The Illegal Children and the Danger to America

“Send us your children”, this is the message sent to Central and South America by the liberal politicians and the Obama administration, they deny it, in the news they say “stop sending your kids” but the evidence tells us something different. The flood of children over the border was not accidental, messages were found telling parents to send their children, you might think it’s a coincidence but you must look at the facts; they started flooding over in May and June but the contract for their transportation was signed in January, did someone go to a psychic? The liberals once again are doing extreme damage to our country without thinking or purposefully.

Before anyone comes into the US they need to be screened, not just as a possible terror or criminal threat but also for a possible health threat which is not being done with these children, and it is all done under zero supervision. Besides the massive economical damage these illegals are going to cause to our nation, the criminal damage they are causing, they may also cause something much worse because you can’t see it; health damage. We could have the next pandemic start within a short time right here in the US, there are many people not allowed in the US due to a type of disease or infection they have; many have been permanently barred from entering the US; do any of these illegals have them? When you get a Visa from the US or any other country you must have your shots up to date and be screened; none of these illegals have been screened. You shouldn’t blame these illegals, they were just following the messages sent by our liberal politicians, and the Obama administration; if you came from where they did, you would want to come here too. Don’t blame the doctors and health workers for not talking to the press about the diseases they have found like tuberculoses, AIDS, Hepatitis, and many more, Obama has made it illegal for them to talk, they will be arrested; what is the Obama administration trying to cover up? What happened to freedom of speech?

Senator McCain (Republican) and several Democrats (all liberals including McCain) want to grant these children refugee status; isn’t that for political prisoners or fleeing a country at war or where you are receiving persecution because of your religious beliefs? These are the same liberals who were going to send a professional educated German couple and their kids back to Germany, who legally came to the US for actual religious persecution; so the trick is to come here illegally? Senator Pelosi opened her mouth and once again said something ignorant, how surprising. Pelosi said, “Surge of illegals immigrant children an opportunity"; yes an opportunity for American tax payers to lose more money because you, McCain, and all the other liberals who will not secure our borders. Senator McCain and Pelosi, don’t you know we have a recession with a bunch of Americans out of work; what about them? Oh, that’s right, you liberals just gave nearly 560,000 illegal aliens temporary amnesty and work permits after President Barack Obama unilaterally enacted the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program two years ago; so you took care of the illegals workers, what about the American workers? The average wage under the Obama administration for the American worker has dropped and the main reason is because of all the illegals. The liberal and of course President Obama seek $2 billion to help these illegal children yet cuts our military to a point of ineffectiveness; what about the security of the country. In every border state, illegals are bankrupting small towns, how can this be good for America; but it’s not just small towns, across the Nation, especially in California it is big towns as well.

The other part the liberals are not looking at is the increase of human trafficking, these kids are used and abuse from the time they leave their parents till they get here and many times the abuse doesn’t end there. The human trafficking across the border isn’t just Spanish, but many are oriental, especially Chinese; if you look at an Emergency Beacon which are placed along the border, it is written in English, Spanish, and Mandarin which is most common language in China. Many Chinese restaurants and factories have been busted inside the US for running Sweat Shops in manufacturing items and food services. Many will take these children from all races and turn them into prostitutes no matter their age; there are many sick people out there. These children, some as young as 9 years old, will work the rest of their lives trying to pay off their “Snake Heads”, they are in modern time slavery in the US. The question that needs to be asked is why? Why would the liberal establishment want more uneducated, lower wage class people in the United States? It always comes back to the money and change!

President Obama said he was going to "fundamentally change" this country; liberals have been doing this at a micro scale for a while; hence the reason we have went from number one in the world in education and manufacturing to no where close to the top. If you get more people citizenship that are not educated and will remain in the lower class, for the liberals and Democrats, it is a win, win; they will take more from the true working class and above and give to the lower class and none working class so they are redistributing wealth. Since the illegals aliens will not understand the destruction the liberals and Democrats will cause by being elected, the liberals and Democrats can keep pushing policies that enslave them and us to the government; liberals and Democrats gain more power. By giving the illegal aliens access to the voting booths even though they are not allowed to vote they will; this was proven in the last election yet the liberals and Democrats refuse voter ID requirements; why? This is an invasion of our country, the official number is 11.7 million illegals in our country but many oversight groups say there are as many as 50 million illegals in the US. You can't say they are wrong, we really have no idea how many their are but a little less then a quarter of you population is an invasion. If you want to save this country you need to truly secure the boarder; when you have a bus full of people show up to the boarder like these, you don't let them cross; this is following the law. Our President, Congress, and yes, even the Attorney General swears an oath to follow the US Constitution and enforce the laws of the land, if they don't they should be removed from office. Without laws you chaos and destruction which we are seeing the beginnings of it in our country; this would achieve the "fundamentally change" President Obama and the liberals want and the US would be exceptional no more; we would be just like a third world country. Is this what you want?

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