World War III, Islam against the World is on the Horizon, Thanks Liberals

Everybody wants to blame G. H. Bush, G. W. Bush, or B. H. Obama for what is going on in the Middle East which at the current direction will lead us to the bloodiest battle this world will ever see, even beating WWII. The truth is it was started way before they were elected. The one person in our history that truly understood the mindset of the Muslim people was President Thomas Jefferson. The "Barbary Coast Pirates" had been raiding US ships passing through the Mediterranean to take valuables; they would ransom the crew and sell them into slavery to add to the wealth of the Islamic States. The US paid tribute to the Barbary Coast Pirates and this bothered Jefferson; he met with John Adams, and a Muslim ambassador to ask, “Why do you attack Americans?” The Ambassador stated, “It was written in their Koran that all nations which had not acknowledged the Prophet were sinners, whom it was the right and duty of the faithful to plunder and enslave; and that every mussulman (Muslim) who was slain in this warfare was sure to go to Paradise.” Astonished by this, Jefferson decided to read the Koran to see what Islam was truly about, when he became president, one of his first acts was to bring an end to the Barbary Coast Pirates. This was the first foreign fought war by the US who defeated the Muslims with ease, the US ensured the Islamist countries stayed weak so they could not threaten again the US, the US homeland, or any other country. There was peace in the world for the most part and it remained that way until just before WWI.

When Islamist terrorist attacked the US stationed in the Philippines in steps General Black Jack Pershing (BJP), a highly decorated officer. BJP had him men capture fifty insurgents and tie then to post for execution, then he killed pigs and dipped the bullets from the firing squad in them, this terrified the Muslim insurgents because if they touch a pig, they become unclean and can’t get to paradise. He then shot forty-nine of then, placed them in a mass grave and dumped the dead pigs on top of them and made the fiftieth one watch then let him go; we did not have another Muslim problem for forty-two years. The reason I tell you this is because, as long as the US and the civilized world had diminished the ability of the Islamist states to fight by either brute strength as did Jefferson or through Theology as did General Pershing, the world didn’t have a problem with the Muslim society and they remained mostly non-violent toward other nations, but as soon as they get power they start to attack. In 1956 the Muslims who were left unchecked started attacking Israel and took the Suez Canal, they lost and in 1967 Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Algeria, and others Muslim nations attacked Israel to wipe the Jewish nation off the face of the earth in one united sweep; they lost again in what is known as the Seven Day War.

The first and biggest stepping stone after this for the Muslim nations was the Iran Hostage Crisis when liberal President Jimmy Carter let Iranian terrorist topple the western government of Iran and letting these same militants form a Shariah government which held 66 American diplomats for 444 days. Just minutes after President Ronald Reagan was sworn into office, the hostages were released; the terrorist have already figured out that if a Democrat is in office, you can get away with anything, if a Republican is in office you will get the hell blown out of you.

The next time there was a concentration of attacks was under President Bill Clinton with the most people being killed up to this point:

1993 – The First World Trade Center bombing
1995 – Oklahoma City bombing - 168 killed and 650 wounded
1996 – Khobar Towers bombing – Saudi Arabia - 19 killed and 500 wounded
1998 – U.S. Embassy bombings Kenya/Tanzania - 224 killed and 4,650 wounded
2000 – USS Cole Bombing - Yemen  17 killed and 77 wounded

There was no real response as the terrorist expected but Clinton is a liberal. President Clinton had several chances to take Osama Bin Laden into custody but refuse. Osama Bin Laden planned for years on how to attack the US and Clinton had signed a law into place that didn’t let the CIA and FBI share information; shortly after President Bush took office, Osama Bin Laden plan was executed on 9/11/01. Clinton had allowed terrorist to infiltrate the US which cost us 3497 victims and GW Bush retaliated with a vengeance, during his reign not another major attack happened on US soil or consulate.

Now that another liberal president, Barack Hussein Obama has let the US go from the most respectful and powerful country in the world to the most laughed at and inconsequential; from the country that helped those who called us friend to one that says you are on your own, I can see that war is on the horizon. Many of our strongest Allies like Britain and France are succumbing to the over run of Muslim theology to where a British soldier can be be-headed in the street. The cancer is not checked because it isn’t politically correct; this will begin to happen more and more because it is the Muslim way; if a true moderate Muslim stands up to them, they are murdered in the name of Allah. The true catalysis of the Far East unrest took hold when a liberal President Jimmy Carter did not help a long time American ally and let him fall without raising a hand. The rest of the US became in trouble when we turned from truth and abiding by the law to allow what we know is wrong to stand, when it became wrong to call illegal aliens criminals, when calling a Muslim extremist a Muslim extremist became hate speech, when we refuse to put a Muslim terrorist group on the terror list and then stood by and let them take 300 Christian girls and did nothing, when we let a terrorist shooting on Fort Hood shooting be called “work place violence”, when we refuse to keep our promise and help a country being overran by a terrorist army. Soon we will have a true terrorist Nation called ISIS and they will try and advance their theology everywhere including the US; they have already told the US, "We are coming for you". There are already 35 Terrorist training camps in the US as reported by the FBI, how many do they not know about? Many Mosques are used for terrorist hubs but even though it is true and our intelligent agencies know this, it isn’t politically correct to say. The more the liberal agenda takes hold of our country, showing hate toward our country and flag, showing hate toward our past and trying to change it, and worse of all showing hate toward our war fighters, the quicker we will fall from being the most powerful country in the world to maybe not being a country at all. When the liberals will trade a traitor and give our enemies five generals yet won’t raise a hand to help a Marine wrongfully held in Mexico; we should know we are in trouble. What are we going to do when the ones we call moderate Muslims start cutting off our soldiers heads? With a liberal in charge, nothing; we had one kill 13 and wound 32 others at fort hood and the liberal president called it work place violence.

Ask any devote Muslim if Israel and the US are the “Great Satans” and need to be destroyed, they will say yes. Ask them if Islam is to take over the whole world, they will say yes. And for you GLBT liberals, ask them if you will be put to death, the answer once again is yes. America and especially you American liberals, had better wake up and think about your theology or you will lose our country, freedoms, and life if the “Extremist” get their way. I have nothing against any group of people or their religion until they tell me must obey their religion or die. We have a recognition problem in the US, we listen to the Muslim authorities who say only 15% of Muslims are the radicals, but that is 240 million radicals and that is by the Muslim standard. If you think killing women, gays, and non-Muslim openly is not extreme; if you think female genital mutilation and selling women and children as young as 6 years old as sex slaves in not extreme; if you think insulting anything about the Muslim religion, belonging to another religion, or being atheist deserves death in not extreme; if you believe women should have no rights, must wear what the man says, cannot drive a car, and cannot own any property in not extreme, if you believe all the above, there is no help for you. The truth is just by what I stated above is what I would call radical and this is about 80-90% of the Muslim people; this is what Shariah Law mandates and it is radical; do you agree?

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