Why are Politicians Destroying America?

America has for the last 100 years been known as the strongest of all nations. When Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941, he was quoted saying, "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve." His greatest fear turned out to be true. We had patriotism and pride in our country, our military, and most every individual would have made the ultimate sacrifice to protect it. All believed in freedom, hated tyranny, and believed in making it with their own two hands but this isn’t true anymore.

Within the last 50 years or so, we have went from the strongest, most admired country to something that resembles more a third world country than the world’s dominant power. Our founding fathers were right when they said the only way we would be destroyed is from within because that is what our politicians are currently doing. Many of our citizens, and even non-citizens now believe everything is owed to them by America. Instead of our own countrymen realizing they are indebted to our country and in order to keep it great, they need to contribute and support America thanks to the liberal and socialist influence, they believe it is America that owes them. Didn’t JFK say, “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country?” There is less and less national patriotism and pride in our country, our military, and even our citizen because of the liberal and socialist agenda we have fallen from number one in the world to 33 in regards to freedom.

Many of the liberal and socialist refuse to work and make sacrifices to capture the American Dream, they want it given to them. Understanding this fact, along with bringing in outsiders who just want to rape and pillage our country, sooner or later it will be enough to bring down any country, even the great United States. Nearly 90% of all immigrants, legal and illegal, go on one form of entitlements or another. Liberal and Far Left operatives, from both the Democratic and Republican Parties have been chipping away at our Constitution and our freedoms for years. If we applied the requirements (being beyond reproach) to be an elected official as written in the Constitution by our founding fathers to today’s US Congress and Presidency, we would be lucky to have two elected officials people left.

Our country was founded on Equal Rights for All, but when you watch the legal system go after a Christian for not serving a gay couple but not a Muslim refusing the same service, you can see the bias. When you watch the legal system going after an Elected Official for refusing to enforce the law and give out Gay Marriage Licenses who caused no physical harm to anyone but refusing to go after an Elected Official running Sanctuary Cities where thousands are robbed, raped, and murdered every year, you can again see the bias. Since when did the constitution get changed to allow law makers and the president to only enforce the laws they like, they are derelict in their sworn duties and should be removed from office.

When you have the media centers only showing the stories which support their agenda instead of the complete picture of the news, they should be removed from the airways. More people are murdered in Gun Free and Safe Zones then in the ghettos of the big cities, why, you are telling the crooks these people in these areas can’t defend themselves but you will never hear that on the news. We know that terrorist are a great threat to the US but refuse to secure the border and now the liberals want to bring, 15,000 Syrians, 80% who are men, not children, to the US as refugees, even though they are a strong supporter of terrorism; there is something wrong with this picture. The Iran deal our president wants to make will ensure the number one supporter of terrorism in the world will have a nuclear bomb quicker than if he had done nothing. How many Americans are going to have to get killed before we start fighting back against this liberal and socialist attack? When the Democratic Presidential front runner (Bernie Sanders) is a socialist, we are in trouble. He said his first duty would be to spend $18 trillion more; you think the economy is bad now, see what it is like if he gets elected.

How much longer are we going to stand by and refuse to let legitimate Christian refugees into our country while allowing terrorist refugees to have a free pass? Our government and its politicians are choking the life out of every American citizen and yet all we do is sit on out behinds. When are we going to stand up for America and kick all these anti-Americans out of the country? If you don’t like America leave, America would be much better off.

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