Gun Control by Felony


The history of the word "Felon" or "Felony" came from Middle English, Anglo-French felun, fel evildoer, probably of Germanic origin; akin to Old High German fillen to beat, whip, fel skin more at fell, the first known use was in the 13th Century. The word was not commonly used until Sir William Blackstone (1723-1780) who was an English Judge coined the word felon and wrote that a felony is a capital offence, but not every capital offence is a felony. He concedes that "the idea of felony is indeed so generally connected with that of capital punishment, that we find it hard to separate them; and to this usage the interpretations of the law do now conform." As we know capital punishment was the state putting to death a prisoner. In the US the recognition and use of the word Felon remained the same as basically when a person committed a crime for which they would be put to death. In 1844 some states adopted that only through a Parton or through the "Right of Suffrage" could anyone who committed a felony; the "Right of Suffrage" is (from what I could find) an extended time of hard labor. When you take a look at history, felonies were mostly Violent Crimes (murder, rape, armed robbery, kidnapping), Counterfeiting, drug violations, arson, and larceny; which many in our history was punishable by death. Today we have more felonies then you can shake a stick at and even though some may seem logical, many others sound like we are being put under a military state. The ones (this is not an all conclusive list) I easily found was DUI, simple assault, disorderly conduct, public drunkenness, vandalism, curfew, loitering, and even jaywalking in some places are felonies but the question is why?

We have a long history of our government using the law to disenfranchise voters who disagree with them. The Voting Rights Act of 1965 was a bipartisan bill introduces to eliminate the disenfranchisement of minorities in many southern Democratic controlled states; after it was passed you would think it would be settled by now but it still continues from both sides. In 2000, several Democratic poll official through out thousands of military absentee ballots because the military usually votes Republican. In 2004, allegations that Voters Outreach of America had collected and submitted Republican voter registration forms but discarded Democratic voter registration forms. In 2006, Secretary of the Virginia State Board of Elections Jean Jensen concluded there was deliberate widespread voter suppression. This same year four of John Kerry's campaign employees were convicted of slashing the tires on 25 vans used for driving Republican monitors to the polls. I believe the time of having honorable politicians has gone and we need to remove everyone of the politicians and start fresh; they can't do any worse then what we have. Their dishonesty is also why they have went from a felony being a crime where the criminal receives the death penalty to a felony for jaywalking so we can make sure you never own a gun. Most states don't allow felons to vote which if it was under the original definition of a felon, I would say let none of them vote but the only reason I can find for trying to convict someone of a felony is so they can never own a firearm again; do you believe our politicians would be this dishonest? I do! Think about this; in some states you can jay walk and never be able to own a firearm again because they have made it a felony. I can understand the murder, rapist, and armed robber but a jay walker? The fine is minimal, there is no jail time, so the only true development that could be worth while for a politician with an agenda is to get you guns. This goes hand in hand with some politicians wanting to put a $5 tax on every bullet you buy.

Tyranny is being suppressed, the only two way to suppress someone is buy new laws which remove the citizens rights. In 2012 there were more then 40,000 laws added to the books. The second way to suppress someone is by physical force; how many police department have went from protecting and serving to military tactics for most everything. I stand 100% behind the police and most are very cop on the street are good but more and more are turning to the dark side. I can show you case after case and video after video of bad cops abusing their authority and violating the citizens rights. This video of a cop is one example of how contact with the public should be and my hats off to this cop. In this tape 9 cops beat a man to death. The reason I show you this is because you can also find bad cops, some working with politicians, some just abusing their power, who when they have nothing on a person will make up charges , many time felonies, to cover their illegal arrests, searches, and even brutality. The supreme court has said you can film any public servant or official (including politicians) in public places yet many of the bad cops will fabricate a felony and don't want it recorded; good cops don't care, they know their job and limits. My brother-in-law is a cop and I know the crap they have to put up with, but he always remains professional.

Out of all the laws we have in the US at state and federal level, adding 40,000 a year just brings tyranny, how many laws have they removed? I understand with the development of technology we need new guidance but we have came to the point where it is impossible for the police to know a significant part of the law but also to the point the state and federal governments will make new laws to control you which is nothing but legalized slavery; not freedom. Tell me what is you take?  

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