I usually use the FBI web site because it has some of the most up to date information. Today I found something disturbing, many of the FBI links which were booked marked, now go to a blank page. I wonder if someone in this administration is trying and succeeding at sanitizing any information on US Islamic Terrorist Training Camps; President Obama will not even say the word “Islamist Extremist.” This is disturbing, when our leader, President Obama, will not even call the enemy by the proper terminology, what id the reason; is he scared of them or helping them?
The world is fighting Islamist Extremist on the US under the Obama administration is on the sideline and even helping the extremist. Our president traded 5 Taliban generals for an enlisted deserter and broke the law by not informing congress as is mandated. He should of went through congress and I could even rationalize and see a one for one of equal status, but not five generals for a deserter; but there is more you don’t know. Is the president and Hillary Clinton really so stupid as to let people go who would kill you and me in a heartbeat?

The biggest terrorist threat is currently ISIS/ISIL, their leader was in US custody from 2005 to 2009 but was released by President Obama. Abu Bakr al Baghdadi was released in 2009 by the President and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton make good on political campaign promises, they are directly responsible for releasing this monster who has murdered tens of thousands of innocent people including women and children. The Obama administration has also released Ali Saleh Kahlah al-Marri, a civilian jail after a federal terrorism conviction from a U.S. prison. Through the Justice Department, Ali Saleh Kahlah al-Marri, a confessing terrorist was quietly released on 16 Jan 2015 and allowed to return to Qatar. At lease 27% of released terrorist (true number much higher) of the past 3 years under the Obama administration have been confirmed as returning to Jihad. Think about what I asked about President Obama in the first paragraph; “is he scared of them or helping them?”

(This picture taken in the US)

When we look at terrorist, our elected officials should be trying to protect America, there are many factors that need to come into play that because of a personal political agendas, our politicians make us venerable. First, is our country secured and do we know who is here? The resounding answer is no, our southern border is wide open and we have up to 30 million people who are here who we don’t know. You have sanctuary cities and states like California where even if a cop knows a gang banger (like MS13) is here illegally, they cannot do a thing about it because of the political agenda even if they just deported the gang banger two weeks earlier; how stupid is that? The 9/11 terrorist attacks on the US should have taught us something, that being complacent, not securing our borders, and not keeping track of expired visas can get Americans killed!

The FBI has pointed out Islamic Terrorist training camps in the US, radical clerics who preach hate, and even people who have sworn allegiance to America but turn and kill our bravest. Major Hasan murdered 13 and wounded 30 others while yelling "Allahu Akbar!" (The phrase literally means "Allah is greater"). During the six years military service, he had his colleagues and superiors concerned about his anti-American behavior and comments. The military was not allowed to do anything because he was of Muslim faith; the political correctness the Obama administration pushed especially for people of Muslim faith ended in disaster. The government knew he was in contact with Anwar al-Awlaki, an al Qaeda cleric and they still did nothing because of political correctness; to add insult to murder, they claimed the event as “Work Place Violence” instead of what it truly was, a home grown al Qaeda terrorist attack.

My questions are:
Are we going to have to have ISIS/ISIL beheading people in our streets before we wake up?

Are we going to wait until this happens, the American people go ballistic and shoots anyone who acts radical before we will clean our own back yard?

Is this why the Obama administration and the liberals are trying so hard to take America’s guns, so we will be lambs to the slaughter like the Jews in WWII?

Does the liberals really think the American people are so stupid that we will allow Islam to enslave us?

What questions do you have?

Why Do Most Muslims Hate Everyone Else?



If you look at Islamic community as a whole across the world, it is the most violent religions currently on earth; anytime anyone says anything the Islamist disagree with and find insulting, they issue a  fatwa ordering Muslims to kill you. This is ordered by their “Religious Leaders” and then they want to call themselves a “Peaceful Religion. The western society came to find this out clearly, how “Peaceful this religion was when Salman Rushdie wrote (I’m not endorsing or not endorsing it) the novel “The Satanic Verses.” Many murders of innocent people, attempted murders of innocent people, and bombings of innocent people were directed by the Islamic Religious Leaders because of their anger over the novel. When you have a religion who will order the murder of hundreds of innocent people because their feelings are hurt and their followers agree, they literally have a mental problem within that community. Do they apply the same rule to Muslims insulting any other religion; No, because to them, their religion is the only one that matters.

