The True Gang of 8 Bill

The Senators don’t have time to read the 1200 page bill (which is their job) but will vote on it anyway and what will be the result? Union jobs will be gone, legal minority citizens jobs will be gone, and teenager jobs will be gone and picked up by RPI (illegal aliens), they will be hired on the spot. Senators from both parties are at fault if this bill passes (watch this video) but it the liberal Democrats and Republicans Senators passing this type of legislation; this will hurts our country. Remember who voted without reading and vote them out, otherwise none of us may have a job in the future. It’s a sad day in our history when you are fined for hiring a US Citizen or Legal Alien but fines are wavered if they higher an Illegal Alien. You should read the bill.

The Feminist Movement, Liberalism, and Their Double Standard

I want your feed back on this article or as a matter of fact any article because I want to know your take; I don’t care if you are even from the US, just leave your comment. First, I don’t care which side of this subject you are on but I do care about the kids and they come first. 

I have watched as the Feminist movement and most liberal institutions always say “It’s none of your business what I do with my body” usually in reference to abortion. I don’t care which side you are on so I will tell you the truth, like it or not. Liberalism has elevated to the point that judges, who are to interpret law, not make the law, are making the laws and has made it so any girl of any age can get the “Morning After Pill” without parents or doctors permission and even without an age limit. These young girls have been placed into harm’s way due to this irresponsible act of these feminist and liberal’s judges and the dictation of their political agenda. One might ask “In what way”. These children can be raped and never see anyone for an abortion but be force fed these pills or afraid of their rapist, buy these pills so no one knows what they have or are going through. Studies show 60% of girls under the age of 15 who are impregnated are done so by adults; therefore they are victims of statutory rape. I ask, shouldn’t a flag go up if a ten year old buys a “Morning After Pill” or do we ignore the horror of the possibilities? The “Morning After Pill” was originally to be administered under a doctor’s due to the nasty side effects which include but not limited to prevent the taker from being able to have future children and even killing the taker; so how safe is it really?

Currently it is know that Plan Parenthood breaks the law every day dealing with reporting under age pregnancies to the police. The police need to find out if a crime of pedophilia and child molestation or rape has been committed and arrest the perpetrator so they can not commit this crime again. It’s simple, if you have a fourteen year old come in pregnant and the police find out it was her fifteen year old boyfriend then mom and dad, you need to watch your kids better (but currently the parents will never know); if it is a thirty year old then they need to be prosecuted for rape. Both ways you look at it the girl can still get an abortion without the parents knowing but with current Plan Parenthood model a pedophile and child rapist goes free with no punishment for their deplorably sick crime.  Plan Parenthood negligence enables the pedophile and child rapist the ability to inflict this horror onto another child which to me makes them an accessory to the rapes. No matter what side of the abortion debate you are on this is wrong! I am a libertarian so what you want to do I usually say is up to you if you are an adult, at least until it endangers children.

Dr. Ellen Grant, writing in the Lancet has expressed the concern that “. 5% of women have a genetic susceptibility to thromboembolic disease (blood clots)” when these women take the ‘morning-after’ pill. This is one in every 200 people and can be fatal. The ‘morning-after’ pill causes an increase in the incidence of ectopic pregnancies (lodgment of the human embryo in the Fallopian tube rather than in the womb.) The ‘morning-after’ pill can also have serious interactions with prescribed medications. The British Medical Journal has reported. There is concern that the very high dose of hormone taken in the ‘morning-after’ pill might ‘kick-start’ cervical cancer if a woman is already infected with human papilloma virus. Plan B contains the same active ingredient as Norplant, a hormonal contraceptive removed from the market in the U.S. because of its dangerous side effects. More than 36,000 women have been awarded over $50 million for injuries caused by Norplant.

