Sanctuary Cities, Illegal Immigrants, and Crime

All I hear coming from uninformed people is rhetoric, from the Liberal side “They want to deport every immigrant in the US” which I have never heard from anyone, not even Donald Trump state; from the Right side, “They want to put all us in danger with these violent criminal Illegal Aliens. As usual the press don’t report the complete truth so let’s take a step back and take a look.

First, all we hear from the dishonest media and politicians is rhetoric from both sides of the battel, but what is the truth? The Liberals say that the administration wants to deport every Illegal Immigrant in the country, the Right says they want to deport the criminal Illegal Immigrant element in the country. It is said there are 12-30 million Illegal Immigrants in the country, we will say that 12 million are in the country which is close to Homeland Security numbers. The US has a population of 318.9 million so going with the 12 million as the number of Illegal Immigrants, they account for 3.76% of the US population. 

What percentage of these Illegal Immigrants commit other crimes not counting Illegally crossing the border, this will let you know the percentage of bad apples and the percentage of good people just trying to make a better life. One of the talking points of the Liberal left is that Immigrants, Legal and Illegal all pay taxes and should be given a free pass. If you pay taxes receive nothing back they may have a point but most all Immigrants file and receive back more in tax returns than they paid in. Many states enable Immigrants to commit felonies by giving them entitlements which violates Federal Law. Currently because of this, all immigrant-headed households, legal and illegal, receive 41 percent more entitlements then by American citizen household, a total cost of $103 billion. This is one of the reasons many Americans are upset with the immigrant community, many immigrants are not here working to make a better life for themselves and integrate into our society , but are here to take whatever they can get; the Muslim community is the worst. What could we do with that $103 billion, make sure no kid in America goes to bed hungry or help every wounded Vet gets the treatment they need?

Since most on the Right side brings up criminal activities by Illegal Immigrants, let’s see what the FBI says about this. According to the FBI statistics, of the 12 million Illegal Immigrants in the US, 12% has committed murder, 16% are involved in trafficking of drugs or humans, and 13.6% are involved in other crimes (robbery, extortion, assault, rape). So 41.6% of these Illegal Immigrants are pure criminals who are not the ones working in the fields, at the restaurants, cleaning the hotels, or any other helpful job, but they are exploiting them. So why would anyone be against deporting the 41.6% and working out a plan for the 58.4% who are trying to find a better life? The Liberals say, “You will break up families”; they are violent criminals. The Liberals say, “They had no choice coming here”; they are violent criminals. And my favorite Liberal saying, “It is their country too”; no it isn’t, they are not US citizens and they are violent criminals!

Could the true reason Liberals want Illegal Immigrants is to use them to Illegally Vote for a particular party or get them to do that party’s dirty work? Could it be because the more violence they cause, the more one group can blame the weapon (guns) instead of the person doing the crime. According to the FBI almost 40.2% of all federal crimes are committed near the Mexican Border. According to the FBI, Illegal Immigrants accounted for nearly 75% of all federal drug sentences. In 2015, the Obama administration ordered ICE to release 20,000 Criminal Illegal Immigrants who had committed 64,000 crimes that involve "12,307 drunken driving convictions (some with deaths), 1,728 cases of assault, 216 kidnappings and more than 200 homicide or manslaughter convictions. In total, the Obama administration released 86,000 Criminal Illegal Immigrants who have committed over 231,000 crimes, so I ask again, “Why wouldn’t you want this 41.6% deported?” This is why I say Liberals will never keep you safe, their record speaks for itself. 

What if you were the family of, or even the 6 year old girl who was taken by Edis Moya Alas, an Illegal Immigrant, in the middle of the night and raped? What if this was your daughter or granddaughter? What if you were the family of the little Philadelphia girl who was raped by Ramon Aguirre-Ochoa, previously deported, was currently arrested on a felony but released due to Political Correctness? What if you were the family of the 10 year old Texas girl, Kayla Gomez-Orozco who was snatched from church, then raped and murdered by Gustavo Zavala-Garcia, who also had been previously deported? What if you were Grant Ronnebeck family who was 21 and murdered by Illegal Immigrant Apolinar Altamirano, he worked in a store and was executed for a pack of cigarettes. What if you were Shayley Estes family, she was murdered by Igor Zubko because she wouldn’t go out with him. With the FBI statistics showing 41.6% of Illegal Immigrant are criminals, most being the MS13 gang type, why wouldn’t you want them deported?

There are thousands of these cases that has happened across America every day but could be prevented. We can fix the problem easily but Liberals, both Democratic and Republican don’t care about the American people or fixing the problems, they only care about getting (re)elected and their wallet. To fix the problem build a wall, both physical and electronic. Take a DNA sample along with a retina scan of every Illegal Immigrant in America than deport the 41.6% of bad actors. Take the 58.4% want to work here and set up a system to track and help them to include issuing Work Visas then set down the law to them. You must file like everyone else to be legal in the US. If you commit any crimes other than misdemeanors, you will be deported, this includes Illegally Voting and DUIs. This will solve the majority of the problems. Set up a system to strictly track Visas and violators, give them one chance to correct problems if they missed renewal but explain next time they will be deported and band for one year. With the 41.6% deported, the working Immigrants and the American people will be safer than ever before. So why is such an easy fix so hard to get our politicians to complete?

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