Why Can’t Our Politicians Use Common Sense?

Today, everything from the “Fake News” to Idiot Politicians are destroying our country. When I turn on the TV, I always ask myself, “Where did the common Sense go in our country?” There are people who will state that “common Sense isn’t common anymore” and others who say “I don’t see the common Sense in your view” when common Sense is staring them in the face. There are some items to me that are plain common Sense and we as a nation have let our political desires, jealousy, and pride just about destroy this great country and it needs to stop. If you stick your hand in a fire you will get burned; if a person breaks the law they are a criminal. These should be common Sense along with several others.

Why does America have a problem with Islam?
America doesn’t have a problem with Islam but many Islamist have a problem with America and was the first to attack America after we became a nation, this was known as the Barbary Wars. Not all Muslims are Islamic Terrorist but all Islamic Terrorist are Muslim. Common Sense, if someone advocated for your murder, they are not your friend. You can’t “Coexist” with people who ideologue is to rule the world and kill all who refuse to follow. You can’t “Coexist” with people who follow a religion whose sole purpose is to destroy all other religions, even if it requires genocide. I can’t “Coexist” when it would mean I would be standing by as a genocide is committed, we should have learned this from WWII. You can’t be an American and “Coexist” with people who try and put their Religious Law above your Nation’s Laws. You can’t be an American when this same group, their Religious laws, and view allow for their “House of Worship” to be used as a Terrorist launching platform as has been seen across the world. When they preach their support for the degrading (enslaving) of women, Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), Child Rape, Honor Killings, Murder of the LGBT Community, and Condoning the Murder of Any Who Insults Their Prophet, you can’t support this. Is there any part of this that isn’t common Sense? The world would “Coexist” with Islam if Islam wasn’t always trying to kill everyone else.

Why are so many minorities and poor in poverty?
In 1950, black women nationwide were more likely to be married than white women. In 1964 the national out of wedlock birth rate was around 8%, today it is over 40% with blacks leading the charge at around 75%; out of wedlock birthrate, this is directly connected to the poverty rates. Not all but most poverty can be directly connected to impatient, irresponsible, arrogant mistakes. I grew up dirt poor sometimes not knowing where my next meal was coming from but the neighbors and churches in the area helped us. My dad was working on pulling us out of poverty when my mom was diagnosed with cancer. My mom died a few months later, my dad was working two jobs to pay my mom’s medical bills and we had a small farm with crops but it wasn’t enough and we lost everything. My dad once again started from nothing but by the time of his death he had a house paid for and was living a simple retired life. He would never take a handout and refused government assistance because it was not the respectable, or ethical thing to do, he was still able to work. Today many of the poor from all races have no respect or ethics, hence the reason for so many shootings in the streets. Many are not taught to work for what you get but let the government give it to you for free; but it’s not free, someone had to pay for it. It took me some time but I have a good job, a nice house, a great wife, and kids who unlike most of the rest of Generation X, are working to get ahead in life, waiting and saving for what they want, and being responsible with the dealing of their personal life. If you come from poverty and have a kid out of wedlock when you are in your teens and even early twenties, you are more likely to stay in poverty. If you come from poverty and below the age of 25 and have one kid out of wedlock, you have a 42% chance of staying in poverty, two kids 56% chance, three kids 74% chance. This combined with many in poverty having no respect for others, committing crimes instead of working for money, refusing to learn in school or college, dressing like thugs, and having attitudes which are not conducive to better paying jobs is why you are in poverty. Common Sense tells you no one can hold you down unless you give them permission; the above actions give them permission. Become responsible, respectable, and work hard and you can make it out of poverty. You are the only one who can pull “YOU” out of poverty, no government program or person can, only you by the decisions you make.

Why is the Black Lives Matter (BLM) crowd is considered Racist.
If you are a member of BLM, you should have went back and learned from history and emulated Martin Luther King (MLK) as the outline of your marches. You may have had a legitimate reason for protesting and marching as MLK did in the sixties but you have lost all legitimacy and credibility in the eyes America, including a large number of black people, because of your behavior. When your members started rioting, looting, burned down minority neighborhoods or any neighborhood, burned down businesses, and murdered people, you have lost all legitimacy. At this point when you slander people for saying All Lives Matter or Blue Lives Matter or when you openly showing racist behavior, you have just alienated all the people and groups who could have helped you achieve your goal. Common Sense would tell you this is ignorant. MLK would turn over in his grave if he seen what was going on today, he died to give all a chance to work for equal pay and opportunity, not to get free handouts and become enslaved to the Liberal Democratic Party. The Democratic Party has done absolutely nothing to truly help you out; to hold all the poor from all the races down, they have enslaved you with entitlements. Common Sense would tell you that this is no way to live.

When we talk about the police, 95% of all Law Enforcement (LE) are good honest people, it also tells you 5% are not. This being said, common Sense would say we need a national registry of all LE personnel. In this registry we need Names, ranks, qualifications, accommodations, disciplinary actions, complaints filed, number of shooting involved incidents, reason for dismissal, DNA, and all reviews. No union will be able to present or have approved a contract that prevents the gathering or retrieval of any of this information.
Cameras and microphones will be installed on all LE cars, even unmarked with the only exception being undercover vehicles. Doesn’t this make common Sense?