So let me get this strait, my under age daughter can get this without a doctor and has a 1 in 200 chance of having serious medical problems and even if she is 10 years old I, her parent, shouldn’t know about it; does something sound wrong with this? The FDA approved The Morning After Pill but won’t approve a pill that can stop 30% of cancers in their tracts because one in 20,000 have a very adverse reaction; just so you understand that is 0.005 compared to 0.5 with the morning after pill. Let’s be honest here, you don’t care for the women’s health, only your political agenda. The cancer pill is from a drug company in Central America so the FDA doesn’t care about your safety, only protecting large US Pharmaceutical Companies, their US monopoly, and money.

It is all about money and politics. The political environment said a few years back that the “Morning after Pill” will only be able to be administered by a licensed physician due to the dangers and now we see this is no longer true. It doesn’t matter if its safe, the feminist movement and most liberal want abortion on demand in any way shape or form no matter the dangers because ”a women has the right to do what they want with her body”; really? If his was so then why the feminists and liberals are so against prostitution and strip clubs; these women, in most cases are doing what they want with their bodies? It’s because they are not doing what the feminists and liberals want; in this case they are degrading women, but shouldn’t they be allowed to do what they want with their bodies; abortions yes, anything feminists and liberals disagree with no. This is being a hypocrite. I wonder if this means that now they are going to put “Birth Control Pills” on the shelves for anyone to take? The other part of this was the “Cancer Cure”; the Pharmaceutical companies won’t make as much money if someone is cured over treatment. They have a monopoly and as you can see have the FDA in their hip pockets. I wonder if this is the same way the feminists and liberals have the IRS and EPA in their pockets.

Feminists and liberals have destroyed many of the beloved institutions in America and you can watch one in progress today, The Girl Scouts. What is the Girl Scouts suppose to be about; the girl of course but it isn’t anymore; it’s all about the money. Rep. Bruce Braley, D-Iowa nailed it when he said, “they are selling cookies to fund pension plans instead of camping." The GS pension plan has a deficit of about $347 million, that’s pretty high for a non-profit, but why are they is so much trouble? The current CEO Anna Maria Chavez gave herself a 10% raise when she took over to make her pay $393,380 not including $71,906 in other compensations; total adds up to $465,286 for a non-profit organization. Their big brother organization (twice the size), The Boy Scouts, CEO made just over $230,000 half of what Mrs. Chavez. On top of this Mrs. Chavez spent $65,000 on what is called a new “throne” for her office while massive cuts are made throughout the GS. Her previous job as Texas Girl Scout Council Head she made $104,000 so she has effectively received a 400% pay rise as the GS have a $347 million deficit. It is the same liberal game, “give me more money and to close the gap lets tax you more” except here it is “let’s raise your dues by 20%”. I really wonder why they are losing membership; this along with pushing the feminist agenda which goes against the traditional GS backbone. The GS leadership has turned from the girls to greed, if not changed they will be never regain the image they have lost.

Sense this suppose to be about pointing out the hypocrisy from the feminists and liberals I will finish with these last two items. Do not read into this, I am not a fan of these two women but when Sara Palin and Michele Bachmann were being degraded and belittled with all sorts of female vulgarities thrown at them including targeting Mrs. Palin’s 15 year old daughter, where was NOW (National Organization of Women) and any other feminist and liberal groups slamming the people executing these attacks; no where because they don’t care about women unless you are a women who backs their agenda; this was shown very clearly to the public which shows you are hypocrites. The last one is interesting, Paula Dean, a liberal democrat, is being raked over the coals due to a racist remark she made many years back but nothing was ever said about Senator Robert Byrd being a Exalted Cyclops in the KKK which I think beats out Paula Deans slip of the tongue but the one that is really bothering to me is Ryan Winkler, a Democratic lawmaker from Minnesota referring to black Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas as "Uncle Thomas." If it would have been a Republican or conservative they would have had all RNC money pulled and been forced into resigning but I guarantee you the same isn’t true on the liberal side of the house; he will probably be given an accommodation behind closed doors for his vileness. The liberal news won’t push the issue like they have on the conservative or Republican politician and you know why; they are hypocrites!

