In the US-No One but Muslims Allowed?

 Picture from within the United States

The start of the Islamic Terrorist in Europe wasn’t helped by the allowing of thousands of Islamic people into their countries with a completely different ideology of right and wrong, but was accomplished by allowing these people to form a sub-culture. I use the word accomplished because this is an intentional act that has been used throughout history by Islamic Radicals. This is how they try and take regions and countries which on face value are stronger. They play nice, infiltrate the government and military, destroy from the inside, and then take over. In France, which was once thought of being a free country, the government has allowed these Radical Islamist to set up Muslim only zones and Shariah law which violates French law. Once these zones were established, it became unsafe for tourist and even French citizens to travel. Now the Muslims use these areas and their Mosques to plan and carry out Jihadist attacks.The French have found stockpiles of heavy weapons in their "Peaceful Mosques" yet in the US, we would be called "racist" or "Islamophobic" even if weapons were found. 

In America the FBI has knowledge of at least 35 Islamic Terrorist Training Camps and has done nothing about them. The FBI knows about dozens of “Muslim-Only” zones where they train how to kill Americans and has done nothing about them. In the bigger cities like in Dearborn, Michigan over 100,000 Muslims, 45% of Dearborn’s population have already started this type of discrimination. The city and police have been repeatedly sued for discrimination against non-Muslims and applying Shariah Law. Dearborn and the State of Michigan has allowed a Dar-al-Islam, (a place governed by Islamic Sharia law) to exist and thrive which violates all non-Muslim Americans US Constitutional rights. They patrol and enforce Shariah Law with armed guards and in the public schools teach that their religion is the only true religion and all must follow; what about separation of Church and State? 

A former CIA counter-intelligence operative, Clare Lopez, vice president of the Center for Security Policy and national security adviser told a Minnesota radio program that parts of Minneapolis have become sharia-compliant “no-go zones where the police dare not go.” It's not only happening in Minnesota but across the US. If you want to see Americans being stoned in Michigan, and the Wayne County police doing nothing about it, here is the video. In the world every year, over 5,000 documented (human rights groups’ claim 25,000) “Honor Killings” are reported, with new estimates showing as many as 500 in America, with most of these atrocities are covered up by the Muslim communities. CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) has been deemed a terrorist organization by the FBI yet our Liberal politicians play “Russian Roulette” with American’s lives and take the Terrorist side. Can you guess which liberal presidential candidate supports CAIR with their donations? The FBI further states that it has active ISIS investigations opened in all 50 states; it is the same candidate who’s leaked emails shows she knew in 2014 that Saudi Arabia and Qatar are funding ISIS yet still takes money from them. One presidential candidate will allow this to keep happening and has accepted close to $93 million dollars from, anti-women, anti-LGBT, anti-Christian, and anti-atheist countries for her campaign. It is the same one that wants to bring more UN-vetted Syrians into America knowing 15% or higher are Islamic Terrorist.

Attacks in America, just like in France has already started, Fort Hood, Boston bombing, Orlando, San Bernardino, and Saint Cloud are good examples. Our Liberal Politicians tried to cover it up to protect the Muslim Religion and refuses to call them what they are, Islamic Terrorist. If you want America to become a third world country, keep supporting liberals and political correctness and soon we will be back in the Stone Age. If you want to lose all your US Constitutional rights becoming a subject, instead of citizens, to a tyrannical government, keep supporting liberals and political correctness and you will have more of these “Muslim Only” zones until they take us over. If you want your children and grandchildren to be forces to follow a murderous religion, who supports slavery, abuse of women, honor killing, and pedophilia as a right, keep supporting liberals and political correctness. Edmund Burke, a very wise man said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” By the way, there are both Democratic and Republican Liberals. Liberalism is evil and it’s your choice to stop it or let it destroy our country.

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