Stopping the Theft of Elections

We do have voter fraud going on in the US and voting to me is our most sacred right bestowed on us from the US Constitution. I don’t care if you lean left or right, voter fraud can hurt all sides and shouldn’t it be up to the people to decide; not some left or right crony? Some people say we don’t have voter fraud but let’s check the facts.

In North Carolina, Jim Turner posted on his Facebook page that he has voted FOUR times during the 2012 election which is voter fraud; he later recants saying it was a joke.
There are 66 voting districts in Philadelphia with 1,553,000 people. This makes it an average of 23,530 people per district. During the last election, Philadelphia had 59 districts without one vote for Mitt Romney which means not one of the 1,388,270 people cast a vote for Mr. Romney, this is a statistical impossibility. In Ohio, Longtime Election Day poll worker, Melowese Richardson was convicted on Multiple Counts of Voter Fraud. It makes me wonder how long did she get away with it before she was caught? In St. Lucie County, Florida, during the 2012 election, over 141% of the county residence voted; did you catch the turnout? In Florida, a vast number of Illegal Aliens and Non-Citizens were caught voting in 2012; maybe that is why there was 141% in St. Lucie County. A national poll shows 13% of Illegal Aliens admit to voting in US elections. If you ask why we need IDs to vote, these are good examples of why.

There is a second problem that will never be fixed until people come back to reality; Illegal Aliens and Foreigners are not US citizens and do not have the same rights. It is ironic that a site called Crooks and Liars makes nasty comments toward a prominent black man, Ben Carson. They do this while accusing that Mr. Carson wants to strip the “Illegal Aliens” of their US citizenship. Did you hear what I said? Illegal Aliens ARE NOT US citizens and have no US rights so how can Mr. Carson strip them of it? I do not trust our politicians from any side.

To prevent them from defrauding the people in another election we need to make a few changes. First, even though Mr. Sanders has won most every primary against Mrs. Clinton, the delegates have mostly went to Mrs. Clinton, this is the Democratic Party telling its voters that their vote doesn’t matter, we the “Establishment” will pick your candidate. This is why a law needs to be made so whoever wins the state gets all the delegates or the percentage of delegates equal to the percentage of votes they get. Second, anyone caught voting who is not a US citizen will be automatically deported even if they are in the US legally. Third, voter ID mandatory in all 50 states. Last, we need to go back to the old way of counting votes, where you have one Democrat and Republican hand count every paper vote. You will have people say this is impossible but it isn’t and the true vote of the people will be more accurate. When you use electronic voting machines, they can be rigged. If any group out there detests this then you know who is committing the voter fraud.

In 2012, a candidate who was trailing the day before the election by double digits magically won by double digits. A friend of mine said the candidate’s name was already selected when he went to cast his vote. He changed it and when he went to finalize his votes and cast them, this candidates name was once again selected. The group in charge of the voting machines was a big supporter of the candidate. This candidate robbed the people of their US Constitutional rights. It needs to stop!

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