If you listen to what political Muslim leaders sat, only "1% to 5%" of Muslims worldwide believe in being extremist or condone extremist behavior which translates to 16 to 80 million of the 1.6 billion Islamic believers. The Pew Research Center found that 26% of American Muslims believe suicide bombings are justified. If you read between the lines this means we have 26% of our American Muslims citizens who agreeing with the extremism; that is a little more then the 1% to 5%. Britain had 24%, France had 35%, Spain had 25%, and Germany was the lowest with 13% but when you add the populations together of all these countries, you are looking at 24.8% of the Muslims believe in the extremist theology. The western world will have a much lower rate then the rest of the world but if you take just this average of the western world and apply it to the world wide Islamic population, you will have over 397 million Islamic extremist in the world witch is equal to 68% of the population of the countries mentions; doesn’t sound good to me. The Pew Research Center found that of American Muslims, only 58% reject al-Qaeda outright which if we use that number means 672 Million support Islamic extremism like al-Qaeda, more than all the population of Western countries combined; think about that, around 10% of the world’s 7 billion population are extremist.

What is their reason for extremism? Hugh Fitzgerald wrote a paper listing 95 reasons why which is quite interesting. The first reason he mentioned is Salman Rushdie’s “The Satanic Verses” and the second one is because The British government’s protected Salman Rushdie. So let me get this right, in the Islamist minds, the government should have let them murder an innocent man because they were throwing a temper tantrum over what Salman Rushdie’s freedom of speech  said yet the Islamist can say anything foul about any other religion; they need to get out of the stone age and grow up. Another reason which is quite interesting is the continued refusal of non-Muslims in the West to institute a formalized long-term system of Jizyah (tax formerly paid by minority religious groups within the Muslim empire), by which Muslims can be supported, as they now must make do only with the benefits provided by Infidel taxpayers on a year-to-year basis. They believe they are above every other religion, legal system, and non-Muslim person on earth and believe they can abuse all others because they are superior.

Jurgen Todenhofer, the first western reporter to be embedded with ISIS/ISIL and not be killed, has some chilling words for the rest of us. Todenhofer lived side by side with ISIS/ISIL fighters for ten days,  he asked them about the value of mercy in Islam, but in his words, didn’t see any mercy in their behavior. Something that Todenhofer didn’t understand was their plan of religious cleansing, ISIS/ISIL is planning on killing all non-believers; so if you are gay, trans, atheist, Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, or anything other then their style of Islam, you have been marked for death.

Liberals, you suck at foreign affairs and now Iran may get a nuclear bomb; do you think when Iran gives ISIS/ISIL this nuclear bomb that they can kill the promised million people? Do you think it would be hard to cross our southern border and say, set it off in Dallas, San Diego, or maybe drive to Chicago, New York, or Los Angeles to detonate the nuke? They in their own words say they hate us, why won’t you take them at their word?

Terrorism, President a Disgrace in the Eyes of the World

What is missing from the picture above, the once world leader representation at France’s, Paris rally against terrorism, and even missed the one in the USA. This shouldn’t surprise you, he sent no representation to one of America’s greatest allies, England, when their former Prime Minister, Margret Thatcher died which was a disgrace. He didn’t sent representation to the two police gunned down in New York but he did to Michael Brown, a thug with a criminal history. We once lead the world against terrorism but now President Obama will not even keep his promise with Iraq to help them defend against terrorist after the US pulled out and is only making a puppet show against ISIS/ISIL to try and silence critics. None of the Obama administration will call the Fort Hood shooting an act of terror because it was done by a Muslim but the Aurora Shooting was; let’s be clear, both were act of terror and by the way, President Obama didn’t send any representation there as well. The distinction is the Fort Hood shooting was a Muslim Terrorist who infatuated our military, was allowed to say any anti-American remarks because of political correctness, was communicating with known terrorist, and committed Jihad against America (Hasan’s own words) and the other was just a nut case. We had the ISIS/ISIL hack and post the Twitter and YouTube accounts which would matter much except the cyber attack came from within Maryland; now do you understand, the terrorist are at our door step, not across the ocean. Ask yourself, “How could they get in here?” What do you think about open borders now?

