Why the People Hate the Establishment Politicians

As we set back and watched, the “Establishment Politicians” have shown why “We the People” want to get rid of them. Full disclosure, I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican because both sides have been a part of destroying our country. On the Democratic side, we have Berny Sanders winning the popular vote yet Hillary Clinton gets the delegates. We watch as crimes are committed by Hillary Clinton jeopardizing the safety and security of the United States that if I, also a government employee committed, I would have already been sentenced to 20 years if not more in prison. The sad part is, people still want to vote for Mrs. Clinton even though she wants to destroy the American way of Life. On the Republican Establishment side, which will be what this article is most about, you have these liberals posing as Republicans who are really nothing but RINOs showing they have no integrity, honor, or class.

The “Establishment GOPs” used the “GOP Loyalty Pledge” to try and box Mr. Trump in to keep him from running as a third party, they didn’t believe there was anyway on earth he would be the last one standing on the box when all was said and done. When you have candidates like Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Scott Walker, Ted Cruz, and Lindsey Graham just to name a few, which signed the “GOP Loyalty Pledge” and now refuse to support the nominee it shows they have no honor and do not deserve our trust. I am sad and embarrassed to say Lindsey Graham is my Senator. I am sad and embarrassed to say I have voted in the past for Lindsey Graham. I am proud to say after once more not keeping his word, I will not make that mistake again.

You have the embarrassing Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell refusing the people’s choice because he might change the status quo, because the chosen one isn’t an “Establishment Republican”. My dad raised me to know that to be an honorable man you must keep your word. I have not been a supporter of Mr. Trump’s but if both the Democratic and Republican establishment hate him, he must be doing something right. These Republicans Politicians who will not support the people’s choice along with the Democrats who will not support the people’s choice may soon find a third party has arose.

The problem is there is no real difference in the Establishment Democratic and Republican Parties, both have had complete control of the Presidency and Congress yet neither has slowed the pork spending, protected the people, or protected our Constitutional rights. Both take away from the working to give to the illegal and lazy. The Democratic party with the help of the Republicans have sent millions of US jobs overseas, have allowed other countries to rape America, and the people are tired of it. All the Republican politicians who won’t support the people’s choice have shown that the people don’t matter to them, only getting money and reelected does. Hillary Clinton says she wants to shut every coal plant down in America but doesn’t realize, for many that it is their only way in life. She doesn’t care about the hard working union coal miners, only herself. John Kerry declares borderless world, do you understand what that means? It means if there is no borders then we have no nation. If we have no nation, we have no Constitution. If we have no Constituent, we have no rights. If we have no rights, we have no freedom. Do you want that? Then why do you keep voting for these same liberal nut cases?

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