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Now that the election is over let’s see what the truth is about the media, are they bias or not bias. I have said for a while that the Media Outlets were taken over by Liberal Bias operatives more interested in a Political Agenda than the truth. I was called every nasty name there was by the Liberals who emailed me when I said the Largest Liberal Media Outlets were bias and skewing the polls. I said they were lying about the poll results in an attempt to bully and silence the American voters; to make American citizens submit to their Damaging Liberal Agenda. When I watched the Town Halls on TV, Hillary had a few hundred at the most while Trump had 20,000 and more. I knew the polls were fixed and bias and I was right. Now that the election is over, let’s see the polls for the last two days before the election and compare to the finish to see if they were bias.
  1. Clinton leads in new polls of New Hampshire, Pennsylvania- CNN 7 Nov 2016 Clinton with 11 point lead. 
  2. NBC's Final Battleground Map Shows Clinton with a Significant Lead- NBC 7 Nov 2016 Clinton with 6 point lead. 
  3. Donald Trump could still win vote by significant margin, according to latest LA Times poll- LA Times 6 Nov 2016 Clinton with 4.8 point lead. 
  4. Presidential Election: No New Conclusion in Clinton Email Case- New York Times 6 Nov 2016 Clinton with 4 point lead. 
  5. ABC Tracking Poll: Clinton 47, Trump 43 on election eve- ABC 7 Nov 2016 Clinton with 4 point lead. 
  6. US election: Is Trump or Clinton going to win?- BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) 6 Nov 2016 Clinton with 4 point lead. 
  7. CBS News poll: State of the race the day before Election Day- CBS 7 Nov 2016 Clinton with 3 point lead. 
  8. Presidential Election Polls- Real Clear Politics 6 Nov 2016 Clinton with 3 point lead. 
  9. Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump by 3 points-Washington Times 6 Nov 2016 Clinton with 3 point lead. 
  10. Clinton 3 Points Ahead of Trump in Final Bloomberg National Poll- Bloomberg Politics 7 Nov 2016 Clinton with 3 point lead.
So if we look we have a spread of 3 to 11 points in favor of Hillary, the Liberal candidate by the above Bias Major Media Outlets. At the end of the night Mr. Trump won by a conservative estimate of 1.1%. How do all these Professional Media journalist with hundreds of years of combined experience come up with a truth differing from reality by over 12 points in some cases? The truth is they are not Professional Media journalist but Liberal Operatives as all their actions have shown. The Liberal Bias News Media purposely used skewed polling populations to get their desired results in an attempt to influence the election, not report the truth; does this sound like a professional or a manipulator?

As I have said before, I am not a Mr. Trump fan but I am a never Hillary person. I believe in the Law, Justice, The Truth, and Equal Punishment under the Law; in short I believe in America and the US Constitution. In the constitution, “Freedom of the Press” was to protect the people from crooked and tyrannical politicians, today the media is in bed with the crooked and tyrannical Liberal Politicians. Now that I have shown the bias and manipulating of the media, let’s look at the injustice done by the media. The Bias Liberal Media didn’t want to cover the Benghazi attack because it would shed a light on inept and incompetent leadership of a Liberal President and Secretary of State. President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton with the media’s help lied and manipulated the investigation until after the election. To compound problems for the common man, the Bias Liberal Media wouldn’t cover the Liberal Politicians using the IRS, EPA, and BLM to go after their political rivals and their supporters. The Bias Liberal Media wouldn’t cover the Violent Illegal Aliens in our country who Murders, Rapes, and Assaults our citizens, the Liberal Politicians need their votes to defeat the American citizen’s votes. The Bias Liberal Media wouldn’t cover the Illegal Foreign donations being funneled through the “Clinton Foundation” to influence our elections because it was for the Liberal Politicians. I guarantee you they would have if it would have been for a conservative politician. The Bias Liberal Media wouldn’t even cover the rigging of voting machines which in 100% of the case changed the votes casted to the Liberal Politicians, not the conservative politician. I wonder who was doing the rigging, maybe George Soros using SEIU, a stanch Democrat supported with a shady history or violence and voter manipulation. The Bias Liberal Media refused to cover the destruction of Military absentee ballots by Liberals because the Military leans conservative. By not covering the truth, the Bias Liberal Media has spit in the face of our military member and are accomplices in Liberal Politicians costing a minimum of 1,129 Military members their lives. You ask how.

During the G. W. Bush time, every day you would see the Military casualty numbers on TV, this caused an uproar in America because we cherish our military. The media lied about US Troops saying they killed hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians which led the Left to elect an unqualified, arrogant, socialist person for president. I don’t think any of the candidate who ran for president or vice-president in 2008 were qualified, but he was the least qualified out of the four. Once President Obama was elected, the Military casualty numbers magically disappeared off every Media outlet because it would be a negative display toward the Liberal President and we couldn’t have that. What is worse is the unqualified, arrogant, socialist President Obama who had zero Military experience and loathed the Military could now change the Military’s ROE (Rules of Engagement). He refused to listen to any of our Military Leaders when he changed the ROE and his new ROE in Afghanistan would cost the American Military an extra 1,129 of their lives, a jump of 279%. Did you see this anywhere in the Bias Liberal Media? No! If this would have been President Bush or a President McCain, it would have been plastered across every TV screen and paper but President Obama is a Liberal president so nothing was said. Not only were 1,129 American Military members Killed in Action thanks to Liberals Idiocy, but a massive number of Military Officers and NCOs were prosecuted and jailed for protecting their troops in a combat zone. Neither President Obama nor the ones he appointed to prosecute these Officers and NCOs had ever been in the Military or in combat. Every one of the Liberal leaders, President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton included, refused to listen to the Military leadership. By doing this, they were purposely gutting the Military’s morale and honor. President Obama went even further and gutted our military by cutting funding. This inept and incompetent leader has destroyed our Military readiness because now only 60-70% of our military equipment is operational. He then gives the number one sponsor of terrorism in the world who murder our troops, Iran, $1.7 billions of dollars and violated the US Constitution to do it. Where is the Media? Nowhere to be found. Most of the Media and their journalist have betrayed not only our Military, but all Americans and our country.

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