Why does the LGBT community support Liberal?
Common Sense should tell you if you are from the LGBT community that you don’t want to support the ones who supports terrorist like Hezbollah and Hamas, these groups want you dead. This being said, the LGBT community supports Liberal Democrats who supports Hezbollah and Hamas; this doesn’t make Sense. The FBI had Omar Mateen under watch and a Liberal Democrats stopped it because they support Hezbollah, Hamas, and Palestine. Liberals even defended stopping the investigation after the shooting because the investigation was using profiling. What is the definition of profiling?

Profile- the use of personal characteristics or behavior patterns to make generalizations about a person to determine whether a person may be engaged in illegal activity.

Profiling is not being racist, it is using a tool to prevent bad things from happening. The FBI following the Liberal lead with FBI Director James Comey failed America and the LGBT community by being Politically Correct (PC). They refused to listen to the number one authority on terrorism, Israel, which allowed 49 people to be murdered and 58 to be wounded and this wasn’t the first time.

Why are Liberal Presidents considered dangerous for America and our military?
Liberals hate the military, using the military, and put Americans in danger every time they get in power by gutting the military. President Clinton had the chance to kill Osama bin Laden but refused because Liberal Democrats once again support Hezbollah and Hamas. They used the excuse of putting 300 “innocents” in danger. Common Sense would tell you that the 300 “innocents” at a terrorist encampment probably aren’t innocents. Common Sense would tell you 300 killed or injured would have been better then 9,000+ true innocents being murdered and wounded. President Clinton’s was the catalyst for 911, his inaction allowed 2,996 people to be murdered and over 6,000 others to be wounded not counting the service men and women Sense then. The Liberal theology of letting anyone in the country or overstay their Visas in to hope of getting more votes at election time allowed 911 to happen. Of the 19 terrorist who attacked on 911, only one had a valid, not expired Visa. Common Sense would tell us that we need to start deporting people who overstay their Visas and are here illegally; wouldn’t you agree.

President Carter’s refusal to honoring a treaty with the Shaw of Iran allowed this Westernized country to be returned to the stone ages and the past Islamic treachery to build up steam. When the Shaw of Iran was overthrown, 52 American were taken hostage. President Carter used the Tehran CIA Special Activities Division paramilitary team, led by retired U.S. Army Special Forces officer Richard J. Meadows, all civilians to run the mission instead of letting the military handle it. The result was only six of the eight RH-53 choppers would arrive, communications was lacking, and a RH-53 crashed into a c-130 killing eight military personnel. On top of this, the scrub of the mission gave Iran 5 RH-53 choppers which the Iran military still use today. Not until President Reagan was elected, 444 days later, did Iran release the Americans prisoners. Common Sense would tell you civilians should never run military operations and that you should keep your promises and honor your treaties.

President Obama from his own mouth talks about his Muslim faith so I’m sure we can refer to him as our first Muslim president. As a Muslim president he tried to cover up Islamic attacks like the Fort Hood shooting by calling them “Work Place Violence.” If someone in the military was of Muslim faith, you could not challenge them; this is what happened with Major Nidal Hasan. Major Hasan had multiple complaints against him for anti-American and threatening comments yet they were covered up because he was Muslim. He was in contact with Anwar Al-Awlaki, an imam who recruited for the Taliban. Common Sense would tell you, this man was a threat. The news was pushing President Obama’s agenda but what would the story have been if it would have been an anti-abortion, Christian, conservative shooting up an abortion clinic, would it have been work place violence then or domestic terrorism?

President Obama’s Rules of Engagement (ROE) empowered the Terrorist leading to 326% more military personnel being killed compared to President Bush. President Bush had 654 casualties in 8 years and President Obama had 1,729 in his 8 years. The hatred the Liberals have toward the military is unfathomable. The idiocy of President Obama’s ROE sent many military personnel to jail for defending their troops. If you follow President Obama’s ROE you and your troops die, if you violate them you go to jail; what a choice. This is why no Liberal should ever be in power. Common Sense would tell you if you have a casualty increase over 226%, you are doing something wrong; that is unless you hate the military.

Why do you think of a rattle snake every time you hear a politician?
Politics have become so stupid that most politicians haven’t a clue what common Sense even looks like. The hatred is unbelievable and the lies devised just to win an election or get an agenda passed is unbelievable. The US Constitution states our elected officials are to be above reproach and have good character, I bet of the 100 serve in the U.S. Senate and 435 serve in the U.S. House of Representatives, I would be lucky to find 5 people that meets this requirement. The hatred spewed by some of our politicians and propagandize by the media is unbelievable. A far left Bernie Sanders supporter, James Hodgkinson, shoots up a Republicans baseball practice and it is conservative Pro-Trump radio host Bob Romanik fault according to Washington Post reporter Peter Holley. Mr. Hodgkinson for years had posted very violent statements against Republicans and conservatives so why would you even think he was a “FAN” of Bob Romanik? Fake News maybe. It wasn’t Bernie’s fault or the president’s fault, common Sense would tell you it is the perpetrator’s fault. John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, and Marco Rubio keep stabbing their constituents in the back from the Republican side and Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Chuck Schumer, and Cory Booker keep stabbing their constituents in the back from the Democratic side. These people no longer care about America and keeping her strong, they only care about their agenda. Common Sense would tell you they need to go, so why do we keep putting them in office? Common Sense would tell you we need term limits but they will never vote it in. Do you want to really fix health care? The common Sense way is to make every member of the US Congress have to use the same exact plan as they have forced on America; watch how fast it gets fixed. I could go on for hours on the government and common Sense or the lack of, because when you are in it for your own profit, own party, own agenda, and own legacy, you are never in it for America or its people.

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