The EPA, the True Eco-Terrorist

When something is characterized by being cruel, harsh, overbearing, oppressive, dictatorial, and imperious, that is not a good sign for freedom yet that is exactly what we have and how we describe the EPA every day. When you look at the EPA and their intended purpose, it was far different then what we see today; The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) was the beginning of the EPA with its stated purpose being:

·         "To declare a national policy which will encourage productive and enjoyable harmony between man and his environment."

·         "To promote efforts which will prevent or eliminate damage to the environment and biosphere and stimulate the health and welfare of man."

·         "To enrich our understanding of the ecological systems and natural resources important to the Nation."

This is not what we have today, we have an agency which was founded by President Nixon in 1970 to prevent industrial pollution which was running amuck. Today we have an agency which tries to take peoples land without giving due process to the law, who when shown in their own documents they are wrong, still refuses to admit they are wrong, and an agency which bullies the American People through threats. We have an agency working with other agencies which has no integrity, it has been found by a federal investigation to have been coordinating with the IRS to target people against their political ideology and agenda or who are against the draconian measures the EPA wants to install. When you cut through the pile of dung, what was once was a very good agency, you find you have eco-terrorist targeting anyone who challenges them, their political affiliations, and eco-agenda. Tyranny is cruel, harsh, overbearing, oppressive, dictatorial, and imperious type actions, the EPA is trying to force an extreme tyrannical eco-view on America which has crippled American and could help destroy America.

The EPA who has become so out of hand that no less than 12 states have already filed suit against them fighting the EPAs over reach over state rights. They have violated the US Constitution from violating people’s rights to due process, to trying to change laws without congresses consent. The US Constitution directs that all laws must go back through congress to be changed, yet the EPA and President Obama keep changing the laws to match their extreme tyrannical eco and socialist views, according to Webster’s, these people are called Eco-terrorist (definition below).

Eco-terrorism is a term used to refer to acts committed in support of ecological or environmental causes, against persons or their property.

The EPA are currently trying to push through regulations against barbecuing in your back yard; how much more out of control can they get? The EPA wants to monitor how long you take a shower, it is none of their business how long I take a shower. The EPA is so off the deep end they want to end burning wood even though 80% of Americans use wood burning stoves, it is the main stay for most poor people in rural areas to heat their homes in the winter time; isn’t it “Renewable Energy?” If this wasn’t enough, they tried to seize land from Chantell and Michael Sackett calling it a “Wet Land”. The EPA tried to say where they wanted to build their dream house was on “Wet Lands” even though there was no record anywhere, including in the EPA’s archives saying this area was Wet Lands; to go further, the EPA told the Sacketts they couldn’t challenge them. The US Supreme Court unanimously reversed a lower court opinion which said you couldn’t challenge the EPA. The court was of course the liberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in California; the 9th Circuit Court has been overturned more than all the other court of appeals combined.

The Sackets are only one of thousands going through this, Andy Johnson went to the state, got all the permits to put in a pond and after completing the pond, was threatened with a $75,000 fine per day for violating the Clean Water Act and not obtaining a federal permit. The state had already approved it and said he was good to go so what does the federal government have to do with it? According to Breitbart, the EPA is using drones to find people to go after; remember they are violating your privacy and the air space over your property. They do not have any evidence you have done anything wrong, so wouldn’t this be a case of illegal search? The EPA doesn’t care about the US Constitution or violating your rights; neither does anyone wanting a big government. Think about this the next time you vote for a liberal, Democrat or Republican, because all they will do is take your freedoms.

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