Obama and Other Ultra Liberals Destroying Our Military

It is easy to document the daily attacks on our military by liberals, it is like all they want to do is destroy the most respectful military in the world anyway they can and their champion at the current time is none other than the Commander and Chief Barrack Husain Obama. First the Trinity of Tyranny (TOT), Obama, Pelosi, and Reid, tried to make our soldiers pay for their own battlefield injuries, this came with a huge backlash from the public but the backlash was mainly one sided. Our military has always been protected by both the Democrats and Republicans but not anymore, with the super liberals in full control of the Democratic party, and with the leadership of the TOT, under the Obama administration, more damage has been done to our military than any other president in history; it’s not your grand fathers Democratic party anymore.

As an ultra liberal President Obama and his minions Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid didn’t waste any time to start another attack on the military by cutting production of the world’s premiere fighter, the F-22. As usual with CNN spin it to say the president rejects additional spending but the Air Force had already paid for them. Here is the rub, the F-15 is our premiere front line fighter, it came into the Air Force Inventory in 1972. It is old and the airframes are starting to literally come apart due to years of service and stress, we need a new fighter to replace our aging Air Superiority Fighters. The F-22 was to replace the F-15, and the F-35 was to replace the F-16, F-18, the AV-8 Harrier, and several others to keep us ahead of all other nations and remain number one in the world in the air. If you really wanted to save money, combining several aircraft requirements down to two would save tons just from the smaller logistical footprint. All in all you can say that the Obama’s TOT, has made the battle ground less safe for our troops and the air less safe for our pilots, what could be next.

You should never ask “what could be next” because it will bite you in the butt. The military has a long history of religious tolerance, we don’t care what faith you belong to or ever care if you don’t believe in religion at all; now it is under attack by this administration. The president and Pentagon selected an anti-Christian zealot, Mike Weinstein, to be the next military adviser for writing religious tolerance policies. Mike Weinstein is the founder of Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF), and stated, “Today, we face incredibly well-funded gangs of fundamentalist Christian monsters who terrorize their fellow Americans by forcing their weaponized and twisted version of Christianity upon their helpless subordinates in our nation’s armed forces”; he is a self confessing religion hater, does this sound like a person who is for religious tolerance or someone who is for religious persecution? Shortly after Mike Weinstein took over, a story broke stating, “Pentagon May Court Martial Solders Who Share Christian Faith.” So now TOT has made the military less safe in the air and on ground and is in the process of removing our faith from the military; what else could they do to hurt us?

The next item was to remove benefits by claiming a Jihadist attack from a Muslim traitor was an act of "Work Place Violence". Army Major Nidal Hasan was an Army psychiatrist and was a “moderate Muslim” born in Arlington Virginia. Before the shooting at Fort Hood, Major Hasan had many complaints filed against him for making anti-American statements but was not challenged because of the liberal's political correctness standard. An FBI investigation showed Major Hasan was in contact with Anwar al-Awlaki, a jihadist Imam and member of Al Qaeda but the FBI said Major Hasan wasn’t a threat. CIA officer, Bruce Riedel said, “E-mailing a known al-Qaeda sympathizer should have set off alarm bells. Even if he was exchanging recipes, the bureau should have put out an alert” and he was right, he was signing his emails with SOA (Soldier of Allah) and SWT (subhanahu wa ta'ala or Glory to God) which is used by Jihadist and Al Qaeda, this was a text book pre-sequel to a home grown Al Qaeda terrorist attack. On 5 November 2009, Major Hasan murdered 13 people and wounded 30 more while yelling "Allahu Akbar" which means Allah is Great. After the attack the first words from this administration was, “this is not a terrorist attack” when all actions leading up to the attack shows it was a terrorist attack. Several victims filed suit against the Government because the benefits they should be receiving were taken away by the Obama administration classifying this as “Work Place Violence” instead of the terrorist attack. This was done for political reasons; the Commander and Chief has now stabbed every military person in the back for political reasons yet again. Let’s see what is next.

