US Education Ranking Drops Again.

The US education ranking compared to the rest of the world keeps dropping; why? We once were the number one educational system on this earth but now we are not even in the top twenty. We pay more per student on education then anywhere on earth yet we keep dropping in our rankings; do you know why? The truth is it is because of four cornerstones of education. The sad part is you cannot talk about most of the problems because you might offend someone hence our first problem; Political Correctness.

Political Correctness (PC) is killing not only our education, but our country, as well as literally killing our citizens. When PC leads you to not take action against a radical Muslim person like Major Hassan; PC literally kills. The same is true about the students in school. PC has taken every foundation for order out of the classroom and the PC elitists then turn around and say they don’t understand what is wrong and why America’s education standards are falling. The truth is they do understand but their elitists arrogance will not let them admit they are wrong no matter how many of our children suffer and die because of what they have done. Their image is all that matters to them. It can be corrected but these people must first be removed:

1. Kids need to be allowed to fail. Who ever came up with the idea “We can’t let the children fail” is about as ignorant on human behavior as you can get. By failing you learn to adapt and overcome obstacles that would hinder and stop anyone never allowed to fail; hence what is happening today in our schools. If you want to build ones character, and fortitude they must be allowed to fail. By letting every team win, get a trophy, and lowering the bar so all can pass the PC elites have lowered the potential of our children; hence the reason our world education standard has dropped us from first place in education. Why should I work hard, they will pass me anyway.

2. Discipline must be reintroduced into the classroom. If you have a student that is a problem in the classroom it is either because they haven’t been shown love, discipline, or neither at home. I am not talking about suspending them; I’m talking about disciplining them. Suspending those students does nothing but put them back into the environment that caused the problem. This is the upbringing we are trying to change. To fit into society they need to be taught the rules; if they are not taught the rules at home then the school will need to teach them.

 3. I am tired of hearing teachers say “It’s not my job to teach them to behave.” If you are a teacher and you didn’t become one to help the children but to help yourself achieve wealth or status instead; quit because you are the biggest problem we have in the schools. Teachers need to be dedicated to the children over all and this is not happening in many public schools. It is disgraceful and un-American when unions and teachers put their greed and lust for power above the children. This is a video of the National Education Association (NEA) General Counsel says is their purpose is and it’s not the children. Mr. Bob Chanin, the General Council, comments were disturbing enough; his most import point was “It is not because we care about children, and it is not because we have a vision of a great public school for every child but it’s about power”. The part that disturbs me the most was the entire score of teacher applauding his remarks. I ask again, are you here for the children or money and power? I wonder why education in the US is failing Let me ask you a question. We spend $10,000 a year on each student in public educated schools. The average private school is between $6,000 and $8,000 a year yet their rankings on average leaves the public school system in the dust. Can you tell me why? It’s because it is about greed and the lust for power. Why are teacher unions so against vouchers to give children a better chance in life from private schools? I was raised around coal unions and they were honorable from what I seen, but if teacher unions are all like this one, they need to be outlawed. Many teachers love the children but Teacher Unions don’t want competition because if they had it in the competitive work place, they couldn’t cover for the bad teachers. In a competitive work place the good teachers would still thrive but not the bad teachers. This is why the Teacher Unions don’t want vouchers. If vouchers were approved, the union’s protection of bad teachers would land them in a hole. The bad teachers inability to teach; their inappropriate behavior, and their arrogance will leave them all in the place they belong; the unemployment line.

4. We need to stop with the political agendas and return to writing, reading, and arithmetic. Can you prove the Theory of Evolution? Can you prove the Theory of Creation? The answer to both questions is NO, so you need to teach them both in school and let the students decide what they believe. You need to return to saying the Pledge of Allegiance in school and teaching love of country, not changing of history.

If we could change these items our school systems would thrive. Greed and the lust for power can kill anything, just look what greed for money and power has done to our inner cities; unfortunately it is doing the same to our schools.

Reporters with Integrity are Gone.

When I was a kid reporters and news personalities had integrity and sought to find the truth no matter who was shown in a bad light; I believe those days are gone. You could watch the reporters and news anchors knowing their beliefs and political affiliation wouldn’t skew the truth. No matter their affiliation, Democrat or Republican, they were going to tell you the immoral, unethical, and ever criminal acts anyone from any party had committed and uncover any cover-ups they could find; I do believe those days are gone.