Helping Terrorist before Our Citizens

We haven’t had what I would call a truly responsible president, Democrat or Republican in years but our current one takes the cake and I’m not a Republican. He and our deplorable congress have given almost $15 Billion to all sorts of groups including terrorist ones. Of the top 25 most corrupt terroristic countries in the world according to the "Global Terrorism Indicator", we gave 13 of them assistance to the sum of $10.137 billion dollars: Hamas - $351 M, Libya $1.45 B, Egypt - $397 M (ran by the Muslim Brotherhood), Iraq - $1.08 B (don’t they have oil for money), Kenya - $816 M, Mexico - $622 M, Russia - $380 M (they have their own money too), Nigeria - $456 M, Pakistan - $2 B (the ones who hid Osama bin Laden but we still got him), Senegal - $698 M, South Africa - $566 M, Sudan - $870 M, and Uganda - $451 M. Not only did we give over $10 Billion to terroristic countries, we wasted another $1.7 billion on countries with outstanding economies, some better then ours; Jordan - $463 M (has plenty of oil to pay for themselves), Kazakhstan - $304 M (also has high amounts of crude oil and natural gas), Mozambique - $404 M (has one of the worlds best economies), and Tanzania - $554 M (has one of the best and most diverse economies in the world). We do give just over $3 billion to counties that really do need help: Congo - $359 M, Ethiopia - $981 M, Haiti - $1.4 B, and Zambia - $331 M but why are we giving to those who hate us? You can look all this up on Wiki.

"The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people; it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government -- lest it come to dominate our lives and interests."
Patrick Henry
There will be around 2.14 million people will be effected by the sequester but none of our congress, president, or their staff will have to deal will it, they wrote themselves out of having to be affected; yes both Democrat and Republican did this; as for me, I’ll lose 33% of my pay for 11 weeks. The sequester was originally to save $85 Billion but they found they found $24 billion by raising taxes and cutting waste from some government programs so this dropped it to $61 Billion, 9% non-Defense cuts and 13% defense cuts according to ABC News. Congress gave the Obama administration the leeway to cut in other areas then people’s pay but a leaked email from the administration tell officials to make it hurt. The GAO (Government Accounting Office) shows Mr. Obama has been on vacation 244 days and he and Michelle has spent $1.4 Billion so far not counting the $100 million on coming up to Africa; more than any other president. According to a new report by the nonpartisan Government Accountability Institute (GAI), President Barack Obama has spent over twice as many hours on vacation and golf (976 hours) as he has in economic meetings of any kind (474.4 hours); do you wonder why the economy isn’t fixed?
"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."
Abraham Lincoln

Together with Democrats, Republicans, and the President being irresponsible and giving away our country’s money spending too much they could have saved at a minimum $13.2 Billion bringing what is required for the sequester to $48.8 Billion. If you add up the top 30 Stupid Things the Government Is Spending Money On you will get another $34 billion which would leave $14.8 billion which is chump change to our government. The president has the leeway to cut without hurting anyone but remember the email, “make it hurt” so it is just politics to them no matter how much they hurt the American people.

"Bad men cannot make good citizens. A vitiated state of morals, a corrupted public conscience are incompatible with freedom."
Patrick Henry

"It is the duty of the patriot to protect his country from its government."
Thomas Paine

Both the Democrats and Republicans have this attitude but it is our fault at citizens in a way. Every time you voted for some one who give you more for free instead of doing what was right, you enabled these idiots we now have in office. Every time you voted Democrats or Republicans instead of who was the best for the country, you enabled these people and they have taken your rights and freedoms away.

"Every step we take towards making the State our Caretaker of our lives, by that much we move toward making the State our Master."
Dwight D. Eisenhower

If you want more without working for it and think you are owed it, you are not an American.

"They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security."
Benjamin Franklin

Is our 1st Amendment and Religious Freedom in the Military Under Attack?

