Reporters with Integrity are Gone.

When I was a kid reporters and news personalities had integrity and sought to find the truth no matter who was shown in a bad light; I believe those days are gone. You could watch the reporters and news anchors knowing their beliefs and political affiliation wouldn’t skew the truth. No matter their affiliation, Democrat or Republican, they were going to tell you the immoral, unethical, and ever criminal acts anyone from any party had committed and uncover any cover-ups they could find; I do believe those days are gone.

I always told my kids when they asked; “If you want to know what is going on watch the news”, I can’t do this anymore because the media have betrayed the American people. You as a reporter are supposed to report all sides of a story but instead you cherry pick what you want to mislead listeners from the truth. I am an independent and don’t care much for President Obama, Mitt Romney, John McCain, or even President Bush his last four years. When President Bush was in office we heard every day how many military people we have lost in Iraq and Afghanistan; haven’t heard that sense President Obama came into power why? If Benghazi would have happened under President Bush, he would have been interrogated (rightfully so) by the media everyday, why isn’t the same treatment given to President Obama?

American media has no ethical value, integrity or professionalism anymore. Why is our media so bias these days that we can no longer trust them to tell you the complete truth? I’m not for the Democratic Party or the Republican Party; I’m for America. I still believe in truth, honor, integrity, and helping you fellow American; I just wish our media did.