I am not shocked, this is what liberal theology breeds; you even have Howard Dean, former Democratic Party Chairman telling people the “Paris attackers are not Muslim Terrorist”; Mr. Dean, they are Muslim Terrorist, they even trained in Yemen at a terrorist camp. What I want to know is why you and every other liberal out there don’t want to call a Muslim terrorist a terrorist but you will call Law Abiding American citizens and military personnel terrorist? President Obama, Hilary Clinton, and Howard Dean say the Muslim People are peaceful, loving people and the Koran preaches peace yet we haven’t heard a word from them on all the Muslim nations who have rallied and praised the murders who attacked Charlie Hebdo, many of which also praised the 9/11 attacks on the US. You have Muslim groups like Boko Haram which everyone remembers them taking 300 young Christian girls to sell as sex slaves, but did you know they just massacred 2,000 plus people in Baga Nigeria, most of who were women and children all done in the name of the Muslim religion; does this sound peaceful to you?

Where is the outcry, the Koran is not a peaceful book but there are many peaceful Muslims; not all Muslims believe what Boko Haram, ISIS/ISIL, Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Muslim Brotherhood are doing is right; the problem is I guarantee you, more are praising these actions across the Muslim world then condemning it. I can show you every day, a pictures in Muslim countries where Muslim people march with signs saying, “Kill every Jew”, “Cut the head off those who say Islam isn’t peaceful”, “Be prepared for the real holocaust” “No one can stop the rise of Islam”, and “Shariah will dominate the world”; this is out of their own mouths, postings, signs, and actions, not something made up. So I ask, “How can it be a peaceful religion and why is this administration hell bent on defending it at all cost?”

Some of the actions we have seen our liberal leadership do is unthinkable; we trade 5 Taliban terrorist generals for 1 US enlisted trader by all accounts and we are set free terrorist from Guantanamo Bay detention camp for no reason other than to try and keep a political promise; this is putting us in harm’s way. I think our leadership has forgotten about their oath to the American people, to protect our country from all enemies, foreign and domestic; are they the domestic threat themselves to America? I keep asking myself a question, why will the Obama administration not call Muslim terrorist what they are and why they are doing it? If this was a Christian or Jewish belief to kill anyone who insulted God or Jesus, you can bet President Obama, his administration, and the media would not miss a chance to attack their Holy books and scriptures. But there is a big difference in how the Bible and Quran says to treat non-believers:

Bible Mark 6:11- And whoever will not receive you nor hear you, when you depart from there, shake off the dust under your feet as a testimony against them. Assuredly, I say to you, it will be more tolerable for Sodom and Gomorrah in the Day of Judgment than for that city!”

Quran (8:12) - "I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them"

Now I guess you know why they like to cut heads off, and as President Obama’s former preacher said, “The chickens are coming home to roost” but in this case, it is terrorism. A German newspaper which reran the Cartoon for which these Muslim murders killed the reporters in Paris was firebombed; I guess if they had a Quran in each of their windows they wouldn’t have been because that would have been blasphemy on the Muslim attackers; sorry, I digressed. The liberal in our country will not concede to the fact that the Muslim religion, following the strict following of the scriptures out of the Quran, and following Shariah law is what is causing most of the terrorism and violence in the world. The liberals and this administration’s will defend this way of life at all cost; I guess they don’t realize it could mean their lives, their children’s lives, and every freedom they have ever had; if you are a Gay, Lesbian, Atheist, Transgender, or a woman, this is especially true for you.

What is Islamic Terrorism?

I have said for a while that we have terrorism going on in America today and our government will not, for whatever reason, do anything about it. In France, they have had a large influx of “Moderate Muslims” for a while, and in France they have been allowed to take over certain areas of their country. In these areas they have forced Shariah Law on the people, had many “Honor Killings”, the Muslims even have it to where the French citizens and French Police are hesitant to go into these areas do to the violence against non-Muslims. The French thinking is, “they can stay there, we will stay here”; but that isn’t the Muslim thinking. The French government trying to appease the “Moderate Muslims” in France was ceding control of parts of France to the “Moderate Muslims” Islamist for them to have a mini Islamist State and keep the peace. On 7 January 2014, some of these “Moderate Muslims showed their thanks, by murdering 12 people including two police officers and wounding 11 at the French magazine Charlie Hebdo in cold blood. The French Government had even received threats from the French ISIS/ISIL members who called on all Muslims in France to answer the call to conducting terrorist attacks on French Soil. To try and appease these Islamist, the French government took the politically correct action, a gesture of good faith, a mini Islamist State and for their political correct good faith gesture, they got 12 people murdered including cops, on one day, a female police officer the second day, and 4 more hostages killed the third day, and it is only going to get worse.