In 2012, Senator Jim Webb, a Democrat from Virginia, and a liberal minion of President Obama, who is chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee's, approved a change that would take away "Imminent Danger Pay" from our troops. The Senate Armed Services Committee as part of the 2012 defense authorization bill, S 1254, changed provision giving $225 a month for hostile fire and imminent danger pay to $7.50 a day. Senator Webb called the change a "basic accounting measure to ensure that individuals receive hostile fire or imminent danger pay only for the time they spend in qualifying areas." Senator Webb said "combat troops will see a minimal impact as they are stationed full time in a qualified area." The rub is what the definition of a qualified area is. When I was in Iraq, we had the "Green Zone", is it a qualified as a qualified area? What the liberal democrats will do is manipulate it to the point of where only if you step outside the gate, out of the green zone will it be a qualified area; I was almost killed in the Green Zone by an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) so is there a safe area. Currently they say it is for the people who make a quick trip into the hostile zone but I bet that will change; they can give criminals (illegal aliens) and terrorist (Guantanamo Bay prisoners) all the special treatment around no matter the cost, even setting known murders free but they will always take anything they can from the military. What could be after that?

When it came to the minimum wage battle, President Obama passed a bill to make all Federal employees minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10, a 29% raise. President Obama has now mandate that all companies who do business with the federal Government pay a $10.10 per hour minimum wage. Once again through ignorance and arrogance, President Obama has just destroyed the job market for military dependents and removed many businesses from the base which was put there to help the service member. No company will be forced to raise their workers pay by 29% inside a military base and just as predicted, Burger King, Popeye's Chicken, Pizza, Barber Shops, Beauty Shops, and many other private venders which operate inside the gates of our military facilities will close their doors. What President Obama once again does not understand due to his ignorance is these companies donate a portion of their profits toward athletic programs, dependent programs, exercise programs, and social support clubs just to name a few for the troops every year; if he does know it, it just shows another example that he hates the military.

Now we know parts of the war, but there are many more, the Obama Administration and the Trinity of Tyranny has inflicted on our military. These ultra liberals have made our soldiers less safe, took their faith unless you are Muslim, stabbed the military in the back taking their benefits from a terrorist attacks, taking the small compensation for when the military is in harm’s way, taken away dependence job opportunities, and now they have taken any convenience to Burger King, Popeye's Chicken, Pizza, Barber Shops, Beauty Shops, and many other private venders off the bases yet turn around and give all it can to criminals (illegal aliens) and terrorist (Guantanamo Bay prisoners). Every liberal politician hates the military and this is very evident with this administration, I only named a few but there are many more. If you are a true American Patriot you need to remove these liberals from both parties out of office because I don’t want Calvin Coolidge’s quote to become the vision of America’s future.

“The nation which forgets its defenders will be itself forgotten.” Calvin Coolidge

Cutting Down on Irresponsibility

In Virginia, a man who has fathered more than seven children he has by at least six women was given a plea deal that if he received a vasectomy, his sentence would be reduced by five years. Jessie Lee Herald, 27, wasn’t charged with any type of sexual crime but was offered this deal by the Shenandoah County assistant prosecutor Ilona White stating, “He needs to be able to support the children he already has when he gets out” which I agree. We have a lot of dead beat dads fathering kids with multiple women and dead beat moms birthing kids from multiple men and neither is being responsible. These people are irresponsible, they are nothing but leaches on our society and is one reason the US is stumbling. I am not talking about the ones who accidently get pregnant once and learns to be responsible from that situation, I am talking about the ones (men and women) who have multiple partners with multiple kids and can’t on their own take care of any of them without subsistence. Their attitude, “The Government will pay for it” needs to end.

I am mostly a libertarian and don’t like the government in anyone’s business especially mine, but this theology is a two edge sword; you need to be responsible on your own accord or be enslaved by the government and let the government make the decisions for you because you are not responsible. The Government making the decision can be you are not allowed to have kids and forced sterilization. Currently too many have their cake and eat it as well, if you think as I do, you can give birth or father to as many kid as you want but you likewise should receive no subsistence from the government to take care of them because it is your responsibility.

Many tax payers want it so when you are on subsistence, the doctor will perform reversible procedures to inhibit you from fathering or having kids which will be reversed at the governments expense if asked once you become self supportive and a contributing member of society instead of a leach. I know if this ever happened, it will upset people but you need to be responsible or the government will do what it wants; being responsible for yourself with no others (the government) involved is true freedom, having the government in every aspect of your life, telling you what you must do, changing any agreement when they want (but not you) is social slavery and where the liberals from both the Democrats and Republicans has pushed the minorities and poor in our country. Their thoughts are, “Here, we will give you money; you just have to vote for us, because we will give you money” but they never want you to get out of the hole you are in because you will then have control, and they want the control. I grew up poor; I had duct tape wrapped around my “Chuck Taylor” tennis shoes because of the holes in the bottom and we couldn't afford another pair. Every time I went to school, the Student Guidance Counselor told me I might as well quit because I was from the wrong side of the tracks; I made it out and so can anyone else but I nor anyone else can do it for you.

