Terrorist Have Easy Access to the US People

Before we get started we need to step back and realize no matter which party has been in charge of the House, Senate, or Presidency, none of them have done what is needed to protect the American people from terrorist attacks. We were attacked by Islamic Radicals in many overseas locations before we were attacked in the US.

We were attacked in 1979-Iran-66 hostages taken, 1982-Lebanon-7 dead-30 hostages, 1983-twice more in Lebanon-304 dead, 1983-Kuwait-5 dead-80 wounded, 1984-twice again in Lebanon-26 dead, 1985-Spain-18 dead-82 wounded, 1985-Lebanon-1 dead, 1985-Mediterranean Sea-1 dead, 1985-Italy & Austria­-5 dead, 1986-Greece-4 dead-9 wounded, 1986-Germany-4 dead-9 wounded, and 1988-Scotland-270 dead; this totals 645 dead, 180 wounded, and 96 hostages. This was all before the 1st World Trade Center which was attacked on February 26th, 1993, I think this proves we as Americans have been under attack by Islamic Radicals for at least 37 years. You can honestly so no Presidential Administration or US Congress from 1979 till present has put forth solid measures to protect the US and American people. Unfortunately even after the 1st World Trade Center bombing in 1993, nothing was done to defend the US because after all, only 6 people were killed. The lack of response emboldened the Islamic Terrorist and from 1993 till September 10th, 2001 they killed 439 and wounded over 5,540 people and still nothing had been done to protect the American citizens from these Islamic Terrorist. On September 10th, 2001, the threat of terrorism was not even exposed to the American people and was little more than distant thought in their minds. Most attacks if they were even reported was on military personnel in foreign countries but this would soon end.

On September 11th, 2001 the vulnerability of the United States and its people was a glaring stark reality for Americans; this was the largest number of Americans killed by an enemy since Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941. We watched 3,000 Americans die, becoming the first civilian casualties on US soil in the War on Terror…but they weren’t. The first were the 6 from the 1st World Trade Center Bombing, but the Liberal Democrats and Republicans hadn’t done a thing to protect the America or its citizens because it “Might Offend Someone” and our enemy took advantage. After September 11th, 2001 some steps were taken to secure the border and make us safe for the next few years but most were just a fa├žade. All the terrorist who carried out the 9/11 attacks except one were here on expired Visas and nothing was done to correct the Visa accountability problem. We did initiate the Afghani and Iraq wars but instead of doing what General Schwarzkopf showed us and starting at one end of the country, go through to the other end eliminating all threats, we went back to the archaic Vietnam era FOBS (Forward Operating Bases) which did nothing but get our people in uniform killed. We blew up some terrorist and their supporters overseas but we did almost nothing to protect our own borders. Neither the Democrats nor Republicans want to secure the borders because they both get cheap labor and kickbacks. Even when the violent Illegal Aliens are caught and marked for deportation, politicians like President Obama will set them free, as he did 90,000 violent Illegals. Both sides of the Liberal isle is putting us in grave danger but Illegal Aliens are not the only crossers of our border, as bad as some of these criminals are the Illegal Alien Terrorist are far worse.

These same Liberal Democrats and Republicans want to say the border poses no threat, but even back in 2001, in one day we caught 64 Islamic people crossing the border with a minimum of 41 of them being terrorist; this was in one day! In 2002, Frontline reported Al Qaeda was crossing both borders using fake Passports and Visas to get admission. In 2004, in two days 77 men "of Middle Eastern descent" were apprehended crossing the Mexican border. What does the normal Islamic Terrorist look like? The most common profile is a male between 15 and 45 years of age of Middle Eastern descent; shouldn’t this scare you? Did you know there is a place in the US identified in 2004 as “Terrorist Alley” where most people of the Islamic faith cross illegally into America? Compound this problem with the FBI catching Border Officials taking bribes to cross into the US. In one instance at the U.S.-Mexico border, FBI video surveillance obtained by ABC News caught a truck full of illegal immigrants pulling up to Customs and Border Protection officer Michael Gilliland, and being waved through his border inspection lane for $100,000, officials said. What else have they brought in these trucks to America, maybe a Nuclear Bomb?

Many times, like mentioned above and in June 2013, Muslim Terrorist have been caught crossing the US borders. There are some reports that say the Department of Homeland Security are letting some terrorist in purposely. When it is pointed out that at least 10 ISIS terrorist have been caught crossing the US border, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson on 9 Oct 2014 says terrorist haven’t crossed the border. When presented with the evidence Mr. Johnson had to confirm on 10 Oct 2014 that terrorist have crossed our border but said they weren’t ISIS even though Judicial Watch has evidence they were. Mr. Johnson later on 9 June 2015 came out and said, “A foreign extremist penetrating our country through our Southern border is not the thing that I most worry about.” I would be worrying about this especially after the FBI came out saying they have opened ISIS investigations in all 50 states. Judicial Watch also discovered ISIS camps on the Mexican side of the border just a few miles from El Paso Texas. What is more disturbing is there is a report that says the FBI and officials from Ciudad Juarez Mexico are trying to come up with a “Press Strategy” (a plausible lie) about these Terrorist Camps popping up in Mexico. Even after 4 ISIS Terrorist from Somalia were arrested for trying to set up ISIS groups to attack Americans in the US, our president still plans to bring 100,000 Iraqi and Syrian refugees into the US knowing that many will be ISIS terrorist who have infiltrated the group. Why? Do you still think he or any of the other Liberal, Democrat or Republican are still here to protect you?

The short of this is we need to secure our borders. We need to fix the Visa system to where we can track everyone and remove those who violate it. We need to help the Mosques who help us find these terrorist, we need to shut down and deport all found to be radicalized. We need to jail any who enforcing Sharia Law, and deport those who are not born Americans. We need to shut down groups like Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), who the FBI has identified as supporting terrorist. Finally, we need to stop giving money to countries who give it straight to the terrorist trying to kill us. These are all just common sense type items but apparently the Liberalism of Political Correctness has taken away many of peoples common sense. We have serious problems when the Political Correctness of Government Agencies like the Department of Homeland Security Secretary makes statements like “A foreign extremist penetrating our country through our Southern border is not the thing that I most worry about”; these people need to be removed from office. Keep voting for these “Liberals” and you will see terrorism like we have seen in Europe start here. Then you can watch as your kids and grandkids are raped, maimed, and murdered by these animalistic people. Make no mistake, Radical Islam is evil and as Edmund Burke stated, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

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