Why People Don’t Trust Our Government

As we watch the Democrats circumvent their voters at every corner to get who the Democratic Establishment wants to be the president, there is no difference on the Republican side. Both the Democrats and Republicans Parties are corrupt, ignoring their base, and are disgrace to America and American values. Rigged primaries are un-American as is shown with Bernie Sanders win of Wyoming by 12 points yet Hillary Clinton gets most of the delegates. Hey, Democrats, why would you vote for someone who refuses to listen to your voice? I have previously shown you enough about the Democrats Party’s disgraceful actions so this is going to focus on the Republicans.

The Republican establishment is purposely trying to get a broker convention even if it has to act like the Democratic establishment and rig the races. In Colorado the Republican establishment didn’t even let the people vote, this is as un-American as you can get and the Republican base in Colorado is mad as hell. Ted Cruz won all 37 delegates of Colorado without one vote from the Colorado Republican base being allowed to cast a vote. If Ted Cruz was a Constitutionalist as he claims, he would tell the Colorado Republican Establishment, no, the people need to have their say but being a Constitutionalist is only a façade. Ted Cruz is so power hungry he doesn’t even see what the Republican establishment is doing; disenfranchising the whole Republican Base. If the Democrats and Republicans don’t listen to what the people say, it will be the end of both parties which may be the best thing for America. I’m not for or against Donald Trump but he was right when he stated “The people of Colorado had their vote taken away from them by the phony politicians. Biggest story in politics!” The Democratic and Republican Establishment has turned our voting process into that of a third world country. So let’s look at what the Republican Establishment has planned.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure the Republican Establishment’s plans mainly because they aren’t even trying to cover it up. When you have Curly Haugland,, a GOP delegate from North Dakota telling CNBC, "The media has created the perception that the voters choose the nomination. That's the conflict here," you know their intensions and their arrogance that the people they are supposed to be representing can’t do anything about it. In the article he states that at an open convention they could put forth Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, or Rick Santorum, none of which made it very far because the people don’t want them. "The rules haven't kept up," Haugland said. "The rules are still designed to have a political party choose its nominee at a convention. That's just the way it is. I can't help it. Don't hate me because I love the rules." But you are one of the people making and changing the rules in the middle of the election process. The voters from both the Democratic and Republican Parties feel anger toward the small group of people in both parties who were put in place to represent them ignoring them. All Super Delegates and Unbound Delegates were put into place in both parties to still the people’s choices for president. Is this what the founding fathers wanted? Hell no. I can’t stand Bernie Sanders but if that is who his people choose, that is who should be their candidate; likewise, I don’t really care for Trump but if that is who the people choose, that is who it should be. To be honest, I don’t like any of the candidates we have, I wonder why the Republican Base is going for Trump, an anti-establishment person who is a business man instead of a politician.

The fact of the matter is America’s in trouble, so many liberal socialist policies have been put into place by BOTH parties that it is strangling the American working man. When you work 40 hours or more a week and get hammered by taxes to give to people to damn lazy to work, animosity is going to rise. When you have Lt. Cmdr. Edward Lin who gave China secretes getting Court Marshaled (rightfully so) but than a politicians like Hilary Clinton who sold our National Security for donations to her “Charitable Foundation” which in turn turns around and gives her $50 million in campaign contributions getting nothing something is wrong. Doesn’t the law apply equally to all…oh, yah, not if you are a liberal. President Obama who has had the chance to do something good has tried to destroy us as he stated in his book; according to him on Hillary Clintons emails “What I also know, because I handle a lot of classified information, is that there are — there’s classified, and then there’s classified.” It is all classified and damaging when in our enemy’s hands.

The people see Illegals Aliens who have given nothing to this country taken care of better than our military. The people see Islamic refugees brought to our country by our politicians knowing there are Islamic Terrorist in the mist. The people see politicians getting away with crimes without any consequences where “We the People” would be thrown in jail. The people see our tax money not only going people who are too lazy to work but also to countries with whom we are at war. The people who believe in religion see that US Constitutional right being stripped and attacked daily with neither party stopping this desecration of the Bill of Rights. The condition our country is in has happened before, it came to fruition in 1861 and cost over 620, 000 people their lives from a population of 31,429,891. If it happened today with the same percentage we would have 6,482,376 killed. Our enemies aren’t going to have to attack us to destroy us, our politicians will sell our country to the highest bidder.

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