The 4th Amendment Gone; Automobile Black Boxes

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

A round 96% of all new automobiles sold in the US have this new black box installed in their car which few even know they are there, if the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration get a say so, they will be required in every car on the road. These boxes have been used to evaluate car performance by car manufactures for years, they have been used on rental cars to track their cars when not returned and even help people when they are lost so what is the big problem?

The New York Times had a story which is below.

“When Timothy P. Murray crashed his government-issued Ford Crown Victoria in 2011, he was fortunate, as car accidents go. Mr. Murray, then the lieutenant governor of Massachusetts, was not seriously hurt, and he told the police he was wearing a seat belt and was not speeding.

But a different story soon emerged. Mr. Murray was driving over 100 miles an hour and was not wearing a seat belt, according to the computer in his car that tracks certain actions. He was given a $555 ticket; he later said he had fallen asleep."

Since we have watched as the current administration under President Obama's control has used the IRS, EPA, and the BLM to target people (illegally), political enemies, and groups in which he and the Liberal Democratic Party hate, what could they do with this information? Luckily for Mr. Murray he doesn't have a bad rapport with the Obama administration so he has nothing to worry about, but what if it would have been a reporter at odds with the Obama administration? A reporter often goes to areas most would avoid to do a story on gangs or drug trafficking and now the Obama administration has circumstantial evidence that the reporter is dealing drugs; do you think the Obama administration has enough main stream media people in their back pocket to push that scenario?

How about you are driving down the road and someone is tailgating you, you think they are about to crash you so you speed up to get around a slower car and get into the right lane so the tailgater can pass. A week later while opening your mail you receive a speeding ticket.

Your company is in competition with a Chinese ran company; both you and the Chinese firm know you have the better product. They hack the system (easier then you think) and find out where your kid goes to school or wife works and sends you pictures or even kidnaps them directing you not to call authorities and to drop out of the competition or something bad will happen; What would you do? 

An investigated authority (police) or political opponent hacks into your car system to listen to anything and everything you say, your strategies, your vulnerabilities to use against you in the upcoming election; remember what Nancy Pelosi said, “We must win by any means necessary.” Do you think politicians or union members wouldn’t do this? You know they will.

One more; you are a scientist on some new technologies the government likes. You have recently started dating a LEGAL alien who is here on a Student Visa; she/he is all you ever wanted. The government tells you they want your research and you refuse, immediately her/his Student Visa is revoked, the next day a government official says they can expedite giving her/him full citizenship if you turn over your research; do you think our government would do this or do you trust them?    

What about the civilian side of the house? So first, can insurance companies get this information, mark you as a habitual violator of some traffic offence and jack up your premiums even if you have never had a wreck or ticket? Can the police use it for circumstantial evidence in an investigation to investigate you for a murder which you just happened to be in the general vicinity?  Two New York courts have ruled warrants are not needed to retrieve this data from the manufacturer’s black box; where is your 4th Amendment rights, they have been removed by two judges who violated the US Constitution and your rights.

You have a stalker, he/she hacks into your car’s black box, he/she can tell where you are at any moment and if you are with anyone. They can listen to your car via car microphones and watch you on video if your car has cameras. They can discover your likes, dislikes, and fears to figure out an attack strategy, do you feel safe? The police, politicians, business rivals, and criminals will be able to know your whereabouts, who you are with, and what you are discussing at any time which violates the 4th Amendment; again I ask, do you feel safe?

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