There are many things I have heard people say and many of them make since but are also very offensive. If you are going to let the government run your life, there are areas that should be implemented. These are just things floating around the web so they are not my idea, but it’s the way it may be if we keep letting the government dictates our lives. Remember I’m just repeating what I have read in the media and blogs.

  • While on welfare, food stamps, or any other subsidies you must be on birth control (females) or have a reversible vasectomy.

  • While on welfare, food stamps, or any other subsidies you must be drug tested.

  • While on welfare, food stamps, or any other subsidies you cannot vote.

I have read these on several different web sites and the ones paying taxes will say "More power to you" while the other side will say, "Are you out of your mind." It isn't a "White man's greed leaves a world in need-President Obama", it's a "Lazy/liberal man's greed leaves a world in need-American Patriot." Think about how much we could help the US and the rest of the world if entitlements didn't rape our federal income. If you take the NET profit the federal government makes and check the non-Discretionary and Discretionary spending for entitlements, you will find entitlements take 60% of the money while our defense only takes 15% of the money; something needs to be done. When our politicians want all the pork they can get and around 40% plus of our citizens are on some sort of entitlement, something is wrong; both are irresponsible. The income tax and Social Security Tax are the biggest ponzi schemes in history and what do the politicians and freeloaders do, they keep asking for more.

Please comment.

The IRS, Corrupt Like No Other


The IRS (Irresponsible-Reprobate-Scourge) under President Obama’s direct guidance has had a colorful time and is perceived to have has violated the law more times than any other agency in US history. We know the IRS targeted conservative group and any group in which President Obama didn’t agree. We know the IRS targeting was directed by the White House and carried out by Lois Lerner which is again illegal. This is the liberal way but it is still illegal and should be prosecuted by the DOJ but with the DOJ not following the law or the Constitution, what do you expect will happen, the head of the DOJ is liberal as well. Here is the rub, now that they have tried to delete all these email, they have committed a class 1 felony with many accomplices, you would have to wipe the computer, email server, and the archives both written and digital. You need to ask yourself an important question, do you think politicians and their minions are better then you? My daddy told me that no one was better than me; his only caveat was that I was not better than anyone else. He said, “You may be smarter, you may be faster, you may be better looking, and you may be richer then me but you are not better than me nor I am you. I work for the government and all of us have to follow the rules when it came to computers or we would be fired. Why are the politicians and their minions allowed to violate these rules?

1.   You can only do official business on government computers. Using a personal computer for official business is a fireable offence.
2.   Emails are government property; it’s a fireable offence and criminal to destroy emails.
3.   Watching Porn on a government computer is a fireable offence.

All emails go through a mail server so even if you deleted them from your computer they will still be stored with a redundant backup, if these emails are truly gone it was purposeful, directed, and criminal; it is a verified cover-up.

7.   IRS employees may not send SBU data by electronic mail outside the IRS unless an IT approved exception is obtained. See the Electronic Mail and Secure Messaging section of IRM 11.3.1 for details.
Emails are Federal Records
1.   All federal employees and federal contractors are required by law to preserve records containing adequate and proper documentation of the organization, functions, policies, decisions, procedures, and essential transactions of the agency. Records must be properly stored and preserved, available for retrieval and subject to appropriate approved disposition schedules.

3.   All activities associated with initiating and continuing matching programs subject to the computer matching provisions of the CMA within the IRS shall be coordinated through the GLD Office of Data Services.

We know Lois Lerner is guilt, we know President Obama ordered it, and we know Eric Holder is covering it up; all three are violating the US Constitution but they are liberals, they don’t care what law they break as long as they their agenda through. We know Lois Lerner was ordered to print out these emails and “Poof” they were gone which again is a felony for destruction of government property and destruction of property in an official investigation. If you remember that President Obama said we would not find, “not even a smidgen of corruption,” we now know it was because he had ordered the destruction of all evidence. Here is a question, why doesn't someone offer a million dollars for anyone who can come up with the Learner emails, no questions asked, I think we would find them very quickly and the reading would be very interesting.

