Is President Trump Islamophobic?

You have 54 countries who are completely controlled by the Islamic faith and Sharia Law with 4 others, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, and Nigeria who are mostly controlled by the Islamic faith and Sharia Law. There are 58 Muslim Countries and he banned 7, if President Trump was anti-Muslim wouldn’t he band all 58? Who are the 7 counties being banned by President Trump? Syria, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Yemen, and Somalia, many of which are banned from the other 51 Muslim countries. Do you know who identified these 7 nations as Terrorist Hotbeds? They were identified by the President Obama administration. The Hypocrisy from the news media and all these Leftist Liberals is they have conveniently forgotten President Obama did the same thing in 2011 for 6 months. So where was the outrage back then?

The problem is, many of the Muslim Immigrants and refugees who were given Visas and Green Cards should have never received them but did due to political correctness and favors which put the US in danger. Many of these Muslim Immigrants were never vetted by any of the previous presidents or administrations but (bribed to get) their Visas and Green cards after donating to selected charities (Clinton Foundation). At that point people like Khizr Khan was allowed to sell US Visas for payment giving kickbacks to the ones in charge. The way Mr. Khan was conduction business, no matter who you were you could receive Visa; even Osama Bin Laden could have received a Visa if he paid. This being said, how many Islamic Terrorist are now here and who are they? Why have people who fit these description like registered Democrat Omar Mateen been protected by Liberals in charge from investigations just to turn around and kill 49 people and wound 53 as he did in Orlando? Liberal theology when dealing with protecting the American people will do nothing but get the American people killed. How accurately did the Liberal Media first cover the Orlando shooting? NBC ‘Law Enforcement Expert’ blamed Orlando Terror Shooting on Anti-Gay ‘White Hate Groups’, CNN contributor Sally Kohn blamed Christians, and Huffington Post blames Orlando on Christians and Fox News viewers. How well did Liberals themselves place the blame, LGBT activist blamed Christians, ACLU's lawyer blames the Christian Right for the attack, and President Obama blamed everything  except the Islamic killer or security problems in the US with vetting

Something to remember, of these 58 countries, none are free and violate human rights daily with women suffering genital mutilation to keep them pure, whipping/beatings for actions their husband/brother/father/uncle didn’t like, disfigurement for perceived dishonor, and even execution for being raped and not having 4 male witnesses. Think about it, these countries are not the only Muslim violators of human rights, but with the un-vetted Muslim refugees worldwide, their brand of violence against especially women has massively grown. If you watch what many of these Muslim refugees (not the terrorist) have been doing to women in the countries around the world, in Austria, Germany, Sweden, Australia, France, and yes, even in the US where they raped a 5 year old little girl, how could you want them here without being vetted? Where are all these women who just marched on DC for women right; they should be the first ones standing up against un-vetted refugees. If their march was just a political stunt and they weren’t in it for women’s rights and protection, you will not hear a word from them. They should be the first ones to protect the women if they are true at heart. And about the refugees coming in, what should we do, let them all in and only kick them out after they rape or kill someone? Wouldn’t the damage already be done? Did you know there has been 99 Islamic Terrorist attacks on US soil killing 3,228 and wounding 1822 since 1972? Can you find any one group who has killed more Americans on US soil? No!

The problem both Democrat and Republican Liberals will never admit is it is the radical teachings that happen in many Mosques, even here in the US. Major Hasan was born in Arlington but his parents were Palestinian refugees who had taught him the Islamic his ideology from birth. His Radical Imam was no other than second generation Palestinian Anwar al-Awlaki who was a senior recruiter for al-Qaeda and was involved in planning terrorist operations for the Islamist militant group while in the US. The problem that neither Democrat nor Republican Liberals will ever admit is even though not all of the Islamic religion are violent, a very large number of them are and they are preaching their destructive venom right here in the US just like in Austria, Germany, Sweden, Australia, and France. Anwar al-Awlaki and his son and daughter, third generation American Abdulrahman al-Awlaki and Nawar Anwar al-Awlaki, was killed alongside their father in a terrorist training camp in Yemen. Anwar al-Awlaki father, first generation Palestinian American stated, “I urge the American people to bring the killers to justice. I urge them to expose the hypocrisy of the 2009 Nobel Prize laureate. To some, he may be that. To me and my family, he is nothing more than a child killer.” He still believes his son, grandson, and daughter who were killed in a terrorist camp, with the father and son planning terrorist attacks on Americans are innocent and he is in America.

The bottom line is our country’s safety and its legal citizens’ safety need to come before any other country, political agenda, or person. The list above of Islamic attacks in America isn’t close to being complete because the Media and Liberals in our government cover up their violence in the same way they cover up Violent Illegal Aliens’ violence; you can’t fix a problem by covering it up. Our Liberal citizens often look at the UN as beacon against world violence and human rights through the UN Human Rights Council and President Trump says they are a cause of human rights problems in the world. The UN Human Rights Council has 47 members, 26 of which are not free and violate human rights, especially violating women’s human rights. Question, how did they get on the UN Human Rights Council if they violate human rights? I think President Trump may be right.

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