Hatred in America

I was taught that you always wait for the facts because if you assume it will make an ass out of you and me (ass-u-me). I was also raised that you judge not a book by its cover but by the contents within. In short what my dad taught was it didn’t matter the color, gender, or religion of someone but how they contributed to society and treated others. You should never assume from ones looks their value.

I have many friends from a vast variety of ethnic back grounds and they and their families are equal in value to me as I am to them. This is what America is designed to be but there are so many hate groups in America and many time divided on racial lines; what is worse is there are many people and organizations who want it to stay this way. If it doesn’t stay this way and changes, they will loose their assumed power; they and their position is what keeps our nation divided.

I am an independent so I don’t care what party you belong to but when you group does something appalling and anti-American I will call you on it. Quickly after the Boston bombing when our country has had a heinous tragedy occur, many on the left including several irresponsible and unprofessional journalists were blaming the right and the Tea Party for the bombing. They had no facts it was all shamefully politics and now we know it was Chechen Sunni Muslims. Will they ever apologize for falsely accusing the right and the Tea Party? No, this would mean they were professional and had a sense of integrity. What bothered me even more is our president initially wouldn’t even call it a terrorist attack which whether it was from some domestic source or from abroad was a terroristic act just as the Fort Hood shooting was but is still classified as “Work Place Violence”. We need to start calling it as it is or we will not be able to protect ourselves.

I get paid to analyze a vast variety of situations and have found two facts to almost always be true; 1st Most of the people who jump to conclusions by assuming (or more sinister reasons like the journalist reporting on the Boston Bombing) without checking all the facts are 90%+ wrong with what really happened (can anyone say Duke Lacrosse), 2nd The ones doing all the yelling and throwing race into the issue before knowing the facts are doing it not for the plight of ones treated wrong, but for their own edification and glory; when proven wrong they will not apologize (can anyone say Duke Lacrosse again) because they think it is beneath them. Until each racial, ethnic, and gender group throw these hate mongers to the curb, our nation will never be as strong as it can be; they are what causes our weakness and if not changes our eventual downfall.

When I looked up hate groups I found many for every ethnic group from white, to black, to Spanish, and others; you even had a group that hates everyone including themselves (Westboro Baptist Church). Many of these groups say they are not hateful or racist but when you watch videos of them in action it leaves no doubt they are they are not hateful or racist. Many Americans who are represented by these groups and belonging to the same ethnic or religious background won’t say a word against them.

When you have Women Rights groups founded to defend women against slanderous statements and discrimination but who won’t defend women if they if they are of a different political party and many times attack these women themselves; these groups are counterfeit and worthless. They are just as much to blame for the discrimination against women as the others men and women who are actively involved in it; yes I said men and women because I have watched women discriminate against other women.

I have listed several hate groups from the three largest races in our country and they are all racist. They say the same hate filled statements the only difference is to whom it is pointed. The last group, even though they have not committed physical attacks (I know of) is the most hateful, verbal, spewing group I have ever heard. The biggest problem with them is they are a farce. They say they are Christian but none of the fruit they bare is Christian, its vile and hate filled; so we know who they really follow.

1.    White Hate Groups
a.     KKK
b.    Arian Nation
c.     Neo-Nazis
d.    National Socialist Movement

2.    Black Hate Groups
a.     New Black Panthers
b.    Nation of Islam
c.     Black Pride Nation
d.    Nation of Yahweh

3.    Spanish Hate Groups
a.     La Raza/Aztlan
b.    Brown Beret
c.     The Timmytop
d.    LULAC

4.    Westboro Baptist Church


Along with Westboro Baptist Church, there are many churches, mosque, and temples who preach hate and even though Westboro Baptist Church preaches hate they do have free speech.  Many other religions preach hate and even promote the murder of all others who don’t agree and follow their and their religion alone. I believe in freedom of religion but they need to be removed from our society and country; they are a plight on this earth.


Many of our politicians preach hate, every time one of them knowingly lie about the true facts to win a race, every time they fix an elections, attack a candidate personally instead of on the issues, and they try to take more of our freedoms away they have committed a hateful act. To get what they personally want instead of what is truly needed or right for our country; this too is hate.


People we need to clean up our country and get rid of these hate groups as best we can. You will never get rid of all of them because many people need others to blame for their situation which is their own fault. All of us have the freedom to make ourselves better but it is your choice. I grew up as poor as one can but I have worked hard and made something for myself. I’m not special, anyone can do the same. Giving them everything without them working just holds them to poverty. But this is how the politicians want them, ignorant and following party line instead of thinking for themselves.

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