The two brothers had been picked up before by the French for arranging French people’s travel to go fight in Iraq; so why were they let go? They were allowed to radicalize people within France, to rise up against the Government of France and in this very tolerant country, they organized and attacked. Following their core Muslim beliefs was the reason for their attack, these Islamist wanted to avenge disrespect toward their Prophet Mohamed as Shariah Law mandates. Everyone who isn’t Muslim might want to recognize a key point in the Islamic theology; everyone who doesn’t worship Mohamed, every religion which isn’t Islamic, and everyone who doesn’t believe in religion (atheists) offends the Prophet Mohamed. I asked you, “What is Islamic Terrorism?” Muslims are not the only terrorist out there but currently they are the most violent and account for the most casualties. On the Islamic terrorist side, any Muslim or Islamist who believes the following is a radical and an Islamic terrorist:

1.       They refuse to let anyone have freedom of speech and threaten them with death if they offend Islam or the Profit Mohamed.
2.       They refuse to allow any other religions to live in peace and believe all non-Muslims are beneath them and should be wiped off the face of the earth or turned into slaves.
3.       They refuse to have tolerance for any other unless they are outnumbered then, it isn’t tolerance; it is waiting to get the numbers to attack.
4.       They refuse to condemn terrorist acts or will play them off as not real Muslims or terrorist acts.
5.       They refuse to condemn honor killings.
6.       They refuse to mix with the national culture where they live.

As we speak, you have Islamic clerics in France, not to mention American clerics, and clerics from around the world who are defending the French attacks as justified. We have American political figures saying these are tragedies but not Muslim terrorist attacks, what “other terrorist” says “this is for insulting Mohamed?” and these are the same politicians who refuse to secure our borders from these terrorist and want to treat them like US citizens. I have pointed out Honor killings in America. I have pointed out attacks on non-Muslims in Muslim dominated areas in America like Dearborn Michigan. I have pointed out the atrocities committed against women and children under Shariah Law which is being used within the US. I have pointed out terrorist acts in the US like 9/11, the DC Sniper, the Shoe Bomber, not to mention the organizations like CAIR who according to the FBI, are collecting money to funnel to the terrorist. The FBI’s web site shows the location of 35 Terrorist Training Camps within the continental borders of the United States; why are they still there? We had Major Hasan who had complaints filed against him for his anti-American statements, he had his military business cards and emails signed with SOA (Soldier of Allah) and SWT (subhanahu wa ta'ala or Glory to God), these are statements used by the people he was in touch with, Jihadist and Al Qaeda. Was it really a surprise when he murdered 13 people and wounded 30 more? All this was ignored due to political correctness because he was Muslim. He yelled “Allahu Akbar” which literally means "Allah is greater" and used during Jihadist and Al Qaeda terrorist attacks. Our leaders spat in the face of every victim by calling this terrorist attack, “Work Place Violence” to protect the Muslim community over all Americans citizens once again. We have already had the attacks France is seeing now but France is not afraid to say what it truly is, a Muslim terrorist attack. A new study shows Mideast Immigrants to US Pose Huge Security Threat and we do nothing to vet them, letting good Muslims in and keeping the bad ones out. General "Black Jack" Pershing got it right in n1911 when he had to deal with Muslim Extremist, he found his enemies weakness and used it against them saving thousands of lives and having peace for 42 years. Our political correctness will not allow this and because of it, we will be attacked again. The sad part is it is preventable but it will take thousands of Americans dying again before we do anything but our politicians still won’t do it the right way; your politicians have their security, do you?

Law Abiding Gun Owners Targeted by Police and Our Tyrannical Government

Maryland Transportation Authority Police target legal, law abiding, conceal weapon citizens and perform illegal searches on vehicles. John Filippidis of Florida was driving south with his family on Interstate 95 when he was pulled over for speeding even though the cop in front of him was doing the same speed, no big deal except John has a Florida CCL (Conceal Carry License). The Maryland Police proceeded to place John and the rest of his family in different police vehicles and raid John’s black Ford Expedition, performing an illegal search for Johns Kel-Tec .38 semi-automatic handgun; if john didn’t have a CCL, they would have never of searched his vehicle. My question is, since the liberals have such a problem with profiling, isn’t this profiling and illegal? My second question is why are they profiling and targeting law abiding citizens? It is no wonder people don’t trust cops, especially in liberal areas like big cities and north east states, the US Constitution and US Supreme Court Rulings mean nothing to them. They kept John and his family over an hour and then released him after not finding his Kel-Tec. Mr. Filippidis‘case earned the support of Second Amendment advocates and subsequent apologies from the MDTA. But it is all a farce, an internal police review concluded his stop and search was lawful and did not violate police protocols even though it was targeted, profiling, and done without consent. The US Supreme Court says profiling is illegal, but the liberals profiling lawful gun owners by the Maryland ignore the Supreme Court ruling.

