It Is All About the Liberal Culture and the US Constitution

How can a US Constitutional Right be set aside by Laws Passed by the US or State legislators or the US Supreme Court without amending the US Constitution? These are all entities who are supposed to support and defend the US Constitution but whose actions show a different agenda. At the same time you are thinking about what I just said, here are some more questions to ask yourself. When did it become the norm to disrespect your elders? When did it become the norm to disrespect your teachers in school? When did it become the norm not to work for what you receive? When did it become the norm to not accept responsibility for your actions? When did it become the norm for students and parents to lose their 4th and 14th US Constitutional Rights when your child goes to school? When did it become the norm to disrespect your police (yes they are yours)? When did it become the norm for politicians to treat Military members like dogs? When did it become the norm for our politicians to pass a bill into law without reading it? When did it become the norm not to protect our country and citizens from a domestic or international threat? When did the norm become to demonize any and all who disagree with you? If you look back, it was when Liberal Theology started taking over our Education Systems, our Regulatory Systems, and our Political Systems (both Democrat and Republican), at this point respect and the rule of law was considered obstacles instead of standards.

Many values in our country and especially in today's Inner City Culture is accepted as OK, yet 40 years ago they would have been considered disgraceful. This shift to Liberal Values which remove Respect and Personal Accountability is costing many kids, mainly Inner City kids their lives. In our inner cities many are taught from birth that it isn't their fault, it is always someone else's. It doesn't matter if you get caught with drugs, raping someone, or even murdering someone, it's not your fault. It is because of because of the environment in which you were raised that these things happen. Under Liberal School Indoctrination, many students who have not been allowed to fail or be punished for their mistakes (which is a part of learning) believe they are entitled to no blame. Many from the Inner City believe they shouldn't have to work and the "Government" owes them everything; this is a major problem. Let me show you some examples.

Take Trevon Johnson, a 17 year old burglar, drug user, and assaulter from St. Louis, MO who was shot and killed by a home owner. It's always sad when a young person dies but what his family says shows the change in culture brought on by Liberal Theology. A family member stated, “You have to look at it from every child’s point of view that was raised in the hood.” “You have to understand, how he going to get his money to have clothes to go to school? You have to look at it from his point-of-view.” No, you don't! How he going to get his money to have clothes to go to school, there is these things out there called JOBS where you work for what you get! His death is his fault and the fault of the ones who raised him to believe this is acceptable. Our Liberal news always tries to stir the pot to get rating using false narratives to push their agenda. He shouldn't have been stealing and he would still be alive.

I read an article in the Rolling Stone about a tragedy, a 13 year old boy Martinez Smith-Payne, who was shot to death in St. Louis. The title of the story is "When the NRA Calls the Shots: Inside the 'Reasonable Killing' of a 13-Year-Old Boy." It makes it sound like the NRA condones the killing of 13-Year-Old Boy but if your research on the case, you can see the Culture that Liberal Theology has created just cost this child his life. First you will find out that this kid, along with two others, jumped a fence to steal what was in a man's car late at night. Opposite of what the Rolling Stone's story wants you to believe, these kids weren't the victims but the perpetrators. If these kids would have been raised 40 years ago, they would have been taught better manners like not to stealing, they would have been in for sunset, and he wouldn't have been shot. If they would have been shot 40 years ago, the parents would have been asking why their son would do such a thing. The shooter protecting his property was a convicted felon who bought a gun off the street (which is the norm), not at a Gun Show or Gun Dealer (like Liberals want you to believe). This is a direct result of Liberal Theology which prevents our schools from disciplining students and teaching them morals which for many may be the only place they would learn these lessons. This is a common scene in the inner cities.

Cops at one time many years ago shot to wound people because they really didn't want to kill anyone. Now they shoot to kill every time because of Activist Liberal Justices allowing cops to be sued for everything possible including maiming. Don't get me wrong, if you have a case like Rodney King or Robert Davis, the cops should be sued but today the police are sued for stupid reasons such as Cuffs were too tight. New Jersey resident, Eugenia Landa sued the cops for hand cuffs too tight which caused damage to her hand. If you look at the picture, it is easy to tell her hands were damage for her trying to escape the cuffs, not because they were too tight. Of course if you want to see the worst of it, go to California. A woman, Catherine Beaulieu is suing a cop in Fremont, Ca. Mrs. Beaulieu, and another woman were being held at knife point by Mrs. Beaulieu husband, when he moved toward his wife threatening her the officer shot him. So if the police shoot a drunk man threatening your life you sue; if they don't shoot and you are injured by the man you sue; it is a lose-lose for the police. Liberal Theology, turn the perpetrator into the victim and the police into the perpetrator.

The Liberal idiocy is not only with the police but also with the teachers. You have a teacher at Lecanto High, FL suspended for not breaking up a fight and Phillip Eisenstein, a New Jersey teacher fired for breaking up a fight. The Liberal Department of Education has made it so the teachers are also in a lose-lose situation. Because of the Liberal Ideology, we have no discipline or respect in schools anymore. In Philadelphia's Bartram High School had Pewu Johnson, a substitute English teacher who reportedly reprimanded the teenager after he saw a girl sitting on his lap in an 'inappropriate' manner, knocked out by that student. In Upper Darby High School in Philadelphia, PA, student Jermaine Richardson knocks out a teacher. As usual, his father says about his son, "He isn't that type of person, you know what I mean. He's going to protect himself if he's being violated." I think the teacher was the one violated. One bright light was when a female teacher who was trying to stop a fight is punched in the face by a much bigger student, another student decks the assaulter. It is nice to see a student defend a teacher, but under Liberal guidelines, this student would probably be suspended for protecting the much smaller female teacher.

Then we have the Liberal idiocies by our political appointees like former AG Eric Holder who stated to State AGs that "You Don't Have To Enforce Laws You Don't Like." How much more Un-American can you get, we are a country founded on laws but the number one Law Enforcement Officer says don't enforce the law. This Ultra Liberal violated the law more then he enforced it and is now working for California to try and prevent enforcement of laws in California that he doesn't like. These same type of Liberal idiots who wants you to respect them disrespects every Law Enforcement officer, from every race, in every state by rehanging a "Cops as Pigs" picture. Rep. William Lacy Clay, Democrat from Missouri had a "Congressional Art Competition and Rep. Clay chose a picture called "Cops as Pigs" as his winner. This offended many from both sides of the isle and Rep. Duncan Hunter, Republican from California took down the degrading offensive picture. In true Un-American Liberal fashion, Rep. Clay rehung the picture, after all only things which offend Liberals should be removed. These are the same people who promote the killing of cops and even suggests they'd shoot a cop like Nebraska State Senator Ernie Chambers. Sen. Ernie Chambers even went as far as to compares police to ISIS. I wonder where all these kids who pull guns and knives on cops and die get their hatred from; maybe the hate filled Liberal politicians. These type of politicians need to be gone, go hang out with ISIS and I think you be crying for mommy.

One last question. If a change in our culture due to laws or lack of enforcement of laws have a negative and degrading effect on the US culture, should we stop this change in culture and reverse course? Yes, only an idiot or a group of them would keep the same course which is killing our kids; but that doesn't fit the Liberal agenda.

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