America at Risk; Are we Safe in America? No! Terrorist are Under Obama

If you look in our history, you will find that restriction on Illegal immigration started in 1781 with the Articles of Confederation which put immigration under individual state control. In 1790, the First Alien Naturalization Act was passed basically saying any immigrants had to be of good moral standing before they would be allowed across our borders. The next big stepping stone was the passing of the Immigration Act of 1875, also known as the Page Act of 1875; when you read the complete “Page Act” you will find out it was passed to protect US citizens from several criminal elements including slavery within the US, we had just fought a nasty Civil War and were apprised of slaves still within the Chinese community; this law also removed the States as policy setter for immigration. In 1903 the Anarchist Exclusion Act was which basically said if you were crazy, criminal, an anarchist, beggar, sick with illness, or a member of a dangerous organization, you were to be barred from entering the US. Many illegal aliens from south of our boarder at this point had been raping and murdering many US citizens and in 1910, the military pushed all illegal aliens back across the southern border and there was peace. The government set up immigration stations to be vet all wanting to enter before letting them into the US. In 1911, the Dillingham Commission Report recommended limits on immigrants because too many would damage our economy and businesses (like what we see happening today). In 1915, the US Immigration Service started patrols and secured the US boarders. In 1940, the Alien Registration Act required the registration of all legal aliens and was used to deport any illegal aliens found. Everything was going good and both sides of the isle, Democrat and Republican, had been doing everything they could to protect the US from bad economic influences, pandemic, criminals, and people associated with criminal organizations by securing the border, keeping our military strong, and dealing with any threat which presented itself, that was until 1980.

In 1980 2-4 million illegals aliens had been confirmed as crossing the border, another 125,000 illegal Cuban criminals were sent to the US by Fidel Castro, the Refugee Act of 1980 allowed anyone deemed as “Persecuted” to receive asylum, and this was just the beginning of the liberal President Carter's destruction of the US. We then went immediately into a depression due to his domestic policies, we had gas rationing, our foreign enemies started overthrowing our allies all because they didn’t fear us anymore. President Carter did nothing to stop them, this would bite him in the @$$ when he refused to help long time US ally, The Shaw of Iran. The Shaw was overthrown and our peace with the Muslim people ended with the taking of 52 hostages for 444 days in what is known as the Iran Hostage Crisis, in four years Iran went from our ally to our enemy due to President Carter's bad foreign policies. We were being attacked both at home and abroad and our liberal President Carter did nothing to help the situation; President Carter was our first truly liberal president and we didn’t learn from our mistake. By the way, currently President Cater backs the terrorist group Hamas over our ally Israel.

What many liberals do not understand is Force is truly the only deterrent some people recognize, once President Reagan was sworn into office, our hostages, which no sanctions or begging by the liberals could get back, were immediately released. The Iranian militants knew President Reagan would hit them with a vengeance if they were not released; they feared and respected him which is what you must have in the world to have peace. President Reagan had the longest record of peacetime prosperity through tax cuts, building our military back, and removal of restrictive business regulations enacted by the Carter administration. This effectively ending the liberal caused depression in the US and boosted a major economical recovery; we were safe, we were happy, we were free, and we were feared.

When George H. W. Bush became president, if he would have left things to ride, he would have been good but he feared Congress, the Democrats had both the House and the Senate and they were being led by liberal Democrats Jim Wright and George J. Mitchell. The next election he would lose to our second liberal president who has the record for most terrorist attacks on and off American soil by the time he leaves office.

At this point, everyone is the established parties are still in denial that we have any dangers from the illegals crossing the border or terrorist. President Clinton is divides our intelligence agencies banning them from sharing information, he is offered Osama Bin Laden several times being informed that Osama Bin Laden was planning to attack the US but President Clinton refuses to take him saying he was no true threat. The 9/11 attacks are directly contributed to his neglecting to protect the US. The attackers were both illegally in the country as well as being on expired visas, I thought we had woken.

On 9/11, the worse attack happened on US soil just eight months in to President Bush's term, on May 14, 2002, President George W. Bush signed the Enhanced Border Security and Visa Entry Reform Act of 2002, it represents the most comprehensive immigration-related response to the continuing terrorist threat America faces. In 2004, the Minute Man Project used civilians to patrol the US-Mexico border, both the Mexican government and the Bush administration have described them the Minutemen as vigilantes when they are truly patriots. In 2006, the Secure Fence Act Authorizes Fencing along 700 miles of the US-Mexican Border using both fences and electronic surveillance devices. In 2007 Homeland Security estimated 11.8 million illegal aliens in the US with 59% from Mexico, that is almost a 300% increase in just under 30 years; it did decrease to 11.6 by January 2008.  

A report out in September 2013 estimates the illegal population at 20million plus; that is an increase of almost 100% in 5 years with many being Jihadist and having 35 terrorist camps in the US according to the FBI. Now we have a "Hands off List" which means the custom agents can't touch known terrorist and leftist President Obama says Al-Qaida is dead, but the truth is Al-Qaida is a bigger threat today then before 9/11 according to former head of the CIA’s bin Laden unit. Everything President Obama has done has made us less safe and allowed Al-Qaida to get bigger and stronger leaving  us less safe; even when he gets a US ambassador killed he never admits it is his fault; but he is a liberal, what did you expect? But radical Islam is not our only threat caused by President Obama; he has gutted our military, using Chuck Hagel to taking it below pre WWII levels while are two biggest threats, China and Russia builds theirs up and China is even saying it can defeat America in battle.

We are not safe anymore and the liberal presidents in our history are the primary reason but not the only reason, our Congressmen are all about money, lying, kickback to their states, and taxing more instead of being responsible and doing it for our country. I will be surprised if we do not have another major attack on US soil before President Obama leaves office. Even as good as our intelligence agency are, it can't monitor an 800 mile porous boarder while not being allowed to grab terrorist because they are on a "Hands off List". ISIS is a direct development from President Obama's failed policies, lack of action, and lack of leadership; President Obama’s half-brother, Malik Obama is a terrorist in the terror group, "Muslim Brotherhood", so that might be why he has been very gentle on terrorism; it's in his family.

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