The Liberal Establishment Trying to Eating Their Own in Both Parties

I believe “We the People” need to have our voice heard instead of the “Political Establishment Politicians”, but you can watch both, the Democratic and Republican establishments, trying to prevent it. No matter which party you belong to shouldn’t you be the one who voice matters? Both, Democrat and Republican parties bow to “Big Business” which hurt the groups they say they represent. For example, I am a hunter and believe as most every hunter that we must take care of the environment so my children and grandchildren will be able to enjoy it. I believe that pollution around the globe can affect the US environment because we all live on the same earth. So why are all the liberals from both parties forcing all the US industry out of our country? The far left environmental nuts have caused the world pollution levels to triple by raising EPA standards to a point companies can’t survive in the US. By their own actions, they have forced industries to move to 3rd world nations where there are no environmental regulations hurting our citizens, hurting our country, and hurting the world environment as a whole. Wouldn’t it be better to have the industries here so we can control the pollution? The flip side to this is these liberal politicians then receive donations from these same countries come election time for hurting the American and its people. Do you still think these “Liberal Establishment Politicians” are trying to help you?

It gets worse, when you count the people’s choice for the Democratic candidate, Bernie Sanders is demolishing Hilary Clinton in the popular vote but that doesn’t matter to the “Democratic Establishment”. Currently Bernie Sanders winning Iowa and New Hampshire has received 44 delegate votes compared to Hilary Clintons 394 delegate votes; why? The “Liberal Democratic Establishment Politicians” don’t care what “We the People” want. The “Liberal Republican Establishment Politicians” aren’t quite as bad but they still do not want “We the People” to have a say. They just want us to go with the “Liberal Republican Establishment Politician” they pick like they did with John McCain and Mitt Romney; by the way, how did that work out? I am not for or against Donald Trump but it does shock me how many establishment Republicans is trying to bring down the double digit front leader. In the latest pole, you have Trump at 45%, Rubio (the liberal) at 19%, Cruz at 17%, Carson at 7%, Kasich at 5%, and Bush (the other liberal) at 1%. Even though Trump has 45% and the next five only have 49% combined, he has only received 17% of the delegates; why? The reason is because he isn’t the “Liberal Republican Establishment” pick, which would be Rubio and Bush. When you see Trump claiming the Republican Establishment isn’t holding up to their end of the bargain and trying to pick a “Republican Establishment Politician”, having 17 delegates instead of 45 delegates proves his point every easily. The “Political Establishment Politicians” from both parties are trying to usurp the peoples’ will.

What we see representing the Democratic and Republican does not represent what the core people of either party, but that of Special Interest Groups. The parties are not doing what is best for our country, but what is best for their back pockets. These politicians are using their positions for personal gain and in the process putting our troops overseas in danger as seen during the Iraqi withdraw. These elected politicians work for “We the People”, they shouldn’t be career politicians who answer to special interest groups instead of “We the People”. When you have people like Patrick Leahy (D-VT) who’s seniority date January 3, 1975, or Pat Roberts (R-KS) who has been in Congress since 1981, they have been there so long that they have lost touch with reality. We have to our detriment, had people in the US Congress like John Dingell for over 59 years; do you really think he knew anything about the common working people? We need to clean house and add term limits to prevent career politicians and take away these massive benefits that even our military who spend 20 years plus don’t get. We need to get rid of the “Political Establishment Politicians” being in charge of our government and get back to it being “We the People”.

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