Stupid People, Fill Good Gun Control Doesn’t Work!

Limiting the “Law Abiding Citizen” does nothing to stop gun violence by criminals, this has been proven throughout history but once again people are playing political games around the tragedies in our nation and the politicians are only really worried about getting reelected, not fixing the problem. These tragedies happened in “Gun Free Zones” but criminals ignore the law. As we have seen this type of law only kept the “Law Abiding Citizen” from bringing their guns, but it didn’t stop the criminal, and it has been shown to actually attract them. It did however stop the “Law Abiding Citizen” from being able to protect themselves. Has anyone in the news been talking about how James Holmes in his statement to police said he passed up several other theaters because Century Aurora 16 theater had a sign “No Weapons Allowed”? NO! Let’s look at some statistics. What is the average people killed in a mass shooting when finally stopped by police? The answer is 18.25. What is the average people killed in a mass shooting when finally stopped by civilians? The answer is 2.2.Which would you prefer? There was 12 killed and 58 wounded in the Century Aurora 16 shooting. By statistics at the most 2 would have been killed and 7 would have been wounded; which sounds better?

Many people do not realize the thought process many of these murders actually put into the preparation of their crimes. Any criminal will go where they have the lease chance of being caught, stopped, or confronted. When you put a sign up that reads “Gun Free Zone” or No Weapons Allowed” this is like candy to a baby for criminals and sooner or later they will come calling; it is plain common sense.

If the politicians really cared about your safety they would be more harsh on criminals committing offenses with guns and less intrusive to “Law Abiding Citizen”. A lower capacity magazine does nothing to stop a criminal, James Homes in Colorado. He was never confronted so if he would have had a 10 round magazine instead of 20 round magazine it wouldn’t of mattered; he would have just reloaded more. If someone would have brought their weapon in the theater and put James Holmes down before he could have killed so many, they would have been thrown under the bus by the anti gun crowed in Colorado. They would have saved lives but that would not have matter; it’s a catch 22.

The anti-gun crowed will do anything to take your 2nd Amendment rights away; just look at the first “Assault Weapons Ban” put into place in 1994 after President Reagan was shot. What is the problem with this, he was shot with a .22 revolver pistol so why did they go after assault weapons? How many mass shootings have been in “Gun Free Zone” or No Weapons Allowed” areas? Pretty much all have been in “Gun Free Zone” or No Weapons Allowed” areas; this should be telling you something.  

On December 14, 2012, Adam Lanza, 20, fatally shot twenty children and six staff at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.  Connecticut's new law would add more than 100 types of guns to the state's list of banned assault weapons; limit the capacity of ammunition magazines to 10 rounds; ban armor-piercing bullets; require background checks for all weapon sales, including at gun shows; establish safety standards for school buildings; allow mental health training for teachers; and expand mental health research in the state. Now what is wrong with this?

First why are you banning so many weapons, they didn’t commit the crime, the person did. This is like saying a fork is responsible for you being fat! Second as for 10 Round magazines, as I pointed out before you can just reload more often; it wouldn’t have made a difference at Sandy Hook. Third  many Armor piercing bullets are banned federally to manufacture or import but were they used here? NO! Fourth, establish safety standards for school buildings; you mean the gun free zone didn’t work. This should have been done in the 1990s and an armed security guard as suggested by President Clinton. This was excepted but not implemented under President Clinton's presidency. A caveat; this is the same exact suggestion from the NRA which was said to be idiotic; why wasn't it when President Clinton suggested it? They are both right.  And here is my favorite; allow mental health training for teachers. What would this have done? Nothing! Reaction is never a wise or proper fix to a problem; it usually only covers a symptom while leaving the problem to remain.  None of these measures would have stopped this crime with the exception of establish safety standards for school buildings which was suggested years ago.

Did this work in any of the shootings we have had in the US? NO! You may have a feel good feeling but it is all superficial and the reality is still out there of what the criminal committing these atrocities thinks when seeing these areas.

The FBI enforcement can confirm that criminals look for these type areas because (get this) it is safer for them to commit their crimes. Most gun killings are gang bangers or previously convicted felons but all the new laws do is remove rights from the law abiding citizen. I think Ben Franklin said it best or at lease his carton did.

The choice is yours, to keep being a victim or protect your family and yourself. I love the police to death and I'm not trying to berate them but in reality they are mainly a reactionary entity, and it is usually all over by the time they arrive.

So what can we do to prevent mass shootings like this? Why do our children have no conscience? Why do they kill with no regret, or remorse? Look up school crime rates and it might be very unsettling for you. If you looked up school crime rate from 1950 to now, the rise is flabbergasting. Probably, if we think about it long and hard enough, we can figure it out. When all the moral founding subjects were taken out of our schools and replaced with political correctness, 12 years later is when these type of shootings started taking place (I wonder if there is a correlation). I know many people out there don’t want some sort of religion forced down their children’s throats but if you take the religious morale foundation out of the schools you need to replace it with another generic one which teaches moral value to replace it or you will have chaos which is what we have currently.  The school stats sense taking this moral compass out is as follows:

1970s – 5 school killings
1980s – 8 school killings (up 60% from 1970)
1990s – 40 school killings (up 500% from 1970)
2000s – 46 school killings (up 551% from 1970)

You can say what you want but political correctness is killing our kids.

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  1. Criminals. Criminals. Criminals! That is the main argument of pro weapons.
    But the mass shooters are not criminals. They are suicidal law abiding citizen who went crazy.
    Criminals don't kill children for fun in schools. They rob banks and shop and don't wan't to be charged with murder.

    So quit arming random dudes