What is Islamic Terrorism?

I have said for a while that we have terrorism going on in America today and our government will not, for whatever reason, do anything about it. In France, they have had a large influx of “Moderate Muslims” for a while, and in France they have been allowed to take over certain areas of their country. In these areas they have forced Shariah Law on the people, had many “Honor Killings”, the Muslims even have it to where the French citizens and French Police are hesitant to go into these areas do to the violence against non-Muslims. The French thinking is, “they can stay there, we will stay here”; but that isn’t the Muslim thinking. The French government trying to appease the “Moderate Muslims” in France was ceding control of parts of France to the “Moderate Muslims” Islamist for them to have a mini Islamist State and keep the peace. On 7 January 2014, some of these “Moderate Muslims showed their thanks, by murdering 12 people including two police officers and wounding 11 at the French magazine Charlie Hebdo in cold blood. The French Government had even received threats from the French ISIS/ISIL members who called on all Muslims in France to answer the call to conducting terrorist attacks on French Soil. To try and appease these Islamist, the French government took the politically correct action, a gesture of good faith, a mini Islamist State and for their political correct good faith gesture, they got 12 people murdered including cops, on one day, a female police officer the second day, and 4 more hostages killed the third day, and it is only going to get worse.

The two brothers had been picked up before by the French for arranging French people’s travel to go fight in Iraq; so why were they let go? They were allowed to radicalize people within France, to rise up against the Government of France and in this very tolerant country, they organized and attacked. Following their core Muslim beliefs was the reason for their attack, these Islamist wanted to avenge disrespect toward their Prophet Mohamed as Shariah Law mandates. Everyone who isn’t Muslim might want to recognize a key point in the Islamic theology; everyone who doesn’t worship Mohamed, every religion which isn’t Islamic, and everyone who doesn’t believe in religion (atheists) offends the Prophet Mohamed. I asked you, “What is Islamic Terrorism?” Muslims are not the only terrorist out there but currently they are the most violent and account for the most casualties. On the Islamic terrorist side, any Muslim or Islamist who believes the following is a radical and an Islamic terrorist:

1.       They refuse to let anyone have freedom of speech and threaten them with death if they offend Islam or the Profit Mohamed.
2.       They refuse to allow any other religions to live in peace and believe all non-Muslims are beneath them and should be wiped off the face of the earth or turned into slaves.
3.       They refuse to have tolerance for any other unless they are outnumbered then, it isn’t tolerance; it is waiting to get the numbers to attack.
4.       They refuse to condemn terrorist acts or will play them off as not real Muslims or terrorist acts.
5.       They refuse to condemn honor killings.
6.       They refuse to mix with the national culture where they live.

As we speak, you have Islamic clerics in France, not to mention American clerics, and clerics from around the world who are defending the French attacks as justified. We have American political figures saying these are tragedies but not Muslim terrorist attacks, what “other terrorist” says “this is for insulting Mohamed?” and these are the same politicians who refuse to secure our borders from these terrorist and want to treat them like US citizens. I have pointed out Honor killings in America. I have pointed out attacks on non-Muslims in Muslim dominated areas in America like Dearborn Michigan. I have pointed out the atrocities committed against women and children under Shariah Law which is being used within the US. I have pointed out terrorist acts in the US like 9/11, the DC Sniper, the Shoe Bomber, not to mention the organizations like CAIR who according to the FBI, are collecting money to funnel to the terrorist. The FBI’s web site shows the location of 35 Terrorist Training Camps within the continental borders of the United States; why are they still there? We had Major Hasan who had complaints filed against him for his anti-American statements, he had his military business cards and emails signed with SOA (Soldier of Allah) and SWT (subhanahu wa ta'ala or Glory to God), these are statements used by the people he was in touch with, Jihadist and Al Qaeda. Was it really a surprise when he murdered 13 people and wounded 30 more? All this was ignored due to political correctness because he was Muslim. He yelled “Allahu Akbar” which literally means "Allah is greater" and used during Jihadist and Al Qaeda terrorist attacks. Our leaders spat in the face of every victim by calling this terrorist attack, “Work Place Violence” to protect the Muslim community over all Americans citizens once again. We have already had the attacks France is seeing now but France is not afraid to say what it truly is, a Muslim terrorist attack. A new study shows Mideast Immigrants to US Pose Huge Security Threat and we do nothing to vet them, letting good Muslims in and keeping the bad ones out. General "Black Jack" Pershing got it right in n1911 when he had to deal with Muslim Extremist, he found his enemies weakness and used it against them saving thousands of lives and having peace for 42 years. Our political correctness will not allow this and because of it, we will be attacked again. The sad part is it is preventable but it will take thousands of Americans dying again before we do anything but our politicians still won’t do it the right way; your politicians have their security, do you?

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