Connecticut Elected Attack Gun Owners Instead of the Problem

Connecticut gun owners are now required to register their guns and ammo, this because of a law pasted and if they don't, they are felons. This sounds familiar (Gun Control by Felony). As I said before, this is not solving the problem, it's just a way for liberal leftist to take peoples guns but just for the benefit of a doubt, lets see if anything in this new and in my opinion UN-Constitutional law (Senate Bill No. 1160-Public Act No. 13-3) Would this law have prevented the Sand Hook Shooting?

Section 1- nothing here would have prevented the Sand Hook Shooting.
Section 2- nothing here would have prevented the Sand Hook Shooting mainly because criminals don't follow the law. It also wants Social Security Numbers for people transferring weapons (can anyone say identity theft), to buy ammunition you must supply identification number (Social Security Number) and the name, address and date of birth, " a person issued an ammunition certificate under this section shall be confidential and shall not be disclosed, except (1) such information may be disclosed to law enforcement officials acting in the performance of their duties, including, but not limited to, employees of the United States Probation Office acting in the performance of their duties, (2) the Commissioner of Emergency Services and Public Protection may disclose such information to the extent necessary to comply with a request made pursuant to section 14 of this act for verification that such certificate is still valid and has not been suspended or revoked, and (3) such information may be disclosed to the Commissioner of Mental Health and Addiction Services to carry out the provisions of subsection (c) of section 17a-500 of the general statutes, as amended by this act." You need to look at this closely, it really says you information will not be confidential but they will know where to go and what you have when they come to confiscate it and once again, none of this would have stopped the Sandy Hook shooting. The Connecticut legislature want $35 dollars for each ammunition certificate so in short, they want to make a profit from tax revenue off these poor dead victims, speak about the lowest of the low.

You really need to check out what it says about health care, it is so convoluted it sounds like if you go for any treatment of any kind (emergency room for a cut, a dentist, your family doctor), if any person working there find out you have a gun and don't like guns, they can request it be taken away without any due process; and again, this would not have stopped the Sandy Hook shooting.  The 99 pages of this document is written so the average American cannot understand it, it is written so any government or medical person can take your guns/ammo, and it is written so any violated is a felony and they can permanently take all your weapons and ammo. If you don't believe me the, link is above, go check it out for yourself oh, and by the way, very little if any of what I read would have stopped the Sandy Hook shooting.

This is nothing but a feel good pile of crap by liberal politicians who are making money off this tragedy. If you are a weapons company in Connecticut, you need to leave for a friendlier, safer state; if you live in Connecticut and own weapons, you need to vote these weasels who are looking for an easy way to take your weapons out of office and rescind this law; and if you truly care about the people and especially the children in your state, you need to find the root cause of the problem instead of putting lipstick on a pig. Making every violations a felony is disingenuous at the lease but in truth it is 100% un-American. I wonder, how many criminals do you think was in that line to register their weapons? Zero, it was only law abiding citizens and I'm sure you're proud of that.

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