Liberals Showing Their True Colors

Liberals have always told you that they are here for the people, to protect the people from the bullies, people who intimidate, and commit violence against the people. Before I can go any further we need to look up the definition and what constitute a bully.

Bully-a blustering, quarrelsome, overbearing, violent, intimidating, domineering, arrogant person who habitually badgers and intimidates smaller or weaker people.

Now that we know what a “Bully” is, let’s see the reactions from the election where the Liberal’s candidate, Hillary Clinton lost; what was the reaction of the “Liberals”? If they hate “Bullies” as they say then why is Liberal Matt Maloney acting like one? The Liberal CEO of Grubhub, Matt Maloney, tells pro-Trump employees to resign. So if you work for Grubhub you are only to vote for who Matt Maloney tells you. You will have all your freedoms removed which is the true intent of all Liberal Politicians; to remove American’s Constitutional Rights. What Matt Maloney did is illegal but once again, Liberals only care about the law when it suites them. Mark Cuban tells his Trump supporting employees to quit which just like Matt Maloney, is illegal but once again, he is a Liberal; the law doesn’t matter. What about the Liberal Educators?

Milpitas High School Principal Phil Morales put on leave for using anti-Trump profanity during walkout. The Liberal Bias in our Media and Bullying in Liberal owned work places seems to extend to our liberal ran public schools. Salt Lake City, the Granite School District have Liberal students Bullying Trump students using their race, gender or ethnicity to select; isn’t that what Liberals say they are against, Discrimination and Bullying. Woodside California, a Peninsula high school student's was viciously attacked in a Race Centered Hate Crime for supporting Trump by Liberal Spanish students. So I guess the Liberal Haters also profile; I thought they were against that. What about the Liberal ran Universities?

University of Michigan, both a vigil and anti-Trump rally were held Wednesday night in protest of President-elect Donald Trump’s unexpected win by students, faculty and staff. New York City, Barnard, a women’s liberal arts college has given permission to cancel classes and is offering students counseling for mental stress after Trumps win. That’s a waste of tax payer’s money. Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Lehigh University professors protest against Trump's presidential win. So another tax payer university ran by Liberals throw a temper tantrum when their candidate loses. I wonder if they would have allowed the same if Hillary would have won.

When has this ever happened before? Never, as I have said many times, Liberals are destroying our country. With Liberals controlling education, they are destroying our children’s ability to cope and survive in the real world when situations happen. Do you know why most Liberal professors teaching their Liberal theology in our collages have never been or used their theology in the “Real World? It is because they would lose the shirt off their back; they couldn’t survive with it in the real world. This being said, why are we allowing them to teach our children; I would rather have someone who has done it and succeeded teaching my kids, wouldn’t you? Let’s see what main stream Liberals really say and do.

Nationwide in 2015, female full-time workers made only 80 cents for every dollar earned by men. Many females at the Trump organization actually make more than their male counterparts and women make up 43% of the work force with more women than men holding executive positions. So what about the Liberal Clinton Foundation? At the Clinton Foundation, Males Earn 38% More Than Women. Let’s go bigger, the most liberal work environment in the world is Hollywood so how does Actresses and Actors pay compare? I’ll let you be the judge.

Top 5 Male Actors
  1. Dwayne Johnson, $64.5 M. 
  2.  Jackie Chan, $61 M.
  3. Matt Damon, $55 M.
  4. Tom Cruise, $53 M. 
  5.  Johnny Depp, $48 M.
Average $56.3 M

Top 5 Female Actors
  1. Jennifer Lawrence, $46 M.
  2. Melissa McCarthy, $33 M.
  3. Scarlett Johansson, $25 M.
  4. Jennifer Aniston, $21 M.
  5. Fan Bingbing, $17 M
Average $28.4 M

So let me get this correct, the most liberally controlled place on earth with all its equality pay the top 5 female Actresses 49.6% less than the top 5 male Actors. Do you really think the Liberal establishment is for female equality? You have California Liberals throwing a fit and demanding to succeed from the US after Trump was elected. When other states made similar statements after Obama was elected they were called racist, I guess this means the Liberals in California and everywhere else are racist. Liberals are supposed to be non-violent. In Portland, Oregon, people were burning an effigy of the President-elect Donald Trump, if this would have been done to President-elect Obama, it too would have been called racist. I guess Liberals are racist once again. Liberal Hillary Supporters Burn American Flag, Riot, and threaten to assassinate Trump after losing the election. Black Lives Matter Supporters Inciting Riots in White Communities, here is more of that Liberal Racism. Wait, I thought BLM was a peaceful organization or at least that is what the Liberal politicians and press says. Liberal Black mob beats white trump supporter, another liberal racist act, you got to be kidding. To put the icing on the cake, Harry Reid came out and in liberal fashion blamed Trump for all the violence because he won the election. Does that make any since?  

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