I don’t care if you are a Democrat or a Republican; Obama needs to be impeached and so does Eric Holder for multitudes of Constitutional violations and failure to properly discharge the duties of their offices. If this was G. W. Bush doing the same thing, I would say the same thing, it shouldn’t matter the party; but it always does, especially with liberals. If you look at President Clintons Impeachment trial, he had four total charges files and was found guilty on two and not guilty on two. When you looked at the evidence, there was no doubt he committed perjury but his party voted not guilty; this is the problem with our politics today and it is greatly magnified with President Obama. Today, the truth doesn’t matter to politicians, only getting an agenda through. Today what’s best for the country doesn’t matter to politicians, only what is best for them. Few of our politicians have any patriotism anymore; just greed for a title, money, and power. Do you have to ask why our country is falling apart?

Obama Hates the Military, Now He Will Sacrifice 250 to 275 Troops!

How this state of affairs in Iraq did came about? As I wrote in the past that pulling out of Iraq was a decision that would come back to haunt us, it is now doing just that. I said we will have to go back over to Iraq because they were not ready to take over their own security and the region was still unstable. Germany after WWII remained unstable until around 1970 with the biggest uprising in June 1953, it took around 25 years before they became stable and now Germany is the strongest country in Europe; all it took was time and commitment from the US. Because President Obama pulled out without listening to his military leaders, we will now be back in Iraq probably sooner than later. President Obama was told this was a mistake by his military leaders but as all liberals do, he let politics get in the way of doing what is right. This decision to pull out was pure politics; he loathes the military and he couldn’t reduce the military if they are in a war zone. He has stated he wants a Civilian National Security Force” equal to the Military which is highlighted in “Obama’s and the Democrat’s War on the Military.” Our military is at the same level it was before WWII and now President Obama has let our nation’s number one enemy, terrorist, takes charge of an area we swore to protect.

Now President Obama has sent troops back; did he send enough to do the job? No, he sent between 250 and 275 Army and Marines to help defend the US Embassy against 200,000 insurgents; I know he hates the military and the Army and Marines are an awesome fighting forces but 800 to 1 odds are a little steep even for our Special Forces. President Obama says that the Marines only purpose will be to protect U.S. personnel and the embassy in Baghdad and not to join in the fierce fighting raging outside the Iraqi capital, Obama has vowed to keep US forces out of combat in Iraq. Ok, let me see; insurgents have already been firing on the US Embassy, even with rockets, our embassy was the first place they went and I guess our Marines can tell them, “Sorry, we can’t engage you by presidential order or we will get court martialled.” How do you think that will work out?

Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) have mass executed tens of thousands police, military, and many civilians with whom they come into contact; 1,700 in one spot. The president did tell Congress, however, that American military personnel in Baghdad will be “equipped for combat”, what idiot would think they would go in any other way? Leaving Iraq in 2010 we were not allowed to return fire when fired upon due to a Barak Obama presidential order and we did loose people, but the Obama news never really reported it, did they. In 2010, Tareq Aziz accused President Obama of "leaving Iraq to the wolves" by pressing ahead with a withdrawal of combat troops despite a recent upsurge in violence and he was right. We were told by CNN and MSNBC that the Iraqis ordered us out but this was untrue. By the US leaving, the Iraqis, who once hailed Americans as their saviors, now say, “We are all victims of America and Britain," due to President Obama not honoring his promise to protect the Iraqi borders. This time, he did have to wait until his four days of golf trip was over before he could make this decision on an item of National Security and I bet he ignored the military leaders as always. They have the knowledge to do this right, but the President always wants credit when it goes right but blames others when it goes wrong, and he always ignores the military especially their leaders. Secretary of State (at this time) Hilary Clinton warned Iran and others not view the withdrawal of U.S. combat troops from Iraq as an opportunity to try to build its influence in the country. "No one, most particularly Iran, should miscalculate about our continuing commitment to and with the Iraqis going forward", yes her and the president lied again; just ask all the dead in Iraq. Now he sends 275 troops to this hell hole; I wonder if we will have another Benghazi except this time it won’t be only four dead but many more; the response from the administration will probably be, “What difference does it make?” 