But Maryland isn’t the only state doing it, New York confiscated a Navy veteran and 30 year Police Detective; what was his crime, he had insomnia and went to the doc to try and get some relief. Think about how stupid this New York SAFE ACT is and all the ignorant idiots who passed it. This “SAFE ACT” doesn’t make anyone safe, as a matter of fact it make us les safe; if you were having problems would you go see a doctor after this? It was a feel good law which only affected the law abiding citizen gun owners, did it help protect the cops who have been shot lately; no they were all shot by criminals. Liberals have got to be the most ignorant people on the face of the earth. Diane Feinstein wanted to take all the guns from the military and military retirees because in her words, “With the advent of PTSD we can’t prove that prior military person and that they weren’t impaired or mentally incapacitated.” Start at the 3 minute mark and listen, Snopes says she didn’t say it but listen to her in her own words. She is a liberal and like most all liberals, she lies to get what she wants; she said in a news interview that she just wanted to remove assault weapons but not all guns but video tape doesn’t lie but she does. She is a sitting congress woman and can’t tell the truth about her intensions just like they all lied about the effects of Obamacare.

In Bakersfield California, Kent Williams was injured and arrested by cops for legally carrying a firearm, the cops then proceeded to confiscate all his guns from his house. Officers checked with their superiors before arresting him and were told to arrest him even though he was legal. After finding out they were completely in the wrong, they released Mr. Williams with no charges filed; all seems to be OK right, nope, the police refuse to give this law abiding citizen his guns back. The BFPD said the case was closed so why isn’t he getting his guns? The reason they stated he can’t have his guns back is because he had committed a misdemeanor in the past so they added him to the California Armed Prohibited Persons (APP) list which in California is being used to deny California citizens their second amendment right. You need to realize that if you litter you can be put on the APP list, if you get a parking ticket you can be put on the APP list, and if you jaywalk you can be put on the APP list; can anyone say tyranny?

This is the reason the public in many liberal towns and states do not have the law enforcement’s back and it is preventable, law enforcement is looked at by the people to be just as bad as the gangs and thugs in the area and in some places they are right. I was pull over in Detroit by a cop, I immediately turned my camera on my phone to record and pointed it at my window. The cop came up and said I was speeding which was no surprise but then told me an idiotic speed. I challenged him and he started adding miles per hour to my ticket and told me he was judge and jury here, and if I didn’t shut up, he would find drugs in my car; that was about the time he seen the phone. He asked for it and I told him it wouldn’t help him because everything was being automatically loaded to the cloud; he walked back to his cruiser and drove off. Unfortunately the video didn’t upload or it would have been on YouTube but if this happened to me, a business man in a shirt and tie, what is he doing to the other people? I guarantee you he had done it before, and is probably still doing it to get racial justice, to get someone driving a nice car, or maybe just because he is a bad cop. Is it any wonder the Detroit in the 1# most violent city even though the new police chief has cut crime? Can you see why the people don’t trust the police and when you through the Police Union protecting ever officers job, even when they are bad and corrupt, it tells the people they don’t matter.

I am usually on the cop’s side but I do need to say something here, when the cops and government starts going after the law abiding citizens, this is when trouble will start to bloom for both. I believe most cops are good people just doing their job, but in the past there has been many times when we have situations highlighted like Eric Garner and the police were not charged even though they were clearly in the wrong. The problem is after the public seeing this for years, when you have a Michael Brown case; many of the people will automatically be against the cops even though it was justified. Now, especially in liberal places, instead of the people helping the police, they are just as afraid of the police as the criminals, this is probably a main contributor to the 56% raise in cops being killed in 2014. What happened to “Protect and Serve?” I think the people are saying “Protect and Serve” us, and we will “Protect and Serve” you; it’s a two way street. If the police and politicians don’t stop this crap, more cops will be killed; more spouses going to a funeral, and more children without a mother or father. Many people out there who say, “You Will Have to Pry It From My Cold Dead Hands” mean it, so how many more cops will have to die to get this message before the cops and government will start serving the people again, instead of themselves?