Our military was founded on God, Guts, and Guns but is our political correctness trying to assassinate one or more of them? Our country was founded on (like it or not) God and freedom such as the freedom of speech but most don’t know, but when you join the military much of your freedom of speech is drastically curtailed. Having been there, I understand that the purpose of this is for control and discipline which is a must in the military environment; if it is not present you will never be a formidable fighting machine. This is a documented fact from studies along with the fact that fighters with a religious conviction are more likely to have a moral code of conduct and display the guts needed for victory during battle. This being said is the politically correct crowed which has caused major damage to our country trying to assassinate Christianity and conservative values within the military?

Mikey Weinstein will be a consultant to the Pentagon on religious tolerance at the request of Pentagon. He is the founder of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation and has many times called conservative Christian groups, “Monsters.” I don’t think he is a good pick to talk to the Pentagon for “Religious Tolerance” when he has made consistent anti-religious statements (look him up on YouTube) so why is the military picking him?

The Deseret News reported last August, the Air Force issued a policy telling its chaplains that they must balance an airman's right to religious exercise with a prohibition against government establishment of religion. A violation of the policy could result in a court-martial. This is also a violation of the Chaplin’s Oath to his sponsoring church. The Military Chaplains have always been there for the troops in a very needed supported role even if you were not a Christian without forcing any religion on you. I was overseas and watched helplessly as a good friend committed suicide; none of us could stop him. If it wasn’t for the Chaplin with us I would have lost my marbles; I can deal with loosing someone in a accident or battle but needlessly is another story.

The whole nation should be concerned over moves to prevent military personnel from talking openly about their religion, states Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin, the executive vice president of the Family Research Council and he is right. The Obama administration has been accused of telling Catholic military chaplains what they can and cannot say from their pulpits after the Army ordered Catholic chaplains not to read a letter to parishioners from their archbishop. If you were Catholic (I’m definitely not), would this not be offensive? Who do you as a Catholic trust more, your archbishop or a politician? It doesn’t matter if you are Christian, Jewish, or any other religion, if they are allowed to violate this Constitutional freedom in the military to the point of even Court Marshaling them, what is going to stop them from silencing people throughout our nation?  The Obama Administration “strongly objects” to a proposed amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act on Wednesday that would have protected the religious rights of soldiers – including evangelical Christian service members who are facing growing hostility towards their religion; I thought the US Constitution already protected religious freedom. Why would anyone in a free nation as ours, especially the President who is a “Constitutional Lawyer” object?

This has gone to the point of affecting our troops fighting in Afghanistan do to removal of religious icons they look to for support. The attack has gone as far as to punish a soldier for (get this) serving Chick-fil-A at his promotion party.  If this isn’t bad enough the same soldier was told not to read books by Levin, Limbaugh or Hannity while in uniform; I wonder if they would say the same about
Dreams from My Father sense it is by a liberal president.

No matter which political side you are on, this is tearing apart our Country, Constitution, and with it removing any Constitutional rights we enjoy. If a liberal administration can do it now what will stop a conservative one from doing it next time? Why are they targeting all the phones and social media, to see if you are a terrorist; no, to see if you are for or against their agenda? If they can tell our military what they can believe and who they can read no matter if conservative or liberal, what will stop them from doing it to the rest of the nation? I can see it now, “If you read that, I’ll have to turn you in for being perverted, hateful, anti-American which is a criminal offense”. It has happened all over the world (read your history) and now we are going down the same road. You can’t call our politicians liars even when they are because “It’s Not Respectful”, I didn’t know being a liar was respectful. I am brutally honest and it gets me into trouble all the time but everyone who knows me know they are getting the truth; maybe our politicians should learn this position. I would have more respect for a brutally honest politician who tells me the truth knowing I won’t like it over one who lies to me all the time. How about you?  

