Law Abiding Gun Owners Targeted by Police and Our Tyrannical Government

Maryland Transportation Authority Police target legal, law abiding, conceal weapon citizens and perform illegal searches on vehicles. John Filippidis of Florida was driving south with his family on Interstate 95 when he was pulled over for speeding even though the cop in front of him was doing the same speed, no big deal except John has a Florida CCL (Conceal Carry License). The Maryland Police proceeded to place John and the rest of his family in different police vehicles and raid John’s black Ford Expedition, performing an illegal search for Johns Kel-Tec .38 semi-automatic handgun; if john didn’t have a CCL, they would have never of searched his vehicle. My question is, since the liberals have such a problem with profiling, isn’t this profiling and illegal? My second question is why are they profiling and targeting law abiding citizens? It is no wonder people don’t trust cops, especially in liberal areas like big cities and north east states, the US Constitution and US Supreme Court Rulings mean nothing to them. They kept John and his family over an hour and then released him after not finding his Kel-Tec. Mr. Filippidis‘case earned the support of Second Amendment advocates and subsequent apologies from the MDTA. But it is all a farce, an internal police review concluded his stop and search was lawful and did not violate police protocols even though it was targeted, profiling, and done without consent. The US Supreme Court says profiling is illegal, but the liberals profiling lawful gun owners by the Maryland ignore the Supreme Court ruling.

But Maryland isn’t the only state doing it, New York confiscated a Navy veteran and 30 year Police Detective; what was his crime, he had insomnia and went to the doc to try and get some relief. Think about how stupid this New York SAFE ACT is and all the ignorant idiots who passed it. This “SAFE ACT” doesn’t make anyone safe, as a matter of fact it make us les safe; if you were having problems would you go see a doctor after this? It was a feel good law which only affected the law abiding citizen gun owners, did it help protect the cops who have been shot lately; no they were all shot by criminals. Liberals have got to be the most ignorant people on the face of the earth. Diane Feinstein wanted to take all the guns from the military and military retirees because in her words, “With the advent of PTSD we can’t prove that prior military person and that they weren’t impaired or mentally incapacitated.” Start at the 3 minute mark and listen, Snopes says she didn’t say it but listen to her in her own words. She is a liberal and like most all liberals, she lies to get what she wants; she said in a news interview that she just wanted to remove assault weapons but not all guns but video tape doesn’t lie but she does. She is a sitting congress woman and can’t tell the truth about her intensions just like they all lied about the effects of Obamacare.

In Bakersfield California, Kent Williams was injured and arrested by cops for legally carrying a firearm, the cops then proceeded to confiscate all his guns from his house. Officers checked with their superiors before arresting him and were told to arrest him even though he was legal. After finding out they were completely in the wrong, they released Mr. Williams with no charges filed; all seems to be OK right, nope, the police refuse to give this law abiding citizen his guns back. The BFPD said the case was closed so why isn’t he getting his guns? The reason they stated he can’t have his guns back is because he had committed a misdemeanor in the past so they added him to the California Armed Prohibited Persons (APP) list which in California is being used to deny California citizens their second amendment right. You need to realize that if you litter you can be put on the APP list, if you get a parking ticket you can be put on the APP list, and if you jaywalk you can be put on the APP list; can anyone say tyranny?

This is the reason the public in many liberal towns and states do not have the law enforcement’s back and it is preventable, law enforcement is looked at by the people to be just as bad as the gangs and thugs in the area and in some places they are right. I was pull over in Detroit by a cop, I immediately turned my camera on my phone to record and pointed it at my window. The cop came up and said I was speeding which was no surprise but then told me an idiotic speed. I challenged him and he started adding miles per hour to my ticket and told me he was judge and jury here, and if I didn’t shut up, he would find drugs in my car; that was about the time he seen the phone. He asked for it and I told him it wouldn’t help him because everything was being automatically loaded to the cloud; he walked back to his cruiser and drove off. Unfortunately the video didn’t upload or it would have been on YouTube but if this happened to me, a business man in a shirt and tie, what is he doing to the other people? I guarantee you he had done it before, and is probably still doing it to get racial justice, to get someone driving a nice car, or maybe just because he is a bad cop. Is it any wonder the Detroit in the 1# most violent city even though the new police chief has cut crime? Can you see why the people don’t trust the police and when you through the Police Union protecting ever officers job, even when they are bad and corrupt, it tells the people they don’t matter.

I am usually on the cop’s side but I do need to say something here, when the cops and government starts going after the law abiding citizens, this is when trouble will start to bloom for both. I believe most cops are good people just doing their job, but in the past there has been many times when we have situations highlighted like Eric Garner and the police were not charged even though they were clearly in the wrong. The problem is after the public seeing this for years, when you have a Michael Brown case; many of the people will automatically be against the cops even though it was justified. Now, especially in liberal places, instead of the people helping the police, they are just as afraid of the police as the criminals, this is probably a main contributor to the 56% raise in cops being killed in 2014. What happened to “Protect and Serve?” I think the people are saying “Protect and Serve” us, and we will “Protect and Serve” you; it’s a two way street. If the police and politicians don’t stop this crap, more cops will be killed; more spouses going to a funeral, and more children without a mother or father. Many people out there who say, “You Will Have to Pry It From My Cold Dead Hands” mean it, so how many more cops will have to die to get this message before the cops and government will start serving the people again, instead of themselves?

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