Choosing Which Law to Enforce- It leads to Discrimination, Tyranny, and Chaos

As we all sit down and watch as a little clerk in Rowan County Kentucky standing up for her Constitutional Rights is being threatened with fines and jailed, we need to look closer. Has her not issuing a Gay Marriage License caused anyone bodily harm or death, no? Does she have a constitutional right to not be forced to violate her religion, yes? Is it being ignored and violated, yes? It is written within the US Constitutional that her religious rights cannot be violated so how can a judge just arbitrarily say it doesn’t violate her Constitutional right if the judge doesn’t know her religion. There is nothing written in the constitution about a Constitutional Right for anyone, heterosexual or gay, to get married, according to the Constitution, all licensing is left up to the state but what do you do when the Supreme Court violates the constitution? You have purposive Christians out there slamming her because of her past, but doesn’t the Bible say when saved God forgives your past, yes; sounds like hypocrites. She did make one mistake and that was refusing to let her staff issue the licenses, you cannot force your religious belief on others and the judge did give her this out. The problem is the bias and hypocrisy shown by the courts, news, and our politicians.

Is the media and The Department of Justice gone after her with all they have, yes? She has violated what a judge’s opinion in which she is directed to violate her US Constitutional Rights and follow this new law but why should she? Many of the gay activist want her personally to sign it which is forcing their beliefs on her, mean spirited, and wrong; where is the compassion coming from them that they wanted from everyone about their beliefs? The enforcement of the law of our government and shows direct discrimination in enforcement due to political bias. She has not in any way physically harmed or killed a soul, so you ask, “Where is the Bias?” Her actions have not killed a soul but the violation of many politicians who support Sanctuary Cities has resulted in thousands of deaths yet the US Justice Department will not go after them; why? The news refuses to report on these daily murders, rapes, and assaults because of their political agenda. If we are going to have leaders pushing for violating the law which results in murders as in these Sanctuary Cities, by the law, are they not accomplices to murder? Yes they are, but no one, not even the US Justice Department is asking them any questions, but they are going after this clerk who has not murdered, raped, or assaulted a soul. The gay activist are openly trying to force her to violating her religious freedom, they are violating the number one law of the land including terroristic threatening so where is the US Justice Department? These politicians and law enforcement agencies are violating the law, when any elected official refuses to carry out the Duty of their position, they have also violated the US Constitution.

Article II, Section 3 of the US Constitution requires the President to “take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed.”

The President must enforce all laws regardless of the Administration’s view or agenda. Without enforcement of the law, the president is in dereliction of their sworn duties and should be impeached. Law enforcement who unevenly choose which laws they “want” to enforce have in fact violated the law themselves and should be charged.

Abraham Lincoln is often paraphrased as saying, “The best way ‌to get a bad law repealed is to enforce it strictly.”

How can you expect a clerk from Rowan County Kentucky to enforce and follow the law when our own president refuses to enforce and follow the law? Many people thought President Obama would be the “Great Unifier” of our country, we now see he is instead, the “Great Divider” and “Great Deceiver”. If this country is so prejudice as he tries to say, how did he get elected? If you really want to see prejudiceness, read the book “The Dreams of My Father”, the liberal agendas are full of it. He is the worse president I have seen in my lifetime and that would be 9 of them.

How can you expect anyone within a nation to have respect for their elected officials Democrat or Republican, when they violate the law more than the mob? I work for the federal government and if I had done with my email what Hilary Clinton had done, I would be in jail for a long time or even charged with treason. If I had done what Richard Nixon had done, I would again be in jail for a long time. How can you expect people to trust their government when these are the examples you see. When you can elect an openly prejudice judge (Sonia Sotomayor) to the US Supreme Court.

The US Constitution says when there is a conflict of interest, the Supreme Court Judges must recuse themselves form that vote, yet Sonia Sotomayor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg refused. Both having lobbied and performed gay marriages and didn’t do what is required by the US Constitution. Now that the people can’t even trust the US Supreme Court Judges to follow the US Constitution, what real rights do they have that can’t be violated?

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