The Liberal Muslim Problem in Our Collages

The University of Missouri has caused a stir by promoting a showing of “American Sniper” on the campus and wouldn’t you know, a liberal Muslim student activist says, “This film is blatant racist, colonialist propaganda that should not be shown under any circumstances and especially not endorsed by a branch of student government that purports to represent me and have my best interests in mind.” What she is really saying is I hate America, its freedoms, and its heroes.  She accuses the movie of “dehumanizing Muslims and glorifying the murder of Iraqis” which it doesn’t, but it does show a hero protecting he battle buddies, it shows a man not wanting to shoot a kid about to throw a grenade at his battle buddies, and most of all it shows the mental structure of the Muslim culture.

It is strange that this activist says Chris Kyle is, “a killer with no regard for human life”, in the movie it shows a kid trying to pick up an RPG to fire it at the troops and you here Chris Kyle saying “put it down, put it down” and the kid finally does but Chris Kyle had the right to kill the kid as soon as he picked it up and didn’t. Now if you really want to see some groups of killers with no regard for human life just look at Hamas, Hezbollah, PLO, ISIS/ISIL, Boko Harem, and Al Qaeda just to name a few who have blatantly murdered hundreds of thousands indiscriminately. Oh wait, I can’t say that no matter what the facts are because they are all Muslim groups and for pointing out the truth I’ll be labeled a racist or an Islamophobic. These people are the real racist because they want to try and make all the violence that their religion teaches be the fault of those who they want to label Colonialist. The “Colonialists” may not be totally innocent but they are not the ones blowing up busses of kids, the “Colonialists” are not the ones firing rockets over the border after promising peace, the “Colonialists” are not the ones burning prisoners alive, the “Colonialists” is not the one forcing an 11 year old to shot people in the back of the head, and the “Colonialists” are not the one showing a ten year old how to decapitate a person and making the child do it. This is all the teaching of Shariah Law and the Muslim sect interpretation of it and the Quran.

No one should be labeled a racist for pointing out the truth but this is what liberals do and true Quran following Muslims are directed to lie and deceive for the good of Allah. While true Quran following Muslims are the one cutting Christians heads off and burning prisoners in cages alive we have an activist saying our military is the racist, murderous ones. If you as a Muslim (or any other person) and don’t like America, its freedoms, and its heroes then move to Islamic country or anywhere else out of ours. You need to blend into this giant melting pot, not try and blow it up or fly planes into its buildings. Do you know how many honor killings were recorded in the US in 2013, over 500; it was in the FBI crime stats but amazingly it has vanished along with the addresses to the 35 Islamic Terrorist Training Camps which were referenced. Our kids are forced to take Islamic courses in school but Christian or Jewish are banned; does that make since? Not all Muslims believe in using terrorism but which ones they are you can never tell because Taqiyya. Taqiyya is the commandment to lie to non-Muslims to advance the Muslim and Shariah agenda; this is Islam's most important ideological war-tool.

Would we as tax payers fund a Christian or Jewish funded school? No, then why in Minnesota are we funding the Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy, a Muslim only school; isn’t this discrimination? If we are forbidden from having a Christian or Jewish school paid for by tax payers, then we need to get rid of this Muslim school would you not agree? The biggest misconception the American people and Politicians have is the Islamic states have their religion and government; I hate to break it to you but in Islamic countries it is one and the same. If we have Muslims who want to join and melt into the US society, Great. But if you don’t want to melt in the melting pot you need to leave.

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