President Obama, here is a thought that any good leader would contemplate and initiate; we have been trying to destroy Al Qaida for 13 years but they are always hiding within the people and now we have 200,000 of them driving vehicles toward Bagdad; how much easier could it get? How many could we kill now that they are all in mass and this would be with little or no American casualties; this would be the perfect opportunity to rid the world of a massive group of terrorist; you promised to help Iraq with their security if they had problems and now we can kill two birds with one stone; help Iraq and kill a massive amount of terrorist. Mr. President, the sad part is I know you will never do this because it takes a true leader which you are not would have already done so. Every piece of foreign policy you touch is disastrous as it is with your domestic policies; but your disastrous foreign policy and broken promises are costing tens of thousands people their lives. Again with this you will basically turn a blind eye and it was someone else’s fault, it is never yours; beheaded men, women, and children line the road to Bagdad and their blood covers your hands.

Congress Reports to the USDHHS?

Apparently our Congress has been neutered because they haven’t got the balls to stand up to corruption. After Congress asked, the USDHHS (United States Department of Health and Human Services) invited members of Congress and their senior staff to view a holding facility for the new influx of illegal children, but there is a catch, they can only do what the USDHHS wants; they cannot have cameras and cannot ask questions of staff or illegal aliens. The 40-minute tour will take place Friday at the Ventura County Naval Base in Oxnard, California according the Daily Caller.

The tour are to give members of Congress a look at how temporary facilities are used to house illegal alien kids in the US without their parents. The kids, who are from El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala, are being called Unaccompanied Children (UACs). Rose Hacking sent members of Congress the invitation with the following commands:

  • No recording devices will be allowed (We may ask you to leave your cell phone in our vehicle).
  • No questions will be allowed during the tour, but questions will be addressed later. 
  • No interacting with staff and children at the shelter. 
  • We will provide photos of the facility after the tour. 
  • During the tour,”the tour guide will detail what goes on from room to room and the services youth are provided on a daily basis,” the email invitation reads.

Just go get a Congressional order to visit anytime you like ask as many questions of any you see. You are telling me a Staff Agency can tell Congress what to do; I DON’T THINK SO! This tactic is like telling your boss they can’t ask about your work, why would they; because they are covering something up. The UACs are part of an unprecedented surge overwhelmed immigration agencies and why we need a secured boarder. We should be turning them away from the boarder but instead, U.S. immigration policy requires UACs be placed in shelters to await federal agencies to begin deportation; they will look for relatives or sponsors to house them in the US until they are deported which means in laymen’s terms; they will never leave. Many will fall into the hands of human traffickers who were acting as their relatives or sponsors. You need to ask yourself a question, when did USDHHS become more powerful then the US Congress? Where does a staff agency get the authority to push the US Congress around? Why doesn’t our US Congress grow a set and tell the USDHHS; we will go where we want, ask what questions we want, and take any and as many pictures we want, and you will comply.

Under President Obama in the last year, apprehensions have went up 92%, President Obama claims, “America is expelling illegal immigrants at nine times the rate of 20 years ago; nearly 2 million so far according to President Obama, easily outpacing any previous president.”  If you look closer according to Julia Preston of the New York Times, in the fiscal year 2013, the immigration courts saw a 43 percent drop in the number of people who have been deported in the last five years; so how can you deport more with less deportation hearing? Once again our president shows us he thinks we are stupid and lies to our faces. Of all the politicians I have seen, President Obama and his administrations lies more than any other in the past including Richard Nixon’s which is saying something. It has the most nontransparent administration bar none and now are bringing these Illegal alien children into the country illegally which by his action will have harmful effects; many will be turned into sex slaves and I ask you, is this really what our Founding Father really wanted? Would our Founding Fathers want people breaking into our country? Would our Founding Fathers want a government who spends more than they ever should? Would our Founding Fathers want a president and his administration lying at every turn? Would our Founding Fathers want a president apologizing for perceived wrongs in his opinion only? Would our Founding Fathers want the president and DOJ to pick and choose which laws they want to enforce or obey the US Constitution? Would our Founding Fathers want the president to use the IRS, NSA, EPA, BLM, ATF, FDA, and the DOJ to intimidate, attack, and spread tyranny across the land? Of course the answer is NO; but this is how harmful this administration has become. Our Founding Fathers would want us to obey and enforce the law, live free and prosper, not take from the working class to give to the lazy; our government needs to secure the borders and get back to following the Constitution.