I always told my kids when they asked; “If you want to know what is going on watch the news”, I can’t do this anymore because the media have betrayed the American people. You as a reporter are supposed to report all sides of a story but instead you cherry pick what you want to mislead listeners from the truth. I am an independent and don’t care much for President Obama, Mitt Romney, John McCain, or even President Bush his last four years. When President Bush was in office we heard every day how many military people we have lost in Iraq and Afghanistan; haven’t heard that sense President Obama came into power why? If Benghazi would have happened under President Bush, he would have been interrogated (rightfully so) by the media everyday, why isn’t the same treatment given to President Obama?

American media has no ethical value, integrity or professionalism anymore. Why is our media so bias these days that we can no longer trust them to tell you the complete truth? I’m not for the Democratic Party or the Republican Party; I’m for America. I still believe in truth, honor, integrity, and helping you fellow American; I just wish our media did.

Patriot or Not?

We are in trouble and it’s due to the lack of American Patriots in our nation by our nation’s “leaders”. America was founded on some principles that any person could become anything they wanted to be with hard work and self made attributes. Like or hate President Obama; coming from a mixed race in a time it wasn’t popular and a split family; to make it to President of the United States proves our founding fathers had it right. The problem is our founding fathers had many things right; unfortunately most have fallen by the waist side and it is both political parties fault. I will talk about the Democrats first (“D” comes before “R”) then The Republicans. Neither party is doing anything to help the country; their only goals are their own greed and power no matter how devastating it is to our country; this needs to change.

The Democratic Party people vote for whatever the DNC leadership says no matter how radical. Instead of what is best for the country as a whole, it is how can we get more power for the Democratic Party? We must win at all cost; Lying Cheating Stealing and having no integrity or ethics are all acceptable as long as we win. If someone is discriminated against in any way from our side, we will be up in arms and force to squash it no matter if it is true or just perceived; unless of course it is from our own side then we need to see what their pecking order. If it is any person outside there party they are, or even their family is open game no matter if they are a minority or a female. It is sad but true. They say they are for the poor but not really, they are for keeping them down so they always have a voting base they can depend on without ever helping them achieve individual success from their own merit. If they allow them to escape they will no longer be able to be their puppet masters. They say they are not for big business but this is a lie; unions are big businesses. I was raised around unions and have seen the good they can do and the bad. Unions in themselves are not bad but if the leadership is corrupt, the union is corrupt. If a known mafia leader is running a union; I can guarantee you it is corrupt and not a Patriotic establishment but a criminal one. Why would any politician want to be a part of an organization committing illegal acts unless it was for personal gain? This is not being a Patriot but a selfish, greedy, and destructive way to look at a false sense of reality.

Now for the Republicans; quit being wimps! You had complete control of Congress and the Presidency and were still afraid of taking care of the issues your voters wanted. First, get rid of the RINOs in your party and quit trying to get them elected; it will never work. Mr. McCain and Mr. Romney should have been proof of this. NEWS FLASH; IT WILL NEVER WORK!!! The oil companies have a right to make money but not obscene profits and how about all the energy saving patents they have bought not to advance our culture and energy grid but to prevent anyone from taking away their monopoly. You have no backbone to stand up for what is right if it affects your reelection. You get more earmarks then the Democrats; you may not initially ask for them but your hand is out waiting on them when they are available. When bad judges are nominated you should block them. Because of your failure, we now have a judge on the Supreme Court who has made raciest and gender discriminatory comments. Does this represent Patriotism; NOT ONE BIT!

A Patriot does not pit Americans against other Americans or tell falsities to mislead other Americans to their side. True American Patriots strive to build America with their hard work and doing the best they could do and taking pride in their work. They don’t ask for handouts but just a chance to make it and live the American Dream. Today too many people want everything they can get for free. We will always need to help out a group in our country, mainly the elderly, disabled, and the temporarily unfortunate. The elderly and disabled will need long term help, but the temporarily unfortunate has turned into the permanent unfortunate draining America’s revenue and this needs to be turned around. We have taught our people to be leeches instead of workers and this has and will devastate our country unless we wean the permanent unfortunate off the handouts and get them back to being the temporarily unfortunate. We have many problems and most are easily fixed unless you have crooked politicians or ones after nothing but their own glory instead of what is right for our country and the American people.