Going After Your Guns Using the UN

I warned you in the past and now it looks like our gun rights will be going down the tubes and will be enforced by the UN.  International gun grab: U.S. to sign U.N. arms treaty” says the Washington Times and they are right. Secretary of State John Kerry says President Obama will sign this treat going against both parties in congress. Why would he sign something that since 2006 has been know to be directed mainly at the US civilian gun owners in violation of our Constitution? The answer is simple; Mr. Obama has said from day one he wants to change the Constitution that it is outdated and flawed. In 1996 Mr. Obama signed paperwork saying he wanted to remove handguns from the public and now he denies it. He says now he had never done so which is another lie which we all have learned to expect from him and his administration so what is the true deal of the UN Arms Trade Treaty.

Before we get stated I need to point out that in the treaty when it refers to a”state or states” it is talking about countries; yes I know they need to go back to school. On page 22 it states “Underlining the need to prevent and eradicate the illicit trade in conventional arms.”  And further states:

Read this carefully, when you read the context of the whole bill it believe any civilian owning “small arms” is illicit and the removal of ammunition as well. It goes further to require a “National Control System” on page 24 which we all know at the bare minimum means a national registry. After watching all the illegal surveillance and UN-constitutional activity done by this administration do you want them knowing you have a gun?  But it gets better, look and see what is on page 26:

They are required to regulate how many rounds we fire? Are you kidding me? This is why I have warned you time and time again about big government, they always want more and more power which leaves you with less and less rights and freedom. I think the government has reached the “Tyrannical” level. Well let’s read further:

 What are the provisions of this treaty; to remove all arms and ammunition from everyone except government people. Well let’s take a look at page 27.


So we have to let the UN know who has what guns; I don’t like what I can see happening next; the UN coming in to try and take our guns under “International Authority”. Unfortunately page 30 even gets worse.


So we have to get a license to sell, buy, or trade guns or ammunition; but wait, page 31 even gets better.


The want to do “Record Keeping” on every gun and ammo transaction you do. So they will have a count of how much ammunition you buy and fire; if I didn’t know better I would say this was so they knew how much ammunition you have and then they can regulate how much you are allowed on hand,

So we will “cooperate with each other, consistent with their respective security interest” which means if another nation feels threatened because our civilians have guns and theirs don’t, they can once again force us to disarm. This is on page 32 but we still have more.

If you need assistance disarming your people just give us a call, we at the UN will take care of it which is on page 33. If you want to look it up for yourself you can find it here UN Arms Control Treaty Text. One last thing, I try to pick on both side equally because the both are failing our country but I swore I saw a list of US Senators who was for this and voted for it and it was pretty one sided. The 46 Senators are listed below. If you the government out of your business and want to stop the erosion of your freedoms; VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE! If not for your own freedoms, how about your kid’s freedoms.

Baldwin (D-WI)             Baucus (D-MT)            Bennet (D-CO
Blumenthal (D-CT)        Boxer (D-CA)               Brown (D-OH
Cantwell (D-WA)           Cardin (D-MD)             Carper (D-DE)
Casey (D-PA)                 Coons (D-DE)               Cowan (D-MA)
Durbin (D-IL)                Feinstein (D-CA)           Franken (D-MN
Gillibrand (D-NY)         Harkin (D-IA)                Hirono (D-HI)
Johnson (D-SD)             Kaine (D-VA)                 King (I-ME)
Klobuchar (D-MN)        Landrieu (D-LA)            Leahy (D-VT)
Levin (D-MI)                 McCaskill (D-MO)        Menendez (D-NJ)
Merkley (D-OR)            Mikulski (D-MD)          Murphy (D-CT)
Murray (D-WA)             Nelson (D-FL)               Reed (D-RI)
Reid (D-NV)                 Rockefeller (D-WV)      Sanders (I-VT)
Schatz (D-HI)               Schumer (D-NY)            Shaheen (D-NH)
Stabenow (D-MI)         Udall (D-CO)                  Udall (D-NM)
Warner (D-VA)             Warren (D-MA)              Whitehouse (D-RI)
Wyden (D-OR)