Iraq, Obama’s Failed Foreign Leadership and Policies

President Obama’s and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s Iraq policy and pull out hailed as a smashing success by all the liberals add philosophers who know nothing about reality, they live in a fantasy world. Even though they were told by many military leaders, that pulling out of Iraq would be a disaster, President Obama and Hillary Clinton ignored them, the ones who knew, and the dynamic dual did what they wanted to anyway regardless of the fallout and effect on the Iraqi people. As a senator, in on 26 September 2007 Senator Obama said, “The surge could not work, it would increase sectarian violence, it is doomed to failure”; he was wrong; pulling out and removing Iraq's security will and has. President Obama said,” the world is less violent then it has ever been”; he living in a glass bubble and ignores reality; you can say what ever you want but reality and truth will show your ignorance if you ignore it like President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton It will bite you in the ass as has happened with Benghazi and now Iraq; though President Obama through former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton promised to be committed to Iraq's security, you can now see they lied again; President Obama announced he wouldn't stand behind his promise to Iraq; I can only ask, is the Bush's fault as well? Joe Biden stated it was one of President Obama's greatest achievements, the will have a stable government and he was impressed how they had decided to use the political process instead of violence; he as is the president is wrong because he as does the president and most all liberals live in a mindset void of reality.  

You have to wonder if this is an Obama plan, he was for the terrorist group, The Muslim Brotherhood, taking over Egypt and mad when they were thrown out; no in Iraq the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the Al Qaeda off-shoot. The ISIS is attacking Iraq and has a third of Iraq and remains unchecked, President Obama promised security support, why isn't he giving it; does he want an Islamic State?. If Iraq is taken over by the militants all the troops who sacrificed their lives in Iraq will have died for nothing. Many of the ISIS leaders were released from Guantanamo Bay by the Obama administration, but don't worry, they won't return to the battle field. Former Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz stated, “ the United States should remain in Iraq for as long as it takes to yield a stable country.” After defeating the Germans and Japanese in WWII, how long did we stay; wait, we are still there. After defending South Korea in the 1950s, how long did we stay to help defend their country from North Korea; yap, we are still there as well. It takes decades to change a vicious culture, now two of those formally vicious cultures (Germany and Japan) are a couple of our closes allies; it didn’t just happen overnight. As I said to my troops when we left Iraq in the first Gulf War, I will say again, “We will be back here again because of stupid politicians” and this time because President Obama wanted some political points. The ISIS took root after President Obama’s election because President Obama and Hillary Clinton dropped the security of Iraq, pulling the troops out of Iraq before the country was ready. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton bear total responsibility for what has happened in Iraq including the mass murders, this is what happens when you have liberal ideology who truly have no foundation; they couldn’t even look at our history to see what happened when we pulled out of Vietnam too early, millions died which will probably be the count in Iraq.

Do you wonder now why under the Obama administration our allies don't trust us, why even with the highest taxes ever in the US our Country under Obama he has all most doubled the debt of all previous presidents combined, why as China and Russia double the size of their military we drop ours to below WWII levels, and why every claim of a false scandal is found to be true? This is what happens when you elect liberals, they don't care about our country, the US Constitution, the military, peoples rights, honesty, integrity, or truly helping people; they just care about money, power, and their agenda. The Iraq problem just proves it once again. Please leave a comment.

The Real Truth About President Obama and Sgt Bergdahl

President Barack Hussein Obama believed he could talk his way out of any situation using his golden charismatic lying tongue, but when it came to trading an Army traitor, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, for the top five Taliban leaders, the Taliban “Dream Team” in Gitmo, he was wrong. A video (how convenient) received last year mentally affected the president to make a horrible decision yet again showing he doesn’t have the fortitude needed by the president. Democratic Senator Dick Durbin stated, “He looked either drugged or tired or sick” about Sgt Bergdahl but other Senators did not agree. Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein stated, “I think that they expected everybody just to fall in line”; well why shouldn’t they, every other time President Obama has violated the law and Constitution before the Democrats fell in line. Senator Feinstein criticized the administration’s decision not to adhere to a law requiring 30 days’ notice to Congress before releasing detainees from the Guantanamo Bay. Why is President Obama’s very own cheerleader, Senator Feinstein turning on him now; the reason is because President Obama took her power this time; she is the Chair on the Intelligence Committee. So is this outrage by Senator Feinstein over swapping five Taliban leaders for a traitor and putting our troops in danger or is it because President Obama stepped on her toes?

Has the president put our country and troops in danger by doing this swap? It is an emphatic yes, even though you have Susan Rice lying again stating Sgt Bergdahl served with “honor and distinction”, as shown by their actions neither she nor the President knows the meaning of honor. Sgt Bergdahl service did have distinction, of him deserting, of him converting to our enemy, and of him being responsible for many of our troops not coming home. I think Judge Jeanine Pirro puts it quite well about the danger President Obama has put us into, Mike Rogers of Michigan states the basic fact of what President Obama has done by making this deal, “We have now set a price”, referring to being on our troops heads. As Senator Cruz and many from both sides of the isle has said, “This undermines our national security”. Desperate to close Guantanamo Bay, our president is releasing dangerous prisoners for such idiotic reasons as, he took yoga or read a certain book. At Guantanamo Bay, 78 of 149 prisoners have already been cleared, many who were to be “Forever Prisoners” because of their potential threat to the US. Of the 178 standard prisoners released by President Obama (not the Forever Prisoners), 51 rejoined the war against the US; that is almost 30% and Secretary of State John Kerry told CNN it was “baloney” that US troops would be in more danger by releasing the five Taliban commanders who all will rejoin the fighting. This shows the ignorance of Democratic liberals who try and argue an irrefutable fact, by releasing these five Taliban commanders we will have soldiers die!

Many of the Democrats who have stood behind him during all his illegal and UN-Constitutional actions can't even stomach this violation once again of law. Once again President Obama slaps the military in the face because he won’t be feeling the wrath of these five Taliban terrorist, but our military will. Dianne Feinstein knows he lying, broke the law, and circumvented the Senate Intelligence Committee which she chairs and called him out. Even though no Democrat until now has stood up to the president on his multitude of law violations, you still have diehard supporters who will staunchly back him even when he puts our country and troops in life threatening danger; people like Harry Reid, John Kerry, Susan Rice, and even Hilary Clinton just to name a few. President Obama's advisors told him not to do the deal but he ignored them and arrogantly refuses to apologize to the families of the fallen troops killed because of his actions. What about Sgt Bergdahl himself.

We have found out that at one point while living with the Taliban, Sgt Bergdahl converted to Islam. He was openly fraternizing with his new friends referring to himself as "mujahid," or a warrior for Islam, played soccer with his guards and was even being allowed to carry a weapon with ammo; does this sound like a prisoner? This makes me wonder if he helped on any of the attacks on US forces. The real number killed searching for Sgt Bergdahl is higher then six, the month prior to Sgt Bergdahl deserting his post and duty there was 24 troops killed, the first month after 44 troops killed and the second month after 51 troops killed. There are two ways to look at this and either way the US citizens were lied to; either we lost 20 troops the first month and 27 troops the second month looking for him for a total of 47 troops or Sgt Bergdahl told the Taliban our tactics which caused 47 troops to get killed. Now President Barack Hussein Obama has put our country and troops in danger and trade 5 Taliban commanders for a traitor but won't raise a hand to get a war hero out of a Mexican jail. Any way you look at it, he wasn't worth the trade in troop lives or 5 Taliban commanders but this does prove once again he hates the military and this wonderful country. He doesn’t salute or cross his heart during the National Anthem, Michelle Obama states, “All this for a damn flag” during a ceremony honoring the American Flag and the president nods in agreement. America, you need to start voting for people who loves America, not wanting to destroy it or you will get exactly what you voted for, no America or freedom.

Democrats Back Liberal Policies but Run From Them During Elections

Vulnerable Democratic candidates and lawmakers are distancing themselves from President Obama during the upcoming elections. The problem is if they are reelected, they will move right back under his wing not caring how much they hurt the people. The EPA will force the closing of coal-fired power plants, lower coal production, and this will make electric prices rise at a minimum of 30%, this has been the liberal game from the beginning. The average price of gas was $1.78 when President Obama and the liberals took over the government is 2008, now the average price is $3.64, over a 100% raise. Due to the liberal agenda, it now about to happen with your electric bill. Now the strong arm of the liberals, the EPA is going to force the closure of every coal electric plant in the US; this means thousands of people will loose their jobs and electric prices will raise electric prices by 70-80% on the American people. The Democrats are trying to get the EPA's new rules delayed until after the election (I wonder why) but the EPA is holding to it's timeline. Coal produces 40% of our electricity and we have nothing to replace it at this time. this will remove 89,838 direct jobs from the coal industry not to include the supporting jobs which by some which if you go off Kentucky's numbers means another loss of 153,093 indirect jobs will be lost for a total of 242,931 jobs and a total revenue loss of $14,575,860,000 in coal producing states. Can you imagine what this is going to do to the economy and people in these states? The coal producing states are listed below, I don't care how much they distance themselves from Obama, I wouldn't vote for a Democrat in one of these states.

New Mexico
North Dakota
West Virginia


Around 80% of companies with more then 700 employees will raise the deductibles and premiums on their employees; a third have busted co-pay by 48% due to the high rates caused by Obamacare. Many others are doing away with profit sharing to help cover the cost. Most all fast food place were ready to lower all employees to 29 hours because of Obamacare defining full time as 30 hours a week which would force them to either make all employees full time or lower their hours to 29 hours a week. It was predicted by all with true leadership experience that the businesses would lower their workers to 29 hours but President Obama and all his want-to-be leaders showed they know nothing about running a business let a lone a country. Luckily, the 248 votes in the house returned the full time week to 40 hours but out of the 248 votes only 18 were Democrats which tells you only 18 of 199 Democrats in the House is looking out for their constituents. If it were kept an estimated 50 million people in the lower income bracket would have lost over 25% of their income going from 40 hours a week to 29 hours a week. Only 9% of the elected Democrats voted to remove this requirement; I wonder how many of them were up for reelection this time? The Democrats who voted on Obamacare without reading it need to be removed from office, it is their job to read the legislation before voting on it; in case you didn't know, every Democrat voted for it without reading it.

The liberal Democrats and their friend are running tactics against states known as "Sue and Settle" which is hurting the fishing, foresters, farming, and energy communities. The attorney general for Oklahoma charges that “by entering into private settlements with special interest litigants, (the Fish and Wildlife Service) has attempted to circumvent the legislative and regulatory process and make fundamental changes to its (Endangered Species Act)-imposed obligations (their breaking the law again). CNS News reports, "As part of the president’s climate action plan, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy announced a new set of rules to regulate carbon dioxide emissions from existing power plants. These regulations would have little effect on the climate, but the rules would have a negative effect on the livelihood of all energy users including farmers, foresters, and fishermen." Most every Democrat supports this except ones running for reelection.

The reported unemployment rate by the Obama administration is 6.3% but it is artificially low because the Obama administration changed the way it is reported. If you have unemployed people who no longer collect unemployment because their time has ran out, they are not counted; they are still unemployed but by doing this the administration and Democrats can say the their good for the economy but the true unemployed and underemployed numbers according to Forbes is 14.3% which if you just take a look around you know is closer to the truth. The month before the 2012 elections, the unemployment numbers reported were way lower then the truth came out the they were lied about unfortunately after the election. The reason was so President Obama and the Democrats could get reelected and it worked. Finding the truth out after the election still leaves you with the results of the election.

When you talk knowledge and leadership, you have applied and academic. Applied knowledge and leadership is tested and comes from lessons learned while actually doing the work. This is why in the work force, most employers will take a skilled worker with experience over a collage graduate with no experience. The employer will get more "Bang for the Buck" out of the experienced employee. Academia knowledge and leadership is not tested and assumed in theory to work. There are no lessons learn to draw from or any other base and we know what assuming does, (makes an ASS out of U and ME.) This is what has happened since the Obama administration and the Democrats  took over, I am no a fan of President Bush especially in his last two years when all the trouble started but what happened most don't see. Congress is as powerful as the US President and in President Bush's last two years the House and the Senate was controlled by liberal Democrats, this is when the trouble began but President Bush could have stopped it and didn't. The next two year was an out right attack on our country and the US Constitution by President Obama and the Democratic controlled House and Senate. In these four years the economy collapsed, Socialism in medicine was passed, and the people of the US tax dollars were wasted. Since President Obama took over, the national deficit under him only has all most doubled from all previous presidents and will by the end of his term. We were told we didn't have freedom of speech around elected officials, and he and the Democratic party have violated the US Constitution a minimum or 30 times but now the Democrats running for reelection are distancing themselves from him, I wonder why. The Democrats running for reelection are lying to your face just as President Obama does every time he opens his mouth, they are going to do what ever the liberal agenda says if they get reelected and if it is not stopped we will all become social slaves; subjects not citizens and don't worry about your constitutional rights because the liberals want to do away with the US Constitution (which many have said openly) so you won't have any.

I have voted both sides of the isle but until the old Democratic party comes back and this destructive, liberal, socialist leaning Democratic party leaves, I will never vote for another Democrat; you just can't trust them. The choice is yours.    

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