We have a tax problem in America; the ones who are working are taxed and the ones who have achieved the American Dream are taxed into oblivion to support the ones who refuse to work. It would be real easy to fix the Personal Federal Income Tax by one of two ways:

1.If we stayed with the Federal Income Tax then first take a look at the poverty level which is $23,050 for a family of four in 2012. Anyone making less then that pays no Federal Income tax. From that point on you would only be taxed on what you make above the poverty level until you hit $100,000. It would be on a progressive scale with caps. First, if you paid no taxes in you get nothing extra back but if your exemptions bring you income to below the poverty level you get all the taxes you paid in back. There should be only five deductions; medical bills, medications, primary residence interest, charitable giving, and school tuition and books with all deductions having a $35,000 cap. The tax rate would be as follows:

$0.00 to $23,050 pays 0%
$23,051 to $35,000 pays 1.5 % on what is made above the poverty level.
$35,001 to $45,000 pays 3.0 % on what is made above the poverty level.
$45,001 to $65,000 pays 4.5 % on what is made above the poverty level.
$65,001 to $75,000 pays 6.5 %.
$85,001 to $95,000 pays 9.0 %.
$95,001 to $115,000 pays 11.5 %.
$115,001 to $125,000 pays 14.0 %.
$125,001 to $150,000 pays 16.5 %.
$150,001 to $200,000 pays 18.0 %.
$200,001 to $300,000 pays 20.0 %.
$300,001 to $500,000 pays 22.5 %.
$500,001 to $1,000,000 pays 25.0 %.
$1,000,001 to $3,000,000 pays 26.5 %.
$3,000,001 and above pays 28.0 %.

This way everyone has skin in the game and it would generate more taxes then would be needed for the whole government, the only part would making our elected officials live within their budget.

2.The best tax solution for the country would be to get rid of the Personal Federal Income Tax all together and go to a Federal Sales Tax with the understanding it will never be raised above 6.0% but we would need to make our elected officials live within their budget.

The two biggest problems we have is our elected officials not living within their budget and the US giving money to countries and or the UN without any conditions.

1.First let’s talk about the spending problem. Both Democrats and Republicans have failed the American people on this issue and few have any remorse at all. The way you fix it is easy:

a.Divide all the government areas into percentages of the net GDP they will receive such as the following.

13% to Social Programs,
10% to Infrastructure,
10% to a Rainy Day Account,
25% to the Defense Department.
5% to Home Land Security,
24% to Medicare/Medicaid,
13% to Mandatory Spending.

This was their budgets are set and never have to be voted on unless something catastrophic happens. Social Security will be paid back in full and managed in individual accounts those who have paid into it. If you have not paid into it, you get nothing out of it.

b.All bills must stand on their own merit; no more connecting everything to the defense bill and saying someone is unpatriotic because the refuse to vote for defense spending when an attached bill went against the senator’s values or their constituencies’ values.

c.If the budget isn’t balanced, no one in the House or Senate or even the president is eligible for reelection. This in itself will ensure there is always a balanced budget. We need to have a 12 year limit on our senate and house people and if the military must serve 20 years to get a retirement, why do the congress only need 5 years? Let them pay into FERS and Social Security like everyone else and they can receive Social Security as everyone else does, then maybe they would look out for it and the people better. One more thing, their pay raises are connected to the military pay raises so if the military only gets a 1% pay raise, so does the House and Senate.

2.We are giving money to countries that hate our total existence; WHY? If you want our help great, we will be more then happy to help you but you must start to make the transition to the 21 century. No more slavery, no more women being second class citizen, no more religious discrimination or persecution, no more killing gays just because they are gay, no more supporting terrorism, and no more genocide on others just because they are different from you. If you can abide and start the transition to a civilized country we will help if not we will hurt.

3.The United Nations, other countries and our money. The UN is a money pit and nothing else. We found many weapons sold to the Iraqi government during the weapons embargo after the first Gulf War. When we traced the markings we found they were made by France during the embargo and sold to Iraq also while the embargo was in place (so this was not old munitions lying around but freshly made munitions). They were sold by Kojo Annan the son of Kofi Annan, the presiding U.N. Secretary-General who denied it until the money trail was exposed. We give 22% of the UN funding with Japan second giving 12.53%; all of Europe gives less then 30%. China and Russia together give less then 5%. We give more then any other to the UN and we have never been the presiding U.N. Secretary-General. You have countries like Libya, Jordon Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and many others on the United Nations Commission on Human Rights and they still condone and practice slavery. Why would we want to stay in any place that condones these barbaric acts?

One of the other problems we have is the tax on businesses. Currently the tax rate on corporations is between 15% and 35% according to one source but at another sours it was above 40% ( That is killing our domestic product growth and ability to compete with other markets. We need to set a flat 15% corporate tax rate with no deductions after the fifth year. We need to watch the corporate clam shell game and stop it as well. The corporate clam shell game is where someone has a business for 4.5 years reaping all the tax breaks and then turns it over to a relative or friend who claims it as a new business to reap the tax breaks for 4.5 more years and it keeps repeating for years.

 The bottom line is a true Patriot needs to be for our country over their personal gain and as of current, I can not name one politician that makes that grade. People who are able needs to stop sucking our country dry and get to work so you can have something you earned and that is something to be proud.