Proof Liberals are the Biggest Bullies

I believe in freedom 100%, I also believe you are to take the fallout from your choices good or bad but others shouldn’t suffer or be put in danger because of your choices. The biggest problem we have in America today is Political Correctness (PC) and the bullying of our citizens, even to the point of violating peoples US Constitutional rights when they do not go along with PC. The liberals who claim to be defenders of the people are the ones who violate the people’s rights more than any other group.

I personally don’t care if you are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, or Strait, as Martin Luther King said, you should be judged by your character, not the color of your skin or in this case sexual preference. Me being in the military, I didn’t care what race, gender, sexual preference, or religion you were as long as you had my SIX, and I would have yours. That being said, no matter what you think or how you modify your body, you will always be the same XX for females or XY for males as you were born with. I will back you having the freedom to do whatever you want concerning yourself until you start bullying, and degrading people whose beliefs are different than yours.

Currently we have a section of Radical Islam who believe either accept their way and only their way or be destroyed. There is no difference with many in the LGBT, either accept their way and bow to their agenda or they will do everything they can to destroy you, just ask the Christian bakers, photographers, and preachers; ironically they never go after Islamic Imams. The sad part is, the Christian bakers, photographers, and preachers are protected under the US Constitution yet the liberals don’t care about the US Constitution. When less than 5% of 1% (transgender) of the US population can hold the rest of the country hostage, we have a problem. The bias reporting of news media shows the LGBT population at 23% to 25% of Americans as gay but when an independent organization like Gallop scientifically without bias polls the same question, the answer comes up 3.8%. This is getting off point which is the Bullying going on by the left; I thought they were against bullying?

When you have the LGBT community purposely targeting Christian businesses who refuse to participate in their weddings, this is not only bullying but a direct attack on our US Constitution. The LGBT community who is showing pure hate by targeting Christians for their belief, which according to the 1st Amendment they are protected, apparently don’t remember what it was like to be the target. I fought for this country so all, including the LGBT community could be free from persecution even though their style is not for me. No one, including the LGBT community should be bullied, too bad many of them being liberal, have no class or respect for others as shown by their attacks on the Christians which is bullying. But the LGBT group isn’t the only Liberal group that bullies, the ACLU, UNCF, NAACP, BLM, NAN, and many others groups do as well, but the politicians are worse.

A Christian pastor in Vermont was sentence to one year in prison for not marrying a gay couple which went against his beliefs. This by the way is the same state that refuses to protect children against pedophiles by passing Jessica’s Law, go figure. A Christian bakery was targeted by the local DA and fined $135,000 for refusing to make a wedding cake for a gay couple because it was against their beliefs. The couple received death threats against themselves and their five children from the LGBT community, this doesn’t sound tolerant but once again is bullying at its finest. A farmer in New York was fined for not allowing a gay couple to use his farm for their wedding. These are all just DAs violating US Constitutional rights, let’s get to a big time bully, President Obama.

When President Obama threatens states to comply with federal efforts to resettle Syrian refugees laced with terrorist in communities around the US or else find their states subject to enforcement action, this once again directly violates the US Constitution and shows liberal bullying. There are people within these unvetted Syrian refugees who want to kill you, your family, and your country yet PC idiocy says you must take them. It gets better, after Plan Parenthood was caught red handed selling children’s body parts which is illegal, President Obama threatened the 10 states who defunded this criminal organization; this again is bullying. President Obama threatens North Carolina he could start blocking the routine federal spending and tax transfers to the state over the refusal to have transgender bathrooms which is also against the US Constitution since congress controls the purse; this is bullying on steroids. And last, President Obama threatens to cut money to every school who doesn’t let transgender people access any bathroom they want. This shows that the liberals are not only the largest groups of bullies in America, but shows they don’t care about the US Constitution or the people’s rights. They care nothing about the US, only protecting and enforcing their agenda as the biggest bully group in America. This bullying is trying to send our country into a borderless New World Order as stated by John Kerry which would mean the end of America and all your rights; this is why liberalism is the most